College Has Only Hurt Women

College Has Only Hurt Women

Women owe two thirds of the student loan debt. They owe more than a trillion dollars in debt. The entire “send young women off to college” has been a disaster for women and society at large.

From the time a girl is young, she is asked what she wants to be when she grows up, and it’s always a question about the career she will pursue. So she grows up pondering what she wants to do out in the workforce. If she says she wants to be a wife and mother, she’ll get a lot of questions, such as, “Is that all?” or “What if you never marry?” or “You do know there’s more to life than that, don’t you?” Thus, her dream of being a wife and mother will be squelched from an early age.

She goes through the public school system and by the time she’s a senior in high school, she will see the guidance counselor who helps her pick a career if she hasn’t decided on one. She learns to fill out applications for college, since this is what everyone does. She takes out a huge loan to go to college for a career she may or may not even want.

At 18 years old, she leaves home and attends a college where partying, sex, drugs, and alcohol are the norm in the dorms. Her professors teach her everything opposed to Christianity. She learns to hate America and everything it stands for.

Throughout all of her schooling, she has never been taught anything about being a wife nor a mother. Most of her friends’ parents have been divorced. Her parents argue all of the time and are hanging on by a thread. Marriage doesn’t look appealing to her nor to her friends either, even if she was brought up in a church since most churches never touch the topic of biblical womanhood but instead promote the idea of young women getting an “education” and having a career.

She graduates and trots off to find a career. She finally lands a job that she’s not thrilled with but faithfully goes to work each day from 9:00 to 5:00. She may or may not have a boyfriend who she sleeps with. They may or may not decide to marry. (Yes, this is happening in churches everywhere.) If they decide to marry and she just happens to have a baby, she must continue to work since she has so much debt so she puts the baby in an expensive daycare. Most of her salary goes to pay the daycare. She’s set her own trap without even knowing it.

She has no time to be the wife, mother, and career woman that she imagined herself to be since her time is spread so thin. Her marriage is crumbling, her child is becoming rebellious with so little attention given to discipline, training, and nurturing him/her. Her life is a mess, and she grows more depressed by the day.

OR this same woman decides to never marry since she doesn’t want to be “tied down” but sleeps (lives with) several men throughout the years. She thinks she’s finding fulfillment in her career even though she doesn’t feel like it often. She grows older and is often alone at night. She stays busy with her career. This is the path she chose or was forced upon her by everyone in her life.

Older women, speak out. Speak the truth to the young women in your life. Let the younger women know that they don’t have to take this path. That God has a MUCH better path for them to be on. His will is FAR superior to anything this culture can throw at them. Young mothers, raise your daughters to desire God’s will for them, not the culture’s.  They were created to nurture. Don’t you worry about all of the “what ifs…?” that will be thrown at your daughters. Live by faith rather than by fear.

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Proverbs 113:9

***Here’s a post for women who don’t want to go to college and are wondering what to do instead until they marry.

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  1. Amen! I have always known I wanted to be a wife and mother so I made the conscious decision to not go to college. During my senior year of high school and my early 20s I was constantly questioned and looked down about this. There were times I even thought that I would be undesirable to a husband because I didn’t have a college degree. Fast forward to now and I am happily married with 3 children! I came into our marriage with a mere $2000 in car loan debt (that was a dumb idea)! We as a couple were able to buy a house just 3 years after being married. Now the only debt we have is our home. We have been able to live very comfortably with one vehicle on my husband’s modest income. My husband constantly says thank for not going to college because he sees how hard his brothers have to work to pay off not only their student loans but their wives student loans too! I am so grateful to God for supporting my dream to be a wife and mother. Even when all my earthly support system encouraged me to take on debt for a career I would never use He stuck by me and showed me the path to take. God is good!!

  2. College for women is a disaster for all of society. Because when women go to college, inevitably, men get excluded from college. Everybody claims this doesn’t happen, but it does.

    So now we have millions of young men who haven’t gone to college, who don’t have jobs or careers. Who are mocked, insulted, demeaned by haughty women.

    So what do these beaten-down insulted boys do? What they’ve always done in history: pick up guns and start killing people.

    A very, very small number of crazy young men with guns can destroy society utterly. It’s called “Asymetric warfare” and that’s how Bosnia and other similar nations collapsed into civil war.

    Now the USA is headed that way. In 20 years our nation will be in ruins and all those “empowered women” will be begging for some man to protect them. Or we’ll be a police state in which all men are wearing electronic tracking collars, controlled from birth.

    Feminism destroys nations. This has been true for thousands of years of human history. Villages that embraced Feminist-like ideals quickly collapsed and starved, or were overrun by non-Feminist villages nearby. This is why early Feminists were ALWAYS driven from the village by the other women, or killed. They are dangerous to everybody’s survival.

    The USA and other nations that have fallen under the evil spell of Feminism are doomed.

    Future generations will look back in horror at Feminism and wonder how we could have been so stupid. For the women in the future, to call another woman a “Feminist” will be the most terrible insult, a word said with a hiss. As the population of the country collapses (it’s already happening, look at the birth rate) Feminism and Abortion will be recognized as the crimes they are, and young women will have to be paid/encouraged to have more kids to try to stave off social collapse.

    All of the above is scientific fact. And Biblical fact.

  3. Profoundly true, Lori!

    Extraordinarily frustrating to a young man to have to face 95% of the marriageable women, who are aglow in the realization that their beauty makes them desirable when they are under 30, but fail to realize that beauty fades, and men’s wealth appreciates, but women’s beauty depreciates with time (so wise women get married to a Godly man when they are young, giving him their beauty as a gift, and bearing him children, and he supports her financially with a comfortable retirement later on. Not all men become wealthy though, but love is worth more than wealth. Plenty of women are depressed and rich, but no woman is loved by God and her Godly husband and is depressed).

    These women have no idea what to look for in a spouse, and recoil in horror from a young man honorably pursuing them for marriage and to support her and a family, but they flirtatiously entertain libertines and rakes, who pursue her only for sex, and offer temporary pleasure and wealth, and a lifetime of misery.

    And that’s because of our corrupt media, movies, tech companies, Hollyweird, television, and schools, who teach men to sleep around, and women to be whores.

    Consider, once the television was finally in about 90% of the American homes, the trap was sprung. It only had wholesome programming in the early years to fool Americans into putting the Talmudic Jewish Bankers trap for mind control right in the living room of their home!! Think about it, if a stranger came into your living room and told tawdry jokes, and illustrated sexual sins, using profanity, and told stories about violence, horror, and murder, along with continuous lies and brainwashing, you’d throw the stranger out of your home! But the television does the same thing, does it not, and it’s in 90% of American homes.

    This evil device, which is now on cell phones, in every ones pocket, has not come up with a single movie or television show since 1960, showing a woman and a man getting married, the man supporting the woman on one income, and she is a SAHM, with the possible exception of the Duggar’s, which was treated as an example of what backwards hicks who had kids with major issues, did.

  4. I already hiss at being called a feminist. I’ve told the people around me to never call me ‘the f word.’. Some of my female friends thought I was kidding but I made it clear that I find it to be an insult.

  5. Great article! I pray that the women in the body of Christ really begin to FOLLOW the word ! Thank you for what you’re doing!

  6. This is proof that college is not for women. I believe that only men should go to college. There’s a reason why my father didn’t want me to go to college even though he did want me to work. College is a failure to women.

  7. One problem besides labeled above is a college degree puts women on top of men. They will look down on men with out degrees until they die. I personally could never marry a woman with a degree because of this posture which i have seen plenty. I work a blue collar job and am successful but not interested in being someones backup plan when they didnt meet a dr at univeristy.

  8. As the father of two daughters, I find this article depressing, but all too true. When my older daughter began college, 700 miles away, the Court system had already stripped me of any influence (besides funding) in her life. Among her first semester classes were: Introduction to Theatre, Beginning Horseback Riding, and Introduction to Women and Gender studies. Before being blocked, I was able to confirm via Instagram/FaceBook that she was really enjoying herself.

    What an absolute disaster.

  9. Dominic, I will disagree with respect. My husband and I met and fell in love while I was in graduate school and he was working a blue collar job. My dad was a blue collar man and my mom was a registered nurse, so maybe I had a good example?

    Beyond that, I want to share something with all readers: an education can be obtained without debt. Please seek out the resources at your local community college, whether you are male or female. Associate degrees in skills such as welding, auto mechanics, book keeping, medical assisting, vet tech, nursing and more can put someone out in the work force at a higher rate of pay in just two years, and often by just going to classes two or three days per week. See if your state has the A+ program that allows a high school senior with at least a “C” grade point to obtain these degrees TUITION FREE. There is no reason to go into debt. Stop believing the lies. This is from someone who works in higher education. You don’t have to go live in a dorm! Most college debt is coming from the cost of housing. It’s the education you will use. Nobody, whether male or female, needs the “experience” of living under the same roof as a bunch of directionless 18-22 year-olds in an over-priced dorm. If you must seek out higher education, do it debt-free by starting out at community college!

  10. Do you happen to have sources to back up the “scientific facts”? Not trying to be smug but I would like to use the statements in your argument when arguing against feminism but only if they are indeed facts eith credible sources. People are quick to jump to that so I want yo be able to have sources to back up an argument.

  11. I‘m glad to study in a country where I don‘t have any debt after studying and only pay 150 € per semester to get my education.
    I don‘t care about sleeping around and partying and all my girlfriends I study with don‘t either. If I would pay so much for college then it would be even more serious not to get distracted. I‘m getting married late summer and all my friends are in loving and commited relationships.
    But I guess it‘s a bit different in the US because here we also don‘t live in dorms on campus (dorms are basically non-existent) but many people live at home with their parents to save money, because there‘s not so much distance and you can almost always find a place to study what you want to study near your home. We also generally don‘t have this wild party-culture that I see portrayed at american colleges.
    I have always been taught that being a mother is the greatest joy and grew up with a mother who was a housewife and married at 19. She always taught me to stay home with the children as soon as I have them but she also encouraged me to get an education, she‘s proud of me that I do so with excellent grades.
    I look forward so much to motherhood and college doesn‘t change that. As we won‘t have any debt and my then husband makes enough money, I will be able to stay at home and care for our family and go back to work when they are older if I decide to. We talk often about our future family and I‘m grateful everything until now worked out as I always imagined.
    But as I said I guess it doesn‘t work like that in the US.

  12. Our daughter is a modest and obedient young woman, but she has her heart set on going to college. She scored a 36 on her ACT and is going to be her senior class valedictorian, so she is getting a lot of pressure to go, but we have refused to sign any of her application forms. Do you think we are doing the right thing, Lori?

  13. Thank you, Lori, that is our fear. She has begged us to let her go to a bible college, but we are concerned by the pridefulness and vanity she is showing about college because it is very unusual. We raised her to be a quiet and modest helper, but she is saying things like “I am too smart not to go to college,” and “I don’t want to waste my life being just a housewife.” Maybe it is just teenage rebellion, but all of the awards and attention she receives at school are doing her harm. We’re afraid send her to college, even a bible college, will only make it worse.

  14. Jacquie, we had some of the same issues with our oldest daughter. She wasn’t nearly the student your daughter is, but it sounds like yours is way too smart for her own good. College would be a disaster. Why don’t you take it step by step. Tell you want her to wait a year and find a job for her in a nursery. A year away from school and books surrounded by babies will get her back on the right path and take her down a peg or two once she realizes nobody cares one jot about the A+ she made in calculus.

  15. Lori, I agree with your post, but it doesn’t really get to the heart of the problem. A young woman who is being reared the right way won’t have the time or the patience for school. Instead of doing homework she should be doing housework. A girl who makes A’s in high school and is obviously neglecting the more important work to which she is called. Fill her days from an early age with the real work of a woman and she’ll learn from the marks she gets that a classroom is not where she belongs.

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