Daughters Being Trained in Biblical Womanhood

Daughters Being Trained in Biblical Womanhood

Up until a few generations ago, daughters were under their father’s protection and provision until they were married. They found productive ways to stay busy at home and caring for those around them. They helped their mothers with homemaking and caring for the siblings and elderly parents. They helped in the community and wherever there was a need. Daughters were an integral part of their family until they were ready to marry and begin a family of their own. Then they were well prepared for taking care of their own home, husband, and raising children.

A godly mother would train her daughters in all of the ways of biblical womanhood including submission, gentleness, kindness, generosity, and hospitality. All of these would prepare her daughters to be great wives and mothers some day. The daughters would naturally be content being keepers at home because they were trained to be one from childhood. They learned that life is about self-denial and sacrificing for others. They were available to help young mothers, care for the sick, mourn with those who mourn, and bring joy to other’s lives. They were trained in the art of serving others.

It wasn’t until college and careers began being pushed on young women that daughters were no longer under the protection and provision of their fathers. Now, young women are taught nothing about homemaking, being help meets to their husbands, or how to raise children; all of the things that the Lord has called them to do.

Instead, many young women leave their fathers protection, go to college, mount up huge debts, live their lives for themselves and being entertained. Many of them are exposed to things they should never see and then experiment with evil, especially in the secular universities. Sleeping around with guys trains them for divorce.

There’s nothing in the universities that train them for biblical womanhood. It trains them to be the complete opposite of what God calls them to be, yet many Christian parents continue to dole out the big bucks for their precious daughters to be defiled by universities. These daughters spend their most fertile years in college instead of being married and bearing children or least preparing for it.

Women are taught that they have no worth if they don’t make money. Money does NOT define your worth! Jesus Christ defines your worth and He has called women to marry, bear children, and guide the home. Money defining your worth is from a wicked and adulterous culture. It’s not wrong to have a small business from home if you have time and make a bit of money but this isn’t what gives you worth.

Right after high school, all I wanted was to be married and have children but going to college was the “normal” thing for everyone to do after high school so I went. I didn’t enjoy any of the classes. I tried but I just didn’t. I would have much preferred studying things I wanted to study instead of things I had no interest in. The Christian college I attended never once mentioned anything about biblical womanhood – not one thing as if having a career was way more important for Christian woman than marrying, bearing children, and guiding the home. No, thank you. I much prefer God’s ways!

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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15 thoughts on “Daughters Being Trained in Biblical Womanhood

  1. Yes I was raised for college and to have a career. However, I left a big university at age 20 to get married. We had children right away and all of our family seemed disappointed. I finished my degree in the evenings, which was stressful with two small children. I was continuing to go for my masters when finally an older Christian woman encouraged me to just be home. I did that and instead supported my husband as he went to school for his masters degree, which was more useful because he was the one in the workforce. I never finished my masters but we have 4 amazing children and my husband works hard to provide for us. We have two teenage daughters who are excellent students at a small Christian school. We have the same thoughts concerns mentioned in your post about the girls being unprotected and exposed to so much evil. I would love more posts about this topic. For now we are thinking living at home and attending the local community college would be the best option when the time comes.

  2. This is such a needed topic these days. It’s sad to see so many women wasting their years and money going to university. I have a friend who is nearing her 30s, and she has found ways to stay busy and productive during this stage in her life. Yet she has not made any huge commitments that will someday weigh her future husband and children down. I think that is so wise! And if she never actually gets married, what’s there to lose? Does it take a doctor’s degree to support one person?

  3. We are looking into https://getunbound.org/ for our children’s future education if it is decided that they should attend school. I remember all the things I was exposed to in the university and I wouldn’t want that for either of my children. The way universities are set up makes them a manufactured and unnatural society which then fosters unnatural relationships between it’s members.

    But I know my husband is a big sports fan and would want to see his children play sports at the collegiate level if they are able. The “good” thing about the website I posted above is that they can do most of their undergraduate degree at home (in high school in our case) and they can then do their graduate degree while purchance playing sports in which they can continue to live with us. For many graduate degrees there is less of the professor psychosis being pushed on the students. Graduate students aren’t thought of as blank slates as much on which professors to write their agendas.

  4. Yes!!! I completely agree Lori! My husband and I are “old fashioned” in how we do things, I suppose….but we feel it is the biblical way to do it. Our daughter is taught homemaking skills and has no plans for a college degree. She is under her father’s protection until the Lord provides her a husband. 🙂

    When I first went to college…I did so because that is just what was expected of us when we finished high school….but I had no plans at all! All I ever dreamed of being was a wife and mother! Thankfully, the Lord provided my husband during my second semester of school and I didn’t rack up much debt! We were able to pay it off quickly and we were married immediately (and I got pregnant soon after)! 🙂 We’ll be married 18 years this year! I praise God for it!

    It’s just sad when people think (when they ask and you say that your daughter isn’t going to college) it’s crazy to not have your daughter further her education! I say, education for what? For homemaking? For child rearing/raising? For making her husband happy? She *will* get all that with me! She doesn’t need a career! Colleges aren’t teaching her how to be a Godly woman!

  5. You know, this post is just too good to let it go by without saying anything. I also went to a Christian college because it was thing to do but I learned nothing there that has helped me be the wife and mother I try daily to be. Even my degree in teaching I almost consider useless because I lean much heavier on the “unschooled” movement. ( I hate to even write that because we do school but not eight hours a day-ugh!)

    We briefly enrolled our daughter in our local community college for music but that proved disastrous. We could not believe how much she was exposed to and what she had to read. It was not worth it.

    Lori, I love your blog and I read it daily for encouragement and attitude checks 🙂 Funny thing is, I did not wholly agree with you on several things years ago but I am really coming to see your wisdom/God‘s wisdom!

  6. My ex sister in law completely disagreed with me when I told her what her role was in her marriage. Both her and my brother worked long hours. As a result, her home was neglected, her daughter neglected and her marriage. She came from a feminist family, so I believe that’s why she wanted to be so independent. She told me that she felt that a wife’s submission was part of Old Testament Law. I tried to explain that Biblical submission wasn’t abuse or intended to put stress on the relationship, but the Most Highs design. I couldn’t convince her to think differently. As the Word says, not to cast your pearls before swine. Some people will never understand or want to do His will.

  7. My younger daughter (20) is getting married in a few months. She would be rich if she got paid every time someone has asked her what she is doing now after a 2 year assoc. of arts college degree. She is bold and says she’s focused on getting married soon and becoming a wife! Too much pressure on young women to continue their college education…and for what?! Young ladies, stay pure, focus on becoming a godly wife and mother as God has intended for us to be! I wish I would have had this counsel when I was her age:(

  8. You are a wise, young woman, Raquel, and your children are blessed! Keep seeking the Lord for wisdom as your daughters grow older and He will freely give it.

  9. She is a wise young woman! There are many things young women can do besides going to college/university as they are made to believe. Universities have been so destructive to our culture, especially for women.

  10. It seems with the invention of the Internet, there would be many new ways opening up to receive higher education without having to pay huge fees for universities, unless one wants to become a doctor or something else that requires this but, in my opinion, those careers are best suited for men since they are the ones called to be the providers of their families.

    Thank you for the link! Hopefully, it will give others new ideas.

  11. No, they aren’t. They are teaching them to be angry feminists from what I have seen, sadly.

    You were blessed to meet your husband in your second semester. Ken and I didn’t meet until our senior year last semester and were married within a year so I was happy that I got to be a wife soon after graduation, then a mother a few years later.

  12. All you can do is to speak the truth in love and pray that those seeds will take root one day. So many women have been so mislead by the feminist movement. They value money and their supposed “freedom” over raising their own children!

  13. Me, too, Pam! Even though I didn’t have any biblical womanhood counsel, the feminist movement never held any appeal to me at all! I liked having guys open doors for me, the thought of a man protecting and providing for me, and all of the other wonderful things that go along with marrying a man!

  14. We are raising our daughters to be keepers at home, to be wives and mothers. I do have a thought though, maybe a concern. I have noticed that so many women don’t get married even though they desire it so much. Even Elisabeth Elliot was addressing this on her radio days. It bothers me. Could you share where/how your children met their spouses? I’d love to know how other christian wives and husbands met also. To me, the church would be the best place! But is it even happening? So many meet in the colleges they wished they hadn’t gone to now. Just thinking here…

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