Did Feminism Help Women Own Property?

Did Feminism Help Women Own Property?

We often hear the praises of all of the wonderful things that feminism has accomplished for women. This was being passed around Facebook recently:

The fight for women to vote is tragic to me because all the women who fought to be able to vote were doing so because they felt they knew better than men (even though God made men the leaders) thus led to the superiority attitude of women in our culture which has been devastating. (Most sitcoms today freely mock men.) It was rebellion against God’s ordained authority.

I detest birth control since it has led to the slaughter of millions of babies and millions of others babies from being born since many couples today don’t even want children. Instead of trusting God for our childbearing, we are the ones who “plan and decide the best time”  to even have children.

Did they really help women own property and work for a salary? NO! The rumblings of feminism didn’t begin until 1843 and the fiercest advocates of it, like Betty Friedan, weren’t even born until 1921. Here is what I found about the timing of women being able to own property and work for a salary:

According to this article, “Over several decades, beginning in 1839, statutes that enabled women to control real and personal property, participate in contracts and lawsuits, inherit independently of their husbands, work for a salary, and write wills were enacted. Usually, concerns for family integrity and protecting a household from economic crisis, rather than a liberal conception of the role of women in society, motivated these changes.”

Did you notice that last sentence? Feminism had nothing whatsoever to do with these things! From my study of feminism and women’s rights, their main goals were to get women out of their homes and into the workforce, destroy marriages, put children in daycare and government-run schools, make divorce easy, and literally tear down marriage and families. This was “freedom” in their minds!

I am one of the “most anti-feminist 21st century woman” and anything that comes from protest, social unrest, activism, and resistance by women has nothing whatsoever to do with biblical womanhood. God calls us to have meek and quiet spirits and reminds us that godliness with contentment is great gain. No, thank you, feminists. Life was much better for everyone before you fought for “women’s rights.” They sure weren’t mine.

But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price.
1 Peter 3:4

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  1. Birth control is a bit outdated (charting/pulling-out but that still requires a marital relationship)…

    My husband’s half-sister used birth control and got a dark discoloration on her upper lip. She came up to me and was like ‘Did anything like this happen to you on your birth control?’

    I had to say no…

    My husband’s other half-sisters have been asking me (in regards to trying to get pregnant) ‘Have you stopped taking your birth control???’

    I said yes, I’m not taking birth control.

    I don’t have the heart to tell them the truth.

    That I’ve never used Any Form of birth control…

    I think they would probably all have heart attacks.

  2. Ironically I’m having trouble getting pregnant, but that just goes to show you what a blessing it is to be able to get pregnant easily.

    (I never took pregnancy for granted, as a teenager I was well aware of how birth control was harming women and have always been against it…my college roommate was one of the girls in the blood clot lawsuit back in the early 2000s…not to mention I am sure birth control caused depression in one of my gfs and I’ve seen so many girls have their skinned ruined by it…premature ageing and this melasma discoloration)

    Virginity is an option that has been taken away from women…it doesn’t even OCCUR to the average woman that Virgins Even Exist.

    My mother-in-law accused me of being promiscuous when I took engagement photos with my husband (they didn’t know that those photos were going to be part of the surprise announcement)…She said ‘Do you take photos like this with all of your boyfriends? What do you do with these photos when you break up?’

    I said ‘No, I don’t take photos like these with All of My Boyfriends’ and walked out the room because I was so upset.

    It doesn’t even Occur to these people that Some Girls Keep Their Virginity and have a (excuse my Navy language) ‘One Shot one Kill’ attitude towards dating and men [I forced men to ’email’ to me for 1-ish months before even going out with me. My husband wrote to me everyday for 1.5 months before our first date.]

  3. This is thought provoking. I do enjoy my freedom to vote, but the kicker is, I vote the way my husband does anyway. Would I be able to lay my ability to vote aside as a mark of true femininity? It’s a question worth pondering.

  4. After having my 10th child, i must say the drs are horrified when i tell them point blank that , yes. I am aware of birth control, what forms there are and where to get it. But no, im not interested. Ive learnt to laugh their reactions off. If anything i feel sorry for them. Life may be busy in our house. But a good busy. I only took birth control before my first child almost 15 years ago. We were told by members of our church that a couple should wait at least a year before having children to allow them to get to know each other better. I always felt that was wrong, but i was always discouraged from having children ‘too soon’. So we waited at least 18 months before having a child, and we regret it. There was another lady at the hospital the same time i was amd she had her 6th. She was asking the staff about work because she was done having babies and wanted a career. I cannot understand that mindset. Femenism has destroyed humanity.

  5. Loved this post! I feel very similarly to you Lori…I would be happy for my husband to vote for our family….I don’t need a vote too. And I am so anti-feminist that even conservative, Christian friends think I am a bit over the top about it. My daughter is going to be that “odd” gal that doesn’t go to college. She is definitely smart enough….but we refuse for her to be saddled in debt and also feel that she should be a helpmeet to a husband….and not out in the workforce.

    Anyway…thanks for this post Lori! Even if it goes against the rest of the world….it encourages me that I am not alone in how I feel about these things! :o)

  6. Very well done for having the courage to take on both these subjects !
    I agree strongly with Katy in that I hold my husband to be the head of our family and I would prefer that he vote in his judgment for all of us. As it is we discuss it and I go with his decisions. I also believe you are right to teach your daughter to prepare for motherhood not career.

    Kathy I was also a virgin and am eternally grateful that I was – what a shame that feminism so undervalues and derides purity.

    Birth control is a sin, it is against God’s purpose in marriage and his design for us as women. I think increasingly all Christian women are coming back to seeing that truth.

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