Do You Have Godly Conversation?

Do You Have Godly Conversation?


Women are commanded to win their disobedient husbands without a word by their godly conversation as stated in 1 Peter 3:1. Philippians 1:27 states, Only let your conversation be as it becomes the gospel of Christ.” The Lord wants all believers in Him to have godly conversation. What does this mean? Does it only refer to our conversation and what we say or does it include a lot more?

Charles Spurgeon has this to say about this word “conversation.”In the first place, the gospel is very simple. So Christians should be simple and plain in their habits. There should be about our manner, our speech, our dress, our whole behavior, that simplicity which is the very soul of beauty.Therefore, we should live a simple life. We should live simply, dress simply, speak simply, and live our lives with the simplicity which is in Christ. We should focus more of our lives on our inner life and having Christ-like qualities than what we look like or what we own. Our words should always be kind, gentle, and loving. Our behavior should be warm, friendly, and affectionate. The word conversation refers to our behavior.

“The gospel is very loving. It is the message of the God of love to a lost and fallen race. Christ’s last command to his disciples was, ‘Love one another.'” If you are married to a difficult man, the Lord wants you to love him more than you love yourself. This shows a lost and decaying world the love of Christ. There is a better chance of preserving the institution of marriage for your children, for their children, and so on if you stay committed to your husband until death do you part. God created marriage as sacred and your goal should be to show others the sacredness of it, even through the hard times. This will benefit not only your children in ways that you may never know, but all those who are watching as you live out your life unselfishly and with unconditional love.

“If our life is to resemble the gospel, we must shun, not merely the grosser vices, but everything that would hinder our perfect conformity to Christ. For his sake, for our own sakes, and for the sakes of others, we must strive day by day to let our conversation be more in accordance with his gospel. Hate what is evil and cling to what is good. Instead of turning the television on, open a good book and learn godly principles. The best book to learn this from is the Bible. Study it, meditate upon it, and let it transform your life. Ignore the political shows and news if they cause you to fear. These mostly share bad news and steal your joy. Focus on the good in life. I love to go in our backyard sometime during the day and lay in the sun to get some vitamin D for about fifteen minutes. I concentrate on the sounds around me: the chirping birds, the train’s horn blowing miles away, the wind rustling the leaves beside me, cars in the distance, and I thank the Lord for all of them. A grateful, satisfied heart is a pleasure for others to be in the presence of and enjoy. Cultivate a thankful, positive spirit. The conversation you live will be a huge testimony to God’s power living in and through you!

While they behold your chaste conversation coupled with fear.
1 Peter 3:2

Did you notice that last phrase in this verse? I never noticed the “coupled with fear” here and am going to be doing a post about this. What does it mean in the context of winning a disobedient husband? What are your thoughts?

4 thoughts on “Do You Have Godly Conversation?

  1. Amen that! Mother used to wash our mouths out with soap. Lol!

    It’s good to take inventory, pulling out every drawer, opening every cupboard, sweeping every corner, nook and crannie.

    Word by word. That’s how I love to “break down” the gold. Nuggets of the Word of God, kernel of Truth by kernel of Truth.

    Coupled with fear is pairing our words with reverence and respect in our actions, tone and intentions.

    Ouch x 18.


  2. Hi Lori! In my translation in French it is the word meaning “respectful”. Same thing in Spanish ! Hope it helps! Happy new year ☺!

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