Does Feminism Seek to Destroy Christianity?

Does Feminism Seek to Destroy Christianity?

 By Rich Stacey

Feminists made up the rules and gullible women fell into the trap laid for them by Satan. Feminism is an occult movement and tied into witchcraft.

Women fell for the classic trap by going to school and worrying about a career rather than what women were made for: to be a helper (not slave) but a helper to the man. The more you help your husband be successful by supporting him when he comes home from work, taking care of the home, and the children, the more you work to take his stress away. Then the more he can focus on work to provide well for you and the children which is why men are designed to give their all to work, yet women often criticize the man for this. The more successful he becomes, the more it benefits you.

His success becomes your success, but women didn’t want that anymore and tried to change things. But they can’t change how God made humans, yet women thought and still think they can as they’re the ones that changed the dynamic between men and women because as usual women were “bored” and never satisfied.

Women we’re pushed by feminism into the workplace for five main reasons:

1) To destroy heterosexual relationships.

2) The Central bankers/government realized that they were only taxing half the population. (CENTRAL BANK.. Item #5 on the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO!!!)

3) To get the children away from the parents so that they could brainwash them via the public school system so that the kids would no longer look to the parents as the progenitors of knowledge and wisdom, but would look to the state as the parent (Communism).

4) To destabilize society by destroying the family.

5) To further push the homosexual agenda onto the population by creating so many problems between male and female relationships that many, especially women, would become lesbian.

Goddess feminism itself had five main goals as well. They said, “We women are…

1) “Going to put an end to God…

2) “Destroy the Bible…

3) “Destroy Christianity…

4) “Destroy men…

5) “Destroy heterosexual relationships.”

That is their actual stated goals of feminism. Most men don’t mind what’s called “equality feminism” – equal work for equal pay, etc. But what is described above is part of radical and goddess feminism which is not the same as “equality feminism” though they try and tell the public that they’re the same thing. They’re not.

“We women are going to bring an end to God” (Spirit Wars, Jones, 1997, pp. 180, 195).

The goddess feminism is an occult religion akin to sorcery or witchcraft that has been pushed onto the world and especially the US. It was part of their plans for revenge as they sought to destroy Christianity from the earth and as it once spread around the entire world and very few knew about the occult and other dark religions, they now sought to do the exact opposite, destroy Christianity from the earth and have the occult knowledge spread around the entire world.

The Bible also reveals that human beings can be possessed by evil forces (Mark 5:115; Acts 16:16) and become unwitting pawns who promote Satan’s agenda. Betty Friedan revealed that when she was writing her book attacking marriage and the traditional family, “The book took me over, obsessed me, wanted to write itself. I have never experienced anything as powerful, truly mystical as the forces that seemed to take me over when I was writing The Feminine Mystique” (Friedan, pg. 78)

 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;  Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.
1 Timothy 4:1-3

16 thoughts on “Does Feminism Seek to Destroy Christianity?

  1. “The Bible also reveals that human beings can be possessed by evil forces “
    So true, a lot of people seem to overlook that demons still are possessing people nowadays.

    Then the original lie to Eve: Yea, hath God said……….

    Yea, hath God said – that you are a helpmeet to your husband? He is really supposed to be helping you instead.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are the weaker vessel? You are not weaker. You can do anything a man can do, and do it better and faster.

    Yea, hath God said – that you and your husband are one flesh? You are your own person and belong to nobody.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are supposed to be keepers of the home? You have brains. You need a job and your own money. Your husband can’t boss you and the boss at work will be so much kinder and gentler to you.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are to submit to your husband? You are no ones slave. How dare your husband tell you what to do. This is 2020 not 300AD.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are not to have sex with a bunch of men before marriage? Sex feels great, so just do it with lots of men.

    Yea, hath God said – that adultery is wrong? Its your body. Sex with other men will make you feel great. Besides, if your husband objects to your adultery, there is no penalty for it anymore. In fact you can now divorce him and get massive amounts of money from him as a reward for adultery.

    Yea, hath God said – that your body belongs to your husband? Its your body and you do with it as you want.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are not to deny your husband sex except for short periods of time for prayer and fasting? Its your body and you only share it with your husband when you feel he has earned a “treat” for treating you as the rightful head of the family.

    Yea, hath God said – that homosexuality is wrong? Another woman would be more aware of your emotions and feelings than that abusive man. And that woman knows what would be pleasing to you sexually.

    Yea, hath God said – that you are to bear children to your husband? Its your body. You don’t need that baby destroying your body. You will lose your career.

    I’m sure I have missed a lot more “ Yea, hath God said”

  2. Here’s a few more:

    Yea, hath God said – that a woman shall not teach or have authority over a man? You can teach men. And what about that promotion to being a boss at work. Those men can now look up to you.

    Yea, hath God said – that a woman is to keep silence in church? No one is going to tell you to be silent. And you know you are more spiritual than men, so get up there at the pulpit and preach.

    Yea, hath God said – that you weren’t to be naked? You have liberty in Christ to take your clothes off now. You have a beautiful body, be proud and show it off to all the men. That is not defrauding your husband. That’s not your underwear, its a bikini for swimming in public. Exposing your bare body parts to men other than your husband is great, its your body.

  3. Great article, Lori, and great comments by Blair and Jilly.

    Women’s rebellion against their role to care for the home and to have and love children is destroying their nation. Men have been too weak to uphold that expectation.

    In the Odyssey, the Sirens beckoned to Ulysses, and he wisely took precautions, because if he had not, it would have drawn him to his destruction.

    In America, the Sirens beckoned to American men, and they listened, and it is destroying us. For when a man is weak and does not confine sex in heterosexual marriage, and tries to avoid having children in marriage, he destroys his family and country.

  4. This is interesting timing. My wife and I were just talking about a related issue yesterday. My wife mentioned how she wasn’t encouraged when it came to her college education (however, not for biblical principles). I mentioned that it might not have been the worst thing, as she may have been less excited to be a stay at home mom, something that has far greater purpose than an income. She saw the reality of this truth and seemed more satisfied in the outcome, especially as we are seeing our youngest prepare for college this fall.

  5. Feminism deceives people. Even if your “career mum story”, “female church leader story”, or “same sex marriage story”, etc., seems to be good, you are still disobeying God. At some point in your family, could be, yourself and your generation or your children’s generation or even your grandchildren, someone you love will suffer the consequences of your disobedience to God. I’ve a long list of sad stories about Christians, I still know, disobeying God, but they all looked great for many years. I’ve cried many tears for them, even this week, it hurts a lot, but they don’t know that. The only thing that stops me crying for them, is the belief that one day they will obey God the way they used to. Feminism is what caused them to disobey God in every case.

  6. Love the article on women and feminism, and enjoyed reading, all the comment’s it’s good to know there is still some common Sense god-fearing women out there, nowadays.

  7. When it comes to feminism-I am a card carrying abolitionist. But let me just warn the ladies here that the link provided above, goes to a magazine that is an outreach program of the Living Church of God, which holds to a Binitarianism Heresy which denies the deity of the Holy Spirit. They deny that the Holy Spirit is a Being, but that rather is a “power” emanating from God the Father and Christ. Their statement of Faith is riddled with other unorthodox/unbiblical declarations for example a requirement for baptism for salvation (baptismal regeneration), the belief that salvation involves grace as well as works and that one’s salvation (rather than sanctification) is complete only after the resurrection. Their insistence on the observance of Old Testament festivals is also concerning as these were fulfilled in Christ Jesus. Please ladies, let’s keep our discernment hats on as we go over the articles on this website because if they are unbiblical on who God is; it follows inexorably that they are wrong on many other things. Consult your husbands on this and get their guidance on the matter.

  8. Mother Dearest, thank you for taking the time to give us this warning. It is very appreciated.

  9. Women who have been bestowed upon the divine role of a mother, the supporting role as a partner and is the strength to a man in every possible way, can never destroy Chrisianity.

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