Few Teach Women to Be Keepers at Home

Few Teach Women to Be Keepers at Home

Being a wife and mother are not valued in this culture, no, not even among many Christians. They teach their daughters to pursue higher education and careers which often keep them far from God’s will for them.

I have been reading a book called “The Golden Gems of Life.” It was written in 1880. The authors had no problems teaching women that their calling is in the home as a wife and mother. This is rare indeed. Here are a few quotes from the book.

“Many women do the work of their life without being seen or noticed by the world. The world sees a family reared to virtue, one child after another growing into Christian manhood or womanhood, and at last sees them gathered around the grave where the mother that bore them rests from her labors. But the world never sees the quiet woman laboring for her children, making their clothes, providing them meals, teaching them prayers, and making their homes comfortable and happy.”

“Educate the girls in the intricate duties that will be required of them as a wife and mother…Educate the boys to a knowledge of what the busy world will require of them.”

“We exhort you who are a wife to be gentle and considerate to your husband. While you are careful to adorn yourself with desirable apparel…be still more attentive in ornamenting your mind with meekness and peace, with cheerfulness and good humor. Keep at home. Let your employment and pleasures be in the home.”

God commands that older women teach the younger women to be keepers at home so the “word of God be not blasphemed” (Titus 2:3-5). I see many women who teach the Bible do all types of gymnastics with words to get around this and make women who have careers/jobs feel better about themselves. Instead of trusting that God’s plan is perfect, they make all of the excuses and exceptions why women don’t need to be keepers at home.

 I’m not going to do this. I appreciate this book of old and the old commentaries that don’t do this either. They trust God at His Word, teach it, and let the chips fall where they may. Many women have written to me and told me that they have quit their high paying careers and/or jobs to be home full time. They are thankful that I don’t try to water down the commands of God since His ways are good, and acceptable, and perfect!

Never be afraid to teach God’s Word as it is written, women. His Word is sharper than a twoedged sword. We are told that His commands aren’t burdensome and that with God all things are possible. Keep speaking the truth in love. Women need to be keepers at home. Their husbands and children need them there. Their homes need them in order to make them warm, cheerful, peaceful, and orderly places for their families to live in.

“A woman’s influence is the chief anchor of society. No costly marble can build a more beautiful monument to her memory than the impression she makes on her own household…The world is moved and civilization is advanced by the silent influence of women.”

She looks well to the ways of her household, and eats not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

15 thoughts on “Few Teach Women to Be Keepers at Home

  1. Sad but true! A woman’s highest calling is her home and family. It’s sexist to think women must be like men to be worth something or be autonomous human beings. Behind every great man is a great woman cheering him on! Any woman should be honored to devote herself to a husband and her children.

  2. Wow, this is so compelling – especially the part about how you know women who have quit their “good” jobs to pursue God’s will for their lives. I am feeling quite convicted as a woman with a demanding and high paying job. I have been playing back and forth with the idea of quitting and staying home with my five children, and I think this is the post that has finally opened my eyes, even if it means we have less income. In its place we will have more joy! Thank you, Lori. I cannot wait to fulfill my God-given role and am looking forward to a life of humility, servitude, and submission!

  3. I think many older women are afraid to teach this. Fear of judgement by church friends, family, public, etc. You take a lot of flack for it and one needs to have a tough skin and complete conviction that God is commanding them to do this. It is a message more need to hear, especially our younger girls.

  4. Cheyenne…I have posted here before about this.
    I am in the “club” of women who left a high paying “prestigous” job to be a keeper of the home. It took me a long time to make the leap of faith. But I felt very convicted about it. Have courage! Go for it! You will not regret it!

  5. PRAISE THE LORD!! No material wealth can replace joy and peace in your home. I know this because I have been on seen both sides of the coin. When my husband and I married we were pulling in 6 figures together. Today, we live a life of service in a modest home, (he is a minister of the Gospel), we are always together and we homeschool our children. Our home is our social circle, and we have so much fun together! As I write this, my boys are wrestling with their dad in the living room! Tonight we will have “sleepover night” which is once a week; each of our boys gets to sleep with either mommy or daddy on this night. Our boys love the routine, structure and stability of having us around and available all the time.

  6. ““Many women do the work of their life without being seen or noticed by the world.” I think this is at the heart of the issue for many women. In our world today everyone wants to be recognized. People go to great lengths to be seen or famous. There is even a quote that many women consider worthy, “Well behaved women seldom make history.” Women rely on “likes”, “friends”, “retweets”. No one values quiet service to others which is what God calls women to do. Women want to be loud, admired, fawned over and praised. They are concerned with being the envy of this world and little concerned with the next. That is why people like Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and Beyonce are stratospherically popular. They are women who “have it all”; power, money, fame with equally powerful husbands. This is the dream put in front of women and embraced by the majority of them. God’s call to us to be meek and quiet is not nearly as attractive to women. Women use their own discernment (or lack thereof) to determine good versus evil, just like our mother Eve did in the garden.

  7. My dear Lori, please be strong and continue to fight this good fight. Though many may froth at the mouth in rage, yet even if only one woman were to be brought home full time or one marriage be mended for the wife’s submission to her husband, it will have been worth it in the end.

    In truth, it’s not just one, indeed there are many women who are benefiting from your ministry because it’s foreign to most pulpits. The under shepherds are starving the sheep so this ministry is of paramount importance.

    I like how you call it like the Bible calls it, no sugar coating, no kiddie gloves, just good old incisive scripture. The word of God is powerful and no one hears it and shrugs in their conscience. The response to God’s Word is visceral in everyone who hears it. Some respond in faith unto obedience and others with outrage unto condemnation. Still both reactions bring glory to God. The former in praise for His mercy in saving and sanctifying a sinner; the latter in praise of His holiness and coming judgement on all unrighteousness everywhere.

    There are precious Christian women tangled in feminist delusion out there who need to hear the truth. The truth will set them free. Many don’t know because they have not been told in their churches. Others do but need to have the idols of fear, money, prestige and autonomy torn down with the sword of God’s Word.

    My brethren, if any among you strays from the truth and one turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. (James 5:19, NASB)

  8. I was taught that I should go to school, get good grades and become a doctor or lawyer by my ‘devout’ Christian family. Being a stay at home mom and wife was never even considered. I didn’t even know I could do that. I went to college, dropped out, went back, dropped out again; I could never get my bearings. I ended up with outlandish college loans which I am still paying on after 20 years. They will never be paid now. I’ll pay them for the rest of my life. What I didn’t know then was that I only ever wanted to be a stay at home mom but I didn’t know what that was. I was lost for 20 years. I finally meet my husband at the age of 37. We moved to ND 2 weeks after our wedding. In ND, most of the women are stay at home moms and homeschoolers. That was the first time I saw what Family meant; Working the farms together, learning together, serving the community together and even petitioning the government went it overstepped its bounds. (raw milk and homeschool issues). You posted a scripture the other day that a wife should honor her husband even when he is out of line with God; that it bears witness to the husband that sees it. However, it bears witness to all who see it. These women that I met in ND opened my eyes to what ‘family’ looks like. I didn’t grasp it fully at the time. Somehow, I stumbled onto your site and have been getting your e-mails and I’m finally starting to ‘get’ it now.

    I’m sitting for my grandmother this week and after reading your post have been asking her questions about her working and teaching us to go to school. She is 94 years old. For her, it started with the war. She went to work during the war. After the war, her husband left her with two girls and no income. So it became a ‘safety’ mechanism, but it’s been a lasting precedent.

  9. In the past if a woman had a job she was expected to give it up when she got married and it was considered shameful as a husband if your wife was forced to work outside the home.

    Women have always worked in the home or on the family farm, but it has only been with the pernicious influences of feminism that a woman’s ‘career’ has been considered justification to neglect her Godly role as wife and mother.

    Christian women should teach their daughters to follow Gods plan for them and teach them their sons to expect a wife who puts her family responsibilities first.

  10. Thank you Lori for all you do! I have been a keeper of the home and mother for 28 years. I have two boys who are adults now. My husband and I agreed that this would be best for our family and it was. We didn’t have the latest fashions or new cars like a lot of the other families did. It wasn’t always easy with all the pressures of the world but it was so worth it.
    Thanks again Lori for all you do!!

  11. Wow! You sound just like me a year ago. After years of feeling God nudging me, I quit my high paying, high demand job to care for my marriage and my 6 kids at home. I was afraid, but took that leap anyways. It went against all reason cause my husband’s work was not stable. But, God came through big time! My husband got blessed with a higher paying job than I had shortly after I quit, my marriage has done a 180, it’s been a downright blessing and the best thing I ever did. You can trust God!

  12. Dear Lori,

    As I lay here in my bed at 4:am I’m reminded of the importance of being a keeper of my home. I’ve lost sight honestly.

    I’m no longer raising young children but at 50 I have the privilege of watching my two daughters make the sound decisions of staying home and caring for their young babies.

    Tonight I’ve been up reading a book by Jimmy Evans and he stresses the satisfaction a woman feels with caring for her home and family. I’ve forgotten that.

    I’ve been working at my job for nearly 20 years and daily I feel stressed beyond description. I’ve recently noticed daily aches, pains and mild depression. I live a reasonable healthy lifestyle and I enjoy exercising so I couldn’t pinpoint my issue.

    I’ve recently begun the process of looking for a new job but after reading your posts I feel it may be time for me to return to what I absolutely love!

    Everyday that I leave my home there’s a little something inside of me that feels the pull to stay and care for what’s most valuable.
    ( my husband, two college age students and the affairs of my home.)

    I’m asking for prayers from my sisterhood of faith because I need to know if this is indeed His calling for me as a 50 year old wife and mother.

    Thank you ??

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