Gender Equality in the Home?

Gender Equality in the Home?

“MenCare, a fatherhood campaign working toward child-care parity in 45 nations, estimates that at the current rate of change, it will be another 75 years before women achieve gender equality in the home —a more optimistic figure than the 200 years the United Nations International Labour Organization predicted in March…Mothers remain more likely to miss work to tend to sick kids, to spend time with kids in the absence of another adult, and to maintain overall responsibility for managing the details of their children’s lives.” Hmmm, I wonder why this is so? Their solution? Don’t be grateful for a husband who helps around the home and childcare because “this is an impediment to the elusive goal of equality in the home.”

The title of the divorce supporting article is called Mothers Shouldn’t Be Grateful That Dad Does His Share. Therefore, women should not be grateful if their husbands help them at home and instead do anything they can (manipulate, quarrel, and be contentious) in order to make their husband help them equally. This is a perfect recipe for divorce and unbiblical in every way.

The only way to have gender equality (sharing housework and childcare equally) in the home is to not marry a man nor live with a woman (since even female roommates argue about who should do what) and live alone with your cats instead. These feminists don’t understand that there will NEVER be complete equality in this world no matter how hard they fight for it. Men were created differently than women. God assigned men and women different roles according to how He created them. They are fighting their Creator and His created role for them.

Besides, didn’t these women ever have a lecture from their mother or father that life isn’t fair? It never will be while living on the earth and ingratitude about this fact will simply make oneself and those around them miserable. Unthankfulness is one of the first qualities listed in Romans 1 that eventually leads to a reprobate minds. This article is pure foolishness and leads to the destruction of marriages and families.

God created gender roles for us because He knows that if they are followed and obeyed, there will be peace and order in the home. He created men to be the providers and the women to bear children and be keepers at home. It’s His perfect plan for us, women. If you are constantly upset with your husband because he is not helping you enough, you are tearing your home down with your own hands. Be appreciative and thankful for every thing he does and if he is a good provider, be especially thankful for this!

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

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  1. Equal does NOT have to mean identical! Both husband and wife can have separate divisions of labor and complete what needs to be done as a whole. It shouldn’t be a contest who can do what better or which jobs are more important because both are! Sad that radical feminism has told a generation of young women they’re oppressed if they don’t do a man’s job too!

  2. Those feminists are being disingenuous at best and down right dishonest at worst. The greatest allure a husband possesses is his set of manly qualities of which housekeeping and childcare are NONE. That’s why we marry our husbands in the first place. So the feminists want the men to be effeminate which kills their wives’ desire for them and causes discontent in the marriage, an evil plan. Ladies, allow your husband to be the lord of his manor, serve him joyfully and celebrate every facet of his God given masculinity and you will never tire of him.

  3. Would you write sometime on artificial intelligence and how it is coming for so many jobs blue collar and white?
    What would be the Christian thing to do about it and such?

  4. I just don’t get it. Couples have children and nobody wants to take care of them. They buy a big house and nobody wants to take care of it. What’s the point? If women really want the big career and to act like men, stay single, buy a Chia Pet, & call it a perfect life.

  5. They said the same thing about the Industrial Revolution. That it would take all jobs. It didn’t happen.

    The bottom line is Solomon was right when he said, ‘In all labor, there is profit’.

    There will always be more innovations, and there will always be human needs and desires. These will always cause those willing to work to be able to earn a living.

    The idea that AI will be able to replace all human jobs is flawed. There are no computers capable of matching the reasoning skills and intellect of humans. Science will always try to create them, and continue to fail.

    Science ever tries to exalt itself above God’s wisdom, and as the current Silicon Valley tycoons are finding out, after having $3 trillion invested in them in the last decade, and on the brink of collapsing in the next decade, pride comes before destruction. It was a lesson Nebuchadnezzar had to learn. It is a lesson the left is learning, as they believe their Marxism and Darwinism are the ideas of the future, and they will be horrified to learn both ideas are myths. Some won’t learn this ever, and it will be too late when they die.

    AI can’t write books, cannot hand craft fine cars, or the other expensive items that require being handcrafted. AI can’t take care of humans emotional needs. This is especially important when it comes to women, who are far more emotion, communication, relational, and affection oriented, as they control 60% of the wealth in America.

  6. Children are innocent young humans, before the world begins to corrupt them.

    Little girls (back when I was a kid) played “house” usually where they are the mommy, and other children are the dad and kids, etc….

    Little girls from time immortal have enjoyed dolls, doll houses, etc…

    I wonder what they are exhibiting? Preparation for what, I wonder? (Enjoying a house and caring for toys that look like young children)?

    No, they are manifesting their future love for their careers. Why don’t little boys tend to play these sorts of games I wonder?

    While it’s true that most married women do tend to do more of the household chores than their husbands, most married men are usually responsible for being the primary breadwinner (and are thus chilling out on the nights and weekends). AND married men do tend to help out at home, except they do chores like mowing the lawn, putting a new roof on the house if needed, landscaping the yard if it needs it, home fix-up projects that take many, many hours long to complete.

  7. Children are innocent young humans, before the world begins to corrupt them.

    That is what Marxists believe, but it is wrong.

    Children are born with a sinful nature. You don’t have to corrupt them. They are selfish from the start. They scream for what they want. You have to teach them to share, you don’t have to teach them to be selfish with their toys. It isn’t society and evil institutions that corrupt people. People corrupt themselves, it is our nature to wander into sin. That is why Marxism has never worked for any group of people. It is based upon a false belief in innocent and altruistic human nature, when we actually are born sinful, selfish, and rebellious. God’s word tells us that, but the Marxists think they know more than God. Capitalism works better, because it is based upon motivating people by their selfish greed, and absolutely everybody has some of that, because we are all born with it.

  8. I learned a rule a long time ago: Don’t listen to what women say. Pay attention to what they do.

    Women don’t want to be in the game long term. A man represents a retirement plan.

  9. what does that have to do with gender equality? saying that there should be an equal division of labor in no way equates to a child not needing a father in their lives…

  10. Your influence and advice is so good. Just this week I was reading one of many online articles lamenting that men do not contribute enough to the household labor and that is is a crisis and some women will divorce over it. Of course, as I read, I too grew a bit disgruntled and then I realized how I was starting to feel (from reading the article) was the opposite of grateful and gentle. I could become bitter that quickly! So I closed the article and simply stopped reading. I have to be careful of my influences and remember to thank God and my husband! I deserve nothing, but they give me so much more. Your advice is a GOOD influence. It makes me a better woman, wife, and Christian, not to mention happier. Thank you, Lori. As you say, we must dwell on the good and lovely. We must renew our mind with Christ, not with the gripes of the world.

    I am going to print this out: “If you are constantly upset with your husband because he is not helping you enough, you are tearing your home down with your own hands. Be appreciative and thankful for every thing he does and if he is a good provider, be especially thankful for this!”

  11. I am going to respectfully disagree here. For example, children are not born to discriminate. They are taught it. And that, is sinful in my opinion.

  12. Elias is right, Ella. From the moment we enter this fallen world, we have a sin nature. We are all in need of a Savior who paid for our sins at the cross to allow us to have an eternal relationship with God. However, the point you bring up is an interesting argument, as children additionally learn sinful attitudes by what they observe and are taught. Our rebellious condition outside of the Gospel makes Lori’s teaching so important for women (wives, mothers, or not) as when we accept Jesus as our Savior, our desire should be to become more Christ-like through the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the reading, meditating, and following of God’s Holy Word, the Bible.
    Thank you, though, for your reminder of learned sin-I will take the encouragement to heart as I parent my children today!

  13. There is a difference between men being sloppy around the home, and then performing housework.

    Teach your sons to clean up their plate, clean the sink/toilet after making a small mess, put their things/clothes away, make their bed in the morning etc. You should also teach them diffrent chores around the house.

    They will grow up to be a courteous and neat husband for their future wife. They will self-sufficient enough as a bachelor. If their wife is sick, injured, or in need of a break, he will be able to, if necessary, help out with these tasks.

    There is no need to gripe about your own husband, but you can equip the future husbands (your sons) with manners, courtesy, and basic skills.

    Still different than expecting them to split housework evenly, but does ensure that if the time comes, their wife will not be bitter towards slovenly ways.

  14. Every single headline you read from Feminists is a lie.

    They lie for breakfast, lie after tea, and lie again at dinner.

    Men do JUST as much work, or more, than women do. Feminists simply manipulate the survey numbers to ignore men’s work. The average woman, being prone to the sin of envy, falls for it over and over again.

    Feminists are leading women like sheep to slaughter. And it will not be long now, not long at all. Biblical women, hold tight, it will be an increasingly unpleasant decade.

    For this you have Feminists — mostly lesbians who hate other women — to blame.

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