Girls are Outperforming Boys in Academic Success

Girls are Outperforming Boys in Academic Success

Yes, girls are outperforming boys in every area of academic success and feminists cheer while I grieve. This is NOTHING to celebrate but it has been feminism’s goal from the beginning.

“The report is yet more bad news for boys, who lag girls on nearly every measure of academic success, with massive gender gaps in reading as well graduation rates in high school and college. One extensive study by Stanford last year found that the gap in favor of girls in reading exists in every grade, every year, and every district (it examined 260 million state tests given to students in grades three through eight in 10,000 US school districts). Girls, on average, outperform boys by about a half a grade level in fourth grade, but a full year by eighth grade. …

“If girls are performing better on tasks like this, it should bode well for employment later in life, since being able to work with technology while also communicating and collaborating effectively is more versatile than having tech skills but no social ones.”

Therefore, more and more young women will be leaving their homes (if they have one), leaving their children in the care of others (if they have them), and being help meets to their bosses instead of their husbands (if they are married). This portends terribly for the future of societies. Women have taken the bait hook, line, and sinker. They value the prestige of a job and paycheck more than they do making a good life for their families at home.

Let’s face the facts. Schools are NOT set up for boys. They are set up for girls. Boys aren’t made to sit in chairs all day long doing tedious work. They are created to move, build, run, climb, explore, and compete. The public school system has been a grand failure for boys. Women are slowly taking over all of the medical and dental schools. It won’t be long before they outnumber men. They are taking jobs away from men who need the jobs to support their families but they don’t care. Sadly, most of them aren’t thrilled with careers once they have them (they’ve figured out they’ve been duped) but it’s too late then because of the massive amount of debt they have and all of the time they’ve spent in higher education.

One of my sons wasn’t doing that great in school so I began homeschooling him. I bought loads of excellent books from Sonlight Curriculum and Saxon Math. (My younger son wanted to be homeschooled when I homeschooled my older son. He was not a fan of school!) They both read for two hours a day and then did an hour of math. They became great readers and still love to read. If children are good readers (they will become good readers if given good books) and are good at math, all other subjects are easy for them. After three hours each day, they played ball together, went to sports’ practices, surfed, and did things that boys like to do rather than sit in a chair all day long.

Don’t allow the public school system to destroy your sons. They don’t like to sit in chairs all day. This doesn’t mean they should be drugged to do so. We have a culture at war with boys and men. Don’t fall for it. Homeschool your sons. Let them MOVE! Teach them to read when they are a bit older. They don’t have to be great readers at five years old. If they don’t start reading until a few years later, that’s okay. They’ll catch up to their classmates quickly. Feed them nourishing food. Build up their bodies and minds. Most importantly, teach them the ways of the Lord all throughout the days so they will grow up to be strong men of God.

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.
Psalm 119:11

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  1. And they complain about women being oppressed when it really is men and boys who get the shirt end of the stick. Men told to be overruled by women and boys’ normal behavior pathologized…

  2. Maybe schools shouldn’t be coed and each gender should be taught in the manner best for them.
    Men have been becoming doctors, lawyers, dentist, for decades through the school system.

    What do you think has changed so that they are no longer able to perform like they used to?

  3. Having worked in schools before having my children, I would agree with what you say regarding boys and their need to move. The very high energy boys are usually “labelled” ( naughty, hyperactive) and a few of those were on Medication to calm them.

    My children have been home educated since the beginning. We took a similar approach to you Lori and by around the age of 7 they were reading the books for themselves.

  4. Longer hours in school and less time to play I believe are the major culprits. When I went to kindergarten, we finger painted, listened to the teacher read stories, and played on the swings. I never had homework through junior high and even very little in high school. The demands placed upon children from young ages these days is a MAJOR problem.

  5. Even secular folks agree with you, Lori:

    Too much homework doesn’t help:

    Boys are penalized for not conforming to behavioral expectations more suitable for girls:

    Early academic education is developmentally inappropriate:

    And as far as career achievements go, women are still dropping out of the workforce, taking maternity leave, and working flexible hours because they still haven’t been able to get rid of those pesky children, although birthrates are down.

    What this means is that a woman trained for a career has fewer years than a man–a female doctor will work many fewer hours overall than a male doctor.

    I don’t think this is sustainable on a large scale. We’ll see what happens next.

  6. Yes, I forgot to mention that more mothers aren’t home raising their children these days which is devastating for children and they put children into preschool! It’s way too young for them to be away from their mothers.

    I wrote a post last year about women destroying the medical field in the UK because they are unable to work the hours men do because of children in their lives and also, men have more stamina than women.

  7. I don’t understand the paragraph “And as far as career achievements go,”….
    I thought the idea was for Christian women to drop out of the work force when they become mothers?
    “Because they still haven’t been able to get rid of those pesky children?”
    Why would you assume that this is a desire for women?
    Every one of the many married, Christian women I know that became a stay at home mother, regardless of college attendance, worked before their first child was born! If a woman (with the full support of her husband, her authority) desires a job, doesn’t rack up thousands in school debt to earn said job, makes financial decisions knowing her future responsibilities as a mother, and then leaves the workforce when she becomes a mother, is living inside God’s will for women.

  8. I remember my son trying to write a research paper in our homeschool many years ago. Shortly after beginning that paper, he looked at me and said he’d rather cut enough wood for the whole winter than be stuck in the house writing a research paper! When I gave him the green light to go cut wood, his sisters protested as to why he should be able to go out and cut wood?! They thought it was unfair, but I knew he was different than my girls, and I was raising a man.

    Today, he is the hardest working man I know. And, I’m not just saying that because I’m his mom. Homeschooling allows you to see the talents God gives each of your children individually. We didn’t teach with a one size fits all mentality. That’s just one of the MANY benefits of homeschool.

  9. That is incredibly sad, and terrible for your country. Boys need a good education, it’s such an important thing!

    I don’t know what the education system is like in America, but here in New Zealand I have 4 children in public schools and all 4 of them, both girls and boys, are doing well, and the school is meeting their needs.

    My youngest, 6, a boy, goes to a school where they hugely emphasise “learning through play”. Throughout the day, there are many different play-learning areas set up – both outside and inside, with many opportunities for building, creating, demolishing, making, doing science experiments, sports, art, make-believe etc. alongside learning how to read, write and do basic maths. He gets set homework every night, but it’s optional, and he only does it when he wants to. School hours here are 9am – 3pm and during that time there are 3 play breaks.

    My second child, a girl, 12, is in more of a traditional classroom set-up, but still they have plenty of opportunities for boys to burn off energy and pursue subjects they are interested in – engineering, woodwork, metalwork, computers etc. alongside traditional subjects.
    Her school hours are 8.50am – 3pm with 2 breaks. There is no homework. At all.

    My oldest two – a boy and a girl – are at high school. Their hours are 8.45am – 3.15pm with 2 breaks in that time. There are so many subjects to choose from, including “Gateway” (work experience in their chosen career, organised through the school, one day every week) and “tertiary high school” (a polytechnic course in their chosen field of study, one day each week, organised through the school – my son is doing automotive engineering).
    Opportunities abound, here. Boys are doing just as well as girls as this school, according to the most recent reports, and the school is tracking well above the national average.
    Homework is catching up on missed lessons, and working on internal assessments – nothing formal is set; the students are responsible for keeping on top of their studies.

  10. I am not sure we can compare NZ to America. NZ’s population is 4.8 million compared to US’s population which is 327 million. In some small cities in America, the schools are better than in the large cities but in most schools, the children are beginning school at an increasingly younger age for longer and longer hours (more babysitters for working mothers), less play time and sports, academics has become very competitive with homework being given as young as 5 years old (thus not much play time when they get home), and they are taught from a very humanistic and secular worldview where God and truth are not allowed to be taught in the majority of schools.

  11. Interesting post and topic.

    There are fascinating elements at play. From the 1970’s until literally a few years ago you had prominent women speakers (feminists) and groups saying that because boys out-performed girls in schools, schools needed to change to better accommodate the girls (to put an end to this travesty).

    Well they did and it’s worked too well. Now girls out-perform boys in all levels of school, get accepted into college in higher numbers, graduate from college in higher numbers, and make more money in their 20’s in urban areas.

    And since women tend to be wired for hypergamy, this has the effect of women not being interested in young men of their similar age and peer group. This has the effect of a decline of young people getting married and having children.

    The general phenomenon has been happening in Japan (perhaps for different cultural reasons) for a generation to disastrous results–very few children, closing down of schools for lack of children, and a ticking bomb on social programs for the elderly.

  12. I would have done the same for my daughters. If they needed a break, I’d let them. Keepers at home need a break to develop the skills and stamina needed to run a home as well! Research papers, not so much.

  13. Having been a former music teacher in a very urban city school teaching grades K-6th, I can definitely attest to boys needing to move. And you know what, they performed much better not just academically in my classes, but with behavior as well — in all those grades! Through trial and error, I incorporated many dances (modern like “Footloose” to traditional line dances like “Alabama Gal”) and what’s funny is that the boys LOVED the line dances the best and being a lead partner with a girl. It made them feel purposeful, or wanted, or even to the extent that they were respected by their counterparts. Not that that has anything to do with boys needing to move, but I just found that interesting as well. As if God knew what He was doing all along when he created male and female (of course He did — it’s just very sad to see the way we view things now).

    With an 8 month old son, he is super energetic and hates being strapped into anything — I mean let’s be real here, who doesn’t? I avoid any car rides without my husband because he hates his car seat and cries to get out. So I just stay home. Call it what you will with what I do, but unless it’s absolutely necessary for me to leave the home, that’s the choice I make and I sacrifice my desires to go out with his needs to move and not be strapped down. Of course, my friends and family think it’s ridiculous, but that’s my choice! My son is a much happier camper when he gets his energy out than forcing him to sit down, that’s for sure. Love your posts!

  14. And very carefully and deliberately planned. The destruction of male headship, to include male ability to adequately support a family, has always been the goal of the ruling elites. Feminism is just a tool being used to make it happen.

  15. I was being sarcastic. The goals of feminism are opposed to motherhood, but feminists have to deal with most women’s natural desire to have children. Thus, from the feminist point of view, children are an inconvenience and snare to becoming empowered and all that.

  16. The USA is headed for collapse or dictatorship in 10 years.

    We have 100 million young men who have been taught they are monsters. So now, having been told they are monsters and given no school or job achievements to dream of, they are picking up guns and shooting people.

    It only takes a tiny handful of crazy young men with guns to destabilize an entire society.

    Oh, and our population rate is going to crash too, because young women have been taught not to have children. Any society with a population crashing like that, is 100% guaranteed to have a civil war or worse.

    What is so astounding to me is that leftists and feminists don’t see such obvious things. Then I remember: they are tools of Satan, and Satan seeks always for the path to chaos.

    10 years. Thats how long we have. Time to get your soul right with God, hold your friends and family close, and be careful with your steps.

  17. They are fighting to get God and Christian teaching out of schools here, too! It’s tragic.
    Even in the Catholic school my teenagers attend (we’re not Catholic, but it’s the best school in our town) the science teacher teaches evolution instead of creation, and tells the kids that we shouldn’t believe the Bible literally. Fortunately, we’re able to counter that at home and teach our kids the truth. But if that is what a Catholic school is teaching, a standard public school wouldn’t even mention the Bible or creation at all!

    I was reading somewhere this week that said, in the average American house, parents have 2 hours a day with their kids, once work, commuting, school, daycare etc. is taken into account. Two hours!! How can anyone raise children to love the Lord in only two hours a day?

  18. 1900: Women work and please husbands. Women know happiness.
    2000: Women work and please bosses. Women know misery.

    Freedom! Feminism! Progress!

  19. I know this isn’t the direction of your post, but giving 72 vaccines to children is affecting their brain development. It ESPECIALLY affects boys. The special ed departments in schools are bursting at the seams with boys. I would encourage any parent, if you must vaccinate, go back to the 1983 vaccine schedule when all of these brain disorders were much rarer. Parents can google that schedule.

  20. With drugs the education system & parents have basically made boys impotent. They can’t even look at a girl without being accused of sexual harrassment. They can’t play sports without some girl wanting to be on team. She wants to be treated like one of the guys, but she’s not. So all the boys instinctually protect her and at same time resent her. They’re scolded for every little thing. My sister in law wouldn’t let her son join boy scouts because they didn’t accept homosexuals, no sports because she didn’t want to bother with it, made to do her laundry & housework. Now he’s an army reject, no car, no goals, no truth, a baby he has nothing to do with, plans on living in car. Very sad that this generation of millenialls has it all messed up. Thanks, feminists.

  21. One of the biggest reasons why girls are out performing boys in school is simply the fact that girls have a huge maturity advantage because girls are aT a minimum 4 years ahead of boys. In addition there are a lot more support programs for girls for example girls can join the boy scouts but boys can not join girl scouts. Girls can play on.boy teams even when they have a girl team to play on.

    Deep Think

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