Grieving Over Their Inability to Conceive Children

Grieving Over Their Inability to Conceive Children

Recently, I have been watching a few couples journey through infertility on YouTube. They are young, Christian couples who want children desperately. One such couple is a positive and joyful couple. They have adopted a few children already and people ask them why they aren’t satisfied with them. “Why do you keep seeking ways to have a baby instead of being content with what you have or adopting more? After all, there’s plenty of children who need to be adopted.”

Most every woman wants to carry her own child (unless she’s so hardened to the beauty of motherhood by sin and feminism). They want to feel their baby move in their womb. They want to see their baby on an ultrasound. They want to see their stomach grow, then give birth. They want to nurse their baby and know that their baby was formed through the love they have for each other as a couple. This is completely normal, women, and right. There’s never any reason to feel shame because of these God-given desires. After all, He is the One who created the female body to bring forth life.

I grieve for all of these precious Christian couples who are unable to have children. I pray that the Lord will bless their wombs. I cry when they receive yet another negative pregnancy test. Yes, they can all adopt but even this is hard, expensive, and unpredictable, plus it doesn’t take away a woman’s longing to be able to carry her own children.

I had a miscarriage with our first baby. I was completely devastated and so was my husband. We were looking so forward to having children. It’s all I ever wanted to do in life! My dad came into our room (we were staying at my parent’s home during the miscarriage since Ken had a broken leg and could hardly walk and I needed help) and told us that thankfully, we could get pregnant. And we did just a few months later. I went on to give birth to four children which have been my greatest blessings in this life.

Fertility rates are greatly decreasing as our environment becomes more polluted. Men’s sperm count is going down fast but fertility can be improved by diet. One of these couples proved it by dramatically changing their diet and her follicle count was higher and so was his sperm count. Most of these couples learn to eat a lot healthier while they are on their journey to conceive babies. One couple I know couldn’t get pregnant because the husband had poor sperm count, they went on a strict and healthy diet, and are now pregnant with their first.

My encouragement for all of you who are infertile and want children badly is to do what you can to get as healthy as you can, then leave the results in the Lord’s hands while praying daily. If He opens your womb, there will be great cause for rejoicing and if He never does, you can rest in Him knowing that He is good and His plan for you is good. Not our will but yours be done, dear Lord.

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the LORD.
Psalm 113:9

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  1. I agree Lori! It is a hard thing to deal with… That said, don’t negate the joy adoption can bring too, as your baby becomes your baby through love, not merely biology. You can love, cherish and raise a child as your own even if it wasn’t born from your womb. So many mothers neglect and resent the children they give birth to, while so many children are in need of mothers who want a child and can’t have one physically.

  2. My infertility story is featured in a book called Miracle Moms. It is put out by therapists who stumbled upon a natural infertility treatment. Infertility is really hard to go through. Another reason infertility rates are on the rise is that women are waiting later to have children. If women are serious about becoming mothers in my opinion they should get married early and start trying to conceive on their honeymoon.

  3. Very definitely much of the the infertility ‘crisis’ is the inevitable result of women getting married too late and / or using contraception to put career before motherhood. Entirely contrary to Gods design.

    There are also issues with various hormones in the environment affecting men, and men destroying their own fertility/ potency though self abuse as well as delaying marriage.

    It is a tragedy for a Christian couple to struggle with infertility, but it’s causes are often self inflicted.

  4. Also want to mention, please do not give your daughters or sons Gardasil. If you go to you can see the video Robert F Kennedy Jr did listing 25 reasons not to give Gardasil. Premature ovarian failure and premature menopause are listed.

  5. Lori, I am genuinely happy for that young couple who are pregnant with their first and I will endeavor to remember them in my prayers that they may carry their pregnancy to term and that the mother may be delivered of a healthy baby and remain in good health herself. Praise be to God who hears the cry of His people. Living under the pall of childlessness is a burden that never let’s up, this side of our Lord’s return. The yearning for children is an irrepressible force that only the most reprobate are capable of. You know a society is in decline when women’s hearts are hardened towards the fruit of their own wombs. When they will poison their bodies with artificial hormones or insert abortifacient foreign objects in an effort to create as hostile an environment as possible, to new life, in their wombs. When the few children who beat the odds to get conceived are brutally ejected from their mothers’ wombs by abortionists; sacrificed to the god of convenience. The end is surely nigh. Come Lord Jesus, Come.

  6. I was told I would not conceive without Ivf. Was told I was going through menopause early, and running out of eggs.
    Two years and one miscarriage later I had my second child. And very unexpectedly, my third this past fall.

  7. Yeah, mine and my husband’s infertility isn’t self-inflicted. We are healthy and follow a healthy diet to ensure we are doing what we need to in order to conceive. We pray daily and put our faith in God. We have also visited Doctors to learn their opinions. We also got married in our early 20’s. Some people are just effected by infertility and there is no fault.

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