Guard Your Treasures

Guard Your Treasures

A few days ago, I was outside in front of my home watching my grandchildren play. A sweet neighborhood girl who is six years old came to play with them and brought over all of her dress up clothes which my oldest granddaughter loves! They were having a great time but then I heard the little girl say to my granddaughter, “Boys can wear dresses, too!” I quickly responded, “None of these boys will ever wear dresses!” Then she said, “Boys can wear tutus, too.” And I answered, “None of these boys will ever wear tutus! Dresses and tutus are for girls.”

She’s in the public school system and her parents are not believers but if parents aren’t vigilant about what their children see, listen to, and the friends they keep, their precious children will be corrupted quickly in this wicked and adulterous generation. We must always have our children near us so we can protect and guard them from the enemy who wants to destroy them. God gave children mothers to protect them.

I don’t agree with these marches or leaving public schools to protest the sex education they are forcing upon the children. Christians need to pull their children out now! The government should have never been given authority over raising our children. This is our responsibility and if people think that being able to opt out of these classes will somehow protect their children from the perversion going on in our culture, they are sadly deceived and mistaken.

The following was written by the very wise Nancy Campbell at Above Rubies on this very topic of protecting our families.

 God has given us so many treasures in family life. We must protect them and watch that we don’t give them away.

In 2 Chronicles 12:9 we read how the King of Egypt came up against Jerusalem and “took away the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king’s house; he took all: he carried away also the shields of gold which Solomon had made.”

King Rehoboam was not on guard. He allowed the treasures of God’s house and his house to be taken away. These were not little treasures. They were treasures of gold. Everything in the house of God was made of pure gold. Even the shields were made of gold.

We must also guard so that we don’t allow our treasures of gold to be taken away. This is just what the enemy wants to do. He comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). He comes to rob us of all that God wants us to enjoy.

When we let him rob us, we end up with second best. The King of Egypt took the shields of gold, “Instead of which king Rehoboam made shields of brass” (2 Chronicles 12:10). Counterfeit! Second best! Which do you want? Gold or brass? You have to choose.

God is the author of marriage. Because it is God’s plan, the devil wants to destroy it. Don’t let him steal your marriage. Keep a soft and forgiving heart. Don’t let hardness take hold of your heart. Hardness leads to divorce (Matthew 19:8). Instead, build your marriage. Every day, find some way to build into your marriage and make it stronger. When you strengthen your marriage, you are a threat against Satan, the Destroyer.

Guard your children. Don’t allow the enemy to rob and deceive them with lies and deception. Don’t give them away each day to the public education system to drill their humanistic and alternative propaganda into their brains.

Micah 2:9 says: “The women of my people have ye cast out from their pleasant houses; from their children have ye taken away their glory forever.” The Amplified Version translates this verse: “From her children you take away my splendor and blessing forever (by putting them among pagans, away from Me).” God says that the glory of children is for them to be raised in the home.

Guard your fertility. Our fertility is a very precious gift from God. And it doesn’t last forever. It is only for a window of time in the seasons of our whole life. We can’t determine when we will have children. It is ultimately in God’s hands. To walk in God’s perfect plan for our lives, we should yield our wombs to God, for His glory. He will give the children He has planned from the foundation of the world.

If you are having problems conceiving, ask your husband to lay his hands upon your womb and pray over you every day. Make a specific time every day. Your husband is your covering and God will hear his cries for you.

Guard your family life. Once again, family is God’s idea. It’s the way He has planned for us to live in their world. He has no other plan. He specifically states that He wants the solitary to live in families. It’s the healthiest way to live. But because it is God’s plan, the devil hates it. We know he is bent on destroying family life.

He won’t always tempt you with blatant, sinful things to destroy your family, He uses little things. He subtly deceives you. Watch for his deceptions. Watch that your family doesn’t become fragmented; everyone constantly going their various ways. This is the testimony of most families today, but it’s not God’s way.

He wants us to build our families. To make things happen in our homes that keep the family together and build relationships. That encourage interaction and family life. Determine to sit together for your family meals, especially for your evening. Don’t only eat food at your table. Feed the soul and encourage family discussion and participation. And feed the spirit. Never leave the table without reading God’s living Word and praying together. Guard this precious time. Don’t give it away.

“Drive your pegs deep” (Isaiah 54:2). Guard your treasures, dear mothers. Don’t let them filter through your fingers. It can happen so easily. You must PURPOSEFULLY, DELIBERATELY, and INTENTIONALLY build into your marriage and family life. It doesn’t just happen. You must make it happen.

Constantly think and dream of how you are going to build your home and family. That’s what a builder does. He dreams. He gets a vision. And then he takes action and builds according to the plan.

Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.
Psalm 127:3-5

11 thoughts on “Guard Your Treasures

  1. Do you feel the same way about girls dressing up as superheroes or playing with traditionally ‘boys toys’? I have a son and he is very into cars trains planes etc, anything remotely boyish he is into it. He also has a pink toy stroller that he pushes a baby doll around in and I love that he is sensitive as well as rough and tumble. A lot of my family had a problem with the pushchair because it was pink, and dolls are not for boys apparantly. If you flip it around though none would have a problem if a girl wanted to play with a train set. I suppose what I’m trying to say is where is the harm in letting toys be toys and letting dress up clothes be just that- for pretend play?

  2. Lindsay Harold gives a great response to this, Amy. “There’s a big difference between a child playing with toys that are traditionally associated with the opposite gender and a child dressing up as the opposite gender or pretending to be the opposite gender. I don’t think it’s necessarily harmful for a boy to play with a doll now and then or a girl to play with toy cars. When you have a boy dressing up in a pink tutu or a girl pretending to be a man, then you’re allowing children to get confused about who they are and who God made them to be. The Bible tells us that we are not to cross-dress or pretend to be the opposite sex. A boy playing with a doll as if he is the father (rather than the mother) or a girl playing with the cars as if she is a female driver does not involve denying the sex God made them to be.”

    Our culture is very confused and celebrating the confusion of gender roles and it’s only going to get worse. My children would have never said that boys can wear girl’s clothes when they were growing up because this wasn’t being presented to them in culture as being normal. God made them “male and female” and we should be celebrating the differences between the two instead of blurring the lines as culture is doing.

  3. ? Loved this! I used to sneak into my brother’s room and play with his GI Joe’s and transformers, but I love being a woman! I don’t mind if my boys join in with their sisters when they play with dolls or have a tea party. When they play dress up my boys typically choose firemen, policemen, doctors, dinosaurs, lions or army men. They couldn’t be more boyish if they tried. ? Boys look silly dressed up as girls. Allowing boys to play with girls toys can teach them to be more sensative toward girls. But they start dressing like a girl and start saying ‘I wish I was a girl’ that’s when we need to direct them back to God’s word and show them what God’s design is and why being a boy or girl is so special. And that God makes no mistakes, God made you just the way you are. And He knows what’s best.

  4. This was a great response to a great question! I remember dressing up as a guy (just for laughs) as a child. Looking back at pictures now however, it’s not funny to me, especially as all these twisted ideas are becoming so “normal.”

    We mothers have so much treasure to guard indeed! This post was an encouragement today. Thank you!

  5. And this from Judy Turner: “Play is often a child acting out something that they may want to do or be when they are adults. Some pretend to be the mom, drive a car, play store cashier, or doctor. If a male child plays with a doll, even a girl doll, he is practicing being a nurturing father one day, as the Lord created him to be. A boy putting on obviously feminine clothes is practicing transgender characteristics of cross dressing, which is forbidden in scripture. We are commanded to TRAIN up our children in the way that they SHOULD go, not let them do what they feel like in the name of play. Playtime is also training time. Play needs to be supervised carefully!”

  6. Yes, we must train up our children in the way they should go and not allow them to do what they want especially as the days become more and more perilous. We want to raise oak trees of righteousness!

  7. Thank you once again for such an encouraging post, Lori! Not to do with cross-dressing, but I watched a news video this morning of children (ages 9-12) being interviewed on what their lives are like in public school with regular intruder drills; my heart went out to them as they described trying to control their fear when they hear the alarm, wondering if it’s a drill or real. I don’t understand their parents giving the thumbs-up and commenting on how they feel safer hearing about their scared kids hiding in the dark while the school simulates an active shooter on the premises. And last night I overheard a woman talking about how she has to convince her kids every morning that they love school and should want to go, since they complain every morning about leaving. Truly heart-wrenching conversations. I’m so very grateful that God placed it on my husband’s heart to have me homeschool. Our children, marriage, and families are truly our greatest treasures and I for one intend to guard them closely! God bless you and yours!

  8. Yes, I suppose playing with opposite gender toys and pretending to be the opposite gender are very different things and I hadn’t thought of it in that respect. I am quite conflicted on the subject, on the one hand I feel like if it’s all in play it’s harmless. For example I used to love playing my little pony with my friends when I was younger and that hasn’t lasted until adult hood so maybe just because a boy dresses up in a tutu won’t necessarily mean he will want to become the opposite gender. On the other has the whole thing gone too far? I am from the uk and there has been a lot in the news about gender pronouns, how everyone has the right to choose their gender and you shouldn’t assume because someone is a girl they have to identify as such, and people raising children without a gender. This is all a bit much for me, my son is a boy and I don’t think it’s wrong to assume that from the start. I allow him the freedom to play as he chooses but I can’t say I wouldn’t be upset if he decided he wanted to be a girl. I wouldn’t be able to even bribe him into a dress at this stage so it’s not something I’m worried about, just as you say more of a question in where society is going with this. It’s also interesting you mention the bible, my son goes to a Christian life school and I don’t know their policy on this, you’ve altered me to find out.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer, it has given me some more thinking points on this.

  9. Thank you so much Lori.
    Please never stop sharing your thoughts. You have no idea how much we enjoy what you write. What you provide us with is pure gold.

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