Harming Our Immune Systems?

Harming Our Immune Systems?

The things people have been forced to do or are willingly choosing to do to fight this virus are counterproductive in many ways. The way that we fight viruses, illness, and disease is through our immune system. Slathering toxic hand sanitizers all over us, spraying everything with toxic disinfectants, and wearing masks are all counterproductive to having strong and healthy immune systems.

The entire mask wearing thing always seemed wrong to me. How can breathing in one’s own breath be healthy? Now, there’s proof that it is unhealthy. Wearing masks can actually cause lung cancer.

“While analyzing lung microbes of 83 untreated adults with lung cancer, the research team discovered that colonies of Veillonella, Prevotella, and Streptococcus bacteria, which may be cultivated through prolonged mask wearing, are all found in larger quantities in patients with advanced stage lung cancer than in earlier stages. The presence of these bacterial cultures is also associated with a lower chance of survival and increased tumor growth regardless of the stage.”

According to the findings, mask wearing can also cause acne, gingivitis, and tooth decay. It all makes sense! We were created to breathe in oxygen, but many seem to have lost all common sense these days. They are more fearful of a virus in which 99.8 percent of those who get it recover rather than the far more dangerous diagnosis of lung cancer.

It’s unhealthy for children to wear masks too. Besides, the chance of them dying from the virus or anyone under 50 years old for that matter are slim to none. Let them be out in the fresh air and sunshine without a mask on.

I live near the ocean. Every Saturday, we go for a walk near the ocean. It’s amazing how many people who are running and even riding their bikes are wearing masks. Even those just taking brisk walks are wearing them! What do they think is going to happen? Do they think the virus is floating in the air and going to go up their noses and into their mouths if they don’t wear a mask?

We must stop believing the fear mongering and just going along with the flow. It’s stupidity! And no, it has nothing to do with loving our neighbor if we wear a mask. This has become a way to manipulate the masses. People now don’t look at each other. They walk as far away as possible to avoid one another. They scold those not wearing masks. Masks have made people despise each other! There’s nothing loving about them.

Here’s a post I wrote a year ago on living a cancer free lifestyle. It has a lot of great recommendations in it that will help build up your immune systems. Is it a guarantee you won’t get cancer? No, since there are no guarantees in life except for eternal life with Jesus Christ for all those who believe in Him, but we do our best with what we have and leave our lives in His hands.

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.
1 Corinthians 6:19, 20

17 thoughts on “Harming Our Immune Systems?

  1. I do agree with wearing masks in stores or in crowded areas. Thousands of people go into a big box store everyday. The masks are sure to stop so much from going out into the air. It really surprises me to see them on people outdoors though. No reason for that at all. I’ll be too glad when this is all over.

  2. Sweden just banned masks! “No scientific evidence that masks do anything.” Look that up on Duck Duck Go. I was able to eat an an indoor restaurant yesterday (doors and windows open), and I walked in without a mask. No one said anything.

    My dentist said he’s seeing all kinds of problems in the mouth due to mask wearing.

    We are shocked at the compliance of wearing a mask even when it is not required – like outdoors walking or exercising.

    Why won’t people listen to science? We’ve known from the very beginning that the virus is so small it goes through a mask as if it were a gnat going through a chain link fence. Why are so many doctors going along with what they know is foolishness?

    The masks didn’t work in 1918 for the spanish flu, and they do not work today. Surgeons wear masks to protect an open body from saliva droplets. They are not protecting themselves!

    Virologists wear PPE – but yeah, that mask that comes in the package that says, “This product will not provide any protection against COVID-19” will magically keep you safe. But, if you are stupid enough to wear a mask, then you have to live with the health consequences of doing so. I only feel sorry for the children.

  3. Here is Washington state we are being run by a dictator. We can’t buy or sell without a mask (sound familiar?) our numbers are down and still he won’t budge! Everyone I see is “complying”

    If I need to go somewhere I wear a small mouth shield that seems to pacify whoever, otherwise I don’t wear one. I can’t.

    One of our inalienable rights is the right to life! And that life means to breathe!

    Wake up people! This is a fear mongering, disgusting tactic. Our immune systems are being compromised and yes, people are getting unhealthy by this masking nonsense.

    I have two daughters who work for our local school district and they have to wear a mask and a shield! One of them has bad acne on her chin. Aside from this she had beautiful, clear skin.

  4. Very true.

    The Talmudic Jewish owners of the Federal Reserve, who are Ashkenazi, and aren’t even blood related to the twelve tribes of Exodus (Proven by Arthur Koestler in his brilliant “The Thirteenth Tribe”), control the media, schools, and tech companies and are propounding this prodigious lie!!

    I just visited Gettysburg on Sunday, and it was a profound scene. I’m ashamed of the state of men in America, contrasted with the men who fought on the bloodiest battlefield in American history. 50,000 men were killed or wounded In the battle, lasting from July 1st, 1863, to July 4th. In the stillness, quiet, and whiteness of the snow, I retraced the steps of the 15,000 men of Pickett’s doomed charge. The snow was kind of deep, but, what was this difficulty compared to the men who had to charge, running, through murderous barrages of cannon fire?

    Walked all over the battlefield, and it was like I had already been there. There was the statue of George Meade, there was Lee’s war horse, James Longstreet, there was the magnificent Robert E Lee, a true gentleman, far superior to nearly every living man in America today, on his superb horse Traveler, there was Joshua Chamberlain, there was John Bell Hood, the fierce Texan, there was Daniel Sickles, there was Richard Ewell and A P Hill, Stonewall Jackson’s former generals.

    It struck me, that these men died for individual liberty, and now, Americans are weakly surrendering to this murderous plandemic lie!!

    It’s outrageous!!


    The owners of the Federal Reserve and their agents, who deliberately unleashed this virus and the propaganda regarding it, deserve the death penalty, and I put a request for this on the White House website, in March of 2019.

    Also, the Talmudic Jews are leaving America in droves and going to Israel, having plundered America, they are fleeing the sinking ship.

    Also, no Christian should support Israel. Christ never said Israel or the temple would be restored. Today’s Israel was founded by the exact same people who funded Communism. Zionism and Communism had the same banker/Rothschild backers. The Rothschild family motto is “out of chaos, order”, and is that not exactly what this pandemic is doing? Manufactured chaos, followed by America’s descent into Communism.

    The solution is easy.

    Every American needs to refuse to wear a mask and to cooperate with this bogus lockdown at all. We also need to get rid of the Federal Reserve and income tax, and 5G towers, which are military weapons.

  5. Thank you for this post Lori!
    I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and it has been a true encouragement in my life. My family and I strongly share your thoughts concerning masks, sanitizing, social distancing ect..
    However, I would like to ask your advice concerning fellow Christians who do not share this viewpoint.
    Should we seek to have discussions with them about the matter? Or should we leave each to hold to his/her own opinion, and avoid unnecessary argumentation?
    We, as a family, have to this point avoided having the conversation with certain freinds of ours due to them fully believing that -masks make a difference, and that you are loving others by staying away from them.
    At times it can get frustrating, it seems even some Christians have lost the ability to think for themselves.

    Yet, Romans 12:18 tends to come to mind ..”live peaceably with all men.”
    Your insight regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.

  6. I work in a school too, and yes, the acne is horrible. It almost clears up over the weekend, but then by the end of Monday, it looks bad again. I take it off any chance I’m alone.

  7. I believe stress and fear also harms our immune system. We can do all the right things for health but if we fear and stress our immune system pays the price regardless of how healthy our lifestyle. I live a very healthy lifestyle. I follow the Weston A Price eating habit but I struggle with fear and stress which has caused me to suffer from reflux and high blood pressure. My husband,on the other hand, eats fast food ten plus times a week, just because he loves it. He drinks four or more two liters of diet soda a week. But, he is very healthy, no health issues at all. His secret, he doesn’t worry about anything.

  8. I completely agree. My husband has severe adult asthma an cannot breathe with a mask. He had a seizure last year and has trouble breathing – yet, he is not exempt from covering his face and has been kicked out of stores for not wearing a mask. He also works in the medical field and knows the “health risks” of Covid are as low as the flu. The ‘rules’ do not make sense if you want to stay healthy. It has been very stressful for him to work and avoid wearing masks while going in stores and trying to find stores that will allow him inside. I have avoided all stores since May of last year – 10 months of not going to a store. I will not wear a mask and I will not ask my children to wear one. Now, our church is asking that we wear masks the entire time and also that the children are separated and put in the basement. We will not attend a church that does that, either.

  9. Have you at all considered how germs are what help build and keep your immune system working? Did you wear a mask before this plandemic? If not, why would you wear one now? God designed our bodies to need fresh oxygenated air, not to regurgitate our carbon dioxide.

  10. Hello from a fellow Washingtonian! Yes, we have a dictator for a governor. How he was reelected is beyond me. Everyone I talked with thought Culp would win. So sad! Thankfully in the county I live in (Cowlitz), I can go to most places without having to wear a mask. I was asked last weekend in the bread outlet store to wear one, but no one else seems to bug me. If I’m with a family member who insists we wear a mask, I will, but otherwise I don’t. And my mask is a piece of sequin fabric from Joann’s that’s totally breathable, but you can’t tell it’s see through because of the sequins on it. Works perfect for me, tho I feel like it looks like I’m wearing a Michael Jackson glove on my face! lol

  11. Dear Lori and Friends, just noticed in the local paper, school kids playing basket ball and other sports. They’re wearing masks. How do they breathe?

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