Her Career Was Worth It?

Her Career Was Worth It?

There’s an article written by a Christian woman who went to college and had a good career before getting married. Once she had children, she decided to stay home full time and raise her children. When asked if going to college and having a career were worth it, since she’s now a full-time keeper at home, she answers, “Yes!” She then rattled a bunch of reasons why, yet her husband is still working hard to pay off her large student debt loan. Thankfully, her husband is making enough money in order to be able to do this.

Going to college for everyone is a lie being perpetuated on the American public. There are few who actually end up using their degree and few who can actually pay off the crippling student debt in a reasonable amount of time. College used to be affordable back when I attended. It wasn’t a heavy burden at all. It costs $3600 for a year which included everything and could be paid off by the students themselves, if they worked during the summer and a bit during the school year. Now, around $36,000 per year just for tuition, it’s become unaffordable and the government is giving teenagers these massive loans to go to expensive colleges and most get a job that can’t pay it off, so they are in bondage to their debt for most of their lives if not all of it.

I just saw a story of a young woman who couldn’t rent a place because of her student debt so she lives in a van. This is a hoax, woman! So many young women can’t stay home once they have children because of their debt. Few are looking to the future anymore. They are doing what everyone else is doing without any careful thought or wisdom. Culture tells women they NEED higher education and a career, so they go like sheep being led to the slaughter. What if some of these Christian young women marry pastors who have no ability to pay off their debt and make a living for their family? The wives are stuck in jobs while their children are being raised by strangers instead of being home where God wants them.

Women will throw out at me, “What if she never gets married?”

My response, “What if she does?”

Then they’ll ask, “What if she never has children?”

“What if she does? Then what? She’ll have to put her children into daycare to be raised by strangers while she works to pay off her debt.” Yes, debt is bondage!

Lastly, they’ll ask, “What if her husband divorces her or dies?”

Again, “What if he doesn’t?”

As believers in Jesus Christ, are we supposed to be living by the “what ifs…” and planning our lives around this or by trusting in God to provide for the “what ifs…”?

How come they never ask these questions?

“What if my future husband likes the money I bring in so much that he never wants me to quit?”

“What if the debt I acquire keeps us from having children early in our marriage then keeps me away from them five days a week in order to pay off the debt?”

“What if I make more money than my husband so it takes away his motivation to want to work and I am left working for many, many years?”

If you want a career before marriage and children, find one without going into huge amounts of debt. College costs today are insanity and Satan’s plan to keep women far from where God calls them to be and do. STOP going on the broad path that leads to destruction. If everyone is doing it, it’s probably not the right path to take. We must be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Travel on the narrow path that leads to life!

See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
Ephesians 5:15, 16

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  1. Yes!!!

    I racked up 25,000 in student loan debt for a certification that I didn’t need or really even want, simply because I felt the enormous family and/or cultural pressure to do so. Thankfully we had the money to pay it off, but we sure could have used that money for something else! (Rather than pouring it, quite literally, down the drain.)

    I know you get a lot of flak, but it’s lovely to see someone actually telling the truth about these issues. 🙂

  2. CSU Fresno charges $3,293.50 a semester for anything over 7 units, so that is only $6587 a year.
    If you do community college for the first two years at $2760, you can graduate with a BA/BS for $13174 for a grand total of $15,934.
    That is still a lot of debt, but it is doable.

    Since corporations do not train people anymore and therefore make most BA\BS useless, people need to understand that other than nursing or some engineering degrees, college means grad school or professional school. A BA/BS won’t cut it anymore.

  3. So true. It doesn’t even make sense. People paying big bucks so they can go into slavery to the corporate world where they have to get permission to even come home early and see their kid’s ballgame. A lot of the self-sufficiency that groups like the Amish have makes a lot more sense in terms of freedom from our expensive society. I think we often look at their extreme ways and beliefs and disregard their way of life because of those. But I think we may be throwing the baby out with the bath water because their eschewing of the demands of culture has resulted in an economic freedom most of us can only dream of.

  4. And education is a huge hoax anyway!! Most students are drinking, partying, looking at porn, using drugs, fornicating, and getting into all kinds of other corruption, on top of being indoctrinated by Marxist professors. Great video on how American students have been being dumbed down for the last century. The book by Charlotte Iserbyt is great too, but it costs $200 on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Deliberate-Dumbing-Down-America-Chronological/dp/0945019734/ref=pd_sim_14_6/132-6166115-5012960?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=0945019734&pd_rd_r=1f187d39-6aa4-11e9-bef6-397a2872612d&pd_rd_w=NXJmc&pd_rd_wg=kxAkQ&pf_rd_p=90485860-83e9-4fd9-b838-b28a9b7fda30&pf_rd_r=4A530P4XKDVSSDG6YGCN&psc=1&refRID=4A530P4XKDVSSDG6YGCN

    Book is available online

    Video is included here.

    Simply look at 1912, 8th graders. Look how superior their knowledge was, BEFORE WE SPENT ONE DIME FOR PUBLIC EDUCATION, SINCE THE INCOME TAX DIDN’T START UNTIL 1913 WITH THE 16TH AMENDMENT (WHICH NEEDS TO BE REPEALED), compared to today’s college graduates, who spend $100k – $200k, on top of the $11k a year taxpayers pay for each year of each student in K-12 education!


    It’s one of the biggest rip-offs in history, and the crazy thing is American’s are too busy having fun to do anything about it. Too corrupt and ignorant to say anything about it!!

    What we really need is just 3 DEDICATED CONSERVATIVE, CONSTITUTIONAL CHRISTIANS in every single city in America, to attend EVERY SINGLE SCHOOL BOARD AND CITY COUNCIL MEETING, and to address every single issue, along with taking up the general remarks time to continually say the truth. If Americans don’t mind being lied to by the newspapers, television, Hollyweird, Google, and the rest of the schools and media on a daily basis, then they can sit patiently and listen to uncomfortable truths.

    Repetition is the mother of learning. It’s time for conservatives to go on the offensive. We can’t sit in our corners on the internet, we need to go out in public, and firmly defend our beliefs, not being afraid to tangle with the left right in their own backyard. Make it uncomfortable for them to speak their silly nonsense in public. Make sure, every time they do, they get backlash.

    A child doesn’t learn until they are disciplined, and the left won’t either.

    If God be for us, who can be against us.

    If we don’t have liberty, life is not worth living, and we are currently slaves.

    Greater is he who is with us, then he that is with them.

    Be still, and know that I am God.

    Exodus 14:14
    The Lord shall fight for you, and ye shall hold your peace.

    When we have said all we can, then let the lion of truth do her work. The titans of the Democrat party, the Goliath’s of today, will come toppling down. God is angry, and it is time for the wicked and evil to see His might.

    God doesn’t care about Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and the rest of the Democrat party. They are all doomed to hell if they don’t repent. They are wicked and evil, and either America will reject them and the Democrat party, or God will reject America.

    Who is on the Lord’s side?

  5. Liberals are using colleges as reasons to be for socialism and against capitalism through their indoctrination. Until more and more people stop going to college nothing will change. Why should it when the cost continues to rise and folks keep paying higher tuition. My unmarried daughter has a 4 year degree (no debt) and a job outside her field earning good money. Had she wanted to get a job in her field, it required going back to get a Master’s and piling up about $45,000 in debt which I discouraged her from doing. Fortunately, she listened.

  6. I think you hit the nail on the head — only go if you can afford it (no debt or very little debt). I would say this also works for men too, if they are planning on marrying young. You do not want to start a family in a ton of debt when you are supporting a wife and most likely a baby soon!

    I know many women who, through gifts from family, scholarships, and heavily researching programs, have gone to college for free or almost-free. They worked in their chosen field (and may I add — always a field that included helping others!) and saved up money for their wedding, future life with their some-day spouse, and even contributed to family expenses. However, when going on dates, they always prefaced that while they loved their job, they intended to be a stay-at-home mother once they had a baby.

    I have also known women who were married young and not able to have children who then later went on to go to college and get a degree. Until they knew that “what if” for certain, they didn’t act impulsively and go to college beforehand.

    I think we can all (lovingly) tell which daughters may be interested and suited to college and which are not. If your daughter does not love “book learning” or has never expressed interested in a career path, and really wants to go straight to marriage, you should NEVER force college on her.

  7. Hi Lori,
    What do you think is a good alternative life path for a smart 18 year old young woman? If she doesn’t go to college, what would you recommend she do?

  8. Great post, Lori, especially your addressing the “what ifs.” My response to all of them is that none of them change what the Bible commands of women and the definition of Biblical womanhood. We should live in such a way to strive after God’s will.

  9. I went to Fresno State in the 80’s. My first semester, my tuition was $167! By the time I graduated, it was only in the $200’s. My parents paid for everything so I had no debt.

  10. My friend works solely now to pay for 3 kids to go to college. She married at near 30. She had 2 college degrees by 23 (her parents paid), but waited tables while she was single because it was less hours and more money!! She stayed home with 3 of her own kids plus a relative’s child she adopted in her 30’s & 40’s, got yet another degree at almost 50 (paid for) and is now using her income to pay for her kids. 2 to go and she’s more than ready to call it quits. Tightwadding, saving, etc. had her & her husband ready to retire at 50ish. And her husband never made a lot of money. She had 3 degrees and he had 1. Until this last job she has, none of the other degrees were used. It’s certainly something to think about.

  11. My jaw about dropped when a young professional woman, of around 30, told me her student loan balance was closer to 200k than 100k. Bet she’s glad she has that high-paying job – so she can eventually pay off that stupid loan.

  12. Animal husbandry (chickens, goats, etc.), embroidery/calligraphy/knitting/printing Etsy shop, local bakery or florist, esthetician, amateur interior design, music lessons, elementary student tutoring, working in a boutique/gallery/bookstore, get certified as a personal trainer or nutritionist, preschool aid, teach Vacation Bible School & similar programs, volunteer in hospitals to cuddle NICU babies, volunteer at retirement homes, etc.

  13. I live in a college town. Teenagers here have a hard time finding jobs because they compete against many new college graduates who take part time jobs in retail and fast-food because that is all they can get. A lot of college degrees have no practical purpose outside of academia.

  14. I live in Massachusetts and it’s all about “education” up here. Fast forward to where I am now; married, stay-at-home mom with an 8 month old, living in an apartment and barely making it with my husbands’ (who is a paraprofessional soon to be music teacher) income, I went to a school with it being 40K+ a year with a music education degree (only taught 3 1/2 years) and only he’s paying off not just mine, but his loans too (majority of it. I sell things here and there and am trying to teach music lessons). College is nothing but advertisement and the debt is anything but payable. Can you imagine the amount of money saved if I were to forego it or take classes in another state? We could get a house. Provide for our family. Maybe get a better car. Help others and our church out.

    The list is endless without debt. Word of advice: never go to school where insurmountable debt will be burdened with you for the rest of your life (unless you can pay it off cheaply and quickly, but even so) — and if considering anything up in the “Bay State”, please be wary and look twice! By God’s wonderful grace and provisions, with help from our family, church, and friends, however, we are slowly getting through. (Side thought here – Also consider how it can be emotionally taxing for your husband too: humbly accepting help from others because he knows he doesn’t make enough because of debt, and being willing and open to that help where it is essentially his area to do so for his family.) It’s hard, but not impossible either if priorities are set right! Great post Lor!

  15. Thank you for sharing your story, Kati. This is an effective example to warn women (and men) of the dangers of astronomical school debt. My oldest is interested in pursuing an education degree, and while we’ve faithfully saved for her education, it won’t fully cover 4 years’ worth of tuition, so she’s strongly considering commuting to a local state school to receive her degree, and we are pleased with her wisdom.

    When choosing a career field and exploring college costs, high school students also need to research earning potential for their chosen major. Whether a student graduates from a state university or a pricey private college, (in our child’s case) an educator is going to earn the same starting salary (regardless of the cost of their education), if working in the local public school, and even less in a private school.

    This blog (and most of the reader comments) is a daily dose of common sense in Biblical womanhood! Thank you, Lori!

  16. Modern education drives people nuts. I wouldn’t even recommend it (outside of technical disciplines) for a man.

    I was one of the last students in the Humanities to receive a rigorous technical training. The degree itself is now worthless, worse than worthless, and I actually LIE that I am a DROPOUT on my resume (it is actually MUCH better for my work). Go figure.

  17. There is a great interview with her on CSPAN. John Gatto writes about this topic excellently too…

    I am going into teaching. I did it once as a sub, and couldn’t believe how demoralized/sad the little boys/girls were from the system.

    Anyway, right now I’m getting an up-close look at the nonsense, Marxist curricula.

  18. I don’t believe going to college can send a born again Christian to Hell, because where we go when we die depends on whether we have accepted Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins and are walking with Him. Also no one is in Hell because they have debts, althought the Bible warns us to not get into debt, it is trap and very crippling.

    However, I think Lori has a good point here that it is unwise to rack up debts. If college is going to put you into debt, surely, better to get a job not requiring a college degree so you can support ypurslef until marriage and children, wherever possible. Or try for a college scholarship which covers tuition 100 per cent (not sure if there are such things in US, in the UK you can get scholarships to Oxford or Cambridge)

  19. Something I think is a shame is that the human brain does not develop fully until about age 25, yet we expect teens to make major life altering decisions at ages 16-18? T hank God for His guidance, because without that kids teens would have no chance.

  20. I went to school on a full ride academic scholarship—praise the Lord for His provision! Wasn’t able to stay home for a couple of years when my kids were babies because of my -husband’s- student loan debt. Student loan debt it pretty bad. No, college isn’t for everyone—that is a lie. I liked college and would do it again if I got it paid for!

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