It Was a Scam, We Think

It Was a Scam, We Think

Yesterday morning, I received an email from Facebook supposedly. In it, I was told that my Facebook page “The Transformed Wife” was going to be deleted. They told me I have two days to make an appeal. They gave a link to the URL which sent me to a place where I could make an appeal so I did. Truthfully, at that moment, I was devastated. I know in the scheme of everything happening in the world and even in my life, it’s nothing at all, but I love Facebook and interacting with people. It’s my largest social platform, by far, so I was sad about it all.

I devised a plan to announce it on my Facebook page and ask for comments supporting me since Facebook only allows people to report “hate speech” and other negative things. I wanted Facebook to see that I have many who support what I write. Within an hour of publishing it, I had over a thousand supportive comments. I was so thankful but then the trolls began attacking it and filled my comment section with hate-filled comments. I added some women to help moderate the comments.

My husband was able to reach a technician in India who works for Facebook. He barely spoke English. My husband wanted to find out if this email was a scam or legitimate. This man told Ken that Facebook never sends emails with links on them. This made us suspicious of the email then. Also, as soon as I submitted my appeal and logged into my Facebook account, I received a message from Facebook that someone from Russia had gotten into my Facebook page, so I had to quickly change my password. The man from India told both of us to change our passwords, delete our histories, and run virus protectors on our computers so we did this.

We are hoping and praying that this man is correct. We can’t be positive. I do want to keep my Facebook page. I love teaching biblical womanhood BUT if I am deleted from it, I do have a page on MeWe that I would begin publishing on again. I am also on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can sign up to receive posts from my blog on my blog. I have thought that maybe when I get older and I don’t want all of the drama that social media brings, I may want to close them all down and just write for my blog but I’m not ready to do that yet.

Whatever happens, I know that the Lord is in control and I will rest in that. He is good and His plans for me are good. His plans may not be what I want but they’re what He wants and His ways are FAR above my ways. He sees the endgame. Thank you for all of you who have written me emails and private messages of support over the years. I l truly appreciate your encouragement. I love hearing your testimonies of the ways your lives have changed since understanding God’s perfect will for you. It reminds me over and over again why I love this ministry the Lord has blessed me with.

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

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  1. Those Facebook scams are pretty prevalent. They make it look official so they can get into your account and possibly steal information. I know lots of people who have received such messages. As a rule of thumb, it’s always important NOT to click on links contained in emails that look suspicious. That is the first gateway for scammers.

    Also be on the outlook for scam emails from Amazon and Apple if you do any online shopping (and I think you’ve mentioned in the past that you do.) They might say things like “Your amazon account needs updated. Click here to update information.” I’ve gotten scam ones posing as banks as well. As a rule of thumb, your bank and other legitimate sources will never try to contact you via email with a link to click for important information. Your bank will usually contact you via regular mail, and with Amazon you only update accounts by logging into your account directly and making changes. It won’t be through an email.

    Unfortunately, with today’s technology, there are a lot of scammers out there and you have to be cautious.
    Best wishes!

  2. Oh good, but overall stuff like this is to be expected. We live in an anti God world. People literally hate on you for teaching truth which is crazy but to be expected like I said.

  3. I have visited the Facebook page a few times. It can be good to see larger discussions at times. However, there is some real vitriolic posts on the page. While I sometimes get impatient to have a post approved, I appreciate the fact that you keep the posts here restricted to those that are respectful in both the agreements and disagreements.

  4. Praying for you Lori! Your blog has so inspired me in so many ways! Your submission to Ken and the smile and laughter you bring when I watch your you tube videos for recipes and advice. It always makes me smile!
    God bless you!

  5. I left Facebook. These social media, tech companies are a ruse. They are controlled.

    I’ve been suspended ten times by Facebook. I joined Twitter in June of 2019, and was banned two months later, for saying fake Republican Ana Navarro was a wench, which she definitely is. The ban was for life, despite Twitter allowing vile pornography. The utter hypocrisy of these tech giants is without bounds.

    I’ve been censored by newspapers, especially by my local one, the Vallejo Times Herald. I’ve been banned for life on Linked In, back in 2016. I’m banned for life from the Atlantic, and on the fake conservative site, “The Gateway Pundit”.

    The most reliable communication method online has been Disqus. They leave it up to site administrators about which comments are allowed.

    Besides, Christianity thrives when it’s lived in communities and communicated through channels that cannot be interfered with. Christ recommended spreading the Gospel two by two, door to door. To this day, despite all the technological advances, that is still the greatest way to do sales, politics, or spread the Gospel. Problem is few have the stamina or belief to do it.

    The left constantly seeks to censor, distort, and lie about the truth.

  6. Praying and hoping that this is all a scam Lori. Although I am not a Facebook person, your blog and most everyone that comments on it respectfully are very inspirational to me. Those of us ladies who are at home, trying to live a life of biblical womanhood serving God and our husbands are certainly in the minority in today’s feminist driven world. I’m just a simple housewife and I’ve never had a job or any formal education, but this place is very comforting to me. With your teaching and the positive responses in the blog I feel so comfortable that those of us trying to live a life of submission to our husbands and God are not alone out there! Stay strong we are praying for you!!!!

  7. Sorry you were a victim of a phishing attack. If you haven’t already, it’s good to use a password manager so that your passwords are unique and complex. Be careful!

    Unrelated, what do you think of Trump’s spiritual advisor preaching about satanic wombs? The advisor is a woman, so obviously she shouldn’t be advising in the first place, but are there satanic wombs? Should we be praying women miscarry? I’m a little upset Trump could hire someone who promotes the killing of babies.

  8. My husband and I always ring what we know to be the banks real number to verify if the email is correct. If they do notify you by email, they usually mention it on their website or ask you’re permission first.

  9. She is very pro-life. She was talking about satanic PLANS to be miscarried. Nothing to do with actual women.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “it was a miscarriage of Justice.”. She was using the word miscarriage in the same way.

  10. Sorry Janine, that’s false.

    I heard what she said. That’s not the way in which she meant it. She wanted to pray for women to miscarry. No two ways about it.

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