Keeping Harmony in the Home

Keeping Harmony in the Home

Divorces in China are skyrocketing after couples have been quarantined together for a couple of months. This is a tragedy that I hope will not happen here. How can we, as wives, make sure that our marriages stay on solid ground during this time?

I watched a YouTube video about and interviewing Jacqueline Kennedy yesterday and I want you to read these words carefully, many of them said by her.

“I liked staying in the background. I think he appreciated that in a wife.” She was devoted to making him happy. “I think a woman always adapts, especially if she’s young, when she gets married. She becomes the wife that she sees her husband wants!”

If she couldn’t help him in politics, she could keep harmony in the home. “I think it’s so good to be able to forgive quickly and I know that’s the quality that Jack liked in me.” She would apologize quickly if a dark cloud seemed to form between the two of them and he loved that.

“Jack demands that the man be the leader and his wife look up to him as a man.” Someone asked her where she gets her opinions. She answered that she got all of her opinions from her husband. “His political opinions would be the best,” she said. She liked the way the Japanese women modeled marriage to their husbands.

She made it clear that the two of them lived for their children and each other amid the rumors of affairs. She was very affectionate with him and one could see from the video that she was a joyful woman.

Women, she lived out biblical womanhood. She was a help meet to her husband. She kept harmony in her marriage and in her home. I am sure he loved coming home to her each day. This is the recipe for keeping a good marriage. Become the help meet that the Lord has called you to be and build your home up instead of tearing it down.

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
Proverbs 14:1

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  1. The divorces in China is heartbreaking.

    I’ve found that my husband is always right when it comes to the kids’ education. I spend hours and hours researching learning methods and curriculum and my husband appreciates it very much. But every so often he interjects something that he thinks needs to be done or an attitude of someone needs to be addressed. He’s always right and I’m so glad I listened. Even if he weren’t always right I’d still listen and change what he said because we are blessed by God when we listen to our husbands and respect them. I don’t want to miss out on any blessings and I want to model right behavior to my children. How would I expect them to listen to authority if I don’t myself?

  2. My prayer is that we women, who love God, will desire and obey His lovely command to be keepers at home. And to love, honor and lovingly submit to our husbands and by doing so, glorify God. I pray that it might please God to make us all desire to grow to be mature Proverbs 31 women.

  3. This may seem harsh and blunt but it is the truth and needs said.

    God says a woman is to be a helpmeet to her husband.
    That she is to be helping him in what he is doing in this life.
    Too often with the feminist attitude, the woman thinks and acts like the man is there to serve her and enhance her career and work of her life.

    The wife is to compliment her husband and his work in this life, not the husband complimenting the wife and her career.

    God made woman for the man, not the man for the woman.

    IF this virus is as bad and deadly as we are being told it is and lots of people are soon dying from it in this country,


    Feminist women will sadly learn that they are no match for a 200lb thug of a man, that decides he wants EVERYTHING that woman has and there are no police responding.

    I have seen this in other countries so please do not try blowing smoke in my ear and tell me that can never happen here. Americans are still sinful people just like people of all the other countries and no better than them, no matter what you try to tell yourself. Remember God says your heart is deceitful above all things.

    So women (and men) now is the time to make sure you are prayed up and DOING God’s word. Women, now is no time to be going against your husband. Get under his authority and help him, not fight against him.

    I earnestly pray this virus is nothing more than hype and we can all be mad at the politicians in a few weeks for causing this panic. But if it is real, than scary news videos of other places you have watched on TV, is only a VERY MILD TASTE of what would be coming to your neighborhood.

    Am I telling you to be scared and run around in panic? NO, NO, NO!

    What I am saying is to pray and ask for guidance, wisdom and discernment.

    Conform yourself to God’s word and quit trying to make God conform to your ways, thoughts and what you want to believe.

    God’s word is not a buffet where you get to pick and choose which parts of it you want to obey.

  4. Good reminder, and Scripturally based, as to why God made women. The fact that so many women are in roles, places, and positions other than an help meet for their husbands…I can’t even begin to state how much damage that has caused!

  5. What a lovely woman Jackie was, inside and out.

    JFK was a philanderer, but her quiet obedience made a wandering genius into a brilliant star that the world will never forget. JFK tried to remove the Rothschilds control of America’s money with Executive Order 11110, placing America on a silver standard, on June 4th, 1963. Less than five months later, Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed him, on November 22nd, 1963.

    Within the next year, LBJ rescinded Executive order 11110, and no President since has tried to tamper with the Federal Reserves stranglehold over America’s money. Trump was getting close, and the CCP virus was unleashed on America. These bankers won’t give up control of our money within a war, and since they control the media, schools, and tech companies, along with the U.N., the WHO, and the libraries, they have considerable power.

    But then, so did Pharaoh.

  6. Thank you for clarifying the “rumors of affairs” comment in the post. We now know that Mrs. Kennedy indeed stood by her husband while he betrayed her trust with extra-marital affairs. She had every right biblically to divorce JFK, but chose not to. His ability to lead our nation would have struggled to withstand journalists and the 24-hour news cycle we have in the 21st century.

  7. While Asian cultures have their own ways to ensure marital harmony, China today is not Christian. Actually, Christians in China are persecuted. This is a feature both of communist governments and Asian ones. Japan has been extremely anti-Christian at periods in its history, and they are the “ideal” Asian society. It is hard to see true change happening in these countries until they embrace Christianity on a wider level! The natural state of man isn’t a pretty sight, we need God (not the “spirits” of Eastern religions) to become who we were meant to be.
    In the case of America we simply need to get back to where we were. We already have the ideal model, we just need to return to it!

  8. All of the articles on the topic of his affairs clearly states “possible affairs.” There is no proof so it’s best not to believe the rumors.

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