The Silver Linings in All of This

The Silver Linings in All of This

Yes, I am an optimist at heart. In the midst of the suffering and fear that is going on in our country, I am always looking for good news. God does command us to dwell on those things of “good report” (Philippians 4:8), so this is what I do. The greatest silver lining is that abortion clinics are closing! Also, gay pride parades are being cancelled and drag queen story hours to children! Bars and casinos have closed down. We can focus on the good things happening and thank our Lord Jesus Christ.

I asked the women in the chat room for silver linings that they see coming out of all of this and here is what a few had to say:

“The possibility of women that are without jobs right now realizing that they really do love home. I also see more people embracing homeschooling.”

“The slower pace of life means there is more family time. Cancelled evening activities mean there is time for dinner around the table, board games, and the opportunity for many to genuinely connect with their children.”

“People seeing the value and beauty in the old ways of living, the traditional ways. Maybe people will slow down some.”

“People no longer view homeschooling as weird or the easy way out. They’re starting to see how normal it is and how CHALLENGING it is. No one will ever ask a SAHM what they do all day ever again. Our kids’ kids will NOT be like the generation between us because our kids endured this. Family time and meals are being spent together. No one has an excuse to not read their Bible and pray right now. People who work are seeing the value of their time, that some of these meetings COULD be an email and yes, their job can be done from home. Lots of silver linings!”

“1. I took on too much over the past six months and neglected some important projects at home. This down time has felt like a GIFT to help me catch up.
2. More time to connect with my husband and our son.
3. I have not ever been a fan of talking on the phone, but our circumstances have sort of forced me to develop the habit of regularly calling people I care about, to let them hear the sound of my voice as I check on them.
4. Not knowing how long this social distancing will last, I’m learning to be more frugal.
5. Because our church has canceled gatherings indefinitely, I’ve been included in brainstorming ways to help women connect online which thrills me because I’ve wanted to be more involved with women’s ministry at my church.
I’m sure there are many other things!”

“That parents will realize their children are a gift from God and not a burden. Well, that’s my prayer.”

“Reality check. What’s important. And I’m giving this 100 percent to God, since controlling situations is my weakness. But I trust in him.”

“Spending these days together as a family. Also, not spending money and getting back on track with our Dave Ramsey budgeting.”

“Having extra time to catch up on my school work, organizing our home (I was able to clean out the fridge and pantry today!), my ex-husband no longer talking about taking me to court, my mother being home and not having to go out to work, connecting with friends via text or e-mail, not spending as much money due to the quarantine, and more time in the Word and prayer.”

“Gratitude for the blessings we take for granted. A greater desire to be more productive and not taking our time for granted. A greater cohesion of the family. More time to learn how to be frugal and prepare for emergencies and preserve food. A return to reality and what is important for a lot of people. A greater need in the community and an opportunity for Christians to share, and for others to see Christ through the actions of good Christians.”

I love seeing children outside playing often and families taking walks or riding bikes together. A LOT more people are going out on walks and being outside. Yes, they’ve closed parts of the park near us which allow contact such as the basketball courts and such, but people are still walking around it. We need to be able to get outside for exercise, fresh air, and sunshine! It also helps people from getting depressed. God created nature for us!

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

10 thoughts on “The Silver Linings in All of This

  1. I too am thankful that children are now home with their parents. Here in Washington state they were set to pass a very disgusting, gross comprehensive sex Ed bill. This would start with kindergarteners!
    I feel like God said, no you don’t. Praise the Lord!
    Not to mention the cases of drunk drivers should be down! There is a lot to be thankful for in this grim time.

  2. I loved seeing families together, kids in trees, mothers doing school work outside with their kids the other day when I went for a walk. It gave me a glimpse of what life *should be like. It was like walking in a storybook.

    I also really love that I was made to slow down. Even though I already homeschool my children were involved in SO many activities. I am actually glad they are cancelled for now.

    I’m thankful the Lord is still taking care of us despite this upheaval. He is good.

  3. Yes Yes Amen to all of the above! I am an optimist too and I have been blessing my home by small daily cleaning tasks, decluttering, spending just a few min ea afternoon planning the meal for the next day, learning how to do new things via reading or YouTube videos, facetiming grandparents, family dinners, a game or two after dinner by the fire. Lots of walks outside and on rainy days we are in the basement doing an old school exercise tape. It has been such a blessing I have to say having all of us under one roof! God is soooooo good.

  4. oh, and I almost forgot:
    starting each day in prayer and reading a little scripture and praying as a family before dinner. such a comfort!

    finally, I get dolled up several times a week. I try to not make sweats a habit! it is important to dress for proper attitude and overall outlook. it is ‘catching’ – my daughter even put on a darling little dress yesterday just to sit at the table and do her schoolwork :).

  5. Lori, I’ve been reading your blog for a while, and I’ve been so encouraged by it. As a young lady who wants to be a SAHM someday, it gives me hope and practical knowledge to prepare for the future.

    I especially love this post and agree 100%- there IS a silver lining. This is the second week my family has all been home together due to social shutdowns, and we are having a great time. We’ve gone hiking, watched movies, cooked, cleaned, played music, and had time for things that otherwise we’d be too busy for. It’s been a blessing to slow down a bit. While I’m not thrilled about the future impact of the virus, it is a gift to have more time to refocus on the Lord.

    Thanks so much for your ministry, and keep up the great work!

    God bless,

  6. @ anon: I love that you get “dolled up” and your daughter put on a cute dress to just sit at the table and do school work. Every morning I get dressed, fix my hair and put on a little make up in an effort to “be normal”. It isn’t necessary, of course, but makes me feel better. It would be easy to just stay in pajamas or sweats all day and in some ways I think that makes more sense but I think psychologically we feel better if we try to keep as much normalcy in our lives as we can.
    On a different note, we live in a small town in North San Diego County and I am amazed at the wonderful way or little community has pulled together helping others while practicing safe infection control principles. Here in California, we have been (wisely) on “lockdown” all week and if people follow the rules, the lockdown may prove to be very effective. My 4 grandchildren live next door and today is my husband’s birthday….we awoke to sweet little voices in the driveway singing Happy Birthday. What a blessing in these uncertain times!
    Let us continue to pray and know that God’s ways are perfect. Be kind, be safe, and be faithful. God bless.

  7. Delightful article! I too have been thankful for the beauty that has come from this, and for all the vile things God has silenced. This spring is glorious and our God is an Awesome God!!

  8. There will be many silver linings. I’ve decided to spring clean, it’s almost embarrassing how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the years! 95% of the items I’m donating to a local church thrift store are things “I HAD to have”, used one and then pushed aside. I’m a part time empty nester, my daughter is home from college and my husband and are enjoying the time we get to share together as a family. The crisis is starting to really hit home for us, there’s a case in our county and a few in a neighboring county. It’s scary but I’m confident with God’s plan for all of us.

  9. My entire country (New Zealand) is on lockdown for the next 4 weeks.
    I’m trying to find joy in the little things: like unwrapping a new bar of soap so my little boy can wash his hands and seeing the grin of absolute joy on his face that he gets to be the first person to use the new soap.
    Normally, I’m so busy I don’t notice stuff like this. But seeing his joy in something so simple was great 🙂

  10. I have definitely seen a silver lining in all of this. I’ve heard several moms say how wonderful it is to be home with their babies/children. I want to shout, “Because it’s the natural place to be!” I also think that many children are going to look back at this fondly and remember it as a special time. They’re getting to spend lots of times with their parents. I’ve seen families walking in the neighborhoods on “scavenger hunts”. (Our community is putting different things in our windows for kids to find- it’s really fun!). They’re working together on projects outside, playing basketball in their driveways, etc.

    I hope this causes a lot of change for the good. That would be the best silver lining of all in this tragedy.

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