Michelle Lesley Adds Me to Her Post of False Teachers

Michelle Lesley Adds Me to Her Post of False Teachers

Up until last week, Elizabeth Prata had me on her blog roll of blogs she recommended but a few months ago, she became upset knowing that I believe that older women should only teach young women biblical womanhood per Titus 2:3-5. (I am not exactly sure this is what sparked her fury against me.) She began digging into all of the dirt about me she could find from the trolls and sharing this on my Twitter feed. I tried talking with her, but she refused to listen so I blocked her. She then wrote a very long blog post about me calling me a false teacher by making a bunch of false claims. My husband privately wrote to Elizabeth and told her she was flat out wrong to do this. Elizabeth wouldn’t budge with her false claims. Then Michelle Lesley added me to her post about false teachers that I share often. My husband, Ken, wrote the following about this post…

Social Media can be an outstanding means of information and communications, but it does get downright ugly at times. The following is a response to a hit piece written by a Christian writer who had previously followed and praised TTW for her ministry but had soured after listening to the trolls. How do I know it was trolls that soured her? Her content came from troll sites and not of her own research and reading. And how do I know it is a hit piece? Because this woman, Elizabeth, is known for them. Not just dealing with vital issues but scouring for anything to criticize the many others she has attacked, believing it fulfills her stated purpose: “Exalting the name of Jesus through Christian essays.”

The following are a number of her many attacks she defends under the guise of discernment:

“The Transformed Wife’s cumulative posts reveal a constant pointing to a wife’s works as the measure of a marriage, her standing with God, and her soul… Husband’s responsibility is not mentioned.”

TTW has stated repeatedly that she is not in a ministry to teach men, and beyond this, she knows that too many women when they hear of a husband’s role to love and cherish his wife, sit back as she did for many years waiting for their husband to “do his part” before she will take responsibility for her own role. You may not agree with her teaching style, but you cannot argue with its effectiveness. Thousands of wives have learned to focus on their own responsibilities and have won their husbands and marriages back to walking with the Lord Jesus on the throne. Is TTW one-sided? You bet! And on purpose. It’s not legalism to focus one’s blog on all things pertaining to Titus 2:3-5 as God commands her to do. She also takes the command seriously that women are forbidden from teaching men (1 Timothy 2:12).

“I asked Lori about her stance on original sin in May 2023, but she refused to answer and blocked me. Later, Lori came out with a weak affirmation of original sin but I suspect its sincerity, because it was issued under cloud of the growing scandal that her stance had generated when it resurfaced.”

It’s ironic that TTW has come to believe that biblically, women should not be teaching theology, and she purposefully tries to avoid the quagmire of theological debate over such issues, yet Elizabeth wants to disqualify her because she was responding to a comment that she believes babies do not go to hell because they have not personally sinned. We have a response on Original Sin here for anyone who cares to read it, and even in the comment TTW responds, “Yes, we are born in iniquity.” Even babies have no hope of salvation apart from the blood of Christ who saves them, not based on any works of their own, or lack thereof, but by the abundant grace of God.

“Lori wrote on her blog: My conviction that women shouldn’t be teaching women doctrines other than the doctrine of biblical womanhood, as commanded in Titus 2:3-5, has given me a lot of criticism from many places.”

True! Lori’s conviction comes from the idea that if God does not want woman teaching and preaching from the pulpit, why would he want many women rising up and teaching the scriptures and theology to each other? Our modern-day Church has thousands of these women teachers, many of which cross over and teach men, but more so, many of them tickle ears, teach Christian mysticism, and often refer to “God told me” in their performances. The listeners get some good motivation that lasts but a day or two because these teachers most often refuse to teach what God has commanded them to teach. And by what authority do these large and small ministries fall under? They have no affiliation with their church, do not fall under the authority of their elders, and many of them have theologically weak husbands that they leave at home with the children as they roam the nation teaching women. Lori believes that an older godly woman can and must teach the Word and theology as they teach Biblical Womanhood, but this should NOT be their primary purpose. Using the Word and theology instead to support their Titus 2 mission, but not separate from it.

“Submission is Lori’s ‘tithing of mint’.”

No, submission is at the very heart of biblical womanhood. The fact that she teaches it over and over again in various forms is found directly in the multiple times that God has chosen to make this a wife’s responsibility in His Word. The verses are inescapably clear to all those who choose God’s Word as their authority. Yet, Elizabeth wants to fault her because she will not teach a man’s responsibility to her readers but that does not mean that I have not written on the subject, and indeed, a husband has a greater responsibility of love, self-sacrifice, and the need to love his wife in a respectful and understanding way. Do you really think that the women reading TTW do not know this very well already, Elizabeth, yet they are still struggling with their own responsibilities?

“Lori said in a blog post she agrees with Michael Pearl who teaches KJV-Only.”

True! She loves her King James as I do, but she has no issue with anyone using a good translation like the NASB, ESV and New King James. The King James is not perfect, but all of these versions and others give us the true Word of God. She has also never written a post about or taught KJV Only. She even uses the NASB in her books!

“Lori Alexander defends alleged instances of marital rape and engages in child beating under the names ‘submission and ‘discipline’.”

This is patently false.

There is no right thinking judicial authority who would say that a husband, sleeping in the same bed with his wife who he has regular sex with, if he rolls on top of her in the middle of the night and has sex, is now a rapist. Even if the wife said, “No thank you” to sex that evening (which was the source of the discussion), his actions may be inconsiderate and unkind, but they are not rape. If the story said that the wife again said “no” in the night and fought off his advances, then one might see a claim of rape more credibly. I think we need to lock up 75 percent of all men who half asleep feel the warmth of their beautiful bride lying beside them and roll over for sex, as she seems to be a willing participant. Oh, have so many women made sex in marriage to be an ugly thing by chaining husbands to their whim and will of their wives contrary to God’s clear Word on the matter. Lori has never taught that it’s okay for a husband to force himself upon his wife. She exhorts women who are married to physically abusive husbands to seek help and protection. (Here is her post on this incident which many trolls are using to say she promotes marital rape. She doesn’t!)

As to the physical abuse of children, this false claim keeps appearing from the trolls who have no respect for the proven use of properly spanking a child. These same people believe in original sin, yet somehow believe that the flesh is not really so sinful that it needs physical discipline as prescribed in the Word. Which is it? Is the flesh of a child bent on sin and in need of regular correction? Of course they do.

We get hit by the trolls for a story of Christmas where Lori came downstairs early Christmas morning to find our four children by the tree with every present open. It’s a fun story, and one that our family now laughs and enjoys, but at the time Mom was rightfully upset, pulled off her soft, flimsy slipper and gave a few swats to the oldest ones over their pajamas. Then she came upstairs to wake me. I went downstairs, marched the kids out the front door and closed it. A few minutes later in Southern California 65 degree Christmas weather, I opened the door, marched them upstairs to the master bedroom to sit on the bed where I proceeded to remind them of the story of Adam and Eve and how they were kicked out of the Garden of Eve for their disobedience. No other spankings were given, but the kids had to wait to be last to open up their gifts at Grandma’s house later that day. This is the story used by the trolls to claim we abused our children; four, wonderful, God fearing and emotionally healthy children who have great families of their own, regularly dropping off their children during the week for that same grandma to help care for them well.

“A minister of the Gospel should be teachable, fair, and humbly allow correction when wrong. Lori does not.”

It’s true that Lori has a strong sense of right and wrong which God has used to challenge many women back into a fruit-filled marriage. Just because she defends the Pearls, Duggars, Dale Partridge, and other Christian ministries that have born much fruit does not mean she is not teachable. It simply means she disagrees with you and others, Elizabeth. You sit with your pen ready to tear down good people and fruitful ministries using nothing but words with no substance for disqualification. But you, like the trolls, believe that if you can just scour a ministry that has thousands of posts and comments and come up with a laundry list of 10-12 things from sites that hate her, then you can muddy the waters enough to pontificate “disqualified, false teacher… pass her by reader.” There is nothing in what you have written that is disqualifying to TTW or qualifies her as a false teacher, but you have tickled the ears of her detractors.

Please, do as you admonish TTW to do and rethink your position. Take down your wrongful post. You don’t like her style and some of what she says, but she is not a false teacher in any way or on any matter. Lori is used to the criticism as it comes with such a ministry, especially trying to minister to a Church filled with feminist leaning members who do not like being confronted with what the Church taught for centuries from the truth of God’s Word.

Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ.
1 Peter 3:16

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