Love Homemaking and Time With Your Children

Love Homemaking and Time With Your Children

The only time the women in white stood up and clapped wildly during President Trump’s speech was when he proudly proclaimed that more women are in the workforce than ever before. I wanted to cry. Dennis Prager wasn’t happy about it, either, and wrote his thoughts in the article Not All Americans are Proud That We Have More Women in the Workforce… All it means is that there are less women at home bearing and raising their own children. This is something to mourn rather than celebrate.

The farther a nation drifts from God’s ways, the worse it becomes. Feminists are continually trying to convince me that feminism has made it possible for women to choose to be at home full time or work outside of the home but this simply isn’t true. As Mr. Prager wrote, “Feminists consider women who eschew a career to take care of their home, their children and their husband to be less than women who place career first.” This is why most women who are full-time homemakers feel embarrassment about it at times by the reactions they get from others. “You’re wasting your talents and gifts!”

Years ago, when my children were in high school, I decided I was going to substitute at our local Christian high school and maybe even try to get a job there. I was telling a woman this who has always been a career woman and she said to me, “Good. You’re finally going to be doing something for yourself.” I am? Is this what I am called to do, something for myself? No, I want to live out God’s calling on my life, not my own. He wants me to be a keeper at home and care for my family. Thankfully, the job never panned out and in hindsight, I see it was all God’s doing. My children still needed me.

“What if every woman in America were in the workforce? Would we be proud of that? By the ‘more of women than ever’ logic, we should be.” This would be tragic! Who would be home caring for the children? Who would be home disciplining them and training them in the way they should go? Who would be there to cuddle and comfort them? It would be a cold, hard world if all women were in the workforce. Homes are to be places of refuge from the storms of life. A mother at home has the ability to make her home a place of peace and comfort for her family. Many are suffering because so many women are in the workforce.

“We know why Democrats [stood]: They want women to eschew homemaking and time with children in favor of work outside the house.” The Democratic party has become a party of death. Death to the unborn and just born baby. Death to marriage. Death to families. Death to mothers at home. Death to femininity. Death to all that is good and lovely in our culture. The saddest part of it all is that many in the churches support women leaving their homes for the workplace. This was the beginning of the devaluing of children in our culture.

Dennis Prager ended his article with these questions and I will answer them.

“So, yes, more women than ever are in the workplace. But before we stand and cheer, it is worth asking;

“Are women happier today?” No. More women are on anti-depressants than ever before.

“Are families doing better today?” No. Divorce has become commonplace and it’s the children who are suffering the most.

“Are marriages happier with wives at home or in the workplace?” I would venture to say marriages are happier when wives are in the home. Divorce has skyrocketed since women left their homes and most divorces are initiated by women. Working women make money so they can divorce their husbands regardless of the cost to their children, grandchildren, and culture at large.

“Do young people grow up happier and better-adjusted with mothers at home or with mothers in the workplace?” Studies prove that children who are not raised full time by their mothers grow up to be more emotionally unstable and insecure than those who have full-time mothers at home.

“Is society’s emphasis on work and career inhibiting more young women from marrying and having children?” Absolutely! Many in this young generation aren’t getting married and if they do, they either want no children or only one or two children. Women are putting their careers above marriage and having children. Children are a hindrance to their “dreams.”

“Is society better off or worse off when a record number of women leave home to enter the workplace?” It’s so much worse off…

Go home, women. Love bearing and raising children. Love your husband until death do you part. Love homemaking and time with your children. (They grow up so quickly.) Rebel against this wicked culture. Obey God. Live in His grace, His mercy, His provision, and His unending strength, and continue to be salt and light to this generation who is lost and floundering.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.
Psalm 119:105

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26 thoughts on “Love Homemaking and Time With Your Children

  1. The ultimate sexism is telling women they must be like men to be worth anything in life! what a sad disgusting view, and the feminist embrace this sexism wholeheartedly while claiming to break sexism!

  2. Yep; your first paragraph describes my least favorite part of the SOTU. Those “women in white” are a disgrace and certainly don’t represent any form of Biblical femininity.

  3. I was reading an article that promoted women working outside the home as generating more economic wealth, because after all you only need one caregiver for every 4 kids or so. Now, I know women who look after more kids than this–we have families of 11 and 8 kids in our church–but the one looking after them is their mom. Relatives and other caregivers aren’t interchangeable.

  4. It is wonderful to be at home with my children! Even if I got bored (which is impossible with my children who are always up for a good time) I could look to creative pursuits like arts or crafts. The Proverbs 31 woman perfectly illustrates an industrious woman who takes care of her household and has a side hustle where she is independent from bosses outside her own household.

    Those women in white should bring their hoods with them next time. They are as sexist as their forefathers were racist.

  5. ‘She Reads Truth’ is an abomination:

    It would be phenomenal if there was a true-to-the-Faith female-specific study Bible that could be referenced for the following type questions:

    Is there any recorded Biblical matriarch who was childless? I can think of 7(?) women who did not have children at the start of their stories, but every one of them was given a family with their faith.

    How do you respond to the lie ‘not all women are intended for marriage’? (It is a lie because it opens the door for the exception that the person them-self will claim, repeated ad nauseum and the exception is the rule)

    As a man, I am reading the Bible while earnestly seeking how I am supposed to live out my walk in this life with the sex I was assigned by my Creator with the gifts He selected for me. I can only spare so much focus and understanding for helping a female family member in her own walk, and ‘Women of Titus 2’ are in dire, dire short supply in churches across this Nation. It would be great to be able to have a resource (a study Bible?) that connect the dots between Bible verses and how that translates to a biblical walk for women.

  6. I am not making a blanket statement with this comment. It is just my limited observation. Working women have a harshness about their demeanor/countenance. The women in white at the SOTU address were scary. A woman that fights to be able to kill the unborn, frightens me.

  7. Sheila, I have noticed that, too. I especially noticed (while watching the women in white) that none of them ever smiled. They looked miserable. One of the many reasons why I will never become a feminist- you have to be bitter and ugly and mad at the world. I want to be joyful!

  8. I saw a meme of the women in white compared to photos of the ku klux clan. It wasn’t far off the mark. Both organizations are wicked beyond comprehension.

  9. It’s because they are not created to be out in the workforce and fighting for their “rights.” This doesn’t make any women happier because the farther they drift from God’s will for them, the worse off they become.

  10. Yes I have noticed and know woman (family and friends) who started out their marriages with soft joyful demeanors which once starting full-time work and also exceeding their husband’s pay-checks became harsh, critical and bitter towards their husbands and just in general. Sometimes the change was immediately obvious and in others it happened gradually but never the less they certainly did change. Actually in all cases their marriages disintegrated in major ways. I saw the same changes in myself when I went to work at one stage. I’m not saying a homemaker can’t have these bad behaviors, however I have seen that woman who work in the home tend to be much more respectful toward their husbands as well as much more feminine.

  11. These days it also seems strange and shocking to working woman when you say that you actually ENJOY being home with your children and family, keeping the house. So many waste time trying to get away from their true calling (just like I did) which is so sad because a job never fulfils a woman like being a wife and/or mother in the home.

  12. It’s all a matter of mentality. In my culture, an Asian culture, most women work and it is generally accept that the husband is the leader or the boss of the home. We generally accept that easily. It is a given for us. Most of us can’t stand it where the wife is prioritised above the husband.

    Most Asian women work because of an economic need, and many of the them remain respectful towards their husbands. On the other hand, many homeschooling mums in America are very controlling of their husbands and are constantly demanding their “rights”, while they do not work outside the home.

  13. It’s ironic because the feminists that demand their “right” to work outside the home are the same women that complain that their boss doesn’t give them enough paid vacation days.

  14. I have very mixed feelings as on reflection after retirement, I realised that I really hated working, hated having to fit in with others who were different & who required I constantly fit in with their multitudes of cultures. But I also know I was incredibly bored with little ones at home & got very irritated by being patronised constantly by society as a SAHM in 1960s, 1970s. I loved university, loved finding out new stuff & the status that came with a PhD was very rewarding. The internet has changed everything with my need to find out things now easily met but back when I had 3 young ones I found their constant talk with no content very, very draining. I loved them dearly & was the best mum I could be – at home until the youngest was 10 & then at home every day by 3.30pm when they were due home from school.

    However I see that working mothers are incredibly destructive & I have never seen such a miserable bunch of women as those over 30 now-a-days.

    I would never encourage a woman to delay having babies, nor would I encourage them to work outside the home. These days we have easy access to information unheard of when I was a young mum. Its credentials that are expensive. A SAHM needs an education not credentials.

    What I would like to do is to congratulate & affirm all full time mothers & their husbands.

  15. No one has every said that doing God’s will is easy, that’s for sure. It’s the narrow road that leads to life that few want to go on. Most want to go their own way and do their own thing on the broad path that leads to destruction. Deciding to find joy in God’s will is the best way to live!

  16. Thank you for this article and the encouragement. Sometimes I feel like I’m crazy even amongst my “Christian” mom friends for not having a job. And in times of financial stress I think often about how I could help my husband by working. But not at the price of God’s calling on my life. Thank you for speaking the truth. I love my children and being home with them. And I’m so thankful that my husband has the same convictions. He loves having me home too!

  17. Lori – Your comment that no one can take the place of a mother in a child’s life is confusing to me. I grew up with a cheerful stay at home mom, but I can’t remember her doing anything with me. She was always gardening, cooking, cleaning, while I was at school, playing with neighborhood kids, or alone reading. We lived in the same house, but had separate lives. I was left alone to deal with life. Now I’m married with kids and my parents want to see us often, but I wonder why. My mom and I have rarely had a close relationship.

    So, my question for you is this: what is it that a mother should do that cannot be replaced by someone else? My husband and I are homeschooling our kids and I spend a lot of time with them, but I can see that I’m missing connecting with them in some important way and I’m wondering what exactly I’m missing.

    I don’t know any women (older or younger) who are modeling Biblical motherhood and womanhood. I can read books, but I learn so much better in person. I feel like I’ll never figure out what I’m missing in connecting with my kids until it’s too late. I just recently discovered your blog and am trying hard to read through as much as I can to see if you’ve already written an answer to my question. Would sure appreciate if you could offer some insight. I hope my question isn’t too vague – I’m not sure how to ask it. Thanks.

  18. It’s being there for them, Kate, whenever they need you. It’s cuddling and being affectionate with them. It’s reading the Bible to them and telling them the ways of the Lord. It’s disciplining and training them to be obedient, to work hard, to be kind, and good citizens. It’s playing games with them once in a while and taking them out for ice cream. There are many ways that a mother loves her children!

  19. Good Morning Ms. Lori. Thank you for your post. I have a question. I heard that you should never allow your children to go to sleepover. My question if that include grandparents?(honest question it is because at the end sleepover are sleepover) and also what to do in holidays when usually various families stay in the same house?(I hear that cousins are the ones who sometimes show porn to the others cousins which make them enter in that addiction)

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