Never Be Offended By Truth

Never Be Offended By Truth

✨ Yesterday, I proved that women overwhelmingly reject being taught to learn what pleases their husbands and to be sexually available to them no matter who delivers the message or how it’s delivered.

✨ First, I shared a post with my write up and a link to the pastor who preached on this topic. Women were furious with him and me for even pointing out the good things he taught, even though I shared the things I disagreed with.

✨ Next, I shared the following tweet I had written about the same main points that the pastor had made below it, but I used Scripture to back it all up. Women were furious with me.

? “But I keep my under by body, and bring it into subjection” (1 Cor. 9:27). We are to discipline our bodies and be master over them, not allow them and their appetites to master us.

? “Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time, that ye may give yourselves to fasting and prayer; and come together again, that Satan tempt you not for your incontinency” (1 Cor. 7:5). Be sexually available to your husband.

? A huge reason for marrying is for sex. “Nevertheless, to avoid fornication, let every man have his own wife, and let every woman have her own husband” (1 Cor. 7:2). “For it is better to marry than to burn” (1 Cor. 7:9).

? How do we know men are visual? “But I say unto you, That whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart” (Matt. 5:28). Jesus is teaching this verse to men. He knows they are visual. He created them.

✨ Finally, I shared the following tweet I had written that teaching these biblical truths causes women to be greatly offended. Many were furious with this tweet.

✨ It’s not about the messenger at all. It’s about the message that they react so vehemently against. Every messenger can have a different way to present the message, but it will invariably offend many. I know. Every time I have written on this topic, many women are outraged and offended.

✨ Check your hearts, women. If this offends you, how will you handle the coming persecution that we’re promised?

Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
2 Timothy 3:12

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  1. Why is this offensive? I really want to know what these women are furious about because I don’t get it. Why wouldn’t you want to be attractive for your husband? Why would not want to share marital intimacy with the man you love?

  2. Thanks so much for telling the truth! Keep up the great work and ignore those who disagree with the Bible.

    “A huge reason for marrying is for sex.”

    Yep. Without sex, marriage is just a wildly expensive and vastly over-complicated friendship.

  3. I loved the post, even though I didn’t take the time to comment yesterday. My husband thanks me almost weekly for looking so nice, and that means so much, especially after 25 years of marriage. My weight is about the same even after having kids and although I see stretch marks etc, he does not. 🙂 It does not happen easily for those that think thin people are so lucky. Almost every meal involves some self denial!

    I pray for my kids, their marriages and families to come. We are losing our rights faster than I ever thought possible. Someday it may be almost illegal to preach this message.

  4. Today’s women are easily offended by even the smallest thing because they’ve been brainwashed by feminism to be “angry all the time”. They are looking for any excuse, no matter how trivial, to attack, to call names, to scream and yell at people for the least reason, for a long, long list of grievances.

    Modern women have also been taught that men “owe” them everything, but they don’t owe men anything in return. Modern women have been steeped and poisoned by the sin of hate, greed, and above all pride.

    So of course they get hysterical and offended if you suggest they have ANY responsibililty to their husbands at all.

    These poor, sad, angry-all-the-time women. You must feel sorry for them, even while you shun them. They will go to their graves never unable to stop burning in their grievances.

  5. Hi Lori. I can’t see it get into your Facebook page. Please let me know how to find it! Thanks

  6. I have been sending your articles to other young women who have recently joined our church. Their mother as well! We have wandered so far off the path! I even thought back to the article you wrote about women working… even my grandmother worked! That was WWII era, and she retired at 60-ish. It was ingrained in us that we should work! Now, after a history of failed marriages and dysfunctional children, I wish I had a more godly influence in my upbringing. My parents, in their 80s are still happily married, but they didn’t know any better b/c neither of them, nor their parents (in spite of their church upbringing) ever read their Bibles! KEEP UP THE GOD WORK, SISTER!
    (ps – yes, Charles Stanley offended me once about fornication…. Years later I realized he was right!

  7. Women have done a lot of damage to men, but men have allowed it for so very long. Neither is guiltless. 🙁

  8. I have had much greater peace since I left FB… but you have an audience there and a ministry. Many will soon realize you spoke the truth…. Does the world sound like “Vanity Fair” to you? I’m glad God has given you the Teflon skin! Praying for you!

  9. There is nothing wrong with eating healthy and exercising. That is fantastic!! However I do believe this pressure on being healthy and attractive can be terribly twisted and used against people, leading to eating disorders and unhealthy distress and hatred over one’s body. That is not at all how God wants us to feel about our bodies, which he created especially for each of us individually. The pressure is especially strong against women, which is why we need to be reminded to love our bodies just as they are, whether they are current society’s (or our husbands’) definition of “attractive.” Anguish over one’s body only leads to deprivation or despair, but accepting it can lead to relief and usually to healthier eating and exercise. That is the first step to a truly healthy and wonderful relationship with food, exercise, and health.

  10. It is heavily censored. I can’t find it even by clicking on the links you previously provided. It shows it as non existent.

  11. They are heavily censoring all of my social media sites. One will always be able to get to my blog. I am also on MeWe and Gab which aren’t censored.

  12. Women are more interested in being attractive for other women. They are more willing to seek the praise and affirmation of their girlfriends.

  13. I’m glad my fiancé and I are on the same page about marriage and that we discussed things like birth control and sexual temptation early on. Having been reading this blog for a while was very helpful. I was able to assure him that I intend to live by 1st Corinthians 7,5. The poor man had apparently already been advised not to expect much from marriage – presumably by disillusioned men married to the type of Christian women who would be shocked by biblical teaching…

  14. Pastor Jason Cooley isn’t at all shy about KJB truth. He is a real preacher, who preaches at Old Paths Baptist Church, Northfield MN. His sermons are available at

  15. Sherry, of course we are all sinners.

    However our society focuses exclusively on men’s sins, while letting angry, hateful women off the hook completely. Thus allowing women’s sin (hatred of God’s ways, which leads to mental illness) to flourish and spread like a cancer.

    Now that cancer is killing all of society. Don’t expect the results to be civilized. God’s wrath is coming and it will be terrible.

  16. Hi Lori! What other blog platforms do you use? Not sure if you use Twitter? Would love to see it!

  17. Women have done a lot of damage to men, but the top-tier, most powerful men have allowed it for so very long. Neither is guiltless.

    Fixed, for clarity and full disclosure. Those men in the top “one percent” who hold political and economic power have empowered women as weapons against the other 99 percent of men. They realize that men who are empowered over their families and communities are a threat to the established order that they, the most powerful, are in command of. Therefore the rest of the male sex is to be neutered and enslaved to the will of the established order. Empowering women and backing them with the lethal force of the State has been successful beyond their wildest dreams in obtaining their goal. The sad fact, howerver, is that there is very little that the lower 99 percent tier of men can do to reverse this.

  18. Sometimes the TRUTH is painful, Lori. I have tremendous respect for your resolve and steely determination to spread the word of Our Lord despite so much vitriol. I was always brought up with the belief that if you were part of Christ’s Family you CARED for and LOVED others. My father always said Christ cares for us all and it was our responsibility, as Christians, to care for others whether through charity or supporting others or through the family. Now we live in a ME FIRST world and no one seems to care for anyone apart from themselves – partly (although not entirely) a result of Feminism and the permissive society of the Sixties and Seventies. As I have made mention before, I was brought up in the Fifties and my mother was always very well groomed – she never, ever wore trousers. She made an effort for my father and put a different frock on when he came home from work. Deportment was important too (I can still hear my mother saying “sit up properly Mark, don’t slouch”). If my parents went out for the evening my mother always looked glamourous – I can still recall the rustling of her full, netted skirts. She wore make-up and heels and when we went out, she often wore a hat and she always wore gloves – she looked lady-like and feminine and my father appreciated her and praised her – likewise he always wore three-piece suits if we went out.
    In the same way husbands should love their wives as their own bodies. He who loves his wife loves himself. (Ephesians 5:28)
    In Britain we had a phrase “Sunday Best” – it meant you wore your best clothes to church. Working people would ensure they dressed up to go to church on a Sunday. It showed respect, it showed deference. Fortunately, my wife likes to be feminine too, she keeps herself slim and although she does wear trousers (not often jeans) around the house she’ll always teams them up with a nice blouse and when we go out, she always wears heels, has her hair and make-up nicely done and she wears skirts or dresses. I always tell her how nice she looks and appreciate the effort she makes. She likes clothes and fashion but she dresses for me and says she loves the fact I take a lot of notice of her appearance and compliment her – apparently few men do now-a-days for fear of a tongue lashing! So, rather than being about ME, ME, ME she cares for me and our children, as I care for her and our children and we both live in the knowledge that Christ cares for us ALL.

  19. Women are going to be offended by this because you are telling them to lose weight for and have sex with a man that they are not attracted to. Most women can only get the “consolation prize” man to marry them and they resent the consolation prize.

    Note: a common thing is for a woman to lose weight when she decides she wants to get married. Then she gains it back after the man is locked into marriage.

  20. Shelley,
    I’ve been on a diet since I was 11 and by my early teens, my diet consisted of a small salad seasoned only with pepper and 5 x 40 calorie protein shakes a day. My ‘splurge’ calorie intake was a maximum of 800 calories. I recently saw a secular tv show and this man was talking about how he had lost 52 pounds in the last two years. He said he was embarrassed about his weight and avoided social events and photographs. He realized that he needed to stop that and, as he put it, ‘love ALL of this!’ I have thought about that statement every day, because I have never been there. Denial and self discipline is self-love, but in a negative frame. I wish I could get to loving myself to eat healthy instead of disciplining myself to ’embrace hunger.’ Although, I no longer feel hunger, and I have maintained slenderness in to my early fifties, avoided the sun and have good skin – my health is poor from decades of denial, and it isn’t fixable. I’m not saying you are like me. I am saying you sound like me. Don’t be like me. Love yourself to eat healthy and maintain fitness and not punish and deny yourself to do so. By the way, I have six older siblings who, in their 60’s all wear the same pant size they did in high school. They don’t work at it, they eat food that doesn’t even exist for me.

  21. Primarily, yes. But they also want to get validation from men whom they find attractive as well, and not because they want a relationship.

    The modern woman is mostly seeking a vanity boost for their ego, hence why they dress in a particular way. It’s the vanity of life Solomon spoke about. We all are guilty of this one way or another.

    The wisest thing a man can do (any man, old or young), is to ignore them. It’s also taught in the Bible by Job, I believe.

    Don’t admire them at the coffee shop, or at the supermarket, or on the streets. Be polite if required, but ignore their beauty or physical attraction. You don’t owe them your eyes. It’s best for them, but mostly for you.

    I personally try to avoid eye contact with wordly women and even some attractive church girls who have fallen in this vanity. I make it a challenge to myself not to, but also because I don’t want to feel tempted later.
    The modern American culture is all about impressing others and getting approval. But, anyway, I digress.

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