New Laine’s Letter About Saving Money

New Laine’s Letter About Saving Money

Laine was one of the first women to teach me about godly womanhood through her writings called Laine’s Letters. Yesterday, Annabel from The Bluebirds are Nesting wrote me and told me that she had been in contact with Laine. Annabel lives in Australia and prices are rising so she wanted to know how Laine saved money in situations like this. Laine wrote her a new blog post so I asked if I could share it with all of you!

Annabel wrote, “To introduce, first of all she said that it is wonderful we are all trying to save money.  She said that she is still constantly learning how to save as Art is hoping to retire in about six years time. Even though they live in a hot climate, they don’t have air-conditioning as that helps keep costs down.

I asked what she does nowadays to manage increased food prices and she said she would love to help and this was what she wrote.”

1~ I pray that the LORD will help me save and to develop good habits, because you bring your habits with you wherever you go. I pray while I am shopping for eyes to see the deals.

2~ I try to use meat as a condiment, unless it is a special occasion. I like learning recipes from other countries that already practice this in their cuisine.

3~ I shop at the Farmer’s market and many other stores to stay in my food budget. I shopped four stores this week, but sometimes six stores. I shop the stores that are near each other to save gas, or if I am in that part of town. I shop only with cash and keep a record of what I spend on a small notebook.

4~ I don’t buy much packaged goods, rather I make most everything from scratch. I make my own spray cleanser from one part rubbing alcohol to one part water.

5~ I am already Christmas shopping, a little here, a little there. I have my eight
grandchildren’s presents bought, a well as their birthdays. I love being ahead as I can save money that way.

6~ I love to shop at garage sales, the deals are really great. (The next best place is thrift shops.) I was looking for a waffle iron and found one last week at an estate sale, just the one I was looking for! But I did search for months. If I find something really inexpensive and I already have one, but I use that item a lot, I will buy it as a back up. I actually had a back up for a waffle iron, but I like this “new” one better as my back up didn’t get as crispy as I would like.

7~ I make three pots of tea from one tea bag. I buy Yorkshire tea and fill the pot dunking the tea bag twice, pulling it out and doing the same with the next pot of tea. The last pot I leave the tea bag in.

8~ Fast food for me is buying a cooked roast chicken and using it for three meals; the final meal being a nice soup.

9~ Cheapest protein is an egg, so I love adding eggs to a dish to stretch the protein. I like to make Cloud Bread and mayonnaise out of eggs.

10~ Flour tortillas are a quick bread that can be filled with so many things, and it’s very frugal. Even just celery, onion, and bits of meat leftover sautéed together with some leftover beans is so delicious in a hot fresh tortilla.

11~ I hang dry my clothes to save on electricity.

12~ We don’t use air conditioning, rather solar screens and solar curtains, a good fan, a $7 kiddie pool (great to get wet and put your feet in while the kids have fun), and Frogg Toggs for keeping your body cool, especially at night.

13~ I use one half of the detergent suggested in my wash, unless it is a really dirty item. If so, I will soak it a bit and use three quarters the suggested amount that comes with my detergent. One box of detergent lasts me months, and I find our clothes are very clean.

14~ I love to learn from other women, and one of my favorites is on YouTube called The Fundamental Home. She feeds her family of five on $30 a week! I really enjoy watching her. She also runs a page on Facebook called Frugal Family Food.

15~ I love making fun things with my daughter Lucy who is seven years old. We make Popsicles, cookies, cake, waffles, pancakes, gummies, and other fun things together. We are making a birthday cake today. Everything we make is very healthy, which helps us to keep from being ill, which saves us money at the doctor.

16~ We love going to the library and go there twice a week. There is just so much free there!

17~ I shop with cash; this helps to curb any unnecessary spending.

18~ When I bake, I try to fill the oven. Today, I made chicken, baked potatoes, and broccoli all in the oven at the same time. Filled the rack! I cooked extra potatoes today that I will use in breakfast tomorrow.

19~ I save stalks of kale, celery, etc. and use them in soups and stir fries.

20~ I try new recipes often to increase my skills and repertoire. I am always checking out new cookbooks from our library. I love to try new recipes off the Internet as well.

21~ I stay out of the stores unless I need something and have my list in hand.

22~ I try to buy in the summer for winter, and vice versa when I thrift shop.

23~ If I want to spruce up my decorating, I will move my own items around. It’s those little things that give a room a lift.

24~ I try to make it a game in saving and have my own fiscal year for our budget, which is from May to May. This past fiscal year I was able to save an extra thousand for our upcoming new roof. I love seeing those results.

25~ I do my best to help keep us debt free by continuing to learn how to save. My husband wants to retire in six years, so saving toward that is now my goal. I remember when my goal was paying off our vehicle, then paying off our house, then saving to adopt our little girl from China, and now saving for retirement. There is always savings going on!

I hope this is helpful, Annabel. I kept writing things down as I either did them or remembered them. It was fun, just like the old days when I used to write In My Home. Enjoy your lovely grandchildren! It was so, so good to hear from you!

Lots of love,
Laine xxoo

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

12 thoughts on “New Laine’s Letter About Saving Money

  1. I do almost all of these things and have done for years – as this is what my mother use to do and I learnt from her. I do run the central heating as I am not willing to be cold in winter – I think one does need to be sensible about saving money and not go to extremes. And we plan to install air-conditioning this summer as I have had enough to 100F day after day with just a fan.

  2. Lainie was a huge blessing to me when I was newly married 26 years ago. I still think of her often. She is such a gifted writer. Does she have a blog now?

  3. The most important thing I have ever done (including creating a budget plan-I prefer the term “purchase plan”- and using coupons, etc) is the habit of tithing on every source of income. That simple act reminds me of the source of my income and to Whom I am responsible for it. That simple act reminds me to steward every penny of every dollar and to approach time and talents with stewardship.
    The second most important thing is a “we” between my husband and me. When we married, we pledged to work toward becoming debt free within fifteen years and to remain that way. In less than eight years, we were debt free and we have remained so for more than thirty years. We have one credit card which we pay in full at the end of each month after sitting down and examining the pattern of spending for that month.

  4. This is wonderful, thank you for posting! What I like most in this and other “Laine’s Letters” is her cheerfulness. Instead of frugality being a drag, she sets a goal such as paying off the house or car, and then celebrates that victory. I’m so impressed that she has Christmas and birthday gifts already purchased for her grandchildren! Thanks again for the post!

  5. Dear Regina,
    She is writing again! She wrote just last week and is writing again.. follow the link and hopefully a new letter will also appear soon! With love

  6. Dear Angela,
    Follow the link… Laine is contributing at The Bluebirds are Nesting so we will get to hear from her more often now! Yes news ever. I feel like you, she was such a blessing when my children were growing up! With love Annabel.x

  7. I miss Laine’s Letters and I’m so happy to read about her family again. I printed out many of her recipes and posts before she closed her site and they are some of my most treasured recipes.

  8. I, too, would love to hear from Laine again. I wish she’d give us an update on her family. I remember she was planning to adopt a baby from China and Quincy had just left for Afghanistan. I have wondered about them for years. So happy to hear that she is well.

  9. I’m sorry. I didn’t see a link to follow here. I too have been longing to see her writings once again. Please advise. Thanks.

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