Oh NO! Women are Leaving the Marketplace Like Crazy!

Oh NO! Women are Leaving the Marketplace Like Crazy!

That’s right. Women are leaving the marketplace like crazy and this is “bad news” according to Jeanna Smialek from the New York Times.

“The shift shows how the pandemic has become a serious threat to the meaningful progress made by women in the last economic expansion, when they accounted for a heavy share of job growth. The losses for women this time around stand in contrast to the last recession, more than a decade ago, when cuts in construction and other male-dominated roles caused men to disproportionately lose work.

“The situation could become more complicated going forward: Women may have particular trouble getting back into jobs because they are more likely to be primary caregivers, and many schools have yet to fully reopen.

“‘As we head into the fall, the challenges of virtual schooling and prolonged child care closures may already be putting downward pressure on women’s participation,’ Thomas Barkin, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, said in a recent speech.

“Census Bureau and Minneapolis Fed research suggests mothers have been far more likely than fathers to pull back on work amid the pandemic. About one in five working-age adults said this summer that they were not working was because the pandemic disrupted their child care — and of those not working, women ages 25 to 44 were almost three times as likely as men to be out of a job thanks child care.”

You mean to tell me that it’s the mothers who are choosing to be home full time with their children instead of the fathers? You mean they are the primary caregivers to their children? You mean that mothers are finally going back home where they belong and it took a pandemic for this to happen?

This is NOT bad news at all! How can mothers going home to raise their own children be bad news? It’s only bad news to feminists who believe their dreams in life lie in the workforce instead of at home with their families. They believed the lie that their worth and value lies in overtaking men’s roles instead of being content in the role that God has ordained for them.

Do you understand how much better it is for children to be home with their mothers instead of at daycare or in the Marxists public schools? Do you not know how much more security this provides for children? In my neighborhood, the children have loved being home full time. They spend a few hours doing school work with their mothers then are outside playing with other children. Some mothers have even decided to homeschool full time and for this, I rejoice!

Praise the Lord that He can use something like a virus to reorder mothers’ priorities back to home with their children. No, Ms. Smialek, this isn’t bad news at all! When women leave the workforce, there will be more jobs for men and men will make more money to support their families, plus the children will have their mothers home full time with them. This is GREAT news!

He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise ye the Lord.
Psalm 1113:9

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  1. Women are designed by God to want and need to fulfill the role of homemaker/wife/mom. I think some feminist fight this idea because they want to be the exact same as men. Some don’t want to embrace their God-given femininity, they pursue/prefer genderless roles because they think that will get rid of any gender inequality. Women were designed to be the primary keepers of the home/caregivers. Men were designed to be the primary bread winner (hunters and gatherers) Women are equal in the workforce when it’s an apples to apples comparison. They earn the same wages and get the same benefits. Women are physically different from men. Their brains are wired differently. They lack muscle and upper body strength ect… instead of trying to feminize men to gain power over them, and masculinize themselves they should learn to be content with their differences. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added Matt 6:33. Seek the Glory of the Lord first through obedience to Him, Then you’ll learn happiness and contentment in who you were created to be and be content with their appointed lot in life. Acts 17:26

  2. I think that these women have finally been freed to actually be home with their children.

    It’s strange but, there is a (unspoken) pressure to work that they choose to obey.

    I used to feel pressured to help at church and even though I didn’t actually help because I am a stay at home wife and mother who homeschools and helps her husband with his business, I felt guilty that I didn’t. Since the (said) pandemic I no longer feel this pressure/guilt.

    Many times folks are meaning well to think you should do this or that but they fail to realize the pressure they add on women who have already a defined work and purpose which they need to fulfill at home.

    There is a time for everything. Raising children is only for a time. It seems long at times but it is a crucial time.

    Anyway, let the women be women!

  3. This is great news! I live in a secular country and homeschooling is not allowed. The schools are never far from home though, so the children with mothers at home can go home for lunch and the schools also provide a meal for all those children with both parents working.
    Before the pandemic a lot of children ate their lunch at school and needed after-school-care but now I am hearing the lunchtime tables are half empty because working moms decided to quit their jobs and stay home full time.

    I hope this is a worldwide trend and mothers stay at home with their children, work hard at home and find joy in it.

  4. It really is interesting how God equips men and women differently—before the pandemic he used to say he’d be totally fine switching roles with me and staying home while I could go to work…now that he’s been working from home since March, he often admits that he could never do what I do!

  5. Every time I hear a woman complaining about being home with and helping her children, I just shake my head. We were always meant to be involved in our children’s education. Children are not the interruption; the career is the interruption! Individual priority problems like this should not become the government’s problem to solve.

  6. Thanks for sharing this fantastic news! These women have been given a gift and will never regret spending more time with their children. I’ve yet to meet anyone who was angry that their mother was a homemaker!

  7. Imagine the shrieking and tantrums that will arise from the likes of Mizz Smialek once the catastrophic economic implosion soon to fall upon us robs women of ALL of the socioeconomic “gains” of the past half century. The tone deafness of such a fit (tantamount to complaining about a head cold in the midst of a Black Death epidemic) will actually be amusing as an epitaph for contemporary feminism.

  8. The feminist mindset is so pervasive that it has even infiltrated the church. I am a 58 year old woman who lost my job, and actually probably my career, due to COVID. I have absolutely loved being at home, and have relished the opportunity to be able to care for my husband and home with more diligence.

    I never realized how much of my energy was going to work and bosses. I now have the ability to do projects around the house (that mostly cost no money or very little..) and to actually have a weekend with my husband without Saturday being a day of chores. It has been wonderful.

    Unfortunately, my dear husband, though he works very hard, does not currently have salary high enough to cover our expenses. He also lost his job due to COVID and was fortunate to find another but for substantially lower wages. Therefore, I will have to re-enter the workplace, and I just dread it.

    The reason I am writing this comment is to share the horrific responses and comments I have received because I am not working. I receive phone calls from neighbors, who I know mean well because they care about us, but they are just so concerned and want to know how my job search is going. I am asked, “what are you going to do?” several times a week. Even my church is praying I find work.

    Again, I know they are asking out of love and concern, but isn’t it funny that the Bible clearly states a woman’s role and that we are to be keepers at home, but the church still celebrates careerwomen very strongly. I am made to feel like I am a nobody because I’m not working. I must be awfully bored…right? NO!!!! I am not bored, and I am far from lazy. I have worked harder at home than anywhere else.

    I am far more “worldy” when working, but I guess I will still be heading into the marketplace. Ugh!!!

  9. Feminism was created by a very very small percentage of women – less than 5% – who are naturally born angry and hateful against being mothers and nurturers. These angry feminists sadly were abused, are mentally ill, or have physical impairments that make them unable to find good men. (In the world of men, we have a similar 5-10% of men who are damaged, who form the criminal class – murderers, pickpockets, and thieves.)

    These damaged feminist women are primarily motivated by HATRED of the other women who are pretty, clever, and who love men. So these.hateful feminists created “Feminism” as a movement intended to drag the rest of the women down to that low, angry world.

    Actually for many centuries the normal women of the world rejected Feminism with scorn, and ensured that it was not allowed to influence their daughters. Unfortunately in the 1960s feminism was able to “slip past” the defenses of women, and infect them. Now in 2020 it is an infection, and a mental disease, run wild.

    Imagine a world in which men who were outright criminals, thieves and murderers, were to acquire the reins of power and drive the agenda of nations. Imagine a world where for example Hitler and his Nazi thugs ruled the USA. Feminism is the “female equivalent” of that.

    Feminism will eventually collapse and we will need a powerful cleansing of the minds of the easily-swayed impressionable young women of this country.

  10. Some time ago I forward a little piece of internet humor to a friend of mine who’s ex-military. While purely fictitious I thought it illustrated the importance of the differences between men and women beautifully.

    Daughter: Dad, I’ve got a problem.
    Military Dad: What kind of problem hun?
    Daughter: Well its a problem with a boy…
    Military Dad: Is this like a “I don’t know how to feel problem” or a “I need a body bag filled kind of problem”?
    Daughter: MOM!!!!

  11. I know many feminists who have found good men. To be honest, I probably know more women who are feminists, than aren’t. 90% of them are married.
    The extreme man-hating feminists are different, and they’re few and far between. They’re often lesbians, and very rarely marry.
    But just general, run-of-the-mill feminists who love and support men but believe in equal rights? They’re everywhere, and good men marry them.

  12. My husband and I both work. For years this was financially necessary for us, but recently my husband has gotten a better job and I no longer need to work. He still wants me to, but I want to stay at home and raise our children. I don’t want to defy his leadership, but at the same time I want our children to be raised right. What should I do?

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