The Past was a Glorious Time

The Past was a Glorious Time

There has always been evil in this world since the Fall. There’s always been evil in America (like slavery) and hard times, but now it is evil all the way through. Feminism, the Internet, and Hollywood have corrupted deeply. Even many of the churches have grown lukewarm. They are afraid to teach the truth, hence, worldliness has taken over the churches.

Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t just start out as evil. No, the evil grew until the cities were destroyed, and all great nations are eventually destroyed from within. Please, read Romans 1. It explains clearly how evil begins and what the end result is. Men “hold the truth in unrighteousness” and God eventually turns them over to a reprobate mind.

Here is a comment from a man from this post in response to a woman trying to say that the past was just as bad as these days.

The past definitely was a glorious time. You only need to read “Little House on the Prairie,” “Little Women,” Dickens, Tolstoy, or any other period literature which was largely representative of life back then.

Unlike the corrupt and foolish generation of today, they weren’t wasting 78,000 hours watching television, as the average American is today. They didn’t have over 20 percent of the population on psychotropic drugs, and not only did they not have the military disinformation weapon of the internet, they also didn’t have 70 percent of the clicks for porn. They also were far better educated on wisdom, virtue, the Bible, and history for a fraction of the price.

The out of wedlock birth rate in 1947 was three percent. Today it’s 40 percent. Not to mention 110 million Americans have an STD. They had no welfare, income tax, or gun regulations in 1910, and the fertility rate in 1957 was 3.7. Today it’s 1.7. Replacement fertility rate is 2.1. Millions of babies have been slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs and with divorce and fornication completely acceptable, single motherhood has skyrocketed.

As for children, even the poor ones were taught morality, which is why poor children like Carnegie and Rockefeller had a chance to work their way up to become anything. Unfortunately, their power corrupted them. Now, most children spend their childhoods in daycare and then in the Marxist school system.

Twenty five percent of women today are on psychotropic drugs, and women are exploited, enslaved, abused, and harassed at higher rates today than ever before in American history. The Left will lie and say this stuff always happened. It wasn’t reported before, but that’s completely false. Simply look at what Weinstein got away with doing to some of the most powerful and wealthy women on earth today, and consider, if he got away with doing that to those women, what is happening to the common woman who isn’t as wealthy or famous?

Children raised without money, but with the love of both parents, a mother at home, and virtue, are vastly superior to children raised without love and virtue but with money. Marriage used to be only between a man and his wife as God has ordained, divorce was rare, and this brought a lot of security to children. When the family falls apart, the nations fall apart.

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.
Romans 1:21,22

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  1. Time tells all tales, and, yes, the past definitely had more virtue, liberty, and wisdom than today.

    Since holiness must precede true and long lasting happiness, without the virtues they had, we little know the joy and peace thy commonly had, and todays generation rarely has.

    Thank you, posted on my site, and praying for your complete recovery, Lori.

  2. Beautifully said, and so true!

    Just one nit: I just read a biography of Rockefeller. Even though the author was obviously hostile to Christianity, he couldn’t help but recount that throughout Rockefeller’s entire life he was a very committed Christian and gave away staggering amounts of money. Yes, he had his flaws, but the caricature of the greedy, mean guy that most tend to hold is not fair to him. He was very humble about many things and didn’t participate in the self-aggrandizement and debauchery of many of the elites. He was very active in church his entire life.

  3. Among the blessings of our past was the ability of most people to think critically. While we might argue that the majority of people one hundred years ago had less formal education than people receive today, it is unarguable that what little education they did receive was exactly that – education, not the indoctrination that is the toxic product of today’s government “schools.” One need only interview or poll a random sampling of people on the street on any given topic (does anyone remember Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking” interviews?) to see just how horrifyingly dumbed-down and devoid of cerebral exercise today’s “better educated than any previous generation” citizenry has become.

  4. I always think of Ecclesiastes 7:10 “Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better than these? for thou dost not enquire wisely concerning this.” When I think of past times, I am so grateful to be born here and now and wouldn’t trade places with the past for the world. I have more freedom in the US right now than I ever would have in past times. Even 50 years ago I wouldn’t be able to be legally married to my wonderful husband.

    There are so many things (as mentioned in the article) that if we don’t change we’ll end up as all the other great civilizations. I bring it to my children’s attention and try to prepare them to navigate the world to come.

  5. People will often bring up that verse in Ecclesiastes in order to say that past times weren’t as wicked, but it’s just not true. Romans 1 says otherwise. When my mom was a child, no one even locked their doors. When I was a child, we could play outside until sunset with no fear of being assaulted or stolen. Nations DO decay. Wickedness does increase. Look at the LBGT movement and same sex marriage being pushed upon us to even celebrate. God tells us in His Word that wickedness will abound in the last days. Well, wickedness is abounding in America these days on a rapid level unseen in the past. NO ONE can say that wickedness didn’t grow worse in Sodom and Gomorrah. It didn’t begin the way it did. It grew wicked as sin abounded.

  6. My mom grew up in the 40s and 50s and she called her youth “idyllic.” Despite prejudices and poverty. I say that because we’re Hispanic and my grandfather only had an 8th grade education. He taught himself English with a dictionary and Agatha Christie novels! He generally worked picking fruit or as a janitor. Often two or three jobs. Since they traveled around for work, he bought a small travel trailer and they lived in that. 4 people, no picket fence! Yet my mom spoke of family, church, fun, picnics, swimming, fishing, etc. and how lucky she was to have them as parents.

    It seems that when life is good in your home, the outside isn’t nearly as scary.

  7. There will always be poverty, yet those in poverty in America are now richer than kings and queens of old since they have running water, toilets, electricity, etc. It’s wickedness that makes a nation so much worse, not poverty. During the Great Depression, there was great poverty but not nearly the amount of wickedness that we have in our day and age. Actually, as riches increase, so does wickedness. As you wrote, Debby, it’s the relationships that make one’s life rich, not the material possessions.

  8. You’re right, wickedness does grow. My intention of my comment was just as the verse in Ecclesiastes says, that it is not wise to compare (not that it isn’t true). I know it is true which is the reason why I am preparing my children. But I am thanking God for the place and blessings of the time I live without looking back and comparing the olden times to now.

    As an adult I have learned to love history so I spend time visiting historical sights, watching documentaries and reading books. So I do look back, “those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it” but I try not to use up brain space comparing the present to the past as I am stuck only in the present and have to spend my time preparing for the future. I try to do that with the training of my children and using God’s word as the standard verses the past.

  9. I like the very last sentence.
    “When the families fall apart, the nations fall apart!”
    We are seeing that with are very eyes today! But, what this nation needs more is to turn to the one and only, Almighty God! Most people today don’t know Him, and don’t want too! Those of us who do are truly the remnant.

  10. It’s not a matter of looking back IMO and wishing we were born in a different time. It’s a matter of seeing that society and individuals follow exactly what the Bible clearly states. Yet, in the midst of the growing wickedness in our country, we can still be salt and light and thank the Good LORD for the many blessings that we have, as you stated.

  11. Debby, your comment reminds me of a quote I found once and saved, by Prof. B.G. Northrop. I hope you will enjoy it as well:
    “Let me say to parents : Make the home-life beautiful, without and within, and they will sow the seeds of gentleness, true kindness, honesty, and fidelity in the hearts of their children, from which the children reap a harvest of happiness and virtue. The memory of the beautiful and happy home of childhood is the richest legacy any man can leave to his children. The heart will never forget its hallowed influences. It will be an evening enjoyment, to which the lapse of years will only add new sweetness. Such a home is a constant inspiration for good and as constant a restraint from evil.”

  12. They seemed to have a lot more common sense, too.
    Whenever I listen to old people talk, or read old stories, it’s obvious most men could turn their hand to almost anything, and women were also extremely capable and sensible.
    Education seems to be teaching our kids to not think for themselves and work stuff out – turning to Google for the answer is easier, but they don’t know how things work because of that.

  13. My grandfather came back from the war and built a house. He wasn’t a carpenter.
    But he grew up in an era where you made what you needed.
    I can just imagine boys today doing that! Most boys today are sensitive snowflakes.

    Immorality used to be hidden. Homosexuality was illegal. Sex before marriage was scandalous. But look at society now. It’s sickening, what is accepted.
    It’s true that we have always had sin but it never used to be accepted like it is today.

  14. I grew up in a large metropolitan city in the early 1970s; a city now considered “dangerous.” Yet, we slept with the windows open on the first floor without worry. My Dad left the car unlocked with windows rolled down. Nothing ever happened. My brother and I played outside all day long, with all the neighborhood children, and no harm ever came to us. I cannot imagine my own children having such freedom and indeed, never granted them that kind of freedom – too dangerous! Times are definitely more evil now. It’s more up-close, more pervasive, more perverted, and worst of all, more excused and even “celebrated.” When I was in in school, kids got in trouble for chewing gum or passing a note in class. Now, the things that go on in school are…. so. much. worse. There is simply no comparison.

  15. You are 100% right Mrs.Lori Alexander.
    The past was a great time.People were virtous.The modern world is corrupt and degenerate.One of things is fornication/pre-marital sex.For centuries,it was a strict no-no from the women.Now everything is rubbish.
    There is no moral code and structure.

  16. Hello Lori,

    I am wondering if the Bible consider asexual people, who have no desire to have sexual or romantic relationships, and are part of LGBTQ+ (yes it is this now ?) to be corrupt/is asexualty unnatural?

    I do know that some Christians are celibate, such as monks, nuns, priests etc or serve as missionaries, doctors in Christian hospitals or teachers /professors in Christian schools/colleges. So can asexual people pursue celibate life in service to God and be fine biblically or is asexualty something that needs to be cured?

    Yes I also agree, the past was a better time to live in. I can’t think of a single evil ideology or movement that came into existence within the last century, compared to the amount of corruption in the last ten years! It is a lie that quality of life is better today, just look at the problems modern leftist Americans have eg crumbling marriages, leech off welfare, ghetto “culture”,. LGBTQ “pride” We are being indoctrinated constantly into thinking that life today is better but this is not true!

  17. Hello fellow Aussie!,
    In my suburb in country Victoria, we still leave our doors and cars unlocked. I can travel to Melbourne (under normal circumstances) 2 hours away, spend half a day there, get stuck in peak hour traffic on the way home and make a few errands and come home after dark and and the house is untouched. ? I don’t expect it to be like that for much longer though, the way the world is going. ?

  18. Even the 80-90s were, comparatively speaking, “better” to what we have now.

    A few nations are still like this though but you have to go to villages or remote countries.

  19. I’ve been doing a study on Ezekiel, which is about state sponsored apostasy. What we are seeing in America is very similar to what happened in Israel. They sacrificed to Molech and they were displaced by foreigners in their own land. We’ve killed 60 million Americans through abortion and have had 60 million “immigrants” displace Americans because of it. “You have not gone up to the breaches in the wall to repair it for the people of Israel so that it will stand firm in the battle on the day of the Lord.”
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭13:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

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