Preaching a Sermon Without Words

Preaching a Sermon Without Words

“There are so few older, wiser women online and even fewer to be found where I live. I grew up in a very 50s like small town in Alabama where everyone knew everyone. The wives and mothers stayed home while their husbands worked. My own mother worked outside of the home so my sister and I were mostly raised by my grandmother. I watched that dear lady all throughout my childhood. She would wake up ‘in the dark’, as we would say, fix breakfast for me, my sister, my two cousins and my grandfather every morning. She would take us to school, pick us up from school, take care of us all afternoon, and then cooked supper for my whole family: my parents, my aunt, my two cousins (and whoever they would bring home), my grandfather, my sister, and me.

She cooked and cleaned all morning and crocheted in the afternoons. I would sit next to her in her chair as she crocheted blankets for all of us. I learned more about Christianity from her than any sermon I’ve heard and the thing is, she never said a word about it. She didn’t even speak that often, she just did. Her life was a giving life. She gave herself to us every day. I am so blessed to have had her set the example for me to follow. And I do follow. I am a stay at home wife and mother. I homeschool my children. I cook and clean and do laundry. It is wonderful.”

This is a comment by a young woman named Emily who wrote me. Other women have asked her to begin a blog and teach women what she knows since she is a wise young woman but she is only thirty seven and doesn’t believe younger women should be mentoring other women since the Lord has given this ministry to older women who have raised children and been married a long time, plus they have the time to do it. Unfortunately, there aren’t many godly, older women who are willing to take on this role. Thankfully, Emily’s grandmother took her mother’s place and trained her in godly womanhood by the way she lived her life but few are blessed with a role model in their lives like this and this is the reason for Titus 2:4, 5.

If you had a mother or grandmother in your life who was an example to you of godly womanhood, you are blessed! It’s not common in today’s feminist culture but I doubt it has ever been common since Eve decided to go over her head (Adam) and choose her own way believing that her way is better than God’s ways.

 That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.
Titus 2:4, 5

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  1. As they say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. It sounds like her mother was somewhat also wise, in leaving her in the care of such a older Godly woman. Instead of jo blow down the street.

  2. I am 49 years old with 5 children and 7 grandchildren and Lord willing, getting ready to adopt 3 more children.

    When I was in my mid 30’s, I saw that I was getting counsel and advise from women my age with children that were the same age as mine and realized that I should be going to older women. When I started to ask older woman for counsel, the pat answer I got was, “It will turn out okay.” Or “Everything will be just fine.” This became very discouraging.

    Literally every older woman I asked advise/wisdom from never gave an answer to me. I was hungry and searching but to no avail. So today when a younger woman asks me for advice, I give them as much as they want. I don’t feel like I have reached the biblical position of an older woman yet but I do tell them what I know and will point to the position of the bible. I don’t know how many older ladies are reading this, but I would encourage us older woman to be willing to speak about Titus 2 issues as the bible has presented them.

    Everything did not turn out okay, our oldest is a prodigal. With the Lord’s help, we did a 180 and see what we did wrong. A few months ago I was a guest at a bible study and I was the oldest by at least 15 years. The subject was training children and I was looking forward to learning something. After the first 15-20 mintues, a young lady in her twenties, turned to me and said, “You sound like you know what your talking about…”, then proceeded to ask me a question. After answering that question, for the next hour I was pelted with questions!

    I have had several one on one sessions with younger woman but I have NEVER been in a large group (around 30) like that and it was scary! I realized after that, that I am moving into the older woman stage and that I better be ready to give an answer in this area too. I know a lot of us were not raised with good and Godly examples but let us be the ones to get on the narrow path and give some young moms the example and encouragement they need so they don’t have to go years of wondering like we did.

  3. I thank for you doing this online because I don’t know any older women that I can learn this from. If you didn’t do this online, I would be oblivious to these principles and would probably read straight over them in the Bible.

  4. I grew up on a small family dairy farm owned by my parents but my dad’s parents, Grandma and Pappy, lived with us at least six months out of the year. Grandma was a farm wife who raised seven children including two foster daughters. She helped take care of me and my two younger siblings while my mom helped my dad do farm chores. My parents were not saved but my grandma was a godly lady. She was the one who first taught me about Jesus, how to pray, how to sew by hand, bake from scratch, cook and keep house. Her stories on living through the Great Depression in a large family of 13 were inspiring to me. She passed away when I was 16 and left a large hole in my life. She was more of a mom to me than my own mother was and I miss her every day. I didn’t realize what a blessing she was while I was younger. I am only 45 but I know now what a treasure this was to have had her godly influence in my life.

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