Prisoners In Our Homes and Marriages?

Prisoners In Our Homes and Marriages?

Yes, some feminists actually believe women are prisoners in their homes and marriages and they must fight to free us from our bondage. You don’t believe me? Here is what a one woman wrote as she shared one of my handwritten posts:

Yes, women are capable of determining what to do with their lives but for women who love the Lord, they want to make their decisions based upon His Word and not their “wants” as many are doing today. The reason many Christian women who work outside of the home are against you advocating for “gender equality” is because they are wise enough to know that God values women and men equally and they both have worth, but they aren’t the same which is what feminists are fighting for. There are many women who don’t want to be men. They like being women and don’t want sameness. We don’t want you advocating for us, because our homes and marriages aren’t prisons. They are God’s perfect will for us because He created them for us.

Has my marriage and being home full time for 32 years been prison for me? No, it has been a wonderful place to be! I have a husband who works hard so I can stay home. I live in a beautiful home. We raised four great children together. He was a wonderful father to them. When I was sick all of those years, I didn’t have to worry about going out to a job since he was my provider. He fixes many things in the home. He helps me often. Just yesterday, I had the freedom to go and pick up my one year old granddaughter to have for a few hours. I then took her over to my parent’s home for a while. They LOVE being with her. Here is my dad carrying her to the car for me. He never wanted my mom to work outside of the home, so he worked hard for many years so my mom could be home full time with us. He told me yesterday that there’s nothing more valuable than a mother home raising her children.

On Tuesday, a friend of mine called and asked if I wanted to go out to lunch with her so we did. Ken has never minded me going out with friends. He trusts me with money and has never said no to anything I’ve ever wanted to buy since he knows I’m not frivolous. I also have time now that my children are all grown up to teach younger women.

Whereas when I had a career, I had to make sure I was at work on time or I’d get in trouble. The stress level was high in order to perform, please my boss, parents, and do a good job. Many nights, I couldn’t sleep because I had some concerns about the next day and then trying to get through it on little sleep. By the end of the day, I was exhausted and had to spend my weekends cleaning, cooking, and shopping for food. Those years felt much more like a prison to me and all for a paycheck? No, thanks.

So, whoever you are, please don’t advocate for me because the more feminists advocate for “their rights” the worse it gets for women. Cultures haven’t gotten better since the women’s rights movement. They’ve gotten worse because children are no longer being raised by their mothers. In Australia, they are advocating for mothers to not even have the choice to stay home because it hurts their economy – not enough people to tax.

“But once a child goes to school, she argued, opting out of the workforce should no longer be an option.

‘Rather than wail about the supposed liberation in a womanโ€™s right to choose to shun paid employment, we should make it a legal requirement that all parents of children of school-age or older are gainfully employed,’ Le Marquand wrote.”

This is what happens when people “hold the truth in unrighteousness” as the Apostle Paul wrote about in Romans 1. They hate God and refuse to live for Him so they rebel against His ways and everything that is good and right. Women, living in submission and yes, even obedience to your husbands isn’t prison. It’s good and godly. Feminists will gladly live in submission and obey their bosses but falsely belief it’s bondage with their husbands. Do you see the hypocrisy? They leave their homes all day for almighty mammon and their children in the care of others. This, too, is foolishness and chasing after the wind.

Should we be surprised that the single biggest factor that is causing Millennials to abandon their faith is the “breakdown of the family” which feminists are responsible for? No. God created us. He gave us roles to fulfill and He knows what’s best for us, which includes mothers raising their children full time and caring for their husbands and homes.

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do,
do all to the glory of God.

1 Corinthians 10:31

14 thoughts on “Prisoners In Our Homes and Marriages?

  1. My home and marriage are not a “prison”. They are priceless treasures that are well guarded by my husband who loves us unconditionally.

    Such a sweet picture of your dad and granddaughter. You have the same sunny smile as your father!

  2. It’s so sad to me that some women view their homes and marriages this way. Our long term goal is for me to be able to stay home, and my husband and I are working diligently to make that happen one day. But right now, I must work. Let me tell you, every day that I don’t have to be at work is a sweet gift. I LOVE to be in my home. I love keeping it tidy and clean, smelling good, cooking and baking! It’s almost a vacation for me! I LOVE my husband, and know that there are many single women out there who would gladly take such a wonderful man off my hands if I ever left him. I LOVE my baby! Every minute I get to spend with her is precious. It grieves my heart to know that so many women bemoan these perfect gifts that God has given them.

  3. Thank you, Mrs. G. He does bemoan the fact that he worked so hard while we were growing up that he wasn’t around much but he sure is making it up now! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I too find it ironic that she calls a wonderful home life prison. Prison is not being allowed to go to your kid’s ball game because a big project is due. Prison is not being allowed to take 3 weeks vacation or risk loosing your job. I wish she would advocate for all Christians to opt out. I appreciate that men sacrifice their whole lives as prisoners to work but I don’t believe it was God’s intentions to take either men or women away from their families. In Biblical times men were farmers or merchants or tradesmen and they were not only “allowed” to do this alongside their children but having children increased your productivity and employee base. ๐Ÿ™‚ So it is even sadder that Christians are trying to break the last strings holding the family together and call it “advocacy”.

  5. This woman on Facebook “advocates for us,” but only so far as to help us make the choices she wants us to make. She thinks we’re capable of deciding what to do with our lives, but not if it’s something she wouldn’t decide to do. And the moment we step off the path she tried to lay out for us, she insults us by implying we’re prisoners. I have to say thank you but no thank you to the kind of advocacy she’s selling.

  6. You are so right, Michelle! The Industrial age helped to tear families apart since it takes many fathers away from their homes for hours every day but at least up until the women’s right movement divorce was rare. But then the feminist’s movement finished off what the Industrial Revolution began, namely emptying homes leading to empty lives.

  7. Very well said. The past eight months I’ve been a stay-at-home mom with my seven year old. It’s been amazing!

    At first it was an adjustment to settle down and realize that if something wasn’t done I had all week long to take care of it. I was so used to running and running I couldn’t seem to settle down. Once I finally got a groove going I was amazed at the peace I felt each day just knowing I could do my “jobs” at my pace and, therefore, the gentleness I was able to give to my son. I was an unrushed mother, not preoccupied with anything else. He loves it too, of course.

    I’ve asked them to stop advocating for me, as well. I do not have an abusive husband. We have the rights we need (to be able to own homes, work if we need to, walk away if abused.. etc) We don’t need someone advocating for us to do something THEY want to do and we have no interest in.

  8. Thanks, Lori, for the link to this article. Notice that Sarrah Le Marquand provides no statistical information to back up her claim that the economy will be better if women work outside the home? She simply assumes that more jobs will magically appear if throngs of women leave their homes and enter the workforce. Is it that simple and direct? I don’t claim to be an expert in economics, but I highly doubt it is that simple.
    Australia’s economy is heavily dependent on the rest of Asia.

    She is only one (loud and foolish) voice in Australia. She does not speak for the whole country.
    “The tongue of the wise adorns knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly” Proverbs 15:2

  9. It makes me very sad that women now think of marriage and their house as a prison!!!! Like you said, women were never supposed to work because the Bible doesn’t have that! One time, I was offered a job at my nearby Christian bookstore because I am there all of the time with my kids, but I told them what hypocrites they were being to call themselves Christian and offer a mother a job! I have a job and its called being a mom!!! Thanks for being so wise, Lori! ?? ??

  10. Ugh!! If your home and marriage feel like a prison, then you are probably in rebellion not just to your husband, but God as well. And you are allowing your mind to be too saturated by the things of this world. And I would question how much time you invested in Gods word. Such an ignorant post by that woman. Sigh. I often can resonate with the words of Jesus in Matthew 17 v 17.

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