She Lives in Constant Tranquility of Mind

She Lives in Constant Tranquility of Mind

Many women are anxious and fearful these days and I don’t blame them. It’s a scary time since it’s unknown what the future holds. Life has abruptly come to a halt but as women who love the Lord and understand that this is NOT our home, we can rest in the Lord because we know that He is sovereign over all. The following was written by Mario Brisson and I end this post with a few quotes from commentaries of old on this same verse.

Question: How does a Proverbs 31 woman react to the Corona virus chaos?


With all the chaos, panic, worry, anxiety, and fear going around as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic, I thought it would bless us all to take a moment to examine Proverbs 31. Here the virtuous/godly woman is described in great detail. In verse 25 it says:

“She is clothed in honour and strength AND SHE LAUGHS AT THE DAYS TO COME!”

Now let’s pause! Why is that? Why is it that when she reaches that inevitable moment of weakness, realizing that the painful present, and most certainly the unknown future, are outside of her control? … She LAUGHS ? ?? !

NOTE: It’s a laughter that comes not from a prideful, self-trusting attempt to let nothing stand in her way; rather, it’s a humble, God-trusting laughter that steps out of the way in quiet submission and hope.

She laughs because she KNOWS GOD IS SOVEREIGN! She KNOWS God and because of this relationship with Him, she is able to be FEARLESS in the face of anything the future here in this fallen world can throw at her.

Sisters and brothers, we NEED in this time to take a moment and LAUGH AT THE DAYS TO COME! No matter how dark, evil, and twisted things get … GOD IS IN CONTROL AND WILL BRING ALL THINGS BACK INTO PROPER ORDER … ON THE FINAL DAY!

So, if you’re fearful of the days to come, I believe God had me write this post for you. Please be encouraged. Take a moment to reflect and see that at the root of this fear lies doubt in God. Get to truly know your Father and you will, as the Proverbs 31 woman did, laugh at the evil days ahead!

So join me in saying “Future persecutions, hardships, trials, tribulations, … BAHAHAHHA YOU GOT NOTHING ON MY GOD! BAHAHAHAHA ???????????????????”

“She lives in constant tranquility of mind, and a confident and cheerful expectation of all future events, how calamitous soever, partly because she hath laid in provisions for a rainy day, and chiefly because she hath the comfortable remembrance of a well-spent life, and, which follows thereupon, a just confidence in God’s gracious providence and promises made to such persons.” (Matthew Poole’s Commentary)

 “‘…And she shall rejoice in time to come’ – Aben Ezra interprets it of old age, or of the world to come; and Jarchi and Gersom of the day of death: having fullness of food and clothing, she is not afraid of want in old age, or in any time of distress that may come; and having a good name, laughs at death, and departs in peace; so these interpreters.

“The church of Christ fears no want at any time, nor need any of her members; they have a clothing that never waxes old, a righteousness that will answer for them in a time to come; their bread is given, and their waters are sure; they shall want no good thing; all their need is supplied from Christ; they have hope in their death, and rejoice then and sing, ‘O death, where is thy sting?’ 1 Corinthians 15:55; they will have confidence in the day of judgment, and not be ashamed; shall come to Zion with everlasting joy; and shall rejoice with Christ, angels and saints, to all eternity.” (Gill’s Exposition of the Bible)

Strength and honor are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.
Proverbs 31:25

26 thoughts on “She Lives in Constant Tranquility of Mind

  1. While no Christian should be afraid at times like this, we do need to practice wisdom. My husband, I and my children are praying Psalm 91 over our home and family daily. While I do not fear and have peace I do have love for my neighbor and we are staying home like our President has asked.Just because we are Christians doesn’t mean we are invincible. We will not test God and go out and risk getting this and spreading it to others. I know people,Christians who are not taking this seriously and having get togethers because they believe God will protect them from getting sick. This is not an act of faith this is foolishness. Would you go handle a poisonous snake and expect God to save you from dying if you get bitten? Or course not! That would be testing God and He says do not test me. Going to church and out and about just for fun at a time like this or anytime you are sick believing you won’t get sick or make someone sick is not any different. Please if any Christian reading this is going out to socialize because you are think you’re practicing faith by not being afraid let it be known you are not practicing faith you are practicing testing God. Do not let foolishness parade around as faith.

  2. Lori, I agree that a woman (or man) should not be in fear because of this virus.

    But a woman (or man) should also be showing wisdom during this madness.Barely a week into school closing, business closing, “shelter in place” and women and men are already showing their darker side.

    I have been in stores where someone is pushing a cart with multiples of the same item and surrounding people are giving dirty looks and negative remarks about “hoarder”. The “hoarder” has several children with them and the items in the cart would be the normal purchase for a week.

    I have seen store clerks following a person with a full shopping cart, watching them. I’m not talking about a full cart of nothing but TP either, but assorted items. It is my opinion that clerk was also following them outside to get license plate info.

    I have heard people say that people in “essential” product making should be made to work every day to make those things. Forced labor and slavery for the good of the majority. I asked one person, what about that person and their family’s rights of freedom and safety? Response – “but it is for the good of the majority”…… I said okay, what about the authorities requiring you to leave your family and be forced to go make the “essential” items? The response is not repeatable here but the gist of it was “no way and contacting lawyer and a lawsuit.

    I already am hearing of people being depressed and can’t function because they can’t go out and have fun every day.

    And don’t get me starting on the women saying they wish school would be back open so they could get their “brats” away from them………

    So be wise in these days because the times are already becoming perilous after only a few days of this virus.

  3. Blair, I totally agree with you. I have witnessed these very same things too. Stay at home moms are freaking out because they don’t know how to be with their children because until this moment they have not been with them very much given the hectic routines of school for six hours a day in public or private school,after school activities, church kids classes on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. Now that no one else is raising their child they are scared because they have no clue how to it or they really don’t want to do it.

  4. Every hoarder should be viewed with suspicion. Yes some may have a big family but hoarding at this moment is pure selfishness and outright obnoxious behaviour. The sick and the disabled cannot do a normal shop and people with no jobs (it is the jobless that are hoarding, as a full time workers are not able to shop till after work when shelves are empty) are filling up their trolleys because they have the luxury of time and transport to do so.

  5. Hoarding is sad. We are told not to worry about what we’ll eat or wear because God will take care of us as he does the birds of the air or grass of the field which is here today and gone tomorrow.

    Hoarding toilet paper is unnecessary. We use a hand-held bidet and only need a dab of paper to dry off (we could just use a washcloth or clean rag).

  6. @CVD
    People work many different shifts around the clock. To say its people with no jobs that are doing the hoarding is not correct.

    Who is going to keep prepping after this? Lots are and nobody is going to call the preppers or the Mormons nuts (at least not call the Mormons nuts for prepping).

  7. We must remember that going out in public with a brazen attitude, )despite public health warnings) thinking that God will save us is not only irresponsible but keep in mind that there are non-Christians who could (and are) being infected. These people may just now be thinking about accepting Jesus as their savior….we should remember that not all have come to the Lord yet and we need to protect them as well. If we expose and infect them and they die before accepting Jesus, we will certainly be held accountable. Maybe they will never accept the Lord but we have no way of knowing that. We all need to be careful and responsible.

  8. Thank you for this post. It brings to mind, “The world is not my home I’m just passin through, Come on up to the house (Tom Waits song).”

    God is in control. We know he will provide and we know how good it is to be prudent and wise.

    “Go to ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise. It has no commander, no overseer and no ruler. Yet, it stores its provisions in the summer and gathers its food at harvest.” – Psalm 6: 6-8

    I strive to be cheerful at my work as the post says. To continue what God had set before me because that job doesn’t stop just because everything else does. I agree, strive not to spread sickness but be wary. The world has seen how easy it is to prevent congregations.

  9. If I could just ask for prayers I’d appreciate it. My wedding is supposed to be just a few months from now, but everything has been rather thrown into uncertainty.

  10. They found a cure

    Hydroxychloroquine, a popular anti-malaria drug known under the trade name Plaqenuil, and antibiotic azithromycin knock out the virus within 6 days, taking only 3 days to severely limit the viral load

    So if the CDC or FDA delay anything, they are just trying to screw Trump politically

  11. My family is prepared. And it feels so good that I can “laugh at the time to come”. Other than topping up on milk and fresh vegetables, we are all good here. My kids go to a small country school. (Less than 80 students) so we are ok there too. (I’ve done home schooling, I’m now following orders to send my kids to school due to an almost complete mental breakdown) I love homeschooling and will get behind any family that chooses to do it. Thankfully the school we send our kids to is very conservative. Doesn’t teach most of the garbage we hear about today. I also stay at home 98% of the time so I’m used to it. ? I’m not worried when I go out in public but I’m not up to wearing face masks and gloves yet. ? Our church is very small so we are still able to meet.

  12. This comment thread is from Doctors…

    As a backup, consider zinc (30mg/day), quercetin (1-3g/day, suggest 2g/day taken between meals), and liberal intake of green tea unless contraindicated. If anyone else has any other thoughts, please feel free to share. These opinions are my own and you may freely disagree.

    And because I am the Finnish Sauna girl…

    During Spanish flu epidemic in 1920, 500,000 Americans died. A doctor Kellogg in Michigan treated thousands of patients with moist heat. All patients survived.

    So why is everyone so worried?

  13. In the western world there is absolutely no need to prepare? What for? The apocalypse? This is a respiratory flu. In my context supermarket hours have been adjusted to 8am to 8pm to meet restocking demands. So yes it is correct to say those without jobs and especially stay at home mothers in addition to the generally misinformed are the ones who are hoarding. Western countries have excellent supply chains. Hoarding is completely unnecessary and very, very selfish and dare I say unchristian

  14. Please remember our President has advised that no one gathers in groups more than ten, this includes church and school. This is to stop asymptomatic people from spreading it to the most vulnerable. Assuming you live in U.S. I think your actions of still going to church and sending your children to school is selfish and not showing love and concern for your neighbor. No we Christians should not be afraid but we absolutely should be prudent and considerate. I read a previous comment from someone on this blog that stuck with me “don’t let foolishness parade around as faith.”

  15. Symptomatic of the broken, lost world we live in. Those without God at the center of their lives cannot help but live in constant fear, for they cannot see anything beyond their own human weakness.

  16. Totally agree with you, Anonymous. People, especially Christians that are still doing group get togethers and outings in the name of faith are being foolish in their actions and making Jesus look bad.
    God has not given us a spirit of fear but of power,love and a sound mind. Many quote the first words of this verse but forget to live the latter.

  17. Not a miracle cure. Toxic if overused. Being evaluated in a trial, but not for public use yet. Blood plasma from recovered patients is also being used to treat Covid-19 patients, but not in general use yet.

  18. I bought Quercetin for my family

    And sent an email to my Dad and for the first time, there was no argument or disagreement…

    Just an email back saying ‘Got everything!’

    Everything being Vit C, Zinc, Quercetin, a semi-joking reference to find a good Tonic water with old fashion quinine if he could

  19. I took two Advil today…and just read this…

    Avoid taking ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) during this time and stick to acetaminophen (Tylenol).

    The French health ministry is recommending against taking ibuprofen because it increases ACE2, which is a protein that the coronavirus attaches to.

    Some blood pressure and diabetes meds also increase ACE2, so it may be reasonable to drop those meds or substitute them with alternatives .

    “France says ibuprofen may aggravate coronavirus”

  20. Firstly, you assume I live in the United states, I don’t. Secondly, our church met all government requirements of meeting in a group. Thirdly, our schools up until today we’re still running. Children are relatively low risk and the school was doing what it could to teach them about proper hygiene. It was a distraction from the stress going around and kept them occupied. If my kids showed any kinds of illness I kept them at home. We are now on a scheduled two week holiday and our government will review reopening schools by the end of two weeks. So as much as I love you’re president and appreciate you’re comment. You’re really jumping to some conclusions there.

  21. You also assume I did not practice recommended hygiene but just blatantly went out and did whatever I wanted. No, that’s not the case. I carry on with life as normal, but I’m careful about hygiene while I go out. The government here still allows it. It is more likely to frighten my children if I stay cooped up at this point. Plus, my family still needs things.. medicine etc. So I plan to go out today to get them along with other items. Staying cooped up is also not good for mental and emotional well being. And not good for physical health. Go out if you must, but keep clean and be mindful of others. Should you choose to stay inside but you’re government still allows you to venture out, good luck with that. If you’re sick in any way, stay home and have someone healthy run errands for you. But to assume that 1. Someone lives in the u.s. just because they comment on this blog 2. Just because they venture out they must be coughing in people’s faces and not practicing hygiene. 3. Therefore they are breaking current bans and are being irresponsible. Is extremely foolish, prideful and judgemental. Some might be doing that, but I am not. My church is extremely small. You’d be lucky to get 30 people. Our country says no group meetings of 100 or more people. (Although that’s now changed, as of Monday morning) as I said above, hand sanitizer was in abundance and morning tea was handed out with tongs.

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