Single Women Numbers Soaring

Single Women Numbers Soaring

CNN Business had a headline the other day that read, “By 2030, 45 percent of working women aged 25 to 44 in the United States will be single, the largest share in history.” The man who shared this on Twitter, wrote above it, “Female depression also at all time highs. Just a coincidence.”

Women will often say that women are taking positions of authority, because men have abdicated their positions. No, it’s women who have abdicated their positions at home with their children. Men haven’t abdicated theirs.

God’s curse after the Fall for women was that they would have pain in childbirth. Child birthing and raising children was their God assigned role in life. God’s curse for men is that they would toil in the soil. They would have to work hard in order to support their families. Women didn’t like their God assigned role, so they left their homes in droves and competed for men in the workforce. Feminism had convinced them that marriage and being home were bondage.

You see, Satan always persuades people to do things upside down. Workforce for women is bondage, not being wives and mothers at home. Now, instead of being home and caring for their families (eternal investment), they are out in the workforce working for strangers (leads to loneliness and depression). Feminism has made women unattractive to men. Most men don’t want strong, aggressive, independent women. They want gentle, kind, and loving women who want to be protected by a man.

Marriage has been on the decline since the sixties and “free love” movement, and it continues. The worst part is that those in the Church are mimicking fallen culture in this area. I will tell you what I think we need to steer this ship around. Churches NEED to be sound in doctrine. They need to be preaching/teaching truth from the pulpit.

We began a new church a month ago. Sad to say, it’s the first biblically sound church I have ever attended. The singing is biblical (no Hillsong, Bethel, or Elevation), the preaching is solid and the preacher uses Scripture throughout the sermon, and the elders are all men. There are many other things I love about this church, but these are the main reasons. The Pastor of the junior and senior high is just as good of a Bible teacher as the main preacher. Those teenagers are learning solid Bible teaching.

There’s a 29 year old woman I reached out to on Instagram. She is solidly biblical. I wanted to know if she was homeschooled, since she is so wise. She said she didn’t believe in the Lord until she was 22 and then attended a solid, Bible preaching/teaching church. It helped her to grow in the wisdom and the knowledge of the Lord quickly. Few churches are like this.

As these teenagers grow older, churches need to do things to get the young women and men together in groups often to encourage them to get to know each other. It’s okay for 17 years old and older to begin thinking about marriage in a few years, searching for a godly spouse. Biblical womanhood needs to be taught to the young women. The young men need to be taught to work hard and want to provide a living for their families. We shouldn’t make the young wait until all of their ducks are in order to marry. All this does is promote fornication and young women chasing dead-end careers.

This culture is headed downhill fast. Find a solid, Bible believing church even if you have to drive a bit. Make sure you are teaching your children the Word of God and hiding it in their hearts from the time they are young. Help them to desire to be married and have children by modeling a great relationship with your husband and enjoying being a mother and homemaker. Make it look like it’s the best thing in the world because it is. It was designed by God Himself! We will always be a remnant. Work hard on keeping the remnant being fruitful and multiplying.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. 
1 Timothy 2:15

16 thoughts on “Single Women Numbers Soaring

  1. A lot of young contemporary men say – why I should be the only breadwinner, both adult people should work. They say – I don’t want to provide for a parasite and lazybones. They say – all women are materialists wanting a comfortable living provided by a man.
    What would you say about these men..?

    1. Dont marry them. It’s that simple.
      As a young contemporary man though I’ll tell you that the kind of men your describing arent real. In my whole life I’ve met only one person who expressed that kind of opinion even among secular men. Most men are neutral on women working and only think it’s normal because it’s what they’re surrounded by they do not have a strong opinion on it as a point of ideology. Women are the ones largely pushing for women to work.

    2. This attitude is the INEVITABLE product of two-plus generations of feminism in which women have forcefully rejected the idea of men being primary breadwinners. Given that the message has been “anything you men can do, we women can do better,” why WOULD any man feel compelled to support a woman? Indeed, since women claim they don’t need men at all, why would any man want anything to do with them? It is simply foolish to expect men to continue to maintain traditional roles when such roles are systematically denegrated and undermined by society.

      Messages generate logical responses and incentives matter.

      1. I totally agree, rejecting their traditional roles but still expect men to fullfill their roles as protector and provider in order to reap the benefits of it.

  2. My husband and I are expecting our 11th baby soon. And as expected, walking around heavily pregnant usually invites comments. We spoke to two different, unsaved women. Both are single and both plan on having a baby and raising it without a man. They say they’ve given up ever finding a good man.

    Because of covid, numbers of women seeking to have their eggs frozen has risen by 70% because they fear they will never meet a decent guy or even date because of covid
    Pretty sad state of affairs. 😕

    1. Those women will never “raise their baby without a man”. That’s a perfect example of the insanity of Feminism feeding the pride and ego of the modern stupid woman.

      They cannot raise the baby alone. God made marriage for men and women, so that men could help with the HUGE burden of properly raising a child.

      Those single moms will have the baby and then their lives will be a disaster, they’ll end up homeless with a baby that is damaged or poorly raise. Or they’ll dump the problem on their elderly mom and dad, or they’ll marry some sleazy man, compromising the safety of the baby.

      Single motherhood is a complete disaster not only for the baby but for all of society.

      Next time a girlfriend tells you she plans to be a single mother, call her out, harshly, RIGHT THERE. Tell her in no uncertain terms that what she is planning to do is a SIN and will destroy her life. Don’t let her off easy. You will be doing her a favor.

  3. I just read an online article a couple of weeks ago that the same thing is happening in China. Feminism is gaining strength, women are gaining power, and they don’t want to get married anymore. It’s ironic that the one child policies seem to have led them to this place and now they’re encouraging more marriage and children. It’s an interesting article, I think it was a CNN feed.

    I’m so grateful that the Lord gave me a good manly man believer who appreciates our different roles. God’s ways truly are best.

  4. Single women become handmaidens of Satan.

    They hit 40 years old and realize they’ve ruined their lives by failing to find a husband and raise a family while they could.

    The single women get angry and resentful. Their pride is hurt. They envy the younger women they see who are clever enough to find a husband.

    Those 40+ single women start the turn to evil. Pride and envy always turn to hate eventually. By their mid-40s they actively HATE other women who have families. They actively hate children. But they are oh, so clever and careful, to keep their hatred hidden.

    They start teaching young girls “you should focus on your career…don’t waste your time on men”.

    They want to grow their evil, so they have company. Misery loves company.

    That’s why smart mothers SHUN those single older women. Keep them away from your daughters. If you catch your old spinster aunt whispering Feminist lies in the ears of your daughter, grab your daughter and hustle her away to be with a less unsavory member of your family!

    LOL. My mother was one of these feminists – who destroyed her marriage and my childhood in the process. I spent many years finding a woman who was NOT a feminist and teaching my daughters to NOT be feminists. To this day, when my mother visits her granddaughters, my wife must sit with them to ensure that grandma isn’t filling the daughter’s ears with poison. Oh what a world.

    1. To be fair, not all older single women are like that. The Bible states that singleness is a gift, and while its not for everyone some people have it. Take my aunt, for instance. She never found a good guy and so has been single all her life. And she is perfectly content with her life, she’s been a teacher for years and she loves kids. And she’s a devout Christian. Some women don’t want marriage, some women can’t find a man (especially if they come from environments in which they are not allowed to make the first move)…as Christians we are called to not the judge others.

      1. Thalia I hear you and I also have aunts who are good people.

        I chose not to discuss that in my comment because we need to stop sugarcoating this situation.

        Modern single women are more, and more, and more hostile to families and children. There are good “aunts” yes, but their numbers are shrinking.

        As a society, we need to start recognizing that Satan is working hard to harden the hearts of single women and to make them in to Witches, that is, evil women.

        We need to stop this nonsensical belief that women, just because they are female, are somehow “better” than men. That is simply not true. There are just as many evil women, who are working to destroy God’s goodness in the world.

        It’s time to start calling out this issue.

        As a Christian Man I have every right and in fact a duty to protect my family from evil.

        However I want to thank you and bless you for your thoughtful comment.

        1. God bless you too sir, and I do see your concern. I also agree with you that women aren’t better than men, or vice versa, and both are capable of evil. I believe part of the problem that is hostile single women derives from the idolizing of romantic/sexual relationships in society. What kinds of film and book genres are targeted towards women? Rom coms and romantic fiction. What kind of films do we let little girls see? Animated Disney films that make romance the ultimate goal for females. A high school student without a boyfriend is considered to be an outcast and to have something wrong with her. Overall, culture makes romantic relationships, and more directly sex, an idol for women, and unfortunately the church has caught on to this a bit too. And so when a woman does not have a boyfriend or husband, culture and often times the church will think there is something wrong with her or that she’s unattractive or not trying–things that will damage a woman’s sense of femininity. Hence single women are angry. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with romantic relationships in the right time and place, we need to remember that holiness and devotion the Lord comes before love and marriage, and that singleness is a gift from God.

    2. Dear Bill, there have always been “wall” women. Many who didn’t marry, mainly because they were not blessed with good looks. Throughout history, these poor souls have been marginalized. And yeah, invalidated folks are known to become bitter. Once again, the smug married women in the church has dropped the ball. And i seriously doubt that Jesus is happy over the drama raised by all this.

  5. To be frank, I am happy women who decide to dedicate their lives to a career don’t get married and don’t have children. I don’t think they’d make good mothers and I don’t think they’d raise their children to become Godly men and women. Of course I don’t support abortion or certain methods of birth control, the fact is that staying childless usually doesn’t mean staying abstinent but killing your own children … That part makes me sad.

  6. My main concern for my boys marrying is that girls have become lazy. One son is a dairy farmer and the other a baker. Both will require very hard working wives and wives who will be content to stay home and not travel all over the place. So far, I can think of no girls who would put up with that…as to why they remain single. Where are the hard working women who will be happy at home???

  7. “Satan always persuades people to do things upside down.” People are slow to catch on that everything seems to be backwards these days. We have so much freedom that we cannot even distinguish what is right or wrong anymore.
    We have created an environment that puts down people if they even question the way things are. I fear for the future of children.

  8. I am so greatful to God His Holy Spirit and Sound scriptural Truth. We do indeed know the spiritual battle for our souls is real! I am so grieved when I see the enemy deceiving us! I was a young mom married and stayed home to raise our 3 children. I had my son out of marriage and by Gods grace did marry his dad and is still my husband. Thankyou God. Even before I truly started seeking God I knew deep inside my spirit to drop out of college and put my kids and husband first! As I grew in the grace and knowledge of Truth I believe God took the worldly desires from my heart and continued to bless our home in ways that I received confirmation that I was doing His will. We did have less material things but I never ever wanted to regret this life changing decision by making a mistake and miss out on all the good and not so good things to be there to help my kids navigate until they own their own faith in Jesus Christ!!!! I do work out of the home now as a janitor as I have seeked Gods peace about doing so and my husbands blessing. They are young adults and I do see the hunger they have for His truth and I would love prayer for them to all have born again believing spouses to carry on Gods will!!!!! I see and hear the comments about the how feminism has tried to rob this next generation! I believe it we keep praying and believing God to reverse this lie He can work through us! Prayer is powerful and effective! And I look to those who are being deceived with mercy and compassion!

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