Telling Girls to Dress Modestly is Not Shaming Them

Telling Girls to Dress Modestly is Not Shaming Them

According to a “feminist flash mob,” telling junior high girls to NOT wear leggings is shaming them and promotes a rape culture. I can tell you that this makes zero sense to me and these women have no wisdom. They are foolish women. How does telling young girls to not dress immodestly shame them and promote a rape culture? I have no idea! In the article, a feminist tweeted, “#RapeCultures When we tell 13 year old girls they can’t wear leggings because it’s distracting to the boys.” Thirteen year old girls need to be taught that what they wear effects boys. It’s the difference in the way God created the sexes.

The feminist solution is asking why they should “make girls cover up instead of…teaching boys to not be gross sexist pigs.” And “boys need to respect women no matter what they’re wearing.” I am sorry but it’s NOT shaming women to tell them to dress modestly, to be virgins until marriage, and teach them to be feminine; all the things the Lord requires of women. It’s speaking the truth in love to them!

Leggings are immodest. They are tight and clingy and show every curve. Men and even teenage boys are attracted to women’s bodies, regardless of how much the feminists want to reinvent and tell men how they should act and what they should prefer. What right do they have to demand that men change yet they can act, dress, and do as they please? What about not causing a brother to stumble? What about women being commanded by God to dress modestly (1 Timothy 2:9)? Do you notice God did not give this command to be modest to men because He knows that it is men who are more visual and women are more apt to dress immodestly to attract men. He’s the One who created men to be attracted to the female body and He did it for a good reason – to bond them in marriage and be fruitful and multiply.

No, it’s not shaming women to tell them to cover up and be modest. It’s what God commands of us. Since when are God’s commands shaming women? I am accused often of shaming women because I teach them to be keepers at home, chaste, virgins before marriage, that they should not be teaching men or being leaders in the churches, and to dress and act modestly. No true Christian women should be shamed by any of the commands to them in God’s Word. If they are, they must check their hearts to make sure they are in the faith.

Those in authority at this junior high have every right to tell the girls to wear leggings with a long shirt over them so they won’t distract the boys. Boys and men should be able to go to school and church without having to see women who are dressed immodestly. No, men shouldn’t lust and you must teach your boys about quickly bouncing their eyes because there will always be immodestly dressed women, but we must train our daughters to dress modestly in obedience to God and to not cause a brother to stumble. Neither of these are shaming girls or women. It’s truth.

It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.
Romans 14:21

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  1. Amen to that!!!! Modesty is not being ashamed on your body, rather glorifying it by not just revealing it as a sex lure for men to lust over! Amazing how the radical feminists say they fight sexual objectification and exploitation, while creating it through making women act vulgar and promiscuous, the “Nasty Woman” who wears a vagina hat and insists on wearing the skankiest thing in her closet then being surprised when a man wants to take up the offer! I wish more girls and women embraced modest, feminine clothing like ladies past! Sad comparing the beautiful modest gowns of ladies 100 years ago to now! Society has thrown modesty and lady like elegance and grace out the window!

  2. I always have a chuckle when I catch a celebrity wearing a dress with the neckline down to *there* and she’s talking about empowering women. And men should respect them, etc. So, just who is she wearing that totally revealing dress for, if not to lure men?

    It was in junior high that I learned how to get a boy’s attention. Plunging necklines, tight jeans, short shorts. Unfortunately, it attracts the wrong sort of boy attention….and sometimes older boys, which is all kinds of scary. For me, it was a phase that didn’t last long. My mom clipped my wings pretty quickly. I remember a couple of items of acquired clothing landing in the fireplace….no, I’m not kidding.

    I’m sometimes astounded at what I see in church.

  3. My husband and I raise our two 13 yr old grandkids. Our granddaughter just got this speech last week, so I guess me modeling immodest dress is just not enough. I found out she was wearing leggings for pants for gym class, as I found them in the wash, and not her gym shorts. Leggings in our home are used for underwear, not outwear, and not even with a long shirt. Thanks for the article. I get so tired of hearing that it’s what everyone else wears. Actually, a lot of middle aged older women wear them as ‘pants’ where we live. Horrible.

  4. How in the world can anyone believe that dressing modestly is shaming their bodies? I say shame on the tramps that over expose their bodies!

    All I can say is Lord come quickly!

  5. Fantastic article. It amazes me what some girls wear out in public, or lack thereof clothing. I have stepdaughters they are all grown now but I remember many battles I had when they came for visits. One of them showed up in a sheer blouse and all she had under was her bra, needless to say, she was going to wear it to church, she ended up staying home by herself because she and her mother thought it was o.k. for her to wear it. I had a hard time with that and I still do. I go to dinner with my husband and he’s shocked to see the ages of some of these girls. I would suspect my stepdaughters were happy they didn’t live with us. I agree with you 100%. I’m forwarding to some people I know who would appreciate the wisdom.

  6. Your final paragraph is absolutely correct those in authority, be it parents, husbands, the Church – have every right to require that girls dress modestly.

    Somehow I don’t think that feminists will agree with that but it doesn’t make it any less true !

  7. Teaching girls to dress modestly is important! I dress modestly myself, and am teaching both my daughters to dress modestly. My husband and I have discussed the clothing that we’re happy for them to wear, and we simply don’t allow items that don’t fit our standard into our house. Our family and friends who sometimes buy our daughters clothes as gifts, know what our standards are, and adhere to them. So at this age, while they’re still young (almost 12 and almost 14) it’s easy to teach them because they wear what we provide.

    Using shaming language (such as slut) while telling girls to dress modestly, is shaming them, and sadly, it’s what happens out in the world. Shaming language is often used in many different situations, out in the world.
    But a loving Christian mother/woman is definitely not “shaming” anyone by gently teaching girls to dress modestly, and showing them how to dress by their modest example. Teaching our girls to dress modestly because God has asked it of us, and teaching them that we’re honouring Him by clothing ourselves in pretty, feminine clothing that doesn’t reveal too much of our bodies, is certainly not shaming them! It’s part of teaching them how to serve our Lord.

    Sadly, so many young girls think it’s “cool” to dress immodestly and attract the attention of boys, so we need to be vigilant in upholding the standard in our home.

  8. There is nothing wrong with a school having a dress code. In fact, uniforms would fix this problem!

  9. When I was saved at 22 this was one of the first things the Holy Spirit brought conviction to…showing my cleavage, tight clothing and mini dresses. This is a heart issue. As some women get saved and transition out of the world…they must let go of their security (the attention they receive from men and the power a “sexy” woman gives them) and place their identity and security in Jesus! It took several years for me… and some women remain resistant to the Holy Spirit. I am still tempted sometimes- I’m still fairly young and take care of my body- but I want to please the Lord and I don’t want the attention of men on the street.

    You can look cute without looking sexy and immodest. 🙂

  10. Yes!
    I hate school uniforms for younger children, because they manage to get it dirty every single day, and it’s a struggle to get it washed and dry ready for the next morning (and because they’re so expensive, having more than one isn’t an option). But for teenagers, I think they’re great. It eliminates 100% of the peer pressure and the bullying over clothes, and the “I’m richer than you because my clothes cost more” thing. It also gets rid of the immodest dressing.

    There is no sending anyone home to change for immodest clothing. There is no arguing over whether or not something is suitable. It makes it so easy!

    Sure, it’s expensive, incredibly so… but with teenagers, the benefits are worth the expense.

  11. I agree with what you say. I wear calf length leggings in summer when I wear dresses or skirts. I also wear swim ankle length leggings with a swim skirt and rash vest when swimming. My granddaughters always wear shorts under their dresses and skirts.

  12. I think it’s just fine to cover up and dress modestly. Especially with boys and their teenage lusts. Have you seen how kids are these days? Everything is porn and cursing

  13. Amen! As a man I am really offended by these feminists who believe that men’s sexual drive is automatically rape culture. Modesty is not the right answer, chastity is. God did not create woman to inflict damage to man’s desire for a partner as He wants since creation. Woman was created to help man.

  14. Wow thank you so much for this! Most of the time I feel like I am the only one who thinks this way. It has been a struggle.. Persecuted alot for saying this! But I could never get away from the fact of what the Word of GOD says… I pray we have a revival of repentance and purity. GOD BLESS you!!

  15. Girls flash their own “teenage lusts” by dressing immodestly. It’s the girly version of the wolf whistle, an even more powerful version because her immodest dress won’t shut up.

    Let’s be honest. In her heart, she knows what she’s doing.

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