Why are Women SO Offended When Told Leggings are Immodest?

Why are Women SO Offended When Told Leggings are Immodest?

Yesterday, my post was about leggings being immodest and young teenage girls being told to wear a long shirt to cover them up. This caused an outcry among women and many were offended. Women are offended whenever I write about leggings being immodest so I asked the wise women in the chat room why they thought this was the case and here are some of their answers. (We must remember that whatever we do, we are to glorify the LORD and love others, even concerning what we wear.)

Lindsay: “Leggings can be modest as long as they aren’t worn as pants. Leggings are not pants. They’re just warmer pantyhose. They’re undergarments, not outer garments.” I agree. Most women that I see wearing leggings wear them as pants. Their entire front and back side are clearly seen. If we think of them as undergarments, then we will wear something over them, preferably to the knees since this is a good length to wear dresses in order to be modest.

Debbie: “Because they are wearing them and don’t have correctable spirits. They are rebellious. And I’m talking about ones that wear the butt shapely ones uncovered.” This is so true. Many women today don’t want to be told what to do, no, not even by the LORD. They want to wear what they want to wear regardless of how it affects the men around them. They idolize their comfort over the love they should be having for their brothers in the Lord around them.

Michelle: “I think there are two main reasons: 1) Pride; 2) They’re being asked to consider men’s feelings (and in our current society, it seems that men are expected to sit down, shut up, and let women do as they please).” Women in our culture are taught to despise men. This is the feminist agenda. They not only want to be like men, they want to be superior to men and dictate to men how they should be. The article I referenced yesterday has feminists saying that teenage boys need to be taught not to be “gross sexist pigs” but said nothing about teenage girls dressing like “harlots.” All the blame is placed on men and boys instead of placing any on women and girls.

Cathy: “I think it’s because leggings are in style, they’re cheap and comfortable, and so many women wear them. I also think most women do not feel a sense of personal responsibility (as in, not causing a brother to stumble) and generally, lack a sense of modesty.” This is where we need to be careful as godly women to not simply go along with the flow of our wicked culture but do everything to please the LORD and not ourselves. It’s loving the men around us more than we love ourselves when we dress modestly and appropriately.

Cheyenne: “Like the answers above, pride. And they want to do what they want with no regard for men. A wise women taught me in my teen years to dress the way I want other women to dress around my (then, future) husband. The problem I’m seeing with this is that apparently some women don’t care if another woman causes their husband to stumble, and don’t care if they cause another woman’s husband to do the same.” Women who don’t mind causing other husbands to stumble are being inconsiderate. Yes, some do it out of ignorance but others do it knowingly. They must see the way they are dressed catches other men’s eyes.

We must be wise as serpents and innocent as doves, women! Dress modestly and glorify the LORD with your clothing.

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.
1 Timothy 2:9, 10

37 thoughts on “Why are Women SO Offended When Told Leggings are Immodest?

  1. The radical feminists want to tell women that ALL must be acceptable in order to be empowered, no matter how skanky, trashy, indecent and immodest!!! Ladies who were taught to value their body and save it for their husbands are now gone in favor of the promiscuity=empowerment crowd! Very sad, and even as a young teenager I began to embrace modesty despite not growing up in a very traditional household! Luckily, there are mainstream stores that do carry modest fashions with higher necklines and maxi skirts and pleated midi skirts are making a comeback 😉 If you ignore the Junior’s section and shop in Women’s you’ll find more classy modest styles that aren’t frumpy! I know as a petite woman who still fits in Juniors but has to look for more modest styles in my size! So many teens are big enough to fit women’s sizes, so they should be able to find more modest styles there versus what is being marketed to teens! I think radical feminism has corrupted the minds of many teens with hook up culture telling them to be sexy and get as many guys rather than wait for the right one!

  2. I love it when I see women wearing the t shirt that says “Leggings are not pants”. It always makes me laugh and proud of them for wearing something “controversial”.

  3. I like leggings under a dress; however, alone is not an option for me. I’m 24 and have always felt this way about leggings (even when I wasn’t walking with the Lord). I don’t like following the latest trends nor do I want the outline of my bum to be displayed to the world.

  4. Hi Lori, here is a man’s take on leggings. The plain and simple truth is only certain women actually look good in them (usually slender ones), meaning that most are not going to. One night while my wife and I were out shopping, we went into a furniture store and as we go in, here is an older woman, probably 40’s in a open heavy winter coat and for pants, only wearing leggings. What a sight to see….. every crack and crevice of her body completely visible and on display. I know I stared, even though I tried not to, and when this woman noticed me, she closed her coat thankfully. I cannot understand why she might have thought she looked good in them.

  5. I’m in my mid 20s and in good shape, but when I go to the gym I wear leggings with shorts on top to be discreet. I see women twice my age and sometimes twice my size wearing the most obnoxious tight leggings and it’s just embarrassing. It sure catches my attention and it’s hard not to look. I can only imagine the unfair strain it puts on a man.

    Women point fingers that it’s the men’s responsibility and boys need to be taught this and that. But really, think about young boys who are noticing girls and they’re attractive beauty for the first time and they’re still so young. I remember noticing boys and their cuteness when I was in kindergarten. I had no knowledge of sexuality, just the natural instinct that boys are girls’ counterparts. This issue is beyond training, it’s beyond self control, it’s beyond common courtesy. Women who clothe their bodies and allow their daughters to dress in such a way that can cause even a young child to struggle are acting as perverts. It is that serious. It is that important. This isn’t about you. It’s about them. What you can do for them. Do the right thing, not the easy thing.

    When I was very young, I was exposed to pornography on three separate occasions. It was not my fault. I felt dirty. I was the victim…of someone’s decision that modesty was not their responsibility. Someone who believed it’s the responsibility of the person who sees them to have self control.

    If you can’t dress out of respect for men. For other women’s husbands. For yourself. Then do it for young boys and girls too.

    Think carefully about how you dress. Leggings, tight clothes, sheer clothes, bikinis, low cut tops, crop tops, backless shirts… they are not simply trends. They are not your everyday clothes. They have a purpose and that is to draw the eye and attract attention to certain body parts. Take responsibility.

  6. I have never understood how leggings could ever be considered modest. Perhaps it’s because we’ve been conditioned over the past century into thinking that every-more-revealing swim suits were somehow acceptable. One way or the other, it is not something that Christian women should go along with.

    Somehow, Lori, it’s always the most painfully obvious truths that you get pounded for saying. So sad.

  7. It isn’t particularly fashionable to call out women on matters relating to sex. Tell a man to keep his eyes and his hands to himself? Yes, of course! Tell a woman that her clothing choices are unwise or immoral? How dare you?

    Really, of course, any given person ought to be considering how he or she can act in a way that is modest and chaste, and older folks should be giving advice on these matters–if they’re sensible themselves, of course. Nothing is sadder to see than an elderly person behaving like a fool. (It’s especially sad when older women cake on the makeup and cram themselves into tight things meant for teenagers. It makes you wonder what they have learnt during their lives.)

  8. I guess I always thought leggings were meant to be worn under dresses or long tunics (covering the bottom). That’s the only way my daughter and I wear them. We live in a cold part of the country, and they are wonderful for keeping your legs warm! NOT instead of pants, though, and NOT with short tops!

  9. Great post, Lori!

    From the man’s perspective, I refuse to consider marrying a woman unless she is in accord with your website.

    Don’t want to dress modestly, or have children? That’s fine, we won’t have a relationship at all, and there are other men who are fine with that, and the woman, sadly, will have to learn what kind of character goes along with men who have no issues with these female choices.

    In California, I honestly think there are less than 2% of the women I see who think like you and the women on your post do. It’s gotten to the point where I try to ignore a woman’s beauty, because I know if she doesn’t have these values, it’s a waste of time trying to win her hand in marriage.

    While I do get bitter at times, as a man, I know that I have been plenty selfish in the past as well, even if I avoided relationships with women because I sensed that getting into one wouldn’t be wise. When I try to make excuses about my own falls into promiscuity, I have to remember Joseph, who was in a tough situation and yet stayed faithful to God.

    We seem to be in a death culture, where immodesty, abortion, contraception, abortion, and homosexuality are worshiped. When a people revel in debauchery and wiping out the future, pretty soon, another nation will destroy them.

    Hopefully and prayerfully we can restore a culture of life, once more, as we once had just 80 years ago in America. What a miserable time it has been since we let go of the Christian values our nation was founded upon.

  10. Women wear leggings as pants where I live, too. I honestly believe that if they saw what they looked like in the mirror, with their flabby butts and thighs jiggling around, they would stop wearing them immediately, because it is NOT a pretty sight!

    Leggings are comfortable. But they are NOT pants. In our house, they are worn under skirts or they’re not worn at all.

  11. It is BEYOND my comprehension how leggings ever became acceptable outward attire. I see several Christian women in my area that wear them. Not something I will ever understand!

  12. What do you think about leotards? My young daughter always wears a skirt or long shirt over leggings. She also wears modest swimsuits (sunblock shirt for the top, mid thigh shorts with a swim skirt on top). Every once in awhile I think about her ballet clothes. Are they modest enough? Am I sending her mixed signals? She usually has a leotard with a little skirt attached, but is that enough?

  13. When I think of leggings, I always remember a friend’s mom saying, “Just because it fits doesn’t mean you should wear it.” I knew exactly what she meant when I saw a large woman in leggings at church in SoCal. They were black, but so tight that they looked sheer. There wasn’t anything left to the imagination from any angle. And she wasn’t wearing anything underneath them. I audibly gasped. Lest you think I’m size shaming, I’m no skinny Minnie.

    I remember them looking great on my tall, slender friends when worn with long sweaters. The leggings weren’t skin tight, the sweaters were just at or slightly above the knee, & there were usually boots.

  14. As a former music teacher (I stopped now since I have an infant), and preparing for my Christmas concert, I sent a flyer to the parents with the dress code saying; “Leggings are not pants. Wearing them as pants for the concert will determine whether or not you will perform. You may wear them under loose dresses that come to the knees, but will be required to change if worn otherwise.” The principal loved it, the parents tolerated it (I even had some students say they had no money to buy regular pants), but the students (girls) were flabbergasted. They had no idea what modesty was — 6th grade by the way. Even by asking them if they knew the definition. They’re not taught modesty in this culture and it’s sad. It definitely needs to start in the home, but especially in the school setting. When I quit to stay home with my son, the girls wrote letters saying how much they appreciated the fact I spent time to get “real” with them by talking to them about things they encounter on a daily basis — things no one really talks to them about.

    Needless to say, lack of proper modeling for the young girls, and also education, can most assuredly alter how they act and what they wear when they’re older.

  15. Leggings are in effect simply opaque footless tights. Perfectly fine under a skirt or dress to keep warm and cover for modesty the lower leg. But they are underwear, tight and revealing in a wholly immodest way without being covered.

    Girls and women need to be taught about modesty and should be expected to dress modestly.

  16. You have to remember the context of the situation.
    A leotard would be considered immodest if worn out and about, but if worn in the context of ballet or gymnastics it’s not.
    Modesty is not drawing attention to oneself, wearing the correct clothing for the given circumstances.
    In ballet or gymnastics those are the kinds of clothes that are /needed/ to be able to perform ones sport/art.

  17. Thankyou Transformed Wife, whatever your name is.

    You have no idea, as a christian man how hard it is and at the same time how grateful I am that women like you are acting like the lightning rod of the whore generation. Sorry to say it that way, but that’s how they dress, regardless of how they act.

  18. Thank you for not changing your stance on this subject. If the church wasn’t so concerned about offending people, less women would wear immodest clothing.

  19. Great post!
    Unfortunately the image that Brazil passes is that here we are women with bulging buttocks and busts as well. And a totally immoral society. I must say that we are much more than that, there are a multitude of women who do the opposite movement.
    I think we need to start at home by educating how to dress modestly.

  20. Hi, I wear leggings as pants all the time as I am a figure skater and wearing jeans isn’t really an option haha! Does this mean I am going against the Lord? I love skating and walk to the rink in my leggings all the time but once a man wolf whistled at my behind (I’m underage). Also, if you look up figure skating costumes, our dresses are very short but there is a leotard underneath. What do you think? Should I give up skating altogether even though I love it? Sorry to bother you but I’m not quite sure what to do.

    Thank you so much anyway.

  21. I like how you say an older woman, probably in her 40’s. ?
    I’m 47. Obese. Have never worn a pair of leggings. I don’t care for them all. I think they went from exercise clothing to being acceptable as go-to pants for most women. If you wear them in public, I think your top needs to cover your bottom. I don’t care what your weight is.

  22. 6- 27–19. As I’m sure many have said; modesty includes acting and appearing as God has instructed us; and cdnsidering the thoughts and feelings of those around you. These now appear to be things that young ladies- wearing leggings – think are quite beneath them. As with ” modern ” interpretations of the Word.of God, which surely will fail ; simply because attire is ” new ” dorsn’ .mean it’ ” better
    ” than a traditional way of considering if it’s appropriate. Thanx.

  23. I am late to this article, but YES! You are perfectly on the mark. I will be honest that I have been wearing leggings on and off in the winter months (thick black ones only) for a few years as I mother my young children. I can’t believe I never saw how wrong I was on this one because I dress modestly otherwise. Well, no more. Thank you ladies for your insights. I will be stashing mine away for sleeping in or throwing shorts over for exercising in only. The crazy thing is that my husband talk about stuff like this all the time and he says the same about being charitable to men and young boys because they are highly and easily visually stimulated. He never said anything to me about wearing these before. I will have to ask him point blank his opinion. Thanks again for helping to open my eyes ladies.

  24. sorry forgot,

    I also dont want to see men wearing non modest clothes. Men also wear there version of leggings. Go shirtless. wear short shorts.

    I dont want to see anybody men or womens bodies let alone expose my little baby to such stuff

  25. I agree, they show a lot. I do wear leggings to my irish dance class, but it’s basically all women. Also, I wear leggings around the house all the time, but if another male besides my husband comes over I put on a longer sweatshirt or or a long sweater/tunic type top or just change into jeans. It’s super easy to wear them modestly and as a grad student, I wear them with long sweatshirts a whole lot. lol whenever I get home from work I basically change right into them to wear around the house.

  26. I Timothy 2:9 & I Peter 4:17
    Please read these verses before reading my following comment.,
    If preachers who are to be instant in season and out of season, reproving, rebuking and exhorting with all longsuffering and doctrine cannot make full proof of their ministries by giving the full counsel of God without fear of cultural reprisal they should probably look elsewhere to work and take practice by dropping verses via mother goose nursery rhymes before helming a pulpit to guide a flock in and through a world of godless licentiousness and promiscuity that runs rampant all the way into the house of God where the minister, reverend, preacher, or pastor looks the other way so as to ignore the responsibility that so many in this thread have mentioned concernining leadership. Always remember and never forget, when leaders no longer follow Jesus and His teachings, we are to follow Jesus no matter how far the direction takes you from the supposed leaders idealogies and sidestepping excuses for what he is supposedly called to do, feed the flock, otherwise don’t guilt them for going where the Good, Great and Chief shepherd leads them to grow in His grace and knowledge.
    Though this statement may not apply to many who read this, share it with your church leader where it does apply. Hopefully we as God’s people will take courage instead of cowering to the whims of worldlings and show them what is right while sharing with them where we too have been wrong and in need of the Saviour that saves from all sin.

  27. Women wearing leggings in public are offended when told leggings are immodest because… guilty conscience!

    Despite any pretense of plausible deniability those women may put up, they know they are pushing the buttons of every man and older boy in sight. Such public sexual displays by women are a way that women sexually harass men and unlike a wolf whistle or verbal come-on it’s sexual harassment that won’t shut up.

    One more thing, those women who put on sexual displays in public are hypocrites if they try to excuse their bad behavior with some version of “He should just lie back and enjoy it.”

  28. I’m not a figure skater, but I’ve seen many performances where the women wore skirts over their tights. Perhaps adding an appropriate skirt to your attire would help provide some modesty.

    I feel that God has been very clear on His desire for us to be modest. He never said “do this EXCEPT if you’re a _____” . He said “do this” period. There are no exceptions to His rules.

  29. Thats awesome you did that! Most people wouldn’t have the guts. God Bless you!
    I wish there were more people like you in my area.

  30. This is something I’ve been struggling with for awhile. I have toddlers and leggings are my go to around the house. Easy, cheap, and just so convenient. I’m a stay at home mom so unless I’m taking the dog out, no one but my husband sees me with them and a tshirt on. A few times recently I’ve forgotten to change into a longer tunic before running a quick errand and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I guess if I’m struggling with it at all that should tell me God is trying to speak to me but I just realized that!??‍♀️

  31. Women who insist that leggings are acceptable outerwear, even when they are very formfitting, and that if anyone has a problem, it’s that person’s problem, should have no problem with skintight, perfectly formfitting “meggings” that display every detail of a man’s nether regions. If you get what I mean. A codpiece would be modest by comparison.

  32. Women who insist that leggings are acceptable outerwear, even when they are very formfitting, and that if anyone has a problem, it’s that person’s problem, should have no problem with skintight, perfectly formfitting “meggings” that display every detail of a man’s nether regions. If you get what I mean. A codpiece would be modest by comparison.

  33. Leggings are extremely tight and were meant to mimic skin, naked body! They cling to every curve, show every cellulite bump and shamefully shape the pubic bone. It is shameful to dress like that and look ,, naked,, .

  34. When children are being taught that sodomy is “safe sex” why should this be any surprise?
    Sodomy is how AIDS and HPV are transmitted as sodomy tends to cause bleeding, opening the skin to allow infected fluids to contact the inner layers and the internal organs.
    Our Creator designed these organs for one purpose, not for sensual entertainments.

  35. Do you really think that women are not interested in the details of your (supposed to be) private parts? Comparing theirs to yours?

    Romans 1: 24 “Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness
    through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own
    bodies between themselves:
    25 Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped
    and served the creature more than the Creator, who is
    blessed for ever. Amen.
    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for
    even their women did change the natural use into that
    which is against nature:”
    This is not homosexuality (“Lesbianism”) rather it is all sorts of perverse, unnatural behavior.

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