The Fruit of the Womb is His Reward

The Fruit of the Womb is His Reward

“God setteth the solitary in families…Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build…Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man, so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate…Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine by the sides of the house: they children like olive plants round about they table.” (Psalm 68:6; Psalm 127:1,3-5; Psalm 128:3)

One woman wrote this on my Facebook page: “You’re such a sad and lonely woman. I feel so much pity for you.”

Adrien wrote the following in response: “As an ex-feminist, learning about biblical womanhood through this page and applying it to my daily lifestyle has helped me overcome many years of deep depression from believing the lies pushed by society about what it means to be a woman. Our lifestyle isn’t lonely and sad. It’s abundantly freeing and empowering. I feel bad for women whose only goals in life revolve around independence, money, sex, and careers. That, to me, is more than just a sad life. It’s a selfish one.”

Feminism teaches women that babies are inconveniences, mistakes, and need to be prevented and if pregnant, gotten rid of. They are taught that being wives, mothers, and homemakers are oppressive and contribute to sad and lonely lives. These are ALL lies, women! Children are a heritage of the LORD. The fruit of the womb is His reward. Men are blessed who have fruitful wives and happy are they who have a quiver full. God created families. He places the lonely in families. Families are made up of husbands, wives, and children. This is God’s plan. He builds the families and wants mothers to be keepers at home. Stop believing the feminist lies! Stop killing your babies! Stop killing the future generations!

God’s ways are good, women. Yes, they require sacrifice. You will sacrifice your body, your time, your independence, your sleep, and your energy, but it’s all good. It’s God’s perfect will for you. Those little babies that will cause you to have morning sickness, heartburn, the worse pain you will ever experience, and then the pain of recovery, will bring you more joy than you can ever imagine.

There’s nothing better than kissing baby skin. Cuddling their warm bodies to your breast and nourishing them. Watching them take their first step and growing faster than you can imagine. It’s all a blessing! It may not feel like it during the sleepless nights, cleaning up vomit, changing diaper after diaper, and having to discipline them yet again, but they grow up. The joy keeps coming. They are the gift that keeps on giving. I am enjoying the blessing of eleven grandchildren. I once again have babies and children to cuddle with.

The Bible tells us that there is no greater joy than to have children who walk in truth (3 John 4). I can attest that this is true, women. My four children walk in truth. I am so thankful for God’s great mercy upon me. Yes, I was diligent in teaching them the ways of the Lord and hiding God’s Word deeply in their hearts. I was faithful in disciplining them and training them in the way they should go, but it was still their decision to believe and love Him and they all did. There is no greater joy.

All of you young women who are seeking after careers and a paycheck, I encourage you to reevaluate your life. Is deep debt, long hours away from home, working for a boss, and a paycheck really worth it? Can it compare to the love of a husband and children, and the comforts of being home to raise those children? You may think that you will find fulfillment in your career since this is what you have been taught your entire life but it’s simply not true. Many older women who were feminist can attest to this. God’s plan for you is good. Believe it. Believe in Him; for in Him is life abundant and free.

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10

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  1. This is nice timing for me. I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my 4th and am in daily pain from my varicose veins. I am looking forward to meeting my newest blessing but it’s hard going through it. Looking forward to having my 4th home birth! ?

  2. So true. I’m glad you are teaching this. I don’t recall anyone saying this until I was grown. It was a paradigm change for my husband and me when we were awakened to the truth of the value of children. We were blessed with two after years of infertility and loss. After our marriage, they are the greatest earthly blessings. We constantly thank God for them. We also imagine our lives if we didn’t have them and shudder. I tell them what blessings they are and how I look forward to grandchildren if the Lord blesses them with a spouse.

  3. I agree with Adrien 100%!

    Adrien wrote the following in response: “As an ex-feminist, learning about biblical womanhood through this page and applying it to my daily lifestyle has helped me overcome many years of deep depression from believing the lies pushed by society about what it means to be a woman. Our lifestyle isn’t lonely and sad. It’s abundantly freeing and empowering. I feel bad for women whose only goals in life revolve around independence, money, sex, and careers. That, to me, is more than just a sad life. It’s a selfish one.”

  4. I had to laugh at the “sad and lonely woman” comment from FB.
    Sad and lonely?
    You’re blessed with a husband who loves you, 4 children, their spouses, and 11 grandchildren! ?

    There’s nothing sad and lonely about that! You’re living an abundant life of love for your family, friends, and the women you teach. It must be differences in perspective, but I feel pity for that reader and wonder how they define a blessed life here on earth.

  5. Thank you, T. I do live a wonderful, blessed life. I love caring for my husband, home, and grandchildren whenever I get the chance. I love mentoring women. I am abundantly blessed!

  6. I have to say, the idea that kids are not a blessing seems quite foreign to me. My wife and I were looking forward to children just about as soon as we said our vows. Children are celebrated at church. Only in the secular world, such as at work, do I hear anything about someone not having any children or one and done, unless it is a couple struggling with infertility. Children are an amazing blessing, and worth the effort, even when it is difficult at times.

  7. Democrat feminist women are the sad and lonely ones. They are really good at projecting their misery and loneliness onto others.

    Women having sex outside of heterosexual marriage, or limiting children in marriage with birth control and/or abortion are the sad and lonely ones. Exterminating life always leads to long term regret.

  8. Sadly, not all churches celebrate children, or atleast not all the congregants. I am pregnant with my 5th child, and many people think this is far too many.

  9. More than one woman at my workplace has told me how badly they want children and how happy they are for me and my first pregnancy. However, they frequently ask me about “the parasite.” I’m BEYOND disgusted by this view and rebuke them as my child is no such thing.

    How can a woman want a child AND view that child as a parasite? It breaks my heart. These women cannot find happiness.

  10. What you experience is more common than believers celebrating the life of babies, Jodie, no matter how many children a woman has had, unfortunately. It’s very sad.

  11. This is sadly very true. I just found out about this blog. It’s been a real black pill for me. Was it also for you?

  12. Lori,

    I studied recently that “fruitful vine” and “olive branches” passage and the commentaries at were deeply insightful. At Thanksgiving I shared it with my children and grandchildren as I pronounced a blessing over them before our meal. My husband and I both did this as, for the first time in fifteen years, we had the privilege of having our family around our Thanksgiving table.

    That’s not what I was, but a fruitful vine is what I am and choose to continue to be. And to bless and encourage other women, wives, aunts, mothers and grandmothers. I love speaking blessings upon my good husband and our sons-in-law as well, words of affirmation and esteem. “You shall be” does not get more certain than that. Oh, the lovely Word of God!


  13. That’s a GREAT idea, Kelley. I am going to study those passages at Bible Hub. I love doing things such as this. Thank you for your inspirational comment.

  14. Let me give you the man’s perspective on this.

    I spent many years chasing the bachelor life, what I learned from James Bond movies and Esquire magazine, with fancy cars and many girlfriends. I was really quite successful. But let me tell you a secret: the whole time I was BORED! The women were boring to me. The casual sex was boring to me. The big city I lived in was cold and hard.

    Then one day a very wise pastor, who was a good friend as well, said “why don’t you sit down and write a page where you describe what you want in a WIFE! Trust that if you ask, you will find her!” I wrote that page and was amazed what flowed from my pen. It was nothing like the life and women I had been living. I wanted a little house in the countryside with children and a wife who kept them safe and warm.

    1 months later, I met that woman, When I first set eyes on her, my heart beat in my chest like a drum and my vision got cloudy. I knew at that moment that my letter was a prayer and that God had answered me with glory. After that first meeting, I never even looked at another women.

    We are now married 23 years with 3 kids and that home. Plenty of hardship but deep love. Children who are strong and beautiful. Every day I look forward to hearing them talk about their adventures.

    Every day I thank God for reaching out to me and showing me the escape from that lonely path I was on. It makes me shiver with fear to think what my life would be like if I had not come here.

  15. How can a woman want a child AND view that child as a parasite? It breaks my heart.

    Women with that attitude should never have children – for the CHILD’S sake. No child whose mother considers it a “parasite” will ever experience love while growing up. Indeed, he or she will probably grow up suffering non-stop abuse, emotional if not physical.

  16. Studies have been done on women after 50 with children, and without children.

    Those with children never regret having them, and those without children, often regret not having them.

    So, the results are in from both sides, and the findings are nearly unanimous, children are beautiful, and to be desired.

    Deluded feminists are politely requested to put this truth bomb in their pipes and smoke it.

  17. The blog is amazing.

    It’s the best writing on women on a blog, in America, IMHO.

    All the women professionals, politicians, write quite a bit too, but theirs lacks the insight and wisdom that Lori nearly daily displays. I spoke with her husband, Ken, about five years ago, and we had very similar views on quite a bit.

    The writing Lori does here is a welcome breath of fresh air and feminine beauty from the pain, misery, and suffering that the vast majority of women write under.

    Feminist women fight for power, and become terrors to their children, husbands, men, and their nations and churches. Sadly, they desperately want to be loved, and keep fighting against this ever happening when they rebel against the spheres God designed for them.

    That woman is loved best who best submits to God’s loving design for her.

  18. Sad and lonely?
    I have two women in my life who chose the career lifestyle. One is 70, one 96. Both had a couple kids but put career first. Neither sees their children because they taught their children career comes first. Both are painfully sad and lonely women who ache for family. The 96 year old sees her one grandson when he comes to mow her yard. (She has to pay him.) The 70 yr old fights with her son and obviously has no joy in him. She has no grandkids.
    Sad and lonely? No, you are so blessed, blessed, blessed!

  19. Congratulations on your 5th baby Jodie! Lori is exactly right. Don’t worry about what other people think. My husband brought me home from our Honeymoon pregnant when I was 19 and we had 3 children by the time I was 22. We wanted at least 6 kids but I had medical problems and was not able to to get pregnant again, very sad at the time. But before we were married my husband decided he wanted to get me pregnant immediately and keep me pregnant for a long time! My family was thrilled. Needless to say, getting pregnant a month and a half after each baby was born, folks asked me “don’t you know what causes that?” I always said “Absolutely! And I love it!!” People even teased my mom about me always being pregnant, especially when we told folks that my husband decides when he wants to get me pregnant ( I obey my husband in everything, simple as that.) All to say, please take joy and pride in your pregnancies and have as many babies as God plans for you to have!!

  20. Contraception leads to the abortion mentality.
    God’s very first command was to “be fruitful and multiply.” Gen 1:28

    Prior to 1931 all Christians understood that birth control offended God.

  21. Thank you for this blog I think everything in life have to be planned and now that I know Christ it has to be planned around him at one point in my life I did not know Christ and I was not a feminist or anything I was just totally ignorant I felt that my body was just something to be used as I felt I chose to use and I was married it’s 17 I have been tormented since I found Christ at the age of 30 before that I had no real understanding had child bearing child-raising and child loving because I had three abortions during my marriage I can give a lot of excuses, too early, no money, unhappiness, but the bottom line is as I think back most of it stemmed from just total ignorance I don’t expect God to forgive me for my ignorance but he has forgiven me and all sins as I look at my three adult sons who love my husband and I deeply I consider I am blessed but they have had no children , 2 are married but nothing 1 is a confirmed Bachelor something I really long for Grands but that is God’s decision and it could be very well based on the three lives I threw away I am purely ready to accept the consequences of my actions
    my husband however in the course of our marriage have four children 1 boy and 3 girls that too may be the consequences of my actions even though he was unaware of the abortions
    ironically all of his girls have children so he has grandchildren and I do not but we share them I called them my bonus children and grandchildren God has a way a pointing directly to the source that convicts you and then gives you time to analyze it
    with this knowledge that I have I can truly share it with young women who because of the looseness of our society are probably as ignorant as I was I thank God everyday for people that would share their hearts like the ones that I have read about on this blog and I also truly thank you for allowing me to give my testimony I am grateful to God for my husband of 50 years together I am grateful for my life and I am grateful to serve and live for God.

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