Godly Women are Today’s Rebel

Godly Women are Today’s Rebel

There’s a convention that is being taught by men for women. The organizer of the event contacted me and told me that my viral post Men Prefer Debt Free Virgins Without Tattoos was the motivation for having this convention. In a video of his, he used the picture for my viral post and said that women like this are today’s rebel and nearly impossible to find. He’s right!

Let me be clear that this is NOT a Christian convention. This type of convention wouldn’t even be sought after if pastors and older women were teaching this in all, or at least many, of the churches. It’s a sad state of affairs that a convention like this is teaching a type of biblical womanhood (a return to traditional values) by men when most churches won’t.

What this man doesn’t know is that he’s biblically accurate. We are a remnant. We are considered strangers and aliens (1 Peter 2:11). “Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies” (Proverbs 31:10). Who can find a virtuous woman? This questions proves that it isn’t easy! I don’t know how a man who isn’t a believer in today’s feminist culture has any hope at all of finding a feminine, submissive wife. It’s hard enough for godly men to find feminine, submissive wives yet alone unbelieving men.

In past generations, finding a debt free virgin without tattoos was fairly easy. Most, if not all, women didn’t have any debt because they didn’t go to college. Virginity was valued in the history of America until the 1960s. Tattoos were frowned upon by most. Women were feminine. My viral post would not have gone viral 50 or so years ago. People would have thought nothing about it except maybe, “Duh!”

It would have been easier for unbelieving men to find these kind of wives before the 1960s. Yet, I still doubt many women would have been submissive and loving wives, since most wives want to control their husbands (Genesis 3:16), however, no matter what generation they were raised in. This is why God commands older women to teach young women to love their husbands and be obedient to them in Titus 2:3-5.

Women have been deceived to think that the only way that they can influence culture is by becoming men but God didn’t make women men. He made them women for a VERY important purpose. A woman in the chat room named Paige Brandt wrote the following:

“Does a woman have more power to change the world by shaping a man or by competing with one?

“Feminism says, ‘Being a homemaker and raising children is a useless career, a degrading waste of time. We must compete with and dominate men in the workplace to gain equality and change the world.’

“But true femininity says, ‘Let my husband go to work and compete with the other men. I’d rather shape the next generation of men (and women). I’d rather impact their hearts and minds and mold them into intelligent, kind, and respectful gentlemen. This is what will carry on for generations to come. A career competing with men *might* impact things today, but a career raising men (and women) will impact generations to come, and even eternity.”

Do you understand this, women? We have much greater influence by being godly help meets to our husbands and raising godly offspring. This is God’s perfect will for us! He didn’t create us to be men and leaders. He created us to be women and life-givers. Embrace your role, women! Be deceived no longer. Be a rebel, God’s rebel. Rebel against our culture and what it values. Value what God values for you.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:15

***Here’s some good news, it appears that some men in the “manosphere” are turning to Christ! Holding biblical values without Christ are meaningless. Here is what Roosh published on Twitter yesterday and wrote above it, “A masculine Christian revival will replace the manosphere.”

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  1. I’m so happy to here that men are turning to Christ. I’m pleased for their own souls and I’m pleased for our culture. Many argue that many of our founding fathers were diests not Christians but if you talk with the institutions that hold their original documents and letters you’ll learn that they were more “evangelical” than many of today’s evangelicals.

    Our country cannot survive with the values pushed by today’s progressives. They are foreign to our DNA and we’ll only end up in shambles like all the other progressive movements through time.

    The global mantra that is spoken today doesn’t take into account that America (despite it’s flaws) has been the pinnacle of the world for generations and it is BECAUSE of the foundation set out by the founding fathers, not in spite of it. So when we put other countries’ socialists or despotic governments, on the same level of ours, we are actually lowering our own. When we give other cultures god’s the same credence as our God in heaven and reduce Jesus, the son of God to a prophet or “good man” we are denying the truth and only in truth can we have freedom.

    I’m pleased to be a rebel. While we only have two arrows to shoot into the world, I am thankful I get to shape the future with them. I’m thankful some Christians woke up earlier and had a lot of arrows. In a generation, if Christians would eschew birth control, we could actually take back the society for the glory of the Father instead of putting up with this perverse, child sacrificing culture we have welcomed in.

  2. It will be “interesting” to see women’s responses to this article, how some of them will attempt to justify their continued rebellion against God and His commands on what they are to be doing.

    Again, I am a 58yr old widower of several years. I have seen and heard a lot. Since this post is about women, that is my focus. (I agree most men are just as bad)

    I hear a lot of women say it is degrading to do “women’s work” They do not cook or clean – BUT- these same women think nothing is wrong to have “lesser” women at the restaurant be their waitress, cook the meal, clean up the table and wash the dishes; or in hiring a woman maid to come clean their home.

    I have heard MANY women talk about all the guys they have been with. I heard one 32yr old woman BRAGGING about being with so many men that she lost count on how many there were. Then in the next breath complaining about not being able to find a good man.

    In 1 Corinthians 6:15-16 KJV
    15 Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid.
    16 What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? For two, saith he, shall be one flesh.
    Yes, this is talking to a man, saying that God now considers the man and harlot as one. But would it also not apply to women that are having sex with other men as also being one with them? So women, how many other “husbands” are you bringing with you to your marriage bed? 2, 3, 5, 10, more?

    I see many women 30 – 40 – 50+ years old that do not know how to do basic cooking. What is worse, they do not want to learn.

    I have worked different jobs over my years. Many married women in the workplace have “work husbands”, are openly committing adultery, and I have seen women doing sexual favors with the boss so that they can keep their job or to get promoted. And women would rather be in the work force rather than being at home????? That tells me how much value a wife has for her husband……

    I have tried online dating sites to try to find a lady. I have used both Christian and regular sites. I honestly could not see a difference in the women claiming to be Christian vs the non Christian women. I have a full time job but that is not good enough. They all want a guy making $100,000+ a year. They demand a guy to be honest while they are allowed to tell all the lies they want. My photos have to be no more than 5 minutes old. When you finally dig it out of them, they admit their photo is 5-10 years old and they have gained a “few” pounds. I am 6ft and weigh 210lbs, so I am definitely not a “perfect” man but when a woman is 12 inches shorter than me and outweighs me and there is no medical reason for it……

    The nakedness I see among Christian women…..

    When Jesus cast the demons out of the possessed man, the first thing he did was put on clothes.
    It seems like when a woman gets saved, the first thing she does is starts taking clothes off – because she has liberty in Christ to do so.
    Her dress hem comes just below her under garments and the top is V necked to her belly button. Or she wears pants spray painted on and has rhinestones glued on the backside to make sure guys are looking there. Or the clingy sports pants and top that pulls up in and shows EVERY “crevice” and “protrusion” on her body. Even women in my age range of 50-60 years old. They say they are looking for a husband. I have made a few mad because I ask them “if all the other men are already feasting on everything you have to offer, what is left for me as your husband?”

    Adultery is like a plague nowadays. I have women show interest in me when I am out at the stores. I would say that the majority of them have turned out to be married or are in a relationship with a guy. It is hard to get them to admit they are married. I stay in shape by running away from such women.
    Nowadays it is just as likely to find out that even a so called Christian woman has a lesbian partner – PUKE!

    I married my late wife when I was 40 and she was 35. There was no sex before marriage. 2 different preachers vouched for her, how she was a devoted Christian that they had known for 3 years. She drove 1 hour each way to attend services and was there for Wednesday night bible study and morning and evening services on Sunday. She could quote many bible verses. When we got engaged, she acted very submissive, I’m making decisions, she’s following and helping. Then the wedding day…..

    It was a 180 degree change once married. Wedding night was a no go. Found out she had purposely scheduled wedding on her monthly time. After marriage, no man is going to tell her what to do. AFTER we married, then she told me she didn’t want to be a woman and was mad at God for making her one. It would often be 2-3 months with no sex for me. I say for me because it turns out that while she was denying me, she was committing adultery with other guys over the time of our marriage. Not just one time with one guy, but many times with several guys. Some advice guys, if she is not sharing sex with you, she is most likely giving it to some other guy (or woman – PUKE)

    I know that there is a remnant of Godly women left – A VERY SMALL REMNANT. So far that seems like it might be 1 woman out of 1,000,000 women. And I haven’t found one for me. The odds of finding one get smaller every day.

  3. Interesting about the manosphere; I’m wondering how that maybe relates to Dalrock’s announcement that he’s closing up shop. He said he was going to either delete or lock the website, which I really wish he wouldn’t, as he was one of the only big Christian manosphere bloggers, and I hate to think of all that wealth of knowledge being lost rather than passed down to the next generation of Christian young men who want to actually understand the dynamics between the sexes…

  4. Very powerful…thanks for sharing…I’m happy you are still patiently (persistently?) waiting for another mate – it’ll happen when you least expect it. God is good – he’ll guide you, sir!

  5. As I have posted here before, for many many years, I was this type of woman. A rebellious career woman. I’m deeply ashamed of that now and I FULLY acknowledge that I lived a life of rebellion.

    Thankfully I came to the Lord and it was my deep, deep desire to live my life in keeping with his Word,and that includes submission.

    It has been a process. But I decided to apply my previous strong willed ways to the cause of both becoming and promoting the Christian “rebel” woman!

    I completely embrace my role as a submissive wife, and with joy and humility! The Lord blessed me with a godly husband at an “old” age, and so it is with gratitude that I submit to him.

    My husband recently survived a year-long life threatening illness. Even though he is now nearly fully recovered, he still requires quite a bit of “support”.

    I’m not going in to detail, but this support from me includes the undertaking of some tasks that are not considered “glamorous”.

    Yet, I wouldn’t trade my duties as his wife for any of my “glamorous engagements” as a career woman. That lifestyle is not “real”. My life with my husband is what’s REAL!

    Blair, do not give up! My husband I are both in our 50s and we met on a Christian dating site! We do agree with you as we both say finding each other was like a needle in a haystack! Even the Christian dating sites were awful!

    Keep praying! You will find the needle!

  6. I love my role at home! I have come across women who prefer to work and detest the idea of staying at home. And we’ll, all I can say is they are exceptional. (And I don’t mean that in a positive light. ?)

  7. This is all wonderful but let’s not kid ourselves.

    The women currently running the “Feminist” agenda are almost all hard core lesbians. Their hearts are black as night, and they have only one goal in mind, the same goal they have had for all of history: to trigger a war between straight women and straight men. There is no compromise or peaceful solution they will ever accept. They want society to collapse. They want to see normal women lying in the gutter broken and starving. The is no point in talking to them.

    It’s’ going to be a civil or cultural war of some sort, and Godly folk will not prevail unless we do a clean sweep of Hollywood. the modern media, schools and universities. This is just my own opinion, others may disagree.

  8. I see you’re point Bill. And I agree. In the same way I don’t think abortion will ever end unless Christians start to see children as a blessing and stop using birth control. And start having large families.

  9. Blair, I’m sorry you had such a horrible experience with your late wife and have had an even worse experience in the “dating” world. It sounds like it would almost be better to stay single! I have been blessed, indeed, to be married my husband.

    There ARE good women out there. Just few and far between. My husband and I met on Christian Mingle. Like many other women, I was not a submissive or godly wife when I was married. And he has had much to learn too. But my we have been working out our salvation with fear and trembling, day by day, side by side, for the last 6 years. And together we daily strive to carry our cross of obedience to Jesus and be transformed more into the image of Christ. And I believe that’s what a lot of marriage is: Growing together, striving for the upwards call of Christ together, and being transformed together.

    I doubt you’ll find a perfectly submissive, modest, and godly wife anywhere. But with lots of prayer and discernment, hopefully you will someday find a committed, earnest Christ-follower who is genuinely seeking the narrow path, and you can seek to grow in the Holy Spirit together.

    As a side note, I totally sympathize with you on how tragic and disgusting this generation’s clothing is. I dress very conservatively, per my husband’s preferences. I always feel like the odd duck out in most social situations. Sometimes it can feel very isolating. It is sad that even at church, we’re usually surrounded by women in leggings and skin-tight, low-cut tops. At most social gatherings or family events, I’m the only one in a skirt or dress.

    When my (very little) boys see a woman dressed inappropriately in public, they’ll often innocently say, “Oops! She forgot to get dressed this morning!” The only time they see me in leggings is if they catch me in the early am when I’m still in my pajamas, before I pull a skirt on top. So they rightly think leggings and yoga pants are underwear. I’m so blessed that they will be raised with discernment and a godly view of modesty.

  10. I think it might be good if women had more confidence in the role of wife and mother. When someone asks them what they do, meaning work, they should answer, that they are a house wife and mother, with as much confidence as other women speak when they tell you they are a Doctor or Lawyer etc,. But sadly women have got into the habit of almost apologizing for being a stay at home mum. If stay at home wives and mothers have confidence and pride in their role, then single women will see being a wife and mother as something to be proud of.

  11. Yes, the responsibility to change our country is in our hands as God’s people:

    2 Chronicles 7:14 New King James Version (NKJV)
    14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

  12. Heather Terry, you are so right!
    Women sometimes say they don’t work. If I am part of the conversation I will sometimes ask how the laundry gets done, lol.?
    I also think one huge missing piece is for the husbands to truly value their wife’s role as well. When I hear a man say his wife doesn’t work… ??lol.
    I always knew that if I was the last woman standing, and every single woman in the world went to work outside the home and mocked me I wouldn’t budge.
    Because I am so strong?
    Nope! I’m actually not.
    Because my husband was awesome at making my role one of great importance; at honoring my role. And not just to my face, but behind my back as well. It wasn’t unusual to meet a co-worker of his in the store and hear, “Your husband says you are the best at ____”
    I lost him 6 years ago when he was just 46. After I lost him, at his viewing, a man I didn’t know came through the line and told me that he worked with my husband and wanted to tell me that my husband would brag on me almost every day. A friend of his from work that I did know, came by the house after the funeral and talked for a while. He told me that we had an unusual marriage and he was jealous. He told me that my husband would tell him how I was a submissive wife, but that that would never work between his wife and him. But there was a hunger in his eyes as he acknowledged we had something special that he didn’t have.
    One woman told me how my husband had shamed her husband for dishonoring her when he was working in the store with my husband.
    My late husband bragged on me everywhere. He made sure his world knew that he had a hard working, intelligent, talented wife who stayed home and made his house a castle.
    (I say hard working, intelligent, talented not because I excel in those areas above other women, but simply because those are the arrows worldly men and women throw at housewives while deriding them. As if they stayed home bc they somehow weren’t capable of doing anything else. Housewives are called too lazy to work, stupid and uneducated, and incapable of any “real” work, etc. etc., ad nauseam.)
    My late husband wanted the world to know that the home was a valuable place to be, and his wife was queen of his castle. His attitude made it a blessing to be at home. And I wouldn’t trade it for any job in the world.
    Men play a huge role in the success of women staying home. It is right, just, and good, no matter if a husband is as supportive as mine was or not. But if the husband regularly communicates to the wife how much he cherishes her at home, how he couldn’t do it without her, etc, it makes it a joy to be at home.

    Women, likewise, if you want your husband to value your role, begin by valuing it yourself. And make sure you value his role as leader, provider, and protector.
    If you want him to step up and lead, don’t criticize him when he tries to lead. Stop going to your pastor or other men with your questions (This is a comparison to him that kills his soul.), go to him. Maybe he can’t answer them, that’s okay. Let him go to the pastor if he wants. But if you make a habit of going to your husband, and not criticizing him if he doesn’t have all the answers (even in your mind, especially in your mind), you will most likely find that, over time, he will begin to search out the answers. He will rise to the challenge. I have found (I have done a bit of lay marital counseling) that most (not all) women who are dissatisfied with their husband’s lack of leadership, have failed to follow from their hearts. They follow from a distance, holding their heart in reserve “just until he proves himself.” Or she followed until he blew it in a major way, a way she thinks is unforgivable (If this is the case the woman needs to realize she has offended Christ more than her husband offended her.). When a woman does this I try to kindly ask if she thinks she married a stupid man. She wants him to lead all the while he no longer has her heart. He can tell, and it is like an dagger to his heart. A really strong man can rise again and go on, but most men won’t. (This isn’t any kind of insult to men, they weren’t designed to be strong without a good woman by their side. God said one thing in the garden wasn’t good: man being alone. And note that a suitable helpmeet was the good addition, not just any woman. A suitable one.)

    You want him to value his role as provider? To take it seriously? Tell him regularly how you appreciate how hard he works for the family. Stop comparing him to other men, except to let him know that in your eyes he is above all the other men out there. (Read Song of Solomon again if you need a primer on this.) If you are hungering for a larger house, you are in sin. The Bible says to be satisfied with food and clothing. I am not talking about actually needing more room bc of your growing family, I am speaking of wanting the latest house in order to keep up with the Jones. If you leave your friend’s party with a sigh, and a low comment about how “it must be nice to have that much room…,” don’t be surprised when he struggles with providing. That is a dagger to his heart just as it would be to yours if he commented after leaving the party that it sure would be nice to have a wife that could cook like that.
    Show him in the bedroom how much you admire him. You don’t? Then think on the things that are good, right, just etc, as Scripture has commanded you. Stop playing the negative over and over, and begin to play the positive over and over. Why did you marry him if there is nothing good? Ah, but he’s changed! Yep, so have you. There is something redeeming in any man, even an unbeliever. Look for it.
    You want him to protect? Value him as your husband. The husband is the natural protector, and will be more inclined to desire to protect you if he cherishes you.
    Can I share 2 things that were game changers for me? Two ways I was intentional about trying to make my husband fell like a million bucks? To make his role as leader, protector, provider a fulfilling role for him? (If you want to be fulfilled in your role, remember it’s not any less important for him to be fulfilled in his.) There are dozens of suggestions as to unique ways to show your husband you value him, these are just a couple easily implemented ones that my husband really loved.
    One was, I always packed my husband’s lunch (usually leftovers from dinner the night before as I made sure to make enough so there would be left-overs bc he loved them.), and when I did, I would write out a love note on an index card and slip it in his lunch bag. Sometimes I would just tell him how much I appreciated his hard work, sometimes how I had enjoyed the evening before. Sometimes I would write something suggestive and tell him to hurry home. Other times I would quote an encouraging Bible verse, or tell him I was praying him through a trial. One day I stayed in bed sick and didn’t pack his lunch, but I always tried to leave the index card out on the counter with a pen the night before so I wouldn’t forget, and this day I had. When I finally did struggle out of bed to care for my young children, I found a love note to me written on that card that had been intended for him.❤️
    Another thing we did a little different was run to greet him when he came home after a long day at work. We literally came from wherever we were in the house or property to see who could get to him first to tackle him with hugs (all 6 of us). I saw this as needed after I sat in friends’ houses and saw the husbands not even acknowledged when they came home for the day. (Sister, he just spent 8-10 hours toiling for you, stop what you are doing and give him a hug and a kiss when he gets home. Yes, even if he stinks- my husband worked at a dump part of our marriage.?)
    Women, please hear me on this, brag about him to your children in front of him, and behind his back! NEVER tear him down to your kids or you will literally be the proverbial woman tearing down your house with your own hands! They will see the bad on their own, but love covers a multitude of sins. Talk about the good in him.

    When you speak of him to other women do so in a way that not only honors him, but also in a way that communicates to them how they can honor their man. (The last thing you want is him drooling over your man, lol.)
    Know women who like to get together and tear down their men? Run away! Don’t walk, run!!!

    I don’t know how to end my rant, because I could go on for quite a while longer, ?but I have lunch to make, so I’ll just step down from my soap box, lol.

    Lori, I disagree with you on doctrinal issues quite a bit, and I would take a different approach to some marital issues than you do, but I truly appreciate your blog and my 14 year old daughter does too. And btw, it was your famous “tattoos” post that someone attacked that caused me to look you up. I have a hate/love relationship with women who rant about people like you. It is through them that I often find good articles and blogs, lol. (I don’t hate them I pity them, but hate the damage they are doing.)
    God bless what you are doing!

  13. This is worthy of a post of its own. Thank you for sharing and I am terribly sorry for your loss. Your husband was mighty blessed to have you as his wife. May God bless you abundantly.

  14. A voice crying in the wilderness. I admire your courage in standing for your convictions.

  15. Very true. If somone is willing to take poison to furthere mere physical enjoyment, harming another person for convenience is not a big step.

  16. I was always wondering how you’d feel about college education had it been free? Because I come from a country where you have to pay an equivalent to 30 American dollars to attend University for a year, which is not that much. Many people don’t meet the right person for them in their high school years, and while these young people, men and women, do not have a spouse or kids to take care of, financially or otherwise, it might come in handy to pursue their education for a little bit longer. In my experience, these college years make you a more rounded person, of more independent beliefs, and it might come in handy even for women to have a certain set of skills if they want to give back to the community in some way or help support the family financially as well (that is, when they don’t have small children who need them at home). My mom, who was educated to become a kindergarten teacher, always said, for example, that some of the skills she learned in school came in handy when parenting.

    But of course I’m not talking about courses such as Women’s Studies or something like that, which are generally known for pushing a certain type of (mostly feminist) narrative, but classes that give you genuine useful skills, like studying to become a nurse, doctor, teacher, pharmacist…

  17. “most wives want to control their husbands.” How right you are on this. Misandrist Feminism has brainwashed women today (even most Christians) that they are better suited to “captain the family ship” even without the grace so needed to do so. Rebellion is nowhere identified or called out. It wouldn’t be P.C., even in church. It has to start there. Good men today have “bent over backwards” so far, trying to keep peace with their rebellious wives that we have abdicated all leadership. Without the backing of the church, I fear we will never regain our place as “head of household.”

  18. Thank you for your kind words, Lori! I always used to tell women we actually have it easy. Men have the weight of the world on their shoulders and all we have to do is say, “yes, Sir!” and do it. Then when the weight of the world fell on mine I came to realize just how true those words were. Any woman who thinks she wants to be the head of her household doesn’t know what she is asking for. God has been Faithful and True, and has sustained me, but the weight as head of a household is heavy indeed.

  19. Which is why you must choose a woman willing to submit to you from the start. People rarely make a 180 and signs of “rebellious” natures often are part of personalities and characteristics you can spot BEFORE marriage.

  20. I would like to see all the care and concern, sympathy, compassion, empathy, passion and energy expressed here funneled toward male and female/child and adult sex trafficking. If Christ following women don’t stand up it will be on their shoulders because the men aren’t going to.

  21. I have been a stay at home mom for 25 years and married to my high-school sweetheart for 30 years. I homeschooled my children also. I would not change anything. I love making our home a place that they all love to come home to. Our sons are in college now. I feel so blessed that I was able to stay home and I’m very thankful to my husband for carrying the financial load. I thank God for the Christian man I married and our close family.

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