There is Hope and There is Light

There is Hope and There is Light

This marriage testimony was given in the chat room from a woman who wishes to remain anonymous.

I want to take a moment and share an experience with you ladies who have husbands who are not only disobedient to the Word, but in direct contrast with it. I was sorting through years of paperwork this morning and I found some very old receipts and statements. I found my husband’s ambulance bill from when he crashed his car into a house while driving drunk. I found his income statement for that same year: $5700. I found a credit card bill with his mother’s signature. Court documents. Prescriptions for antidepressants.

God used this to show me how far he has come. I am guilty of having high expectations of my husband. God used this to show me that my husband is a transformed and redeemed man now; born again. These events happened just seven and a half years ago in 2009. My husband is seven and a half years clean and sober. He has held the same job for seven years this September, received several promotions, and now makes ten times the amount he made in 2009.

We both got saved in 2012 and he is growing as a man of God every single day. He has never been one to read the Bible often, but I have been struggling with depression and it has been very difficult these past few weeks. He has been praying over me and reading devotions to me at night and sometimes in the morning, too. We recently bought a house, and although we have a little debt (we are working on that), all our bills are paid and he even has retirement investments through work. He is a completely changed man, and I forget that often.

I want to share with you, ladies, because I want to show you that those of you who are walking with your husband during his darkest days, there is hope and there is light. There is a way with Christ Jesus. Even before I was a believer I prayed for my husband, and I have done it without ceasing for five years now. Fight your battles on your knees and know that no matter how depraved and disobedient your husband may seem there is hope for him yet. Be his advocate and his helper. Be loyal and give him the assurance that you will be there when no one else is. And learn to appreciate how far he has come, rather than how much further he has to go.

The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up.
Matthew 4:16

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  1. I love this so much. Like this lady, I had a disobedient husband who battled addictions, was unemployed and virtually unemployable. He now walks with the Lord and is a vastly changed man. I, too, often have high expectations of him, often unreasonably high expectations. I need to remember how far he has come, with the Lord’s help and appreciate it, rather than judging him and getting upset because he isn’t as perfect as what I think he should be.

    What a beautiful testimony by a woman who clearly has a beautiful heart and spirit.

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