Throwing Out Red Herrings Against Pro-Lifers

Throwing Out Red Herrings Against Pro-Lifers

Robert Reich, who served under Bill Clinton, tweeted this out recently: “Wouldn’t it be nice if pro-lifers focused on suicide prevention? Or ending the death penalty? Or fighting poverty? Or curbing hunger? Or stopping gun violence and police killings? Or combating the opioid epidemic? Or ending wars? You know, things that would actually save lives?” A woman shared this with me and wrote: “Might wanna consider some of these things before telling women what to do with their body.”

So we can’t discuss the murdering of unborn babies unless all of the other problems in our culture are solved? None of his questions have anything to do with the mass murdering of millions of unborn babies in their mothers’ wombs. These are innocent lives that are not being given the chance for life. It’s an entirely different argument, conversation, and solution than the others, just as those who accuse those who value life that if we fight against abortion, we should be adopting children. This is a red herring, and they want to get you off topic in order to make you feel guilty for defending the life of the unborn. Don’t fall for it!

And what can we do to prevent suicide, Mr. Reich? It’s the wickedness/darkness of our culture and now the lockdowns that are causing suicides to skyrocket. Many of us speak out against the wickedness and lockdowns but what more can we do? I am sure many women who have had abortions have suicidal thoughts. How can promoting a culture of death do anything else besides cause depression and suicide in many?

The death penalty is for those who murder other people. There’s no comparison to those who murder another human being and the lives of innocent babies protected in their mothers’ wombs. Some of us believe that if someone willingly takes the life of another human being, they deserve the death penalty. A murderer and an unborn baby are two completely different situations.

Did you know that Christians are the ones who support the poor and needy more than any others? Churches and Charity organizations run by Christians have done more to hep the poor and needy than any other institution, including the government. The government has done a terrible job. Handouts for those who are able to work but don’t, destroy people. Look what welfare has done to the inner cities in this nation. We were created to work.

When you speak about gun violence and police killings, your solution is to defund the police. Maybe, it’s even to get rid of prisons. This is no solution at all! The police are the protectors of society. What about the gun violence in the major cities run by Democrats like Chicago? No one on the Left ever talks about this! No, all they talk about are the police who are defending themselves against criminals who resist arrest and flee from the cops.

The opioid epidemic comes because people are trying to find meaning in their lives. They are lost and in need of a Savior, but they try to fill that void with drugs. Divorce, mothers who aren’t home with their children, the death culture, and the total breakdown of the family has caused this, plus a walking away from everything that is good and holy. It’s nothing that the government can solve.

Ending wars? As long as we live on this fallen planet, there will be wars. There will never be a utopia here and if you think government can create one, you’re sadly mistaken. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ so that when you die, you will live eternally on a brand new earth where there will never be any wars. Only a place where Jesus reigns will there be utopia (paradise). It can’t happen on an earth that is filled with sinful human beings.

As believers in Jesus Christ, keep speaking out against the evils happening in our culture that are destroying the lives of many, women. Don’t allow the red herrings that they will throw at you shut you up as they want. Truth never comes back void and people need truth more than they need anything else.

Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour: for we are members one of another.
Ephesians 4:25

20 thoughts on “Throwing Out Red Herrings Against Pro-Lifers

  1. Robert Reich, and the Democrat party, are the party of Satan. Just like the serpent deceived Eve in the garden, Reich and his fellow Satanic Democrats routinely deceive tens of millions of women to vote Democrat with their clever and specious lies, like this one.

    Suicide prevention? Suicide is most often committed by those who do not know God, and who are guilty of the sins Reich and his Democrats promote, like homosexuality, porn, adultery, and other depravities.

    Ending the death penalty? The death penalty for lawfully convicted murderers/rapists, is biblical and serves as a societal deterrent against crime. How hypocritical that Reich defends vile murderers right to live, but freely murders innocent babies.

    Fighting poverty? Reich and his fellow Democrats are the biggest thieves and murderers in world history. Their Federal Reserve overlords are like Pharoah, who weakened the Jews by killing their children. Reich defends stealing with high taxes, and so contributes to poverty.

    Curbing hunger? Again, Democrat cities, run by Federal Reserve owner thieves, have the highest rates of poverty and crime.

    Gun violence and police killings? Democrat media myths. Democrats continuously try to attack the Second Amendment, to disarm America. This makes criminals run wild. As for police killings, Reich and his fellow Democrat Communists are spreading a vicious lie, that police are trying to murder black and brown men.

    The opioid epidemic?

    The Clintons, Reich’s bosses, ran a drug operation out of Arkansas. I personally spoke with a military officer who aided the operation, Democrats and Their overlords are behind drugs and porn, using them to keep the population enslaved.

    So, do not be deceived by the Satanic Liar, Robert Reich, and his Luciferian, Illuminati overlords.

  2. Look for the Left, especially in America, to become even more deranged, hate-filled, and incoherent after their defeat in the upcoming election. They already have their backs to the wall (the confirmation of ACB to the Supreme Court, less-than-thrilling news as that is to us Christians, was the most recent gut punch to the Left, adding to the Biden debacle) and will become absolutely unhinged as they continue to face resistance from a nation still full of people willing to stand up for what is right.

  3. My standard response to that pro-abortion canard: We oppose child-killing inside and outside the womb and we oppose counter-productive gov’t programs. Nothing inconsistent about that. Stop using such poor arguments to promote abortion. Do you have any idea how much time and money I donate to help the poor or how much I pay in taxes? [Pause] Didn’t think so. So why not stick to the topic, which is whether you should be able to crush and dismember children in the womb?  The “pro-lifers don’t care about those outside the womb/haven’t adopted all the children/etc.” canard is false on many levels. 

    1. If people were slaughtering toddlers, the elderly or anyone else the way they do unborn children, I guarantee that we would be protesting that as well.  So we are completely consistent in protecting innocent human lives regardless of location and  yes, we do care for life post-birth.

    2. You can speak against moral evils all day, every day without being obligated to care for all the victims for life. If mothers were killing toddlers for the same reasons they give for abortions (money, career, love life, pressure from boyfriends / parents, etc.) would you stay quiet? Would you lodge the same criticism at those who spoke against toddler-cide without adopting all the children? Hopefully not. The question is whether the unborn are human beings. They are. At least that’s what all the embryology textbooks say. Just because they are smaller, more dependent and in a unique environment (formerly synonymous with a safe place) doesn’t mean their lives aren’t worthy of protection.  The right to life is the foundational human right.

    3. The premise is false.  Countless pro-lifers help women and children before and after birth with their own time and money.  Pregnancy Resource Centers offer an array of free services. Planned Parenthood and the like make millions via abortion.

    4. Asking the government to take money by force from others to supposedly help the poor does not qualify as charity on your part.

    5. Do you criticize the American Cancer Society for not working on heart disease?  If not, why are you being prideful about your preferred ministry over what others feel called to?  That is, if you actually do anything for others at all. Using your logic, William Wilberforce didn’t do much because he “only” cared about abolishing the slave trade (not true, of course, as he did more than that, but it shows how ridiculous the pro-abortion argument is).

    6. Unless they want forced abortions, pro-choicers have the same obligations to help that they put on pro-lifers.

    7. The claim that we don’t care about the children outside the womb is demonstrably false.  But even if their claim was true, it seems like the greater sin would be to approve of a child being literally crushed and dismembered rather than just not personally feeding someone else’s living child.

    8. Imagine saying something similar to justify keeping slavery legal: “You think slavery is wrong but won’t help them get jobs, etc.”

    9. Your basic reasoning is this: “It is OK to kill the child but not to risk her being impoverished.”

    10. IF you actually help them outside the womb, we could swap labels and dismiss you: “You only help them outside but let them be killed inside.” Still illogical, but that’s what you get.

  4. They throw out red herrings because that’s all that they’ve got. Otherwise they would have to admit it’s murder.

  5. A lot of mens who had been divorced had commited suicide but they don’t feel concerned by that because these are the same womens who love divorces.

  6. Ryan’s comment about suicides is SO VERY far from the Truth! All of us are sinners. Depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts happen to many many Christians! Life is very tough at times. Sometimes, people do not see a light at the end of the tunnel, and they literally need someone to love them and help them get out of the pit that they are in. Many women and men have been abused in horrific ways and struggle with these thoughts. Teenagers struggle with depression and their minds have not been fully developed yet. The Bible says that Satan roars around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Devour! He’s not a harmless kitty! He wishes to destroy souls! And that verse was written to Believers… Just think about that please!

  7. The thing with these problems that he tweets about are…they all have to do with respect for human life or rather, a lack of respect for human life. Life begins in the womb. If we start by respecting life from it’s very beginning, maybe we wouldn’t have such a culture of despair that leads to opioid addiction, war, suicide, poverty, and especially gun violence. Are we surprised that our young people shoot each other when we raise them in a culture of death? Where you can dismiss a human life if you find it inconvenient? What we pro-life people want is to begin at the very root of the problem, which is respect for life from it’s very conception. I read his tweet and I am reminded of Proverbs 15:2 “The tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouth of the fool gushes folly”.

  8. I agree with a lot of what you’re saying in this article. I do disagree with you regarding the opioid epidemic. A lot of the addiction we have in this country is due to the increase in prescriptions for those drugs. Plenty of good people become addicted to opioids after they are first prescribed by a doctor.

  9. Here in NZ we have free abortions, legal up until birth (with some limitations) and no requirement to give medical care to a surviving baby. Yet if a woman delivers a living baby and then kills it, she is charged with infanticide. Doesn’t make sense, does it?

    I am glad we don’t have the death penalty here because, although I believe murderers and paedophiles should receive the death penalty, too many times here the Police have gotten it wrong and the wrong man has been convicted of murder. Until there is a guaranteed way of proving murder, with no mistakes, we can’t be sentencing anyone to death.

    This year, 6 people I know have committed suicide. The government has substantially increased funding to mental health, yet when these people cried out for help, they couldn’t get it. Even 2 suicide attempts weren’t enough to escalate their case to “urgent” so they could actually get help.

    Over lockdown, domestic violence rates went up hugely, yet funding to women’s refuge and emergency shelters were cut. I know, because I work in this sector. But it was while this funding was cut, endangering vulnerable men, women and children, that our new abortion-on-demand-up-until-birth law was pushed through. Ironic, yes?

    After the mosque shootings here in March last year, our gun laws were toughened and many guns, including semi-automatic rifles, were banned. The government spent millions in a gun buy-back scheme, buying all the guns back from hunters and farmers who used them for legitimate purposes. Violence, including fun violence, hasn’t gone down, though. Because the criminals still have access to these illegal guns, and gun violence is mostly between gangs, here.

    The irony is startling. Proof though, that governments can’t legislate away sin.

  10. Yes Jennifer this is so true!
    15 or so years ago, a very good friends sister ended her life. She was a very devoted Christian woman. She raised 6 children who all walk with the Lord today. One of her sons is a preacher, sharing the gospel in Fiji. She had a happy marriage. She did not work outside the home. She was a mentor to young women, she was kind and compassionate. She was the absolute embodiment of a Christian lady. Yet she struggled greatly with mental health for many years. She ended up taking her own life at home on their farm just 6 days before her 4th sons wedding. She had so much to look forward to, yet her mental anguish was so great.
    It was tragic.
    She had never done drugs, she was raised in a good Christian home, she did everything “right” yet her mental distress was unbearable.
    We can’t pigeonhole depression or mental illness. It’s like cancer or any other illness – it doesn’t discriminate.

  11. Lori, your counter-argument is absolutely excellent! Many people today cannot think critically, and they have been indoctrinated in the public schools to believe the Leftist secular humanism religion. Arguments like Reich’s can sound good and logical, but as you have deftly shown, they do not hold up to reason and the light of Truth. Thank you for your courage to do this difficult work!

  12. The rates of depression and suicide have skyrocketed among all ages in the past 20 years so there is something going on. A popular psychologist taught us many years ago that the onset of depression in his clinic 50 years ago was 45 years old, and now (which was probably 10 years ago) is 16 years old. He predicted that the majority of teenagers would be on antidepressants within 5 years. Many are today. The wickedness in our societies is destructive and oppressive.

  13. Perfect responses! I usually never respond when I hear people repeating those straw man arguments, they’re all too brainwashed to see how evil their opinion is it’s pointless to get into an argument with them unless you want to be called a traitor to your sex.

    And even if you have answers it’s never good enough. All pro abortion advocates say we don’t care about children in foster care. Amy Coney Barrett adopted 2 children but the left still calls her a handmaid. The left are so brain dead that they can’t comprehend a woman who doesn’t believe in killing children.

    Also while I don’t believe women should be involved in politics, I’m SO happy Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed! We need more conservative pro life women to come forward to show feminist women that they don’t have the monopoly on what women believe!

  14. Using the latest NZ statistics that I can find, I’m not sure that divorce has any bearing on suicide rates.
    Yes, men overwhelming lead the statistics. 16/100,000 in men, (across all ages) and 6.3/100,000 in women (across all ages).
    But guess which age group has the highest rate of suicide? Men aged 85+ years old! They are killing themselves at the rate of 40.9/100,000.
    Isn’t that sad?
    In that same age group, only 2.1/100,000 women kill themselves. To me, that suggests that, rather than divorce prompting suicide, it would be broken hearts combined with terminal illness diagnosis. I know many men who have been married for 60+ years, then their beloved wife passes on and they are just lost. They don’t know what to do without her. Women, I think, being more social, and more encouraged to openly show emotion (whereas men are encouraged to suppress grief and be strong and “manly”) can possibly cope better but men are expected to be so staunch and emotionless and bottle everything up inside. Yet these men are quite clearly broken.

    In our recent election, we also voted in the euthanasia referendum – whether or not we want euthanasia to become legal. Results aren’t out yet, but early indications suggest that euthanasia will be legalised. To me, that’s even sadder. Because then these broken men, at the end of their lives, will be able to have help to end things for themselves, instead of being supported in enjoying their last days.

  15. Isn’t Robert Reich the guy who wants a Truth and Reconciliation Committee if Trump loses?

    Don’t bother arguing with him…you’ll never win and waste a lot of time. Just point out that he’s evil.

  16. Yes, righteous people do at times wish to die, as Elijah did when persecuted by Jezebel, however, righteous people never commit suicide, and no one who committed suicide went to heaven, as suicide is self murder.

    Life is not our circumstances, it is how we respond to them, and Philippians 4:13 says we can do all things through Christ. 1 Cor 10:13 says we can handle anything we are given. Hardships are either from our own sins, or they are trials from God. In both cases discouragement never helps.

    If we are honest with ourselves, nothing anyone else has done to us is as damaging as our own sins. Because, On judgement day, we are responsible only for our own choices, not what anyone else did to us. This new age Freudian nonsense about how we are victims of our environment is whacko, and all Christians should reject it. Certainly there is compassion for those who were abused, but, there is always someone who has successfully endured worse. There is never a reason to take ones life.

    God would never command us to do something we are incapable of doing, and he commands us to take control of our thoughts. That’s not a recommendation and suggestion, but a command.

    2 Timothy 1:7 For a God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Things affect us to the extent we allow them to. Every day we are the King or Queen of 10,000 subjects, our thoughts. How we regulate our thought subjects determines our eternal destiny.

  17. Thank you Lori.
    That comment was extremely hurtful, as this lady was one of the might righteous women I knew. She truly loved God.
    Mental illness is an illness like any other.
    I am so glad our Lord knows our hearts and judges us by our hearts and spirits, not by the little bit people can see.

  18. And this is where our ideologies part. I believe God when he says if you die in sin, you go to hell, and suicide is a sin. You believe you can die in fornication, adultery, or other sins, like being drunk, high on drugs, etc, and still go to heaven. This idea is found nowhere in scripture.

  19. We will all sin until the day that we die. This would mean, according to you, that none of us would be saved. It’s Christ blood alone that saves us and believing in Him. I know some Christians who have taken their lives because they were in so much pain that they just couldn’t bear it any longer.

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