Trouble Finding My Facebook Page?

Trouble Finding My Facebook Page?

Recently, Facebook asked if I wanted to change the format of my page since it would be changing in a few day regardless so I did. I lost all of the “likes” and other features that I used often, unfortunately. Now, one must “follow” my page in order to see it in their timeline.

Here is the link to my page: (1) The Transformed Wife | Facebook

In order to follow my page, you must clink on the box to the right of “Message” that has a plus sign in it, and then you will be able to continue to receive what I post on this page. Let me know if you have any problems. Thank you!

Here’s the link to my MeWe page who can’t find my Facebook page since I am being heavily censored:

15 thoughts on “Trouble Finding My Facebook Page?

  1. If Facebook is persecuting you, welcome to the club. Among the impeccable credentials I possess, being banned for life by Fakebook, Twitter, Breitbart, WND, City Journal, Gateway Pundit, Daily Wire, and FrontPageMag are among my most cherished achievements.

    The owners of the Federal Reserve are vicious snakes, who will lie, cheat, steal, and murder to protect their power and wealth.

    I openly criticized them on my website,, and, since these snakes control the intelligence agencies and the military, they SENT THE FBI, to my neighbors door, telling him I was advocating for killing all Jews, an outrageous lie. Voltaire said whoever you cannot criticize, that is who your master is. I did say the Talmudic Jews who control the Federal Reserve deserve the death penalty for releasing this virus. They also control the military , media, schools, tech companies, ACLU, NAACP, BLM, ANTIFA, China, SPLC, and much more. These bankers funded Zionism (Israel) and Communism. The average American is deceived because they are dazzled by the dizzying array of assets the bankers constantly expose them to, all of them deceitful liars.

    Consider, the inept and incompetent FBI couldn’t recover Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails, but they come to military veterans neighbors doors to inquire about bogus accusations.

    Outraged by this, I immediately, upon being notified by my neighbor, contacted the FBI, stating that either this was a fraud, and the FBI needed to investigate the criminal impersonation of an FBI agent, or, it was real, in which case I threatened a libel lawsuit, for spreading false information about me. The FBI hurriedly apologized and withdrew the accusations. Still, this is very troubling. It will only get worse under treacherous and treasonous Democrats.

  2. Hi Lori,

    Can you do a post about choosing a husband who is a virgin and who has not watched porn? So many young women I know are saving themselves for marriage only to find out their new husband requires crazy sex acts from a beginner, does not care about female pleasure (due to porn stars “acting”), and grows tired of her needing to take time and thus turns solely to porn. Marriage already on the rocks during what should be a “honeymoon phase” of learning intimacy together!!!

  3. A woman who begins to get interested in a man needs to (early in the relationship and out of the blue) ask him when was the last time he looked at porn. She will know by his reaction if he watches it or not. She should know before she’s married if he’s involved with porn and to what degree. It is a terrible problem these days and such a tragedy.

  4. Biggest two problems in America today, I’m convinced, are porn and drugs. The former was banned in 1950, and the latter was far less common than today. In 1900, less than 2% of men were exposed to porn. Today, over 99% have been. Every man and woman would be better off if they had never been exposed to this perversion. Gods beautiful creation was designed so a man and a woman could know their spouses nakedness, ALONE. All the women and male porn performers are miserable and/or corrupt, along with the viewers.

    Sadly, few of the churches teach publicly against porn and its root, masturbation. Men and women who never viewed porn and are virgins make far better spouses. That said, God can restore penitent sinners.

    Any woman who marries without understanding her husbands history with porn today is asking for problems.

    Laurie Hall wrote a book, “An affair of the mind” detailing how her husbands porn use devastated both him and her and their marriage.

    Lori’s advice is sound. A woman should also know if a man has masturbation issues. If he does, there will likely be intimacy issues. A man who doesn’t masturbate or look at porn will be far more patient, kind, gentle, faithful, and will also be a far greater lover. Men desire to desire, women desire to be desired, and porn perverts it all, but marriage sanctifies it.

  5. This problem in high tech is getting worse by the minute. They are NOT free-speech promotion platforms. Sadly people who are against other things like the Muslim religion, LGBT agendas, transgender children (and even adults), BLM movements, voter fraud, Vaccine agenda(5/100 chance from vaccine vs. 1/83,000,000 getting covid twice + fetal cell experimentation) and so forth are eliminated from these spaces. Chistians are the ONLY people on the planet earth capable of THINKING and SPEAKING with LIBERTY. I know Stephan Anderson is one particular “unliked” pastor, but how do these tech people (who don’t even know the Gospel of John) know right from wrong?

  6. It’s tragic that most people these days are not reading/hearing any truth at all since they won’t get it in the public school system, colleges, news outlets, or social media unless they happen upon someone who speak truths which high tech is censoring deeply. They think they’re winning but they aren’t. We know how it all ends and it’s good!

  7. I have no idea why, Jilly, but I do know I am being very heavily censored on all of my social media sites and I am sure it’s only going to get worse. This is not our home.

  8. I can vouch for Laurie Hall’s book. I purchased it and I find it to be very centering for those days when I am having extreme difficulties dealing with my reality. I cannot recommend it enough!

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