Truth is Offensive By Its Nature

Truth is Offensive By Its Nature

God commands I teach younger women biblical womanhood in Titus 2:3-5. It’s not easy in this feminist day and age. I don’t shy away from teaching women anything about being godly women, including modesty, gluttony, obedience to husbands, being keepers at home and silent in the churches, sexual purity before marriage, having meek and quiet spirits, being shamefaced and discreet, and so on. Nothing is off limits in what I teach to women.

Women are often offended by what I teach. Will Leighton @uncagethelion on Instagram wrote the following in response to a woman who was offended at something he shared of mine. He reflects my sentiments exactly.

“You have to understand that no matter what I say, no matter how careful I am, no matter what I do, I will always offend someone. My goal is to spread the truth, but the truth is offensive by its very nature. I’m not setting out to offend, it just happens as a byproduct..

“See here is the thing: If I only posted my thoughts after thinking through every possible scenario, every possible way they could be interpreted, and every little thing that may upset someone, then my posts, my thoughts, my writing, and my entire page would be a useless, unconvicting, pile of mush. It would be worthless.

“There is time for nuance: and I spend A LOT of time nuancing and threshing out details and ideas.

“But there is also a time for general, broad-sweeping statements (things that are generally true in most circumstances for most people). And it is responses like this, that have this weird obsession with demanding the unachievable level of softness, niceness, and vagueness with absolutely no grace given to the fact that people can, and should, say things that are generally true with general statements. This is a classic strawman. You’ve built up an argument that I never made, and are attacking it for seemingly no purpose.”

Yes, truth is offensive by its nature. Why do you think they persecuted and crucified Christ? Why do you think that we are promised persecution? It convicts the world of their sin and godlessness. Most people want to live as they please, and many want everyone to celebrate their wickedness. We don’t. We call it out. They hate this.

When you see something I write that is true to Scripture, you can easily distinguish between the sheep and the goats in the comment section. The sheep love His Word, accept what I write, and are often times convicted and challenged by it. The goats are those who are offended and try to twist the meaning of Scripture to say the opposite of what it actually means or try to negate truth completely because they are the exception.

Truth never comes back void. Daily I have women writing to me and telling me how much better their marriages are, that they’ve come home full time and now love homemaking. Never stop speaking truth into the darkness, women. Never. People need to hear it and those with soften hearts will accept it. The incredible thing is that truth often softens hardened hearts!

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
Isaiah 55:11

7 thoughts on “Truth is Offensive By Its Nature

  1. Amen Lori! I am so thankful for the few people out there who still speak the truth, and take the attacks, without cowering from them! I am often blessed, and sometimes convicted by your posts! God bless you

  2. Life today reminds me of The Emperor’s New Clothes. As if saying something, however ridiculous, over and over will make it true. We need more people willing to shout that the Emperor is naked!

  3. Hello Lori,

    I highly appreciate your work as a young man. Thanks for doing this. Although your content not always caters to me but it helps me stay balanced as at times I feel doomed because of feminism. I always come back to it hoping that there are some women out there who are worthy to be the future mother of my children and there’s no point being pessimistic about it. It helps me keep faith in womanhood and keep on improving myself so as to be the man my future wife would appreciate and respect.

    Once again, thanks you’ve really helped me keep things together as I have a very deep urge to be a father someday and majority of women are just not worth it.

  4. This makes me think of Margaret Thatcher. When criticized by a reporter for being “narrow minded” she responded “Yes, I am. The truth is a narrow road.”

  5. To Anon, February 8th.

    I’d recommend trying to find a woman overseas.

    Great women like Lori are extremely rare in America, they make up less than 5% of the population.

    Imitate King Ahaseurus. When Vashti the Queen wouldn’t obey him, he dumped her, and found a beautiful foreign virgin.

    American men need to do this too. We aren’t putting up with American women’s rebellion. I found an amazing 26 year old virgin in Ukraine, and should be married in 6 months.

    She’s stunningly beautiful, has a virtuous and Christian attitude, wants to have a lot of kids, wants to obey her husband. That is less than 5% of attractive, marriageable American women from 18-30, which is what an American man looking forward a family should be looking for. She’s learning English before she comes here, I offered to pay $1,000 for English courses for her, and she declined, wanted to pay for it herself, with her own money, though she’s ready to have a man support her on one income.

    Men in Ukraine want their wives to work, and though she owns her own beauty salon with 5 employees, she wants to be home with her children.

    There are hundreds of other women on the site, with very similar attitudes. It will be argued they will say anything to come to America, but, the girl I’m talking to wanted me to come there.

  6. Hello all, is everyone seeing that all the posts after this one have the comments closed? I was wondering if something was wrong with the blog. Thanks!!!

  7. Summer, I have closed the comment section for now. I have too much on my plate to manage the comments. I may open them in the future when I am not so busy with grandchildren and mentoring many women.

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