Seek Out Old Mothers For Child Raising Advice

Seek Out Old Mothers For Child Raising Advice

“After having a horrible experience with a female pediatrician that was trying to force me to give all kinds of vaccinations to my newborn daughter, I reached out to one of my aunts, and she told me something I will never forget. ‘Those doctors (especially the women) have dedicated their lives to their careers. If they have children of their own, they didn’t even raise them. They had nannies, daycares, or schools raising their babies. They did not and do not spend 24 hours a day tending to the little ones like old fashioned mothers do.

“If you ever find yourself needing guidance, remedies, or advice when it comes to your baby, always consult an old mother first. They have tended to fevers and ailments. They have walked the floors in the middle of the night with crying babies. They have been handed the wisdom of the old mothers before them.’ These words will always stay with me and will always be true. Thank God for older women.”

This was a comment written to me on Instagram. I don’t know why or when doctors became the experts on child raising. What happened to old mothers who have raised good and godly children? There are many reasons why God commands older women to teach younger women. They have the experience and wisdom to give wise counsel about everything concerning being wives, mothers, and homemakers to the younger women.

What is all this with “well baby care” too? I never took my children to these, since they seem to only be to vaccinate children against childhood diseases that weren’t dangerous or diseases that aren’t even around anymore due to sanitation and clean water. Pediatricians are often giving out child raising advice too, such as how dangerous spankings are and how crying-it-out causes brain damage. Why listen to doctors who aren’t home raising their own children? They don’t have the experience that old mothers have.

I have learned many natural cures and treated my children with them. Yes, I took them to doctors for emergency situations which they are great for, but nothing else. I learned things from my grandmother and mother. I read good books. I knew God’s Word. I listened to wise older mothers share their advice and what worked for them. I never took child raising advice from a doctor except for Dr. Mendelsohn’s book “How to Keep Your Child Healthy in Spite of Your Doctor.” He gives great advice on illness and injuries. He explains when to take a child to the doctor and when not to do so.

Listen to the older and wise among you, women. Our church is full of old people and I love them! They are so wise, kind, and friendly. They aren’t rushing out the door after church. They stand around talking with whoever wants to talk to them. I have never attended such a warm and loving church, nor have I ever attended a church with so many old people. I love seeing gray hair in the audience. Many have been attending this church since they were young. They are strong in their faith.

Be wise whom you seek counsel from, young mothers. Remind yourself that doctors aren’t gods, and they don’t know everything. They are simply “practicing” medicine.

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.
Matthew 10:16

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