Trying to Wake Up the Church

Trying to Wake Up the Church

Written by Ken

As we reflect over the past year and our forty years of marriage, we cannot be more thankful with what God has done and will continue to do with our lives. We recognize that apart from His grace and mercy, we could have easily divorced or followed along with the rushing river of culture, yet God gave us His mercy to help us stay faithful to His Word and calling on our lives.

We have four wonderful adult children who now have families of their own that keep growing each year. Their loving marriages appear to be well beyond where we were at their ages with love and mutual service and living their lives to glorify God.

No one size fits all of God’s Word and ways and contrary to what the detractors believe, Lori’s goal is not to brainwash anyone or to say that you have to do things our way. Our ways have proven to be successful, but there were some “misses” as we sought to integrate God’s Word into our lives and life of our family. Even as there are alternate approaches to how the Christian does marriage and family, whatever we do should always be based on God’s Word. And why? Because we have chosen to allow Jesus Christ to be Lord of our lives, so we must seek His Word as we make our choices in life, or He is not Lord at all.

I must confess that I have spent very little time on the blog this past year for a number of reasons. Lori seems to do a great job without much of my help, and I am still very busy with my work and my own ministries. She is remarkable how much she can do in a day with her blog and family life; cooking and caring for not just me but the clan.

Last night as I watched two grandbabies crawling on her lap, I thought about the newborn coming any day when she will run to another home for a week or two to help care for Momma and baby, and that this woman I married is quite remarkable. She started out as a typically somewhat self-focused young bride but God and life’s circumstances, and more particularly God’s Word and the Spirit inside of her, has made her into a wife and mother who is almost completely focused on others rather than herself. I must admit that although I have always thought I was much more service-oriented than she was in our younger years, I had lots of growing up to do too. Together our lives are not seeking cruises and alone time, but rather still trying to make investments in others that will have an eternal lasting value.

The salad and soup was chopped and made after our walk today and taken to our other daughter who was not feeling well. Pumpkin pie was made for me, just because I asked, and now she is off to bed and I thought I would take the opportunity to write. We will never get rid of the detractors and slanderers so long as we put ourselves out in the public domain. But until the Lord makes it clear Lori is to stop blogging, she will continue to be obedient to the Lord’s calling on her life to train the younger Christian women to love their husbands, lead chaste lives, and be keepers at home. And she does it with great success.

I so wish that she could share with you the regular emails, messages, and comments that bolster her spirits and make us know that God is doing a mighty work through the TTW blog, social media, and books. I am pretty sure she would continue to blog if just one woman a month wrote her about their own transformation in marriage. Many have written that when they first started reading her, they hated what she wrote, but it made them so angry and curious, that they kept reading. In time this seemingly “old fashioned” woman started to make a lot of sense, and then it hit them square between the eyes. God’s Word and will for them became clear, and they are now loving their husband like never before, and some are coming home to take care of their babies as soon as practically possible.

The blog’s success is not measured in the large number of readers, but the actual success of God using this grandma to help call a weak and wandering Church back to some of God’s basics in the Word. Many of the basics, pastors and other women leaders are refusing to teach. It has been truly remarkable that many young and older women’s lives have been truly transformed when confronted with God’s Word.

And it is not as if God’s Word does not make great common sense. Of course, wives are to love their husbands and care for their families with a full-time focus!  Nature, history, and the Word all point to these simple facts, yet the world wants to say that modern woman can choose to do and be whatever she wants with no repercussions. Well, maybe it makes no difference to the world, even as statistics on divorce, depression, and suicide don’t lie. It certainly makes a huge difference to the Church and in raising the next generation of godly offspring.

Society is now filled with lost people seeking careers, pleasures, and new gender identities to try and escape who they have become. The “cat ladies” can attest to this. You cannot ignore husband and family and throw your life into your career without finding yourself at 52 years old lying on the ground pleading for your cat to come to you as he walks away with a smirk. No one else of any lasting value in your life. If we do not define what life is about at the beginning, we will end up with exactly what we focused upon… self and self-desires over the things that truly count.

We are in the camp that says that the only things that really count in life are the time, energy, and investments we make in relationships for Christ, beginning with our spouse and family then extending to all those who God puts in our path. We are to be Jesus to a lost and broken world and that begins at home raising wonderful, well-disciplined God-loving children. Then we take it to friends and the world trying to expose the love and life of Christ in all we do and say.

Yes, sometimes TTW shouts loudly in order to try to wake up the Church. Some say it’s unkind to speak so loudly … going on to say how unkind she is for not listing every exception as to why some woman in “Timbuktu” can’t live up to what was just posted. The words posted are not speaking to Timbuktu but to you… personally. The mind set on the flesh seeks to justify and give excuses and exceptions for why they personally do not want the Word or its admonitions to apply to them. The mind set on the Spirit says, “Lord, thy will be done. Is this something I need to consider or can I pass on by?”

Fundamentally, we believe that God has communicated plainly and clearly through the language of His Word and with 99.9 percent accuracy, the main Bible translations like the KJV are faithful to the original language. For this reason, TTW can give the simple straightforward message of the Word without needing to read the latest liberal scholars, many of whom may not know Jesus but have discovered how to make the Greek and first century culture render the Bible almost meaningless to today’s culture. They are convinced that this modern world needs a modern gospel to fit it so they go about building it. The echo of “Did God really say…” continues to this day with the march to eradicate the plain teaching of the Word in the modern churches.

If you are a woman who desires to trust God with what He plainly says, then this blog is for you. But if you are one who wants the Holy Bible to open its arms to sex before marriage, porn, homosexuality, women preachers, and putting careers before babies even when you do not have to work, then please pass on by. Let this grandma speak from her heart the Word of truth and don’t expect her to be perfect in how she says it.

Take my word for it as one who lives with her each day, that she loves women and wants nothing but God’s best for each and every one of you. Don’t take her word for anything, but check it out for yourself in the Bible. She’s just the messenger and the rest is up to God. You can’t threaten or mock or detract this older godly woman from her mission because she’s already escaped death multiple times and her days are numbered, just as are yours and mine are. Then we can all give an account for how we lived in this life and body as we stand before our Lord God. We desire to tell God that we stood with the plain history proven teaching of His Word.

Many blessings to all the supporters of The Transformed Wife’s ministry. May you keep us in your prayers and pray that many would be won to a sensible Biblical faith and practice as we try to live life under the Lordship of Jesus our Savior. No man or woman trying to control the other, but just the love of Christ invading our marriages, families, and churches moment by moment each day.

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom; teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.
Colossians 3:16

18 thoughts on “Trying to Wake Up the Church

  1. Words can’t express my thoughts or feelings after read such a powerful love story! I agreed with you Ken, Lori is an amazing women of God. Unselfish in every way, role model to everyone. Well, I could go on and on.

    Thank you for supporting her so she could do Gods work, here on earth.

    And thank you Ken for this tribute to a wise and steady women of God.

  2. Thank you Ken for encouraging Lori in Christs work. And loving and supporting her as a wife, mother & grandmother.
    I found her site several years after Christ had started a major work in me. It was nice to see the confirmation of what He has been teaching me. “Yes”, He has been teaching me. I prayed and cried my heart out to Him. I would seek His Word for answers and encouragement which He always provided. Then I would wait on the Lord. Sometimes I would be impatient, but He worked on me in that too. We stopped attending church after so many failed attempts. We loved the Lord, but were living out our faith all wrong as Christians. I always remember reading God’s Word. My husband not so much. But, he thought he knew it. Until I started sharing what Christ was teaching me. He quickly realized he too had failed. We are seeking Christ together daily and, on our own. As we learn grow and share with each other our hearts ache that others need to know the Truth. Just as you stated that Lori is burdened by it as well.

    Below is the verse I clung to as many were sent to deceive me along my road of sanctification, which the Holy Spirit is not through with me yet on. But, I continued to only look to the Lord and not rely on myself or others. He would confirm things along the way as only He can do. It was and still is a beautiful work. At one point I though I would lose my marriage. It was a rough 2 week period. But, when it was over only God could be glorified in it. Both my husband and I learned a lot. Praise Jesus! We are currently in prayer and diligently seeking Christ to bring healing to the younger generation of our families who have been hurt by us the older generation living our Christian walk out incorrectly. We encourage all to diligently seek the Lord, He is a rewarder of those that do.

    1 John 2:27
    But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.

  3. I don’t know how many years I’ve been reading Lori’s blogs. I am so grateful for her writings that in a couple of years I will be assigning them to my daughter to read. I will have her read several a week and then go out for coffee to discuss them. Thank you Ken for all you’ve done for God. I have been so blessed by you and Lori and am thankful to God for you both. Lori is the mentor in word and deed that’s worth is far above rubies.

  4. I so enjoyed reading your post ,Ken.

    I appreciate your’s and Lori’s work on this blog. I have been a reader for quite a few years.

    You don’t just help the young women to learn God’s ways. You are a much needed encouragement to us older ladies also.

    I pray for you and Lori daily.

    You are such blessings to so many.

    Thank you.

  5. Thank you for your kind comment Christine. I am very blessed to be married to Lori as there is never a dull day :).

  6. Thank you Laurie! I love the new journey you are on together. Lori and I fell we made huge steps forward listening to Michael Pearl expound on Romans 6-8, Colossians and Ephesians about our New Lives in Christ. It was exciting to be challenged to see our relationship with God as just having to believe Him in HIs many promises, especially the promise that we have been made into brand new creatures the moment we believed and were baptized into Christ and raised to a New Life.

    Don’t give up on your local church! It’s not just what you get from it but what we give to it in relationships and ministry. Consider starting your own home church for the neighborhood.

    Thanks again for your terrific news of transformation. Here is the No Greater Joy site for audio downloads… Michael Pearl is outstanding in his knowledge and wisdom of the Word:

  7. Thank you M! What a great way to get your daughter thinking about how she wants to do life and marriage as she grows up.

  8. That is so nice of you to say Linda. I know Lori would do this ministry even without the encouragements like yours, but they sure are appreciated. An imperfect set of vessels set apart to do ministry imperfectly, yet God brings in the fruit of His Word. After all, He has promised that HIs Word will not come back void.

  9. Thank you Ken for your encouragement. We have definitely been submitting to the Lord about a home church. Our son who just recently married has been attending one for several years. We have watched as God has done a mighty work in his life as he submitted to God. We believe the Lord could use him as a good foundation for one too. God’s way is the only way. We are awaiting His direction, but are bold enough to step in faith. Maybe your very words could be the ones that are needed.

  10. This was absolutely beautiful. What a testimony to the power of a Godly woman living her life as God designed her role. I adore your wife. I so wish I had had a Godly woman like her back when I was younger (59 now). Nevertheless, she had and is making a difference in my life now. I have followed her for years and she has been so faithful. I am grateful for her strength and message to speak truth in my life.

  11. I stumbled across this as someone posted this on their wall and was making fun of it. I read it and it made complete sense to me. Jesus even uses non Christian’s to spread good messages like this. Thanks for writing down you most passionate thoughts and making it public. Even if people seem to act inappropriately, God can still use it to spread truth!

  12. That was beautiful, and inspiring for my marriage and walk with the Lord. Thank you. I do pray for Lori and her continued health to be this light to a dark, dark world.

  13. Such a sweet tribute. I’m so glad you guys are out in the blogging world still, speaking truth. You’ve been encouraging me since 2010!

  14. I finished reading Lori’s older posts and her old blog a few weeks ago and I learned so much from them… Even if sometimes I didn’t understand everything or felt abandoned by God on certain occasions of my life, I now see that it was me that was far from Him. Not the contrary.

    I pray every day for you and for Lori and for your family, so that she can continue to instruct us and I wish I had a Lori in my life, to be a role model for me, like the Bible teaches older women to do.

    God bless Ken and Lori!!! :o)

  15. Thanks for the wonderful post Ken! I have been following Lori’s blog for almost two years now and I find it so inspirational, and educational. Coming from a lifelong stay at home mom and housewife that has never worked and does not have a great deal of education, Lori (and you) make me feel so supported that God’s plan of biblical womanhood and obedience to my husband that I have followed since I was a very young “barefoot and pregnant little housewife” is the right path and pleasing to God and my husband! I pray for you guys daily!

  16. I loved reading this. The love and appreciation Ken showed for his wife is lovely to read, especially after seeing Lori constantly attacked by feminists and worldly men & women on social media simple because she sticks to biblical truth & boldly proclaims it. I love seeing Ken’s love and approval of her. 🙂

    Anyways, I’m so thankful for TTW blog and God truly has used Lori to change my life. (Obviously I mean Lori’s teaching of God’s Word has transformed me). I’m a young wife, 23 and began reading her blog earlier last year. At the time I was pursing a bachelor’s degree and working full time. I always had the desire to be a mother but was sucked into the idea of getting a career first, a house, etc. and I was also on birth control.

    One by one God began revealing to me His truth on these matters and used Lori to shed light on what God says about a godly woman and wife and lifestyle. I quit college, stopped taking birth control, and with my husband began focusing on paying off our debt so I could be a stay at home wife ASAP. I got pregnant the 2nd month I was off birth control and we quickly got a house. Because of my desire to be a SAHM, we got a house way cheaper than we originally thought about. It’s perfect and I love it.

    Our goal is to have the least amount of bills possible. We have paid off 1 large loan we had and almost have paid off the 2nd loan as well. Lori taught me that you truly don’t need 2 incomes if you live frugally and budget, prioritizing correctly and being content with less. Fast forward to now: My precious baby was born 2 weeks ago, I am a stay at home mom and my husband is fully supportive and excited that he can provide for us while I raise and eventually homeschool our child(ren).

    All of this to say, Thank you Lori (and Ken) for this ministry, for your biblical womanhood study, and your faithfulness to teach young women God’s Word. My old church sure wasn’t teaching me these things. As Ken mentioned you truly are changing lives and mine is one of them! I am so joyful, happy and at peace finally knowing that I’m where God designed me to be— at home, caring for my husband and child, and our household. Raising the next generation to know and hopefully love the Lord. Serving my family, rather than a big company or boss. I love every minute and don’t take for granted the way God so graciously brought me to this position in a year or less. Thank you Lori! I just wanted to share to hopefully encourage you to keep on fighting. Much love & blessings 🙂

    -A Young Mom & Wife

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