Conforming to God’s Word Rather than to the World

Conforming to God’s Word Rather than to the World

Written By a Young Wife and Mother

I loved reading this post. The love and appreciation Ken showed for his wife is lovely to read, especially after seeing Lori constantly attacked by feminists and worldly men and women on social media simply because she sticks to biblical truth and boldly proclaims it. I love seeing Ken’s love and approval of her. ?

Anyways, I’m so thankful for TTW blog, and God truly has used Lori to change my life. (Obviously, I mean Lori’s teaching of God’s Word has transformed me.) I’m a young wife, 23, and began reading her blog earlier last year. At the time, I was pursing a bachelor’s degree and working full time. I always had the desire to be a mother but was sucked into the idea of getting a career first, a house, etc. and I was also on birth control.

One by one God began revealing to me His truth on these matters and used Lori to shed light on what God says about a godly woman, wife, and lifestyle. I quit college, stopped taking birth control, and with my husband, began focusing on paying off our debt so I could be a stay at home wife ASAP. I got pregnant the second month I was off birth control, and we quickly bought a house. Because of my desire to be a SAHM, we bought a house much cheaper than we originally thought about. It’s perfect, and I love it.

Our goal is to have the least amount of bills possible. We have paid off one large loan we had and almost have paid off the second loan as well. Lori taught me that you truly don’t need two incomes if you live frugally and budget, prioritizing correctly and being content with less. Fast forward to now. My precious baby was born two weeks ago, I am a stay at home mom, and my husband is fully supportive and excited that he can provide for us while I raise and eventually homeschool our child(ren).

All of this to say, thank you Lori (and Ken) for this ministry, for your biblical womanhood study guide, and your faithfulness to teach young women God’s Word. My old church sure wasn’t teaching me these things. As Ken mentioned, you truly are changing lives and mine is one of them! I am so joyful, happy, and at peace finally knowing that I’m where God designed me to be— at home, caring for my husband and child, and our household. Raising the next generation to know and hopefully love the Lord. Serving my family, rather than a big company or boss. I love every minute and don’t take for granted the way God so graciously brought me to this position in a year or less. Thank you Lori! I just wanted to share to hopefully encourage you to keep on fighting. Much love and blessings ?

-A Young Mom & Wife

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
Romans 12:1,2

***I shared this comment from this young wife and mom to encourage all of you who are teaching young women biblical womanhood. I receive private messages and emails similar to this one daily. God’s Word never comes back void! Yes, you’ll receive a lot of hate from teaching these things that are so foreign to women today, even Christian women, but it’s worth it! Truth always brings forth good fruit.

13 thoughts on “Conforming to God’s Word Rather than to the World

  1. God bless you, you are a great resource. My marriage is so blessed, and my husband told me last week, “You are a JOY to be around.” I ALMOST BURST OUT CRYING!!!!
    I am a JOY to be around says my husband and that means what I’m doing for my family is VALUABLE!

  2. That is so exciting! Praise God that you receive such emails daily! I am also a young wife and mom, just turned 24, and living the dream! I always knew I wanted to be a SAHM. My Mom taught me well. But I am still benefiting from this website too! Thanks

  3. This is such a wonderful testimony. Thank you for sharing. I can almost feel the joy and contentment radiating.

  4. A truly inspiring post. I know my wife would fully endorse the sentiments of “young mom and wife”. There is no greater role for a woman than to raise children and teach them the ways of Our Lord. Your ministry is one that is Blessed, Lori.

  5. That is wonderful!

    If it weren’t for this website, as a relatively young single man, I wouldn’t believe such women exist, women who love staying home, who cherish their husbands and children, who obey their husband, and who love God.

    This website is restoring one of the two backbones of America, marriage, which is also the building block of the other backbone, the Christian church.

    It is truly amazing what Lori and the women she teaches are accomplishing.

    While I am not married and am married to God currently, yet still, it is beautiful to see.

    There are ZERO women like this who live near me.

    Went on Twitter a few months back and saw all their evil bots, paid bloggers, and deluded types hammering Lori with all kinds of vicious abuse, and tried to answer everyone. For my efforts I was banned from Twitter for life.

    Christian men should strongly defend Lori, as what she is doing is truly priceless, and she deserves the admiration, praise, and gratitude of men, women, and children worldwide. There is no famous woman in the world living today who is doing work more valuable than what Lori is doing. Of course, no matter what, she has the love that counts the most, that of her conscience and her Creator.

  6. Amen!
    I wish I had a Lori in my life, so I wouldn’t make so many mistakes in the past, but God is so Gracious and loves us so much, that even with all our sins He gives us His Hand and supports in our walk on this earth.
    May there be a lot more Lori’s in this world!

  7. My story is almost identical to hers. I started reading your blog in 2019 and just recently became a mother and stay at home mom. We are also considering the homeschool option. I am so grateful for this ministry. When I found your blog I knew I felt called to leave my career and start a family but so many other Christian blogs tip toe around this issue. Feminism has truly infected the church. It was refreshing and affirming to read your posts!

  8. Dear Montesquieu,
    I sympathise with your situation as I have two sons aged 22 and 20 and can see from them that it is not easy to find wives who are educated in the ways of God’s Truth. My first wife seemingly was – we had been to the same church and Sunday school but she left me after 15 years as her “interpretation” of The Scriptures had apparently changed. My second wife was not only not a Christian, when I married her, but 23 years younger than me but with God’s Grace she has learnt to accept and relish her role as a stay-at-home mother and wife and to be submissive and obedient to me in all things, so, my advice, my friend, is to cast your net wide and be guided by the Lord for his Word will prevail. My eldest son met a girl at University who was a Christian: chaste, demure, well-mannered, feminine. She spent a lot of time at our house (she saw us as her family) but she could not accept that she should be submissive – nor indeed that she should not have a career. Sadly, the relationship ended.

  9. I picked up on Lori’s blog a little over two years ago when I found her post “A Stay At Home Wife Or Mom Is Unbiblical?” At that point I was 40, with three almost grown sons (grown now!) a wonderful husband of now 20 + years who I am totally and joyfully obedient and submissive to in everything. I married him at 19 and came home from our honeymoon pregnant. I lived with my parents until I married and have never had any kid of job and I didn’t even finish my high school education. Me and my family, including my parents, always knew this was God’s plan and I have tried my best to live a life of biblical womanhood. Lori (and all the great folks on her blog) helped reinforce my dedication that I have been doing the right things, serving God and my husband. Lori (and Ken) have been an answer to prayers on several occasions. I wish they had been around in the late 90s when I was constantly questioned why I was HAPPY and CONTENT to be a young barefoot and pregnant housewife with no intentions of ever working or going to school. I’m very happy to say that at 43 years old nothing has changed (other than the pregnant and young part!) Young wives and moms, keep living a life at home pleasing to God and your husband, an don’t let the world tell you otherwise!!

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