When Women Leave Their God Ordained Role

When Women Leave Their God Ordained Role

God didn’t give men high sex drives so they could watch porn and masturbate, commit fornication with multiple women, or delve into homosexuality and pedophilia. No, God gave men high sex drives so they would want to marry and be fruitful and multiply. Many women will bemoan the fact that there are no good men left because they have all gone astray, therefore, there isn’t anyone for them to marry. The problem stems from feminism. When women stopped being feminine and doing what God calls them to do, men stopped being masculine and doing what God calls them to do.

One woman asked this on my Instagram yesterday: “I still feel like I don’t fully understand though. Is marriage the only reason why men are given a higher sex drive? Or is it just simply part of their nature?”

A man responded to her: “It’s both. It’s our nature to have the higher sex drive. God gave us marriage so we can take that energy and channel it into being fruitful and multiplying. Without marriage and with birth control, our sex drive very quickly leads to degeneracy and hedonism.”

Another man responded to her: “No, it’s not the only reason, but we are made to procreate. Marriage is a healthy way to express procreation with a strong family unit. Higher sex drive is also what allows men to work longer hours and gives us the drive to invent and create things that we have in this world today.”

Feminism taught women to hold off getting married and pursue higher education and careers instead. Essentially, they were told to become men. In order to do this, they were taught that they must become liberated with your bodies and enjoy sex outside of marriage (fornication) by using birth control. THIS was and is the feminist message that young women hear! What happens when most of the young women decide to delay marriage, sleep around, and use birth control? Men no longer have a healthy sexual outlet in marriage and instead find sexually available women to meet their sexual needs or resort to porn or other sinful activities.

When women left their God ordained role, men left theirs. When women because immodest and promiscuous, men stopped having the goal of getting married and having children. And culture is being destroyed while everyone suffers. Women weren’t created for men’s roles and men weren’t created for women’s roles. It’s as simple as that. When women want to become men, chaos ensues. Chaos will always ensue when God’s will is ignored.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
1 Timothy 5:14

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  1. Amen! God created us intentionally. We need to stick to His word and His ways. God gave men high sex drives for marriage and to have many children but these days not many are marrying and most women are on the pill.

  2. Nothing like a good dose of sexual frustration to force a man to get his act together.

    That’s why drugs and alcohol and even things like the techno music scene are really bad. It dampens the sex drive and then the men don’t want to scale that mountain of accomplishment.

    It’s also the reason why so many good-looking guys who had no trouble obtaining sex in high school don’t amount to much or as much as they could have amounted to. Prom King Loser Syndrome

  3. Without SELF-CONTROL and DISCIPLINE, a sex drive can lead to hedonism. We are not our feelings and base desires. We must discipline our flesh every day.

  4. I absolutely agree. Feminism has only caused chaos and this perverse role reversal is degrading society.

    Men have lost their masculinity! Men use to be proud to be the breadwinners. They use to take responsibility for themselves and understand the value in maturity and being able to provide for their family. It use to be embarrassing and a bad sign if a man in his late 20s wasn’t married yet. Now if a man wants to be the breadwinner people say he’s sexist and trying to “control” his wife. And if a women wants the man to be the breadwinner she’s written off as lazy, and a gold digger. What a sad legacy for feminism that a women is called lazy for wanting to raise her own children and take care of her home.

    When women took over the masculine role, men slowly took over the feminine role. That’s how you get all the weak-willed men these days who fear leadership. Instead of getting an education and going into the workforce they waste their time playing video games, joining a band or taking time off from work to “find themselves” expecting their future wives to have high powered jobs. The nuclear family is not valued which means no one has to take responsibility for their actions anymore.

  5. “Nothing like a good dose of sexual frustration to force a man to get his act together.”

    Do you think so? I find that my husband is most productive/ambitious/overall masculine when he is fulfilled in that department. The times I have been out of commission due to childbirth, my husband was more listless and much less energized. I think men who are continually sexually frustrated end up turning to other things, like alcohol and drugs, to fill the void.

    Just my 2 cents!

  6. Fulfilled at home is different than being single and not having your act together. Men are motivated in marriage by a steady flow of physical intimacy. In singleness the lack of sex motivates to become better and attract a wife. With women with holding at home demotivates a husband. And women debasing themselves with single men or the massive availability of porn demotivates single me because they no longer need to be honorable men to get release.

  7. Don’t forget about abortion. Feminist love abortion, the option to get rid of a fetus because they are somehow inconvenienced. Planned Parenthood’s main source of income because they perform over 300,000 abortions each year. Margaret Sanger was a racist who wanted to use birth control to rid the world of the unfit “today’s eugenics is suggested by the diverse minds as the most adequate and thorough avenue in the solution of racial. Political and social problems”—Margaret Sanger

  8. Husband versus an unmarried young dude…two different things. Your hubby has already been through the sexless phase I’m referring to and doesn’t deserve to go backwards in life.

    Ages 14-18 are danger zones for boys and sex.

    Even Roosh of all people…it was the lack of fulfillment of his sex drive that turned him into a bestselling Pick-Up Artist…Now he regrets it…but it is an example of lack of sex leading to Something Interesting (in this case a wrong turn…but you get the point)

    I have something REALLY politically incorrect to say…But I won’t say it 🙂 🙂 I’ll say this…I have seen a certain group of girls ‘Target’ young men who in other eras would have been sexless until well into their 20s or even early 30s…which is a good thing because instead of focusing on sex the boy would have focused say on Medicine or Science….and once they had accomplished something great ‘Upgraded’ to a better woman…but in today’s time, the growth is stunted by Easy Sex…Basically a trap

    All Men Need to Be Forced to Earn It.

  9. At what point are men supposed to be held accountable to have self control? Can they not stop themselves from having sex with women and follow God’s commands for chastity? It’s hard but we are all called to be sanctified in different ways and we were never promised an easy life. I’m a young man living in a time where temptations are wide and near. But I know what God asks of me and just because women decide to leave their role doesn’t mean It’s okay for me to as well. There’s no excuse for me to. If other men are falling into degeneracy it is because they are weak and succumb to their flesh. I don’t see how they are fit to lead a home if that us how weak they are. I’m determined to be a good leader, husband, and father and that will not happen by succumbing into my lusts. I can’t stand it when disciplined men like me are overlooked to make excuses for others that are weak in their lust and weak in their faith.

  10. Are you meaning single men Christine, or married men?
    I think sexual frustration for married men causes all kinds of problems and would definitely not motivate them. And it makes addictions worse.

    Satisfying our men sexually is one of the most well-known ways to bring out the best in our men and make him want to be our provider and protector. He’s also more likely to treat us as his queen.

    Sexual frustration might motivate single men though. Although, with how easily pornography and casual sex can be found, it might just tempt single men into sin, instead.

  11. “Sexual frustration “ sounds a bit like a manipulative device some wives try to use to get control eh? The word on that has traveled around campfire long ago and it’s not working too well anymore. Best way a man can win that game is not to play, at all.

  12. I wonder sometimes how many people realize that the present sexual climate in our culture is extremely, incredibly artificial. Think about it. A few generations ago we didn’t have anything like pornography. A few generations before that we didn’t even have photography. We are living in a hyper-sexualized artificial world!

    I’m sure management around here is aware that feminism, of the sex-positive variety, makes porn possible. Feminist like Dworkin also fought against porn but profit ruled the day. Now all of us are constantly bombarded with sexualized images and suggestion from birth. Its everywhere in the mainstream. You can even see it at church. Young girls dressed shamefully. They might even be on stage. It’s truly diabolical and effect all of us deeply. Certainly women as well.

    Men have a higher sex drive? I don’t know. Maybe more consistent. Ovulating young females can be off the charts. Wives seem to be running rather short on desire these days though. At least for their husbands, if not the fantasy genres so many read. A website that touts itself as Christian, themarriagebed.com, article called “Solo masturbation in marriage” conducted a survey. They found most married people, including women, reported masturbating.

    Should anyone need to know I find pornography offensive. It’s just more manipulation of men by women. See the “No Fap” Communities online, videos on YouTube. Men are taking their power back. These are largely non-believers and even they are recognizing the harm porn/female manipulation does to men.

  13. While this is true, some men prefer porn and to masterbation as it is easier than making love to their wife..it is not always the wife…most of the time, yes it is, but once a man starts using porn, which is done a lot before marriage, it doesn’t stop once they get married…

  14. Oh yes, I know a LOT of women who play that game. It’s despicable. I think it is an example of complete lack of submission, even if the wife is submissive in every other area. It is nothing more or less than a power play and is wrong in every possible way. I have never denied my husband, in fact, my boys are ten months apart because the second I was cleared medically there was no refusal on my part, ever.

  15. “When women took over the masculine role, men slowly took over the feminine role. That’s how you get all the weak-willed men these days who fear leadership.”

    There is a direct cause and effect to “weak-willed men”. Most of these feminized men were raised by “bold and courageous” single mothers. As boys, they did not have a male role model to teach, train and discipline them into real men. That, combined with the gynocentric feminized society that says masculinity is “toxic” instead of celebrating and reverencing it; it’s a wonder there are ANY real men out there anymore.

    All part of the Marxist (Satan’s) design to destroy the God ordained nuclear family.

    It appears that a time is coming very soon that will have a lot of women regretting their foolish decisions and scrambling to find a man to protect and provide for them. The vast majority will not be successful and they will suffer greatly and perish in horrific ways. God will not be mocked.

  16. Self control. Completely agree! For those who were struggling with sexual self control the biblical solution was marriage in 1 Corinthians 7. Immediately the married were then warned not to deprive their spouses.

    What are Christian single young men supposed to do in an age where young women don’t care about marriage until they’re 30 or nearly 40? Young men who are true believers are learning self control to the point marriage is no longer even tempting. I did. Self discipline wasn’t just good for me spiritually, it was very good for me financially. Add to this the reputation of rebellious wives and sexless marriage. What did we think was going to happen to single men’s motivation to marry?

  17. Porn is nothing to do with women manipulating men. Men are in charge of the porn industry. It’s responsible for 95% of women and child trafficking.

    It’s also not a new thing – it can be traced back to AD 79 in the ruins of Pompeii – a brothel had erotic wall paintings of sexual acts in each room.

    It is impossible to underestimate how much harm porn does to society. That’s why the Bible makes it abundantly clear that we are to flee sexual immorality.

  18. A teenage boy/young man has to channel his sex drive properly. I have a seventeen year old son, and he works a five hour day, plus attends online college, and he’s up at four in the morning usually working out, then studying, then working on his courses, then he rides his bicycle to work. Comes home, practices the violin, then takes his younger siblings swimming. He is never still a minute. When he crashes into bed finally, within minutes I can hear him snoring heavily. 🙂 Additionally, he plays basketball and/or soccer every weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. He’s got his brothers into all of this, too. I think he gets it. It’s a huge challenge to stay pure, but it can be done, I’m sure of it. I’m very proud of my son.

  19. We have allowed this. Starting from the hippie generation who only wanted the very very best for their children and ended up spoiling them up!

    Men are discouraged. Young males are calling it quits and ending themselves en masse in 2020 (look it up).

    There are no job opportunities to start a family, if there are, they are few, or take years to develop a good salary. There are no good women left either. No. A small remnant, but not enough for everyone.

    The Justice system is against men if a woman divorces you. Ahh, but we still require responsability of men. Why don’t we give men a break for once?

    I witnessed to a guy on a men’s youTube channel the other day. He was in absolute despair and contemplating suicide.
    After I left a reply to his comment, I noticed there was a comment, by another man. Then I read another one. Then another one and another and so on, for pages! I had to stop reading I couldn’t handle it. You have dozens, perhaps hundreds of men who are seriously considering suicide out there. These are real people.

    Churches are often failing men and not by not preaching the typical “man up” sermons that only serve to further discourage Christian men and instead, pedestalize women to a position God didn’t prescribe for them in the Word. The princess syndrome.

    Churches in general aren’t talking about these issues. They still think women are like in the 19th century incapable of doing the things women are doing in the 21st century.

  20. It is a shame that women who hold highly paid positions of teaching in seminaries, even in one of the most “conservative, complementarian” seminaries, are completely silent on womens’ roles. Their left hand will teach that their husbands and children are their “priorities” while they are full-time paid workers out of the home and have been for many decades. They have utterly failed to obey Titus 2 teaching.

  21. You are spot on KAK! When we satisfy our men sexually and build them up by being obedient and submissive to them everything, you inflate their feelings of pride and responsibility and they will do their best to provide and protect. I belong to my husband and he knows that I have never nor will I ever refuse him when he wants intimacy. I am his whenever, wherever and whatever. Since I submit to and obey him in everything, he makes all the decisions in our household and is so very protective of me that I truly do feel treated like a queen. I don’t have a feminist bone in my body and I am such a girly girl. I absolutely LOVE being taken care of completely by my wonderful hubby! I truly think that when we lift our men up and submit to them as God instructs us to, there would be more successful marriages and few situations of adultery in this world!

  22. KAK, I see you haven’t read Ezekiel which predates Pompei by approximately 500 years. Or Genesis and Judah’s encounter with a prostitute. They don’t call it the oldest profession for nothing.

  23. Anne, there is nothing conservative about complementarianism. For that matter there is nothing “conservatives” have conserved. Conservatives are fine with the leftist satanic agenda, they just don’t agree with the speed of the leftward lurch.

  24. i have to disagree with one thing here. While it is true that feminism and all that has caused women to go down the wrong path, leaving alot of men who would otherwise have gotten married to be unmarried for a long time. That does not mean its the womans fault that men decided to be heathens too. If all it takes for a man to become a man whore is the women around him being harlots, that is a very weak man. sure, an unmarried Christian man is gonna have a struggle on his hands in todays world, from my experience “church girls” largely follow the same path, as their unsaved counterparts, college and careers then maybe around 30 look around and wonder why no dudes are asking them out anymore, but that doesnt give us men the right to be man whores. plenty of women out there that havent lived like that, if you live in the american cesspool you may have to look outside the country for a wife. or stay single, nothing wrong with that. Dont let how women act dictate how you live as a man

  25. Not sure what to do – I have told my husband I will never turn down sex, and my goal is to initiate and makes sure he gets it twice a day, although due to our schedules sometimes it is only once a day, and more than twice on weekends. I take care of our home, food and budget, and I do this on top of working full-time at a law firm. (He wants me to work work till we have kids and he has been unemployed due to COVID losses for the past few months.) On top of all of this I found out at the beginning of August that he has been watching porn for since May/June (we got married in March!). After I found the awful stuff we contacted the pastor and him and my husband found a local healing program for his addiction. But after all that he watched it again and blames me… it hurts so much. I really didn’t think he would hurt me like this as he is usually such a kind husband. I don’t know how to handle the pain anymore.

  26. Wow it’s weird he’s blaming you when you don’t turn him down. He can’t complain about you not being around more since he is requiring you to work. Tough spot to be in. I hope he has good godly men around him that can hold him accountable. Seems like you’re doing everything you can on your end not sure why he would blame you. Praying for you guys.

  27. That’s how it’s done, by keeping them busy and I will add selective playmates and friends. Crowding out bad habits with good is the shortcut to purity, if there is one.

  28. I agree! My husband and I have three kids who are within 4 years apart. I never deny him because he deserves sexual pleasure to relax from the stress of providing for us. Every Christian woman should behave this way.

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