Wisdom From Kanye and Candace

Wisdom From Kanye and Candace

Taken from Tucker Carlson on Monday Night

Kayne West: “With abortion culture, there are 1,000 black children aborted a day, daily. We are in genocide. More black children have died since February than people who have died of Covid and everyone wears a mask. So, it’s a matter of where we are turning a blind’s eye.”

Candace Owens: “We know who Margaret Sanger is. It’s now taught in school but we’re supposed to be outraged because Amy Coney Barrett believes in life and we’re not supposed to be outraged that a eugenesis founded Planned Parenthood with black Americans being the target. She wrote extensively about how she believes in the extermination of certain races, people she thought were not fit to be in this society and black Americans were among them… The black American culture would be double today if it were not for abortion.

“We’re replacing hard academics with psychological conditioning. Black Americans are learning about Black Lives Matter and how depressing it is, and how we should be blaming white Americans for everything but we’re not learning about our real history, how we’ve been conditioned to allow Planned Parenthood to be in all of our neighborhoods. Over 63 percent of them are in Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. This is systematic targeting. If you’re looking for systemic racism, you may want to take a look at Democratic policies. You may want to take a look at why we, as a society, are saying there’s something wrong with a woman who believes in life. More black children should be born.”

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Psalm 127:3

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  1. True about Sanger. What’s notable about her though, isn’t her embrace of negative eugenics since many prominent Americans across the political spectrum were supporters of negative eugentics.*

    What’s notable is her consistent advocacy for (there was a personal interest for her) female sexual liberation/freedom that never wavered. See John Zmirak’s documentation – in his words, Margert Sanger was “sometimes an advocate for racists, consistently an advocate for sluts” or something like that (forgive the crudeness).

    The contemporary abortion movement was motivated primarily by female sexual liberation, not by negative eugenics.

    * Note: Advocacy of negative eugenics by many mainstream Americans doesn’t make it morally licit from a Christian perspective .

  2. This is only the start of the racist Demokkkrat policies. The’ve been mad ever since Republicans freed their slaves but have been successful in keeping us mentally enslaved for generations.

    Before the mid 1960s, the largest population below the poverty line were black. But they had the steepest trajectory out of poverty and as a population were almost there. Then the Demokkkrat welfare policies hit. Not only did it reverse course for the upward mobility of the black population (see Thomas Sowell) but it yanked the father’s out of the home. If a man was in the home they would be ineligible for welfare. Many men left and never came back.

    This very thing happened to a friend of ours. She never really understood what happened until she came to dinner one day and I was explaining this phenomenon to her. She was shocked and said, “that’s what happened to us!” Her father had left in order for her family to get more money. But once a man is away from his wife, things can happen and they not come back. She grew up in an intact family before this and her parents ended up divorcing. She didn’t realize it was the demokkkrat welfare policies that were the impetus. She then continued the cycle as she became a single mother, her daughter became a single mother too and now with granddaughters our hope is that they will break the cycle.

    So not only did the policies strip the black family of our strongest resource, (imagine castrating a whole race of men and upcoming boys), they profited off of it. They were the ones who then turned around and gave each other $$$ for section 8 housing and ran the other programs.

    Now all the “white saviors” want to continue to infantilize the black community by convincing us we are victims by the “system” (the one they made up). And they are the only ones that can make it all better. Just vote them in and Daddy Gov’ment will take care of everything, you don’t even have to lift a finger.

    As a black woman I’m saddened by how pervasive this slave mentality is amongst the black community. Harriet Tubman keeps whistling in the night inviting us to run to freedom but we insist on staying on the plantation. We think getting clothed and fed by our white masters will be better than having to cloth and feed ourselves despite being free.

    When I see Biden/Harris signs in the lawns of many of my white neighbors, I recognize that those are the very same people who would own slaves if they could. Just as in today’s world they have convinced themselves that a baby is not a baby if it is in the womb, they have the same mind as those who convinced themselves that blacks weren’t as good a creation as whites therefore it is okay to use and abuse them.

  3. I should add that it was also motivated by male sexual liberation. Specifically, there were influential men who wanted to be Hugh Hefner without responsibility – it isn’t just on women.

  4. Hey Mrs. Regina. Most of the black people I know were taught by their women-led households to vote Democrat. Because supposedly the Left political party is for black people. The Democrats help the oppressed and poor. Blacks are taught nothing else, never to question this. Or consider any other Political party! This is taught by black Christians that read the same bible as you and I. It’s what they learn in the black church. From the pupilit! I asked my family why they vote and support the Left when the Word of God clearly condemns many of the sinful things this party stands for? The Left endorses and condones wickness. They are vocal about it. It’s part of their political platform. My family just looked at me as if I said something weird. I finally got a reply. “Oh we don’t support that part. Just the racial justice part they the Democrats promotes.” it should be Kingdom over Culture. And I mean The Kingdom of God before any other agenda or allegiance. By the way, I am a black woman. But more than that I am a Born Again Believer. A child of God! A Christian!!!

  5. Great reply Jada. As a black woman myself, I’m with you and Regina on this. Everywhere I turn that’s all I hear from family, friends, neighbors, and many church members. It’s heartbreaking and seems almost hopeless to get through to them. I get it though because they have been conditioned to think that way and are afraid to question stuff that clearly goes against the Word of God. They just do as they’re told, and I often feel lonely “thinking outside the box”.

  6. Oh my goodness M! You explained that very well. I often say the same thing to my husband when I see those signs on the lawns of the wealthiest people around town. I just don’t get why people with all that money would vote Dem. when they benefit more from Rep. being in office. I told hubby I wouldn’t be surprised if slavery were still allowed to this day that those rich people voting Dem. would own as many slaves as they could 🙁

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