Women are Great at Twisting Scripture

Women are Great at Twisting Scripture

Not one woman was called to be Jesus’ disciple. Not one woman wrote a book in the Bible. Not one woman is called to be an elder or deacon since they are to be “the husband of one wife.” All throughout Acts, it was men who preached. Not one woman in the entire Bible preached. Women are to “learn in silence with all subjection” in the church gatherings. If they have a question, they are to ask their husbands at home.

One of the reasons God gives for women learning in silence with all subjection in 1 Timothy is that Eve was deceived. The perfect first woman was deceived, and this is why women are not to preach/teach in the churches. If the perfect woman Eve was deceived, then all women can be deceived IF they are not careful but instead disregard God’s teachings to them.

If women are not to teach in the churches because they are more easily deceived, then I don’t think they should be teaching the Bible except for how it pertains to biblical womanhood. God does command wise, older women to teach the younger women biblical womanhood.

How are women more easily deceived? It’s easy to tell by listening to female preachers. Instead of interpreting Scripture as is, they twist it to mean what they want it to mean. “Women are to learn in silence with all subjection.” They don’t agree with this verse so they give a laundry list of why this verse and other verses that back it up aren’t applicable today. Throughout my past teachings on this topic, I have shown how each of those exceptions weren’t exceptions at all. They just want to preach and many women want to listen and learn from female preachers.

I have also noticed that once these female preachers compromise on the issue of learning in silence with all subjection, they begin compromising on other areas in the Bible too. They begin accepting things that God clearly calls sin. It’s not a good path to be on, women. Stick to what God’s Word plainly teaches. Eve was deceived because she questioned what God had commanded her. Women are easily deceived because they question God’s commands to them. Don’t be one of them.

Many women try to twist submission to one’s husband and being a keeper at home. They don’t want to obey their husbands like Sarah obeyed Abraham. No, they want to have it their own way. They also don’t want to be a keeper at home. “It doesn’t really mean a woman must be a keeper at home full time,” they will say. Oh, really? Keeper AT home seems like God wants women’s work to revolve around their home as the Proverbs 31 woman’s did; for she was known for looking well to the ways of her household, NOT having a career.

Why doesn’t God command husbands to ask their wives at home or for women to go to Women’s Bible Study if they have a question? Because God made men the heads of the homes, and wives are to submit to their leadership. If women aren’t to teach in the churches because they are more easily deceived, who gives them the authority to teach other women God’s Word while completely neglecting what God specifically commands they teach, namely biblical womanhood? Don’t be led astray by false female teachers/preachers.

Most Women’s Bible studies are worthless in my opinion. If a Women’s Bible study doesn’t teach biblical womanhood, I encourage you to not support nor attend it. Besides, they are usually studying female preachers’ material. This is why Christian marriages and homes aren’t any better than ungodly homes. Learn God’s Word from godly preachers like John MacArthur or Michael Pearl. Learn from your pastor at church. If you have a question, ask your husband at home. If he’s not a strong believer, asking him might just get him into the Word and want to study more. God’s ways are perfect.

 For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints. Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience as also saith the law. And if they will learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a shame for women to speak in the church.
1 Corinthians 14:33-35

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  1. Amen! Eve was created before the Fall if she was deceived best believe ALL women can be as well.
    Good point about asking your husband at home, even if he isn’t a believer you get him to want to step up and lead and find the answer. Women should not be teaching the bible other than to children (maybe) and biblical womanhood to women. God’s ways are always good.

  2. What are your thoughts on Anne Graham Lotz and her ministry? I have always felt she was rooted in scripture and only taught women. Thank you.

  3. I agree with what you said, but have never before heard you say women shouldn’t teach the Bible at all.
    Aquila and Priscilla invited Apollos to their home and better helped him learn the ways of God. Priscilla was not alone of course, she was with her husband,
    but it seems she was involved in helping better explain the Scriptures.
    We are to teach our children what we know of God’s Word, and can pass on knowledge we’ve learned from our pastor, or husband, after we’ve learned something we asked him at home, correct? I like to share things with my close friends (all female) that I’ve learned or was a blessing to me from Scripture, is that ok? I’m truly not being snide or anything with my comments, I’m just wanting further understanding.

    I agree completely that women should not preach or teach in the church, but should instead, if they feel they have a gift of teaching (and even if they don’t), use it to teach women Biblical womanhood. We’re desperate for this!! Which is why I so appreciate your blog. I’ve learned much from you. Thank you.

  4. Thank you Lori for this sharp essay. How do you see scripture addressing the teaching the Bible to kids (a mother’s own and other children) in Christian schools? Not only teaching biblical womanhood but teaching the stories, Bible history, and general Scripture to boys and girls?

  5. Mothers need to be teaching their children God’s Word! It’s great if the husband takes a huge part in this role but I know that Timothy in the Bible had his faith passed down to him from his mother and grandmother.

  6. Not a fan of children separating from parents in church. Can kids not hear the word of God? Teach them to sit still and be quiet. The word of God is for all ages and kids are no different. At home its totally fine for a mother to teach her kids the bible.

  7. Absolutely agree children shouldn’t be separated from parents at church. Never understood this misguided concept. Especially nursery for babies and toddlers during church.?. I know it’s the devil’s deception trickled in church to separate Mom from kids.

  8. Exactly the reason God pulled me out of Community Bible Study. Besides it being ecumenical and confusing with different denominations and bible versions, women are teaching and spiritually leading other women which is HORRENDOUS to their marriages and homes. I did it for 7 years and not only was it an idol that my husband wasn’t allowed to keep me from ? it was a crutch that prevented me from learning how to study Gods Word for myself thru my HUSBANDS leadership. He’s grown spiritually and so have I after leaving community bible study. And I encourage every young lady or older woman to not get involved with this or any other like it.

  9. Amen!! Such wisdom and truth – the Kingdom of God is like a hidden treasure in a field…and you are on the path!! God bless you and yours!!

  10. Great Post!
    How about Phoebe? She is a woman who is held up as a deaconess (whatever that is) or of someone of particular importance in some blogs I’ve read online, but was she really? Obviously Paul held her in high regard, but was she as influential as some blogs make out?

  11. I think it all depends on when the teaching takes place. At our church we have Sunday school at 9:45am children under 13 in a separate room and children 13+ sit in with the adults and the main service at 11am. Had Sunday school been during the service we either would of picked another church or stayed and refuse to send our kids out during the service. We also do not allow our children to use the bathroom during the preaching. Unless there is a medical reason or they are particularly young. During the hymn singing it’s ok. But we find it distracting and disrespectful when people get up and move around aimlessly during the preaching.

    I’ve noticed that most female led churches near me have kept their doors closed during the entire of covid. (March-early November) and many of them have abandoned the people in the church. No calls, no visits, nothing. We have several people disillusioned with one of those churches and have started attending ours. One lady in particular is offended that females don’t participate during our services. (Other than playing an instrument) and our pastor is a straight shooter. We are praying that God softens her heart to the true gospel and towards her husband. Great post. 100% agree.

  12. Hang on, didn’t Paul refer to Phoebe as a deaconess?. This is why I’m wary of anyone who says absolutely women should not be teaching at all, when the bible clearly says differently.

  13. “I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea” (Rom. 16:1). She wasn’t a teacher/preacher/deacon in the church. She served people in the church she attended just as we all should.

  14. “I commend unto you Phebe our sister, which is a servant of the church which is at Cenchrea” (Rom. 16:1). She wasn’t a teacher/preacher/deacon in the church. She served people in the church she attended just as we all should.

  15. This mirrors the experience of so many older men I know.

    They have, for the most part, given up trying to “reason” with women. Because women will nod and smile and agree to anything, then 2 hours later, they are just doing what they want, having invented a dozen reasons why they never agreed to do what they agreed to.

    Men are different. They have many faults. But with men, if you get a commitment, it is understood. Even a man who breaks his word “knows” he broke his word. Women on the other hand, don’t even admit they made a deal at all. Reality is fluid and all determined by her “feelings”.

    Women in the home, raising children, are the most powerful force in God’s creation. Any husband with any sense treats his wife and the mother of his children with the deepest respect.

    But keep them out of positions of leadership. Just watch what is happening in the political world today, to see the disaster of women voters.

  16. A thought,
    Yes, teaching our children is a joy for both Father and mother.
    But is teaching the same as preaching?
    I do not believe so.
    Teaching is explaining the Word of God.
    Preaching often is interpreting the scriptures.
    One can not be twisted, the other can.

  17. The NIV Bible uses the word “deacon” for Phoebe, but with the word “sister” in the footnotes.

  18. Even IF she was a deacon don’t let the exception be the rule. God’s word is clear and instead of trying to find wiggle room out of it lets embrace it.

  19. The Bible has numerous verses on community and the importance of praying for one another. My weekly women’s Bible study isn’t about being instructed by a woman, it’s a gathering of women studying the Word together and strengthening each other as Christian women and wives, uplifting one another in prayer and serving each other. It is most certainly not a waste and a tool YHWH has used to get me better at prayer and spend more time in the Word. It’s an excellent addition to reading and studying at home with my husband, who is so glad I attend this community.

  20. how come so many people differ on the “deaconess” topic? and how can this be cleared up? it just seems so weird to say its possible they can be “deaconesses” yet the text seems to clearly talk about husbands of one wife debunking the whole “deaconess” debate ? Is this just a translation issue?

  21. I’m not sure that using politics is a great example. I mean, here in NZ we have a woman at the helm and she just won a landslide victory at the election, gaining the most votes ever, since MMP began. She’s respected all over the world. She’s guided us through controlling covid and it will be interesting to see how she guides our economy over the next 3 years.

  22. “Terrible” is probably too mild and polite of an adjective. Most modern English translations of the Bible border on heretical.

  23. Lori I agree.

    Women in national politics always “look good” but later you’ll find out they were bad for the country. Because they always eventually lean towards the liberal, permissive, and demonic world. Satan loves women politicians because he can trick them as he tricked Eve. Women are naive and unable to handle the horrible attacks and criticism that are part of politics, without getting resentful. That kind of resentment eats away at the heart. Men can endure that. Women can’t.

    If we ever have a women president of the USA, God forbid, you can be sure she’ll be a disaster. That kind of pressure and constant insults are something that she won’t be able to ignore. She’ll get increasingly angry and resentful and will start lashing out. That kind of power in the hands of an angry and resentful woman is a recipe for destruction.

    Women belong at home, church, and communty. Let men handle the national politics, good or bad. That’s what we are here for, let us do that job so that women don’t need to

    KAK, I don’t mean to be rude, but NZ is a very tiny country.

  24. Dear Lori and Friends, i’m no Bible scholar, but am most comfortable with the regular King James. All the other translations give me the willies.

  25. I agree with you. I do not think all Womens bible studies are bad. Some are, sure. My church is filled with godly older women. They all have grown children. I am the youngest in my bible study by 30 years. We are studying the book of job together, and the woman who is teaching is basically teaching straight from a commentary by Derek Thomas. All of the resources she uses are written by men. It is Absolutely possible to have a solid, biblical and godly bible study of just women.

  26. I’m new to Christianity so I must not understand completely but, did Adam not eat as well? It sounds to me like he was deceived by his wife. He didn’t have any better judgement. Honestly just inquiring here. Still seeing if this is something worth following

  27. The ones in NZ are terrible as well. A national being led by women is a curse from God on a rebellious people. Certainly not something to be celebrated by Christians.

  28. I’d like to quote from “God’s Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical Theological Survey” by Andreas and Margaret Kostenberger p. 227:

    The interpretation of 1 Timothy 3:11 as referring to female deacons is sometimes contested because in some traditions the office of deacon conveys a ruling function reserved only for men. Scripture itself doesn’t associate a ruling function with deacons. It’s important to realize that some churches don’t conceive of the ministry of deacons in line with biblical terminology. They apply the word /deacon/ to men who function for all practical purposes as elders. What’s more, many churches actually ordain deacons; in such cases, those who believe that it wouldn’t be appropriate to ordain women will naturally be opposed to women deacons, even if this office doesn’t entail the exercise of authority.

    These various traditions add further complexity to the issue. Our traditions and practices are powerful presuppositions that we bring to the text. However, if we understand what Paul is clearly saying, that serving as a deacon isn’t a ruling or teaching function, it becomes clear that even if the women in 1 Timothy 3:11 were deacons, this wouldn’t conflict with Paul’s teaching elsewhere that women ought not to serve in authoritative church offices (cf. 1 Tim. 2:12). In fact, many conservative commentators favor a reference to women deacons in Romans 16 and 1 Timothy 3:11 because they don’t see the office of deacon to involve the exercise of authority.

    So there you go. Even though Phoebe is referred to as a “diakonon” in Romans 16:1, that was not a teaching or authoritative role as the word was understood in the early church. She had some kind of serving or helping role in the church. The fact that some churches now use the word “deacon” to mean a teaching or authoritative role is what causes this confusion.

  29. She was fooled, the enemy knew she was the weaker vessel. Adam is to blame for following his wife for sure but he wasn’t deceived by the enemy.

  30. New Zealand is a terrible example. Large numbers of christian parents have had their children in some cases permanently removed from their home because of smacking, which has been made illegal there. It’s bad enough they say ‘fush and chups’ instead of ‘fish and chips’. ??

    Jacinda Adern is an A grade feminist. During covid, she gave police extra powers to enter you’re home and remove anybody who might be suspected of having covid. REALLY??? what a terrible invasion of privacy and destruction of the family unit.

  31. Meg – Ah no, she didn’t. I’m not sure where you’re getting your “facts” from, but they’re wrong. The Police were not given any extra powers that they had before – the Police already had the power to enter homes under several different pieces of legislation. All the Police were allowed to do, temporarily, while lockdown was in place, was enter homes where there were parties going on in breach of the large gathering rules, and tell people to go home. That came about because of a large party some international students had, where a covid-positive person was present, and it led to a big outbreak. Kiwi’s demanded something be done to stop it, so Police were given temporary powers to enter homes under one more “act”. But they have the power to enter homes anyway, if they quote the misuse of drugs act. And that power was put in place many years ago, when a man was the PM. While that covid law was temporarily in place, the Police didn’t even use their extra power.

    It wasn’t solely Jacinda Ardern who made that law – we had a coalition government at that time – a 3-way government (and the Deputy PM was a man) – so lots of parties had to agree to law changes.

    Large numbers of Christian parents HAVE NOT had their children removed from their homes because of smacking. That is a myth that was perpetuated by “Family First” – a conservative Christian organisation who do some good, but also some bad. Inconsequential physical punishment of children is still allowed – but severe physical punishment is now, quite rightly, illegal. Before, people were beating their children severely and using the “reasonable force” defence and getting away with it.

    Jacinda is bringing kindness back into politics – something that is sorely needed.
    I didn’t actually vote for her (although either way, we were going to get a female PM because the leader of the Opposition is also a woman) but I think she’s doing a good job.

  32. I believe that wives and mothers should set the example of piety in everyday life to their families which a busy and of necessity more worldly husband may not have time to do. But a woman should never stray into preaching or claiming any sort of spiritual leadership.

    Women and indeed men twist Scripture to justify or excuse their own sin and for ease. It is a natural weakness of as all. But it is sinful and must be recognised as such.

  33. I agree with everything you said except there are two books in the Bible that are named after women: Esther and Ruth.

  34. An excellent article.

    I think part of Eve’s curse – “your desire shall be contrary to your husband, but he shall rule over you” – also plays a role in this. By our sinful natures, it is every woman’s desire to be proven right and thus superior to the man/men around her. At our cores, we want to be right and we want our way to be followed. Feminism exemplifies this perfectly, especially the 3rd wave feminism we’re experiencing now. Also thanks to feminism, it’s very easy for women who were raised in our Western culture to read Scripture and find it doesn’t suit their feminists tastes (i.e. doesn’t give women enough “freedom”, make women subjects of men, gives women a “limited” role in the world, etc), so they try to twist it and change it to fit their feminist worldview. But ultimately, that twisted view was not God’s intent. And by them preaching such, they’re not only contradicting God and His Word, but leading others astray in the process. Very sad.

  35. They are the stories of two women. God can very well use women too to fulfill His plans! But neither Esther nor Ruth were out there preaching sermons or interpreting the Word of God.

  36. I think you meant to say that Jesus only called men to be his apostles, the Twelve. But he did indeed call women to be his disciples. This is an important distinction.

  37. I don’t recall a verse in the Bible where Jesus called any woman to be his disciple. Being his disciple simply means a follower of Him. Jesus absolutely called His Disciples/Apostles.

  38. He thought he could believe his perfect helpmeet helpmate. He was deceived by her words so I agree he should be head of the house and family. She can encourage her children to study according to what the proper teacher thinks they need to study and in that way support learning about God in the household but not what they should read or learn. Learn the whole Bible and man should preach or teach the word cuz he won’t skip over the parts contrary to women’s lib stuff. Women’s lib destroyed the family unit. Imo

  39. Women preaching is specifically not allowed according to scripture. Not just to men or women but period.

  40. The word change in newer versions are probably because women in the workforce are now adding their bent or twist to the newer revised editions sitting in on these meetings.
    If we marry an ungodly man we are not to scold or correct him but we are to live according to scripture and with any luck bring him to God and salvation through our example of godliness and right living

  41. I don’t think that women should hold any church office other than nursery and music coordinator and that should be done with preacher in case he wants a hymn to amplify his message

  42. Why do we need all these learning books and devices. Scripture is only complicated when you try to convince people it’s meaning something other than what it actually said. Just teach scripture but all of it as is and quit trying to make a simple sentence mean something opposite of what it’s saying. Then you can say your Bible study at least came from the Bible not some other book that Joe blow or Sally Schumacher wrote

  43. I agree wholeheartedly with you as far as the feminist world view works. Alot of modern feminists are very anti man and can’t stand the thought of giving them power in church offices and power over household. Many want to singlehandedly put men in their man cave at home and act like men are just convenient for heavy lifting and bringing home a fatter check than they can by themselves to spend on an ungodly lifestyle. Please let men lead and let us women volunteer in our communities and watch the kids after school and get our world back to a More godly place with less need and more help and teach kids who God is and what he wants from us for such a super reward for eternity and keep our houses and go get involved in PTA again so we can stop teaching every kind of sin and dubauchery in the classroom while your husband is working to make you a successful home and family and pay tithes. We have lost alot and it started with equal rights for women. Now it’s off the chain!

  44. Maybe we should just let men have all their jobs back and they wouldn’t be all depressed and confused. They have no idea what women want cuz it’s changing as fast as running water. Control don’t always mean abuse. Love and respect is what you get from a mentally well breadwinner with biblical values

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