Women are More Unsafe These Days

Women are More Unsafe These Days

Women were much safer when they lived under their father’s roof until marriage (IF they had a good father) and then under their husband’s roof when married (IF they have a good husband). Feminism has made women unsafe. They have fought for women to attend universities. Are women safe in the universities? “Sexual assault on college campuses is a common problem that often goes unreported. It includes any unwanted sexual activity, from unwanted touching to rape. Alcohol and drugs often play a role in sexual assault on campuses.” They have fought for women to have careers. Is the workforce safe for women? “Workplace sexual harassment is widespread, with studies estimating that anywhere from almost a quarter to more than eight in ten women experience it in their lifetimes.”

As you can see, women attending universities and having careers have made women much more unsafe than they were living under their fathers’ roof and then their husbands’. Here are some thoughts about this from women in the chat room.

“I worked as a waitress at a popular local restaurant the summer after I graduated high school and had men (sometimes 30 or 40 years older) hit on me and the other young waitresses all the time. A few would even wait for us in the parking lot when they knew we’d be leaving work. Fortunately, we always walked out with the cooks.

“College was no better. A friend of mine and I decided to go for a jog on the campus track (it was a very small college). It was early evening but dark already. A man wearing a trench coat walked up to us and exposed himself then ran off. I’m glad we were together because I’m afraid if one of us had been alone something worse would’ve happened. We reported it and apparently it had happened several times before and campus security weren’t able to figure out who was doing it and catch him. Unfortunately, men with wicked intentions know that college campuses and the area around them are great places to find their target.”

“I lived alone in my early 20s and working and walked home from work at midnight sometimes. I had no protection and was often worried for my safety.”

 “Some young women go out into the workforce at a young age, many get jobs as young as 15 and 16, and are exposed to all kinds of filth. I listened to a sermon about this not long ago. It talked about how a father would be wise to provide all the daughter’s needs until he passes her off to her husband at which point the husband takes over.”

“I remember being 17 at my first job. There was a man, much older than me (26 or 27). He wanted to fly me back to Morocco with him so I could marry him! He kept insisting I date him, made advances and it was very inappropriate, uncomfortable, and borderline illegal! ?”

“Promiscuous sex is a result of no father. I went to parties and was in many situations where I could’ve easily been raped. I also willingly gave myself to men. If I had a father watching out for me, I would’ve been home waiting for a husband who is worthy of giving myself.”

 “The independence and the thought ‘my body my choice’ has only reaped evil fruit such as promiscuous sex, abortions, STDs, divorce, and heartache.”

 “It’s one of the ways that young women walk away from church. They are in a new place by themselves and struggle to find a church. After awhile, they just decide not to go because it is easier.”

“Society views us as the weaker sex so feminism wants to prove them wrong and become police officers, firefighters, and work along side men in manufacturing facilities and serve in the military.”

“There is a huge lack of accountability in all parts of their lives.”

God does call women the weaker sex. He created men to be the protectors over women and parents the protectors over their children. Feminism has fought God’s design and made life worse for many women with deep scars that sets them on a path far from God’s will for them. Protect your daughters, women! Teach them biblical womanhood and God’s will for their lives. Encourage them to live at home until they are married if at all possible. Before women went to college, this was a normal part of life and women were more protected. Feminism is a war on women’s safety and security.

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered.
1 Peter 3:7

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  1. In My home state, there has been attacks and murders on young women within close proximity. All of them had a common thread, they had been walking through a park, in the middle of the night after spending the night with friends. All were tragic. Femenists cried out about ‘toxic masculinity’ and’ we have the right to be out late at night if we want to!’ politicians and even the police commissioner ( both males) shared this sentiment and said males needed to be ‘educated’ and young boys should ‘be taught not to rape women’. Also that ‘ a female should be able to walk home alone thru a park at 3am and feel safe.’ Yes, everyone has the right to feel safe. But females should know it is wiser not to be out late at night as it is not safe for anyone and if they must be out that late (for whatever odd reason) to always have a male escort them. Femenists are pushing females into life threatening situations all in the name of freedom and equality. ? Had they been under the protection of their father or husband, things like this would be extremely rare.

  2. Love this post!

    I think it’s so important as mothers to teach our daughters about how to be safe. My daughter is nine years old and I make a point to teach her by example how to be a wise woman and take proper precautions to be safe. I don’t go out after dark without my husband and my daughter knows why. I don’t go on “women’s retreats” or do anything that could make me vulnerable to predators . There were two women in my church years ago that were at a women’s retreat and took an uber car from meeting place back to hotel and the uber driver pick up a friend and they tried to assault the women. It is so important that women are taught that the safest place for them is in their home with their father or husband.

  3. Amen so much truth here. Ideally biblically a woman should be under her father’s authority/covering until being passed on to her husband (head/authority/covering). I know we live in a wicked world and things are all out of sync with God’s ways but ideally this is what should be happening. If she is destined for singleness (rare) then ok move out but moving out from your “covering” opens you up for all type of spiritual attacks. A woman should have a male covering over her either father, husband, brother, church authority. Women are the weaker vessel and more easily deceived therefore the enemy knows a woman that isn’t covered is an easy target.

  4. Thank you Laurie, for always being willing to talk about topics many are afraid address. I am soooo thankful to have come across you’re blog after praying in desperation for a older godly woman who truly fears God and teaches the truth unashamed and untwisted. It’s been years of searching. Too many twist scripture to go along with they’re carnality.and I crave righteousness! So I never thought about this before! About keeping women safe and home until marriage. My husband and I have a young daughter and three young boys. It scares me now even, being out in public (we don’t go out more than two to three times a week at most. And that’s for church grocery’s and sometimes a fun day exploring.) but it disturbs me, the way grown men gauk at her. She’s only four. The world is becoming more and more wicked and like sodom and Gomorrah. We really need to be cautious of our selves as wives and mothers, and our children. Yes trust the Lord to protect us, but, we must be wise in avoiding dangerous situations.

  5. I believe God’s word and truths are always relevant, but the truth of this post is particularly important this day and age. Early in my marriage I would bristle when my husband would say don’t do this or stay away from that. I viewed it as a hindrance when it was actually a protection. When I did not heed his word inevitably I would regret it and wish I had listened to him. Now that I am much more quick to listen, (I still at times get into my flesh), I have found a wonderful truth, I can confidently say no to things I usually would have felt pressed into by others years ago, yes even in the church. I run things past hubby with an open hand and he tells me if he thinks its a good idea, or not and I go off of that. I am convinced people in my sphere have learned this as I have noticed when I say no, they no longer insist. I am very open about the fact that I am on a journey on honoring my husband and am serious about the Lord perfecting me in this. Hubby’s protection has been my freedom.
    Thank you Lori for this post.

  6. Hi Lori,

    Usually a big fan of your blog, but this feels like you’re blaming women for men’s sins. They haven’t done anything wrong! I agree that women would be safer if they did not do some of these things, but the problem is with the attackers themselves, and that’s where we need to start. This sort of attitude is what makes women who have experienced sexual assault feel guilty about what is not their fault!!! Again, big fan of the blog but I think this sends the wrong message.

  7. Women and girls are undoubtedly less safe in large part because the feminist rejection of male headship and protection (fathers and husbands) and active promotion of promiscuity has lead men to regard all women and girls as a) sexualised and b) fair game.

    How can feminists encourage women to be promiscuous, try to sexualise young girls and condemn modesty and chastity and then expect men to respect women and restraint themselves ?

  8. Ge 2:22-25

    The Father brings His daughter to the husband. The husband gives her her name. They are naked and unashamed, and in Ge 2:24 fulfill the first recorded commandment of Ge 1:28.

    This is the model.

    At no point in time is the woman to be alone, not under authority of a man. There is a passing of authority- and protection- from her father to another father’s son.

  9. You are so right! Yes we SHOULD be able to walk down the street at 3am and be perfectly safe…. but we’re not. There has never been a time in society when we were, and there probably never will be a time when we are. Previously, women didn’t even attempt it. They just accepted that it was unwise. Feminists insisting that we should be safe, aren’t going to make us safe. They’re right – we should be safe – but sin has always been in this world and it’s always going to be, so making sure we’re walking with a big, strong man to protect us if we must be out at 3am is the sensible thing to do.

    As for young boys needing to be taught not to rape women – they already know. All men (and boys) know not to rape women. It’s an inherent thing. My 16 year old son doesn’t understand why “consent” is taught at school because it’s so obvious – and his peers all feel the same way – they already know not to rape.
    Those who do rape women, don’t do it because they don’t know it’s wrong. Of course they know it’s wrong, they just don’t care. They rape because they can, or because they want to. Not because they think there’s nothing wrong with it. Feminists aren’t ever going to change this.
    A masculine man is not ever going to rape a woman, or harm her if she’s walking alone at 3am. He’s going to protect her and keep her safe. The term “toxic masculinity” is so wrong, because what feminists are describing with that term isn’t any type of masculinity at all – it’s sin.

  10. You won’t print this but how about we teach our boys that it’s not ok to rape or sexually harass women?! You know, actually put the blame where it belongs? On the men who commit these crimes rather than their victims?

  11. You must imagine that there can be a utopia on this earth. There will always be sin and there will always be harm done to women by evil men. Women must not be ignorant of this fact and do what they can to protect themselves.

  12. Where am I blaming women? We live in a wicked and sinful world. I am teaching women that they need to protect themselves and they are most protected where there is a good male under their roof: first, their father and then their husband. Men are stronger and protective by nature.

  13. “Hubby’s protection has been my freedom.” Amen.

    Same here in everything you wrote. I used to be very “independent” before I married and would come home at all hours of the night, going out several nights a week. It’s literally a miracle that nothing ever happened to me, not even a flat tire! God is so merciful. After I got married I felt my husband was too ‘strict’ about going out, so I would look forward to running errands just so I could ‘get out of the house.’

    I can’t even imagine that kind of thinking now. I am growing in my role as a wife, and like you, have to stifle the flesh at times. Now, as a family, we leave our house to serve in ministry, and on Saturdays for errands and to take our two little boys out for a leisure activity of their choice. That’s it. Many people think this is strange, but we enjoy our home and each other, and know that we are safest here under my husband’s protection. It is a type of freedom that I wish for any woman, as the “independence” to come and go as we please is actually bondage in disguise.

  14. Absolutely!!! Let’s “teach our boys that it’s not ok to rape or sexually harass women” and while we are at it, lets teach people that it is wrong to murder (especially women who murder their own children in their wombs). Let teach people not to steal, or to lie, or to cheat others (especially women in the divorce courts who are divorcing their husbands and destroying families and lives for no other reason than they are proud, selfish and “unhappy”). Then we can all live happily ever after… just like a Disney princess movie.

    Unfortunately, Utopia doesn’t exist and (in our present society) women are just a guilty of atrocities as the men are. We have to lock our doors to try and keep thieves away from our valuables. We have to be weary of what people tell us and not just believe everything we hear. “Buyer beware” is the rule to follow when you are trying to purchase something because “there is a sucker born every minute” and there are people out in the world that live to find those people and take advantage of them. And like it or not, the Bible confirms to us what we have all observed in our lives; women are more gullible, easier to deceive and physically weaker than men and just as it has always been from the beginning of time, there are people out there (men and other women) who will prey upon them if they can.

    If “teaching” people right and wrong was enough, there would be no need for locks, laws, or prisons. This is clearly not the case so quit pretending that it is. We live in a fallen and sinful world and that is not going to change. God gave us a brain to use and His word to follow. We all have to look out for ourselves in many different ways and God put women under the authority (and protection) of men (fathers then husbands) for a reason.

    There is a saying out in the world… “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”, and as much as they don’t like it, women are not exempt from this truism.

  15. Amen Susanne.

    Women are themselves in (a big) part to blame for how men are treating them these days. The feminist women want to dress like a slut, walk like a slut, talk like a slut and act like a slut… and somehow they are amazed when men treat them like sluts. Frankly, how else to you expect a lost man to act?

    To make it worse, you have women like Hannah the Bachelorette telling the world that “so called” Christian women are no different than the pagans; what are men to think? I will tell you what they think. AWALT. All Women Are Like That.

    Ladies, you can delude yourselves and think that you should be able to dress, talk and act like one thing and that somehow you “deserve” to be treated like another but men live in reality and scoff at your foolishness. God will not be mocked, you will reap what you sow.

    True Christian women are going to have to recognize the reality of the situation and take measures to protect themselves and staying under male authority is a huge protection that God gave you.

  16. Of course there will always be crime. I don’t think anyone is arguing that telling boys to stop raping and murdering girls will solve the problem.

    But what you are arguing here is that women attending university and being in the workplace is exacerbating the problem. Yes, more women out in the “world” will put more women in danger. Following that logic, though, women should just stay inside all the time to avoid danger. Don’t go to the grocery store, or church, or the park with your kids. Which, of course, is not practical. So this doesn’t really hold water. And again, it places the blame on women for being out in the world, as if it is their fault for putting themselves in danger.

    I’m a fan of the blog. I don’t agree with the media/social media guys and gals who say you hate women. I wouldn’t want you sending the wrong message; it would only empower those critics.

  17. I remember reading a gruesome true crime story about a female soldier who was kidnapped while jogging; her captors did some grisly things that I will not describe here and killed her. This woman was in great shape and was jogging near her army base, but that made no difference to her fate.

    “That’s sick. You’re blaming the victim and saying she deserved her fate for not sitting at home wearing burqas all day” is the inevitable response. This is foolish, of course; I do not think this young woman deserved the terrible assault she received at the hands of a couple of evil men. What I would like, however, is for other young women not to meet the same fate.

    Do people want more victims? What is more productive–telling rapists and murderers that they should stop raping and murdering, or teaching potential victims how to avoid dangerous situations when possible?

    Different people must make different assessments. The hysteria over sexual assault on campuses is greatly overblown.


    However, it is wise to equip young women with the realities of the world. Fact: You are weaker than nearly every single man you will meet. Fact: Getting drunk will make you vulnerable to harm. Fact: walking alone at night is not a good idea.

    Women trust to the kindness of the world–especially to men–and most of the time their trust is rewarded, because most men are not criminals. But sooner or later, playing Russian roulette wins you the prize you don’t want.

  18. I am not for one minute absolving the men who commit crimes or behave sinfully of blame and responsibility. But God gave women clear guidance as to how to behave to protect themselves and preserve men’s respect for them.

    Feminism claims to know better than God what is good for women.

  19. Boys already know that rape is not okay. I have a 16 year old son – he is astounded that his school teaches consent because it’s something he has known forever. Men who rape women know it’s wrong. They just don’t care.

  20. My father was one time talking to a policeman who told him that the vast majority of murders happened because the victims were out doing something that wasn’t necessarily illegal, but at the same time it wasn’t the wisest thing they could do, such as going out to a bar late at night. I think the same idea could be applied here. The vast majority of women who have been violated were probably doing something that was not the the most sensible thing that they could have done.

    That doesn’t mean that I am letting the perpetrator off the hook. Yes what they did was bad and yes they should be punished but the reality is that punishing them will not undo their crime. Is it really worth it to put yourself at risk of a crime that cat never be undone?

    Of course we will always be at risk to crime even when we are in our homes. We live in a fallen world what else should we expect! But the risks of being raped or murdered while in the home are much lower than when out on the streets late at night.

    The Bible also talks about this matter. In Proverbs 22:3 it says, “A prudent man forseeth the evil, and hideth the himself; but the simple pass on and are punished.” Maybe the simple person didn’t do anything wrong, but nevertheless he was still punished because he saw that what he was about to do was foolish and he did it anyway.

  21. Sadly, I think a lot of families contribute to this problem. Even most professing Christian parents raise their daughters to be independent, and many professing Christian husbands want their wives out in the work force. This makes women much more vulnerable and unprotected. God gave women a father and a husband covering to shield us from these things. Feminism teaches women to cast it off and fools them into thinking they’re just as strong as men and therefore don’t need them. If we’re honest, we all see how this is turning out…

  22. You are quite right ! Christian parents should raise their daughters to be dependent on their fathers and husbands. Not weak or lazy but to be submissive to the men who are rightfully their protectors and leaders.

  23. This is why I promote women conceal carrying and why I vote for college campuses to allow for it.

  24. This is so true. I’ve noticed that feminism ignores the one fact of humanity that the Bible puts on display, the fact that we are all sinners. No matter how much education you give to men or how much you run around touting your “rights” as a woman, there will always be wicked people out to hurt others. Women need protection and strength is a deterrent. Feminism will not outsmart this fact and ignoring it is putting women at risk around the world. Having a big, masculine man at your side on your evening strolls through the park is most definitely a deterrent to a nefarious creep.
    Furthermore, keeping yourself focused on home and family life means you have no reason to be out at ridiculous hours because your boss demanded it. If you’re at home with your parents, or your husband and children, instead of taking on both halves of Adam & Eve’s curse in the workforce, then you don’t have to worry so much about crazy rapists and murders lurking in a dark alley somewhere.

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