Women Being Forced Back Into Domesticity

Women Being Forced Back Into Domesticity

“It’s been five weeks since lockdown began but editors of academic journals have already started noticing a strange phenomenon: women seem to be submitting fewer papers than usual while men are submitting more. According to the American writer Caroline Kitchener, some female academics say they are struggling to balance full-on childcare and home schooling with work, while their male counterparts are viewing quarantine as a chance to focus on their writing projects…The coronavirus may be more deadly for men but it seems to be hurting women in other ways, forcing some back into domesticity just when they thought they had escaped,” wrote Alice Thomson in an article called “Women are the losers when life’s in lockdown: Men regain jobs and status quickest after wars and epidemics while their partners are often nudged out of the workplace.”

Women are being forced back into domesticity just when they thought they had escaped… Yes, they are being forced to be home with their own children, care for them, train them, and teach them. Oh, the horrors! This is feminism in a nutshell. This is what the feminists leaders convinced women, that being a homemaker was prison. They needed to be free!

I wonder how many women agree with this author. Do they really like having to get up every morning by an alarm clock ringing in their ears, frantically getting everyone out of the door, fighting traffic on the way to work, punching into a 9:00 to 5:00 job, fighting the traffic to get home, hurriedly putting together a dinner for the family, making sure the children do their homework, maybe kiss their husband good night, fall into bed exhausted, and then start all over the next day? THIS is freedom?

Now, they are waking up when their children wake up. They can fix a nourishing breakfast and lazily eat it together. They teach their children to do their chores and then spend a few hours with them on schoolwork. They have plenty of times to speak to their children about the Lord and His ways. Afterwards, they can go on a bike ride or a stroll near their homes. The children play in the back or front yard while they get some laundry and dinner cooking.

Dad comes home from his work and they pray and eat together as a family. The evening is spent playing games, going on walks, or whatever else they feel like doing. She’s learned to bake bread, sew, garden, and other things that she’s been meaning to learn. She tucks the children in bed after reading them a bedtime story, prays over them, and then enjoys some quiet time with her husband. She falls into bed deeply satisfied after investing her life into her family and her home with a pray to Almighty God on her lips.

How can either of these two pictures between a woman in a workforce and a woman at home compare? They can’t. Women were never created to do it all. When I figured out that it was actually God’s ordained place for women to be in the home, I was ecstatic since it’s the only place I ever wanted to be! You mean I am not supposed to have a career? You mean I don’t have to be responsible for making money? You mean I can bear children and be the one home raising them? Thank you, Jesus!

Never let anyone tell you that God’s ways aren’t perfect. They are! He’s our Creator and His ordained will for us is good, and perfect, and acceptable.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27

13 thoughts on “Women Being Forced Back Into Domesticity

  1. That’s one of the perks of following godly patterns. Other than my husband working from his office, NOTHING has changed. I hear him on Zoom meetings with co-workers checking in on each other and bemoaning how different life is for them right now. And he always says, “We’re a homeschool family. Everything is exactly the same as before.” Praise God that He knows best.

    Lori, did you listen to the Grace to You podcast last week? MacArthur has had some good teachings on biblical womanhood recently.

  2. I think this virus could be a last chance for us. As you cited in a previous article, the US is on the road to it’s demise according to the pattern of the downfalls of civilizations. God could be allowing this to happen to us (and the world) to help us line up and survive. If we thumb our nose at this chance I shutter to think where we could be.

    Also it is us Christians’ who are greatly at fault for this downfall of our civilization. We keep acting like the world. We keep trying to walk with a foot in the world and a foot in the church. We want the 2.5 kids, house in the suburbs and kids in public school. We don’t want to let the Lord decide the number of our children, we are not willing like Abraham to go live wherever god wants us to and we send our children off to Ceasar’s schools and are “surprised” they come back as Romans. So it is no surprise that Hollywood has gained legitimacy, we left our posts.

    Within one generation we could turn this ship around. If we teach our children to have as many children as God allows, and to raise and teach them themselves without farming it out to others we would have the numbers (votes) to change the society. Movies and music that are unGodly would not make enough money to be successful.

    I really see this as an opportunity, I hope we don’t pass it up.

  3. Someone in our church said recently that perhaps God is using this pandemic as a “reset”.
    I know the environment is thriving without the tourists everywhere (here in NZ anyway). Maybe more homes will start to thrive as well.

  4. It does make me wonder if God is not giving us all a huge ‘nudge’ to remind both individuals and society that HE calls all women and especially all mothers to focus on the home, their families and their children not to compete with men in the distinctive role he created for them.

  5. Amen Janine! That is exactly what happened to me! I now have time to invest fully in my home and family, and I absolutely love it. God is so good, and His word so lovely.

  6. Unfortunately a lot of women have jobs that are easier than taking care of a family….

    Here’s some tidbits that I have heard at dinner parties regarding a single mother turned wife of one of my husband’s friends

    – Wake up…Husband brings HER coffee
    – Husband takes the kids to all of the after-school activities
    – Husband does schoolwork with the kids
    – At dinner, Husband does the washing up
    – Weekly Cleaner

    Now I admit, she does look tired all the time.


    You are underestimating how the attitude of ‘My Husband Serves ME’ can negate all of that tiredness

    I think if you went into the hearts of these women…Having a Servant Husband makes it all worth it…It’s about Power or perception of Power, not about Reality

    Servant Husband…Making Feminism so Worth It since the 1960s

  7. I would say that the real cost to a woman of having a Servant Husband is that…

    You married down on some level.

    And yes, the woman above does have a bit of a ‘roving eye.’

    TradWives I think in general tend to marry Up.

    It’s just that age-old adage of Someone Always Loves the Other Person More. In a Feminism, Modern Marriage, the Man Loves the Wife More. In a Trad Marriage, the woman adores the husband and he rewards her with faithfulness.

  8. I can’t imagine how much of a blessing it is to all of us God-Honoring ladies like you and I, Mrs. Lori! I am enjoying baking so much bread for my neighbors, sewing masks for my husband’s soldiers, and crocheting blankets for friends. What a blessing the stay-at-home life is!

  9. It is such a blessing, Sarah, and benefits society greatly! A lady across the street offered to sew us some masks. What a blessing women are to many when they are home.

  10. My husband does all those things for me (although he makes tea, not coffee) and yet I do things for him as well. We are a traditional couple. I am not sure that a husband being involved with his children, taking on a few chores, and having a daily routine of doing something nice for his wife is a bad thing.

    I do not know this woman, but I wouldn’t rush to fault the husband or the wife for those specific things the husband does. I am also troubled by the comment that says in traditional relationships the wife adores the husband and he “rewards her with faithfulness.” Husbandry is much more than faithfulness, as the Bible will attest.

  11. I’m very thankful for being a stay at home wife.
    I’ve heard a few mothers say they are enjoying being with their children.
    Some say their kids are driving them nuts.
    Maybe, the parents should be ” training their children in the way they should go”?

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