Women Being Taught to Never Depend Upon a Man

Women Being Taught to Never Depend Upon a Man

Many young women have been taught their entire lives to never depend upon a man. This is what feminism teaches. Women can do fine without men. They are strong, independent, and free. Besides, what about all of the “what ifs…?” that are asked. Women always need a back up plan in case their man disappoints them, leaves, or dies, right?

“As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. It’s because boomer parents told their daughters to never depend upon a man. That advice played because it fit well with the desire to usurp the male role. That translated tactically into spending your best family years in the workforce.

“I believe that those parents honestly thought they were saving the world. That’s how bad policy always originates. It feels like the right thing to do, but like Communism, it conflicts with the realities of human nature (biology, in this case) and is therefore destined to fail and cause hardship.

“Sometimes it causes the very hardship it was designed to prevent.” (Adam Walker)

Yes, in order for women to never depend upon a man, they must become a man (i.e. do what men do since men are an integral part of culture and always have been). They must gain a degree, career, and a paycheck. In this way, they have value and never need to depend upon a man. Is this biblical in any way? NO!
God created men and women to depend upon each other. It wasn’t good for man to be alone, so God created a help meet for him. A man needs a woman to bear and raise his children while caring for the home, so he can go out and provide a living for them. Is it bad and wrong that a man “needs” a woman? No. It’s God’s plan, just as it is that women are created to depend upon a man, their husband.

Feminism has painted this into an ugly picture. Feminism’s roots are satanic and should have no part in a Christian woman’s life. In the Declaration of Feminism in 1971, this statement was made: “We must go back to ancient female religions like witchcraft.” They also fully support lesbianism. This is why we are seeing many women get caught up in witchcraft and lesbianism. They were taught to not depend upon a man so they depend upon satanic diversions instead.

For this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
2 Timothy 3:6,7

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  1. Hi Lori
    The funny thing is that women including feminists but excluding angry frothing at the mouth feminists still prefer chivalrous men for a lifetime mate. Yes men who are sexist. Men who will pick up the check at dinner. Men who still open doors for women. Men who have ambition and want to be providers and protectors. Many women (over 50%) like the idea of being a stay at home mom for at least part of the time when their kids are little. They want a husband who can provide and care for the family solo, for the early years of raising a family if not longer. Women want to be the primary caregiver and get much joy from that. And why not? Women were created by God to be the primary caregiver. Children need their moms. I read in an article recently that the number 1 question dads get from their children, even adult children is: Where’s mom?

  2. Feminism is horrible.
    Thank You Mrs.Lori Alexander for your posts.This is one of the only sane places left on the internet honestly.

  3. “Women need a backup plan in case their man dies”

    I may just be a dumb ole country boy by I have a novel idea as a solution for that.

    What if……..

    A woman committed herself to following God’s word?
    A woman chose to fully love her husband and children?
    A woman chose to keep her vow to only have sex with her husband?
    A woman managed the home wisely?
    A woman actually cooked, baked, sews, cleans the home?
    A woman actually helps and supports her husband in his mission in life?
    Etc, etc.

    If a woman was like that and her husband died, don’t you think she would readily find another man who would gladly accept such a treasure of a woman?

    “Feminism promotes lesbianism”

    Twice I have been offered things no woman should be doing.
    One woman offered to have her and another woman in my bed at the same time.
    One woman offered to let me watch her and another woman have sex.
    “Isn’t this every man’s fantasy?” YUCK!
    Its not my fantasy.

    “Feminism promotes being involved in witchcraft”

    I believe that causes a lot more issues than most people want to consider.
    Being involved with ANY amount of witchcraft opens the door in your life to demons.
    How many of the feminists are actually being demonically oppressed or even demonically possessed?
    That is NO EXCUSE for them, but would explain their rabid behavior.

    I’m 59, a widower for years and from what I am seeing and hearing from women, I am ready to give up on searching for a wife.
    I am just done looking for a wife.
    If God has a wife for me, He will have to wrap a pink ribbon around her and drop her in my lap.
    Since I live way back in rural, backwoods southern Pennsylvania, God may have to drop her in via parachute. Lol

    For years I have looked in churches, in stores, 5 different on line dating sites
    The only difference I can see between “Christian” women and secular women is that the “Christian” women are even more feminist than the secular.
    And nowadays there are the feminist mask and social distancing self appointed police.
    Totally disgusting………

  4. What an apt picture you chose for today’s post, Mrs. Alexander. The woman’s eyes are covered so that she can’t see the plain old truth right out there in front of her.

  5. Blair – I truly understand your frustration in not finding a suitable wife. I’m 50 (happily married – also from PA) I can honestly say I know many women out there – many are high school class mates – that are seeking a “good time guy”, they don’t want a commitment, they want excitement, romance, material things – just to show off to others “Look what MY man got me!” is the mentality of middle aged women, it’s truly sad. Keep looking, there’s someone out there, you and she will find each other when you least expect it. Don’t ever give up.

  6. My wife’s backup plan? Nothing. She knows she can trust the commitment we both made to God. That is the only plan necessary. God is the one who moves us through our own stubbornness.

  7. Womens in their late teens early 20’s have the same memtality. First, they want to have their fun with the bad boys and then they want to settle down with the beta provider.

  8. Shelly, women are taught that chivalry is romantic through all the media they consume from toddlerhood on, and that their only purpose is to find a partner and have children and live ‘happily ever after,’ so it comes as no surprise that even many feminists still find these things appealing. Even the type of men we find attractive are often reflections of our childhood experiences. That doesn’t mean we can’t also aspire to having choice in how we live our lives, or to have a broader range of influences on oyr own daughters.

  9. I am totally and completely dependent on my husband and wouldn’t want it any other way. Call me a “frail” little woman who can’t do anything, I’ll be the first to admit I am a “girly-girl” and love to be taken care of by my husband, my three adult sons and my dad. There’s not a feminist bone in my body. I just don’t see anything wrong with that!

  10. @ Lakelie
    Sadly, I think I have met most of your school mates that are just looking for a good time, or women just like them.
    If I was just looking for a “good time” I have 2-3 different women every week offering me a good time.
    That is not what I want.

    I have numerous 20-30 year old women offering a good time, so I know I don’t look too bad for being 59.
    I have a lot of 40-50 year also offering a good time.
    As I have said before, over 50% of the women offering me a good time are married.
    A big ring on their finger and “their husband doesn’t own them”
    I have a 70yr old widow woman that keeps offering to take me on trips with her around the world. I am not a “kept man or boy toy”
    Women getting a government welfare check, I am beneath their status because I earn less than the $ they are given. Or they refuse a marriage because then the welfare check would stop.
    As said above, I have been offered “every man’s fantasy”
    And the “Christian” women in church, arghhhh……….

    Many women ask…
    Am I a multi millionaire? Do I own a big expensive house? Do I drive a fancy car? How big is my pension? Will I take them on world cruises?
    NO, NO, NO!

    I’ve given up looking for a biblical wife.
    With strong talk of a 2nd lockdown over this virus hoax, I can’t see a woman wandering through my back yard. And I have already turned over every stone back there looking to see if a Godly woman was hiding under a stone. lol

  11. And the conservative reformed women are incredibly superficially picky. Not better than your regular evangelical gals.

    Want a man with a good job. Ideally with his own house. No overweight. With a good degree. Tall and preferably handsome. No older than 5-7 years. Not divorced, nor widowed or with children. They even have feminist traits but often speak against feminism. Oh the double standard.

    These are their actual requirements, I’m not making this up! Not one, not two, but dozenz upon hundreds believe this stuff.

    I asked a “conservative” Christian woman if she would marry a wealthier, but worldly man vs a poor, but godly man. She told me she would choose the wealthy man.

    Some may be sisters in Christ, but they have a materialistic/worldly mindset and they need to mature.

    What encourages me is the Lord sees all of this, and He disapproves of it.

  12. There does need to be a backup plan. But it should rest on the man. Men should see to it the best of their ability that their wives and daughters will have their needs should something happen to them. In biblical times there was the keturah ( not sure of spelling). It was like a dowry. Men couldn’t marry without paying a dowry. Today some men might buy life insurance but be careful because many investments are being put in ungodly companies.

  13. Parents who teach their daughters they don’t need to depend on a man are teaching them they don’t need to depend on God, for God is a man.

    Unfortunately many Dads of Daughters Only (DODOs) send their daughters off to college to get a career, and let them become concubines instead of teaching them to be brides

  14. A government welfare check? Or the Social Security that was paid in for years from their husband’s or their own work. Here is a little nugget: after years of cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children and then their incapacitated husband (who may have been the love of their life), many widows are not keen on starting over with another man to cook, clean and care for. They would like to ‘retire’ as well. Of course I very much frown on the promiscuous behavior, but when my husband passes, no man would be able to take his place as we are a great match. I will work if I need to, but will not marry again because I’ve already had the best.

  15. I don’t agree with this, to an extent. My wife is completely financially dependent on me as her provider and I do not want her to be lost and destitute if something were to happen to me. As a provider and protector, it would be highly irresponsible of me to not prepare a safety net for her. I don’t see it any different than forgoing health insurance or a seatbelt in the car because God “will protect me”. He gives us resources to be good stewards of what he gives us to protect. I have life insurance and a pension that will be passed to her in the case of my demise.

  16. Mark,

    I don’t mean to say we do not have funds set aside if something should happen to me. My wife will be well taken care of if I pass early. But she doesn’t have a source of income herself and doesn’t need one. She is not looking to provide financial security for herself. There is no backup plan other than staying married and living life together.

  17. I agree. It is not biblical to be independent from your spouse or have a back plan. I have never had a backup plan outside of my husband because we were married in the eyes of God.

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