Women Easily Manipulating Men

Women Easily Manipulating Men

There’s a young women from Philia Ministries who shared her testimony on YouTube a few months ago. She lived a godless life before coming to the Lord. She was a model and was living high according to the world’s standards. She was a Jezebel with a feminist spirit as many women are these days. They are seeking their own pleasures regardless of the cost to others. One phrase she said stood out to me. She admitted how easy it was to manipulate men sexually and she grieved deeply over this past sin and the men she hurt in the process. She told how she would get high off of manipulating them to want and need her. She was addicted to the attention.

She lived this way until she found the Lord. He completely transformed her life and now she is a godly, humble, and submissive wife at home full time even though they have not been blessed with children yet. She shops for and cooks nutritious food. She loves working in and around her home. She enjoys taking good care of her husband. She has been transformed by the mighty power of her Creator, and she is so humbly thankful that He has restored the years the locusts have eaten.

Women, men are easy to manipulate because of our sexual natures. They have ten times the testosterone flowing through their bodies than us. They are highly visual and attracted to the female body. Most of you know this. You know how easy it is to manipulate men in the area of sex and may use it for your own selfish interests. Why do women wear thongs to the beaches and immodest clothing? They know it gains attention from the males around them.

Wives manipulate their husbands in the area of sex. If they’re unhappy with their husbands, they won’t give sex. They’ll use it to get what they want. This is sinful, women! We should never use anything manipulative to get what we want. This is not from the Lord and it reaps ugly fruit. It doesn’t build up a marriage but tears it down instead.

Here’s a great chart showing the differences between the Jezebel Spirit (feminism) versus the Ruth Spirit (femininity):

Which one are you? Are you a Jezebel or a Ruth? Do you try to control your husband as is the inclination for most of us since we want our way or do you willingly and cheerfully submit to his leadership? Instead of trying to manipulate your husband to get your own way, do you serve him and do what you can to make his life better? Do you love the Lord and His ways or are you more attracted to the world and its ways? Do you live a modest and quiet life in full assurance that the Lord is in control and His ways are best or do you fight for your own way and will?

Do you walk the talk or are you a hypocrite, claiming to be a “Christian” but failing to obey what God commands? Do you study His Word to know how to live or are you more involved in the Hollywood gossip and soap operas? What do you dwell upon? Do you understand that you are NOTHING without Christ and it’s only because of Him that you are who you are, or do you take pride in what you’ve accomplished without giving any glory to God? Are you thankful for the work that He has done in your life and give Him all the praise, or do you continue to walk on the broad path that leads to destruction?

The broad path is a dangerous path to be on, women. The narrow path is the only one that leads to eternal life. In order to have eternal life with Jesus Christ, you must understand the depths of your sin and your need for a Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord. Then you must turn from your wicked ways (repentance) and allow His Spirit and His Word to transform you, and they will if you believe and receive them. They are the ONLY way to live, women. Where we spend eternity is ALL that matters in the end. Begin to live for eternity today. If this woman can be completely transformed by the Lord from a Jezebel into a Ruth, He can do this for you!

Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.
Acts 3:19

***UPDATE 9/29/19: I don’t support their teachings on obeying the Torah. Please be warned by watching this video and read Galatians carefully. We are NO longer under the Law. Christ’s death on the cross freed us from this, thankfully.

20 thoughts on “Women Easily Manipulating Men

  1. I have watched several of Lea’s videos in the past. She has a great video on Rachel Hollis, as well. Very gentle and loving, not just out to bash her.

  2. Great article. Even subtle, seemingly harmless manipulation is something Christian wives should resist. Thank you for the reminder!

    One observation, however. The above graphic with the Jezebel pic isn’t necessary, and it does nothing to lend to this article. What it does accomplish is the further desensitization towards evil. My eyes are bombarded daily with images I would be better off having never seen, this image is included among them. This pic looks exactly like the dark, goth images so prevalent in our culture. We are to be different, not conforming. I will set no evil thing before my eyes. Psalm 101:3

  3. I am at my most deceitful when I deceive myself. Telling myself that I’m really acting in my husband’s best interests or some other pleasant lie makes it much easier to manipulate my husband or another. Constant immersion in the Word helps.

  4. Another thing that plays into this that cannot be mentioned enough is how much modern women are controlled by their emotions. When a wife doesn’t submit to her husband, any emotional response from him is valid as it is her job to please him but a wife should not become emotional if she disagrees with her husband because it is ultimately his decisions that the family must follow. At least in that situation the husband is there to point out his wife’s sin, what’s worse is when young women have no care and share whatever emotion or opinion they have as there is no husband to put a stop to it.

  5. I agree with her posts on submission but not her teaching men and women theology, that believers are still under the law.

  6. Hi,

    I dont understand this manipulating thing, I dont do it. its easy to get what you need & want from your husband with no effort. Wear a certain outfit they love, cook fav dinner, dessert, hair style, sex positions that make them melt. You don’t have to do anything bad at all. My husband is the one who told me wearing certain cloths will get more accomplished. He doesnt boss me on anything, Im home with the baby, he gets some form of sexual activity whenever he wants. Im the one thats normally aggressive. Hes happy. Says hes the luckiest guy in the world (just dont try my baking lol),

    What about the poor wives who get married then later get saved? the husband forbids her to go to church and serve God & says their kids cant go either. The husband is not right in this situations, nor is the husband right when he will let his children go to bed hungry, so hungry they are crying, not have any heat on because he cant afford it. So it gets down in the 30’s in the house, that is falling apart. The husband doesnt always make the best decision for the family, so its up to us moms to make sure our kids are safe, feed, warm, and learn about God.

    Please dont forget, its the moms/wives who nurture, raise the kids, rule and run the household, so its up to us when the husband is unable or unwilling to do so.
    God Bless

  7. No, I don’t agree with that either. If anyone was going to be a Messianic Jew, it would have been the Apostle Paul but he called himself a Christian who was no longer under the Law. Galatians and throughout his writings are very clear about this.

  8. I believe that woman submitting to man is best exemplified in Christian marriage, if you are getting saved and married to someone e who forbids you to go to church then it is clearly best to go anyway or even leave him there are some situations where common sense has to take hold for example we are called to submit to the authorities however if the authorities are making Christianity a crime as is the case some places such a North Korea and in the past, China, and many other places where the authorities are firmly set against Christianity, do we give up our faith? Of course not!

  9. Amen Lori. It’s a really good post though and reminder of what a rebellious spirit does and how we can change through our obedience to Christ.

  10. I really struggle with the manipulative women I’ve encountered in my life. I try to forgive them but its difficult for me. It’s not in my nature to be that way so much. Dont get me wrong I’m PLENTY flawed I’ve just always been the awkward overly honest type not the seductive type in general. I’m dealing with some manipulative people right now and I just struggle to forgive the behavior. To me manipulation is similar to playing god and i dont get who in their right mind thinks they’re that important.

  11. I have been in this situation, Rae. Not being forbidden from attending church, but the financial situation. Rocking crying, hungry kids to sleep because there’s nothing to feed them. Wrapping them up in blankets to try to keep them warm in the middle of winter because we can’t afford to turn on a heater. But God is good, and He doesn’t abandon His children. He WILL work it all out. Matthew 6:25-34 promises us this.

    I’m no longer in that situation, thank goodness, but it was very, very difficult.

  12. Very true. I used to think I was a feminist and only in the past few years learned the difference between feminism and femininity. As it turns out, I wasn’t a feminist at all. It certainly takes more effort to be a Ruth rather than a Jezebel, but the spirit within my home and marriage is stronger when I overcome the Jezebel-like temptations. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I haven’t listened to her teaching about the Torah, Samantha. I am not a Messianic Jew and I don’t believe that we’re under the Law in any way. The Apostle Paul was very clear about this in most of his letters but it’s not something I want to argue about. She loves the Lord deeply and teaches many great things.

  14. All beautifully mentioned in the article. I am the recent abused wife who have submitted to my husband with all that I had. My husband was a manipulator who stripped me off my friends, family and finance. I forgave him uncountable times but his behaviour has rather became more controlling. He uses the word of God to subdue me to his ways. I want to save my marriage of 20 years as it’s my covenant in front of my Lord Jesus.
    So I believe, the spirit of Jezebel can take form in male or female body. Let’s keep it by the traits rather than by gender.
    May the Lord bless you all.

  15. I witnessed first hand a woman with a Jezebel spirit manipulating the pastor of our church. She was a worship leader and was divorcing her husband. They never even made her take a break from the stage. She ran off the other woman on staff that was over worship. I met with the pastor and her when she started dating someone (she did not have grounds for remarriage). When I asked her difficult questions about what Jesus said about divorce, she turned on the tears and the pastor became like clay in her hands. Cue the manipulation! She married a younger man who will follow her lead. The Jezebel spirit is all about the manipulation!

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