Women Learn in Silence With All Subjection

Women Learn in Silence With All Subjection

“Let the women learn in silence with all subjection” (1 Timothy 2:11). Many women hate this verse, even Christian women, and more and more churches seem to be ignoring it. Many women don’t want to learn in silence and they don’t want to be in subjection. They want to be able to speak and preach/teach in the churches or at least listen to the women who do these things. They must think they know better than God. They must certainly believe they can do a better job at teaching then men.

Women, the more quickly you learn to not be offended by anything in the Word of God, the stronger your walk in faith will become. You will understand that God’s ways are good, and acceptable, and perfect even if they are contrary to what most Christians believe.

What do the commentaries of old have to say about this verse? I am sure the modern commentaries have given it a good old watering down to make it palatable to women preachers/teachers and those who learn from them.

From Gill’s Exposition: “The apostle goes on to give some other instructions to women, how they should behave themselves in public worship, in the church of God; he would have them be learners and not teachers, sit and hear, and learn more of Christ, and of the truth of the Gospel, and to maintain good works; and he would have them learn in silence, and not offer to rise and speak, under a pretence of having a word from the Lord, or of being under an impulse of the Spirit of the Lord, as some frantic women have done; and if they should meet with anything, under the ministry of the word, they did not understand, or they had an objection to, they were not to speak in public, but ask their own husbands at home; see 1 Corinthians 14:34.

“And thus, they were to behave with all subjection; both to the ministers of the word, and to their own husbands; obeying from the heart the form of doctrine delivered to them; and submitting cheerfully to the ordinances of Christ; the whole of which is a professed subjection to the Gospel, and which becomes all professing godliness.”

Teaching gives authority. Women are not to be in authority over men. God made Adam first as a way to show His authority structure and Eve was deceived. From my experience, women are absolutely more easily deceived than men.

God has made it very clear in His Word what women are supposed to teach other women in Titus 2:4, 5. There isn’t anywhere in the Bible that commands women to preach/teach the Word of God to other women as elders are commanded to do. I would even go so far to say that most women’s Bible studies are leading women farther away from God’s ordained will for them since few, if any, teach biblical womanhood. Women should also teach their children. These are their teaching ministries and nothing else concerning Christianity. God gave men the instructions to teach the Word of God as elders in the churches. And if a woman has a question in the church service, she is to ask her husband at home. It’s all very clear for those who have ears to hear!

Therefore, women, learn to be quiet. It’s a great trait to pursue. Learn to be in subjection to your husband and to the church elders while they are conducting the church service. God has put them in authority over you. This is His good and wise plan. Learn the Word from godly men. Learn from your husband, if you have a God-fearing husband, and be in the Word yourself. You must know the Word of God. It’s vital to becoming a godly woman.

Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.
1 Corinthians 14:34

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  1. Amen scripture is pretty clear. How many wives out there actually ask their husbands at home if they have any spiritual questions? I would guess few to none sadly. Goes back to genesis and how Eve was deceived. Most people think the term “weaker vessel” is just talking physical but why do you think Satan came after Eve not Adam, why are women so more easily deceived these days? Kinda falls in line with all this self love stuff being preached……me before you movement. Overall God is very clear, who are we to refute his clear commands for us.

  2. Great post, Lori.

    “Women, the more quickly you learn to not be offended by anything in the Word of God, the stronger your walk in faith will become. You will understand that God’s ways are good, and acceptable, and perfect even if they are contrary to what most Christians believe.”


    And you are so right about women being more easily deceived than men. It’s true. I notice it even between myself and my own husband. Even though I am far more academically minded than my husband, I find myself more easily led by curiosity into investigating new and interesting ideas that lead down false paths. It’s easy to see in the public sphere, too – false teachers, both men and women, are always followed by enthusiastic hoards of female fans. If we all payed better attention to the verses you mention, the church would not be so easily led astray by every wind of false doctrine that blows through.

    I’m sure the negative comments will be plentiful today, but stay strong! There are those who have ears to hear the plain truth of God’s word. Thank you.

  3. I agree, and am learning a lot from your website.
    I’m reading all your posts (from 2011!) – Thank you for all the good stuff!
    I have a question (you probably have covered) – concerning prophesying, which is mentioned as women doing this in scripture – how or when would this be done?

  4. Man my church needs to read this! I feel like more and more women get up to give a testimony or a word from the Lord or some vision they had and it grates on me every time! Also the elders encourage it to happen! They are definitely more deceived as the Bible says. What would you do? Email the elders or talk to them?

  5. I wouldn’t confront the elders as a woman but if my husband felt led, this is how it should be done, in my opinion. You may want to find a new church if your husband thinks this is the right thing to do.

  6. I would like to add that there are many men that have been negatively affected by Feminism also. Some of these men are pastors, elders and deacons in churches and some (almost all) of them today are telling women that it is OK for them to speak in the public assemblies. If they are not outright telling women it’s OK, they are not correcting them when they do it and just silently let it pass so as to not upset anyone. These men are WRONG. It does not matter who they are. The bible instructs us to obey God before we obey men and no man has the authority to tell a woman that it’s OK for her to do something that God has told her not to do. PERIOD.

    This is not only true for Sunday mornings and Wed. night services in your “church building” but also in home bible studies and small groups where men are present. Back when Paul wrote these instructions, all gatherings of the church body were held in private homes and other structures that were not dedicated “church” buildings. Dedicated Christian “church” buildings did not begin to come about until some 200-300 years after the death of Christ. When Paul wrote these instructions, small group home bible studies were EXACTLY what he was speaking to, as nothing else existed at that time. Since this is true for the smaller informal gatherings of the church, it is certainly just as valid in the larger more formal gatherings in the dedicated “church” buildings that we have today.

  7. We had this in our church, as well. The Pastor’s wife was the main ringleader. She was bringing in all sorts of New Age doctrine, that she was teaching in groups to both men and women. My husband and I did not participate. I also did not attend the women’s groups because they were really nothing more than “me centered” self help groups. The Pastor then said he was concerned that I was “spiritually drifting” because I didn’t embrace the women’s movement in our church. I had never said a single word to anyone about any of it (except my husband) I was silent.

    I didn’t say a word, but let my husband handle it. The Pastor told my husband he fully supported his wife’s teaching, and that his comments about me were nothing more than “appropriate pastoral care”. He also said this was the direction of the church. We ended up leaving the church over the very topic of today’s blog. It was very sad because we had loved our church and the Pastor and my husband had been good friends. However, God’s Word is very clear on this.

    God’s Word on ALL matters is perfect!

  8. Where are the men in the churches? Alot of them are missing in action and need to step up.

  9. I left an earlier comment, but it wasn’t published. What I wanted to say was that for our family, this is extended to the dinner table. My husband like to have a quiet dinner where he can discuss his day, etc. in a relaxed atmosphere without interruptions for people talking over him. I know as many wives who just start talking and going on and on as soon as their husband walks through the door. This is not a peaceful environment.

    So for our family, and as a sign of my submission to him, we have an unwritten rule that he is the only one allowed to talk at the dinner table, unless he addresses for asks me or one of the kids a direct question. This way he can talk uninterrupted and we can attentively listen. If I do talk too much on occasion, he will tell me gently “That’s it, end it” and I know that is my cue to be quiet and listen.

    I know this is not a requirement because the Bible only directs women to be silent in churches/gatherings, but it has lead to peaceful quiet dinners and it’s what works for our family.

  10. Where are the men in the churches? Alot of them are missing in action and need to step up.

    Why would you assume they haven’t stepped up? Did you not see what Dana wrote? If the leadership refuses correction, then stepping away – taking your tithe with you, is the only solution.

  11. Good for you!! Leaving a church where you have strong connections is never an easy thing to do. Praise God for your husband, and for his defense of you when speaking with the Pastor, and then making the tough but necessary decision to leave (even at the cost of his friendship). Your husband loves you well, and you are blessed. Would that more men in the church could be this way. My husband is also, and I never doubt that I am safe at all times with him. Bless you, sister.

  12. The Pastor’s wife was the main ringleader.

    Sadly, these women have become the main culprits in many churches for demonstrating unbiblical wifely behavior. Far from setting the example for other women in the congregation, as their role as the pastor’s wife would seem to demand, most of them are the primary instigators of rebellion. I have personally witnessed many, MANY pastors’ wives undermining their husbands in front of members of the congregation. Small wonder that the Church is having ZE-RO success in fighting back against the worst aspects of the secular culture.

  13. yes, you’re right, but, many men are just as much part of the problem. They are either deceived, or suffer from unbelief which causes them to side with women now for which they will face God whom they crossed later. They should rather have the faith to side with God and cross the women now, in order to escape the wrath of God for eternity. Too many foolish men are looking to score points with the misguided ladies by indulging their usurpations, and encouraging what is shameful in God’s eyes, yet celebrated by our worldly and unfaithful churches.

  14. Self love? Often it is straight to Self-Worship. She is encouraged to find her voice, find herself, find the goddess within.

    Matthew 10:38 And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. 39 He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.

  15. In our case, in addition to my husband, and on separate occasions, 3 other men stepped up to speak with the Pastor. My husband and these men were all considered “leaders” of the church. We all attended and tithed faithfully.
    The other men took their families…and tithes, out of the church, as well.
    So, yes there are some men who are standing up.

  16. Thank you Annette! I do feel very blessed to have a godly husband!
    It was a TERRIBLY hard decision. We loved the church and our Pastor even married us!
    It hurt us both very much. My husband even more than me. This happened over a year ago and hes still not over it.

  17. Thank you for posting this bible verse. Most women I know today look down on me and say not nice things for me wanting to be a godly wife. Us older women Need to teach the younger women to love their husbands and lead godly lives

  18. “This was the direction of the church” speaks volumes. God’s word doesn’t change. His standard doesn’t change. The ‘direction’ of a church should be the same direction Jesus went and that is the path it should be staying on.

  19. thank you!!! I am new to this and it helps to read positivity in this new way for.me then everyone tearing it down

  20. KR – that is a really lovely approach and I can definitely see how it leads to a more calm atmosphere. It is also a wonderful way of affirming submission and allowing your husband to lead.

  21. I have to say that one great advantage of Catholicism is that the role of women in the Church – at least as far as ministry is as it should be absolutely minimal and of course there are no Ministers Wives to act improperly !

    I am part of a Catholic women’s group and we do try to help and encourage women and girls to follow a Godly path in their lives, marriages and in raising children. But we are very careful to do so only among other women, to encourage Biblical submission to husbands and fathers and not to defer to our Priest rather than teach Christ’s words in any way directly.

  22. I have a question regarding this.
    I have been a believer all my life, but walking closely with The Lord for 10+ years.
    Regarding asking your husband at home if you have a question, what if your husband isn’t a believer, doesn’t attend church, or doesn’t pay attention during teaching, or is a new immature believer and probably doesn’t know the answers?
    Personally my husband has professed to believe, but that’s it.
    He doesn’t read/study the word (yet!) has very little knowledge of scriptures.
    He often asks me when he has questions. The Lord has been gracious to give me scripture for him.
    So who should I ask when I need guidance?
    And am I wrong to answer his questions?

  23. You still should ask him, it will help him search the answers and help build him up as the leader of your family. You can search scripture yourself and go to the Holy Spirit to show you the answers but go to your husband first before any other man.

  24. I have tried that. All I get is a curt response of I don’t know, or just ignores me.
    We also have very little conversation. He works a lot and when he is home he starts talking about work (usually in a fishing for compliments kind of way) so I oblige.
    The other day he asked me if Jesus said teach a man to fish and he will eat for life.

  25. And thanks for the video link. Very helpful. I’ll be watching more of those two.

  26. Yep if she is single she can ask an elder after service. If married the elder’s wife should be involved as well.

  27. That is so awesome! Good practice for God’s ordained family structure. It all starts with the family, God bless sister.

  28. Dear Lori,
    Are women (whether married or not) allowed to ask questions during a mixed group bible study class where a man is teaching it? Our bible study has a study guide where some questions are application questions for discussion in class. If the male teacher opens the floor for the listeners to share or asks the listeners’ questions, should a woman (married or not) be allowed to answer the teacher’s question or share her answer for the application questions in the bible study?

    How about during lunch fellowship or any sort of fellowship between Christians after church service? If the sermon or any christian topic is discussed during lunch and a woman (whether unmarried or not) has a question, is she allowed to ask?

    I would definitely not read scripture during church service, but can I read scripture during mixed group bible study if the teacher (who is a man) asks me to read the passage before we start the study? How about if we (both men and women) go in a circle to read verses from the passage?

    Apologies for the many questions

    Thank you Lori

  29. The women being silent is specific to a church gathering of believers so I would say that women should be silent in the Bible study with men and women. If they have a question, they can ask their husbands at home. I have seen women take over in situations such as this and it’s not good. Any type of fellowship outside of a specific church gathering and time of teaching of the Word is fine for women to chat.

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