Women Suffer Under Feminism

Women Suffer Under Feminism

On Saturday, I wrote this on my Facebook page: “Feminism promotes a culture of death. We are seeing this now. Slaughtering of millions of unborn babies. No fault divorce. Daycare. Fatherlessness. Women rule. Patriarchy dead. Chaos. Skyrocketing depression and suicides. Life has no value. Reject feminism. Embrace life and God.” One woman responded this way:

I’m still absolutely shocked that women can possibly defend feminism when by age 40 or so, those who have NOT followed God’s ways have (typically) experienced at least several of the following:

– Divorce/broken relationships/heartbreak

– Abuse (of any kind) and/or assault

– Mental illness (especially depression/anxiety)

– Single parenting or lack of children

– Many job/career changes and associated stress, pressure, fatigue, overworked/underpaid, nightmare bosses, awful coworkers, bad companies, etc.

– One or more abortions

– Huge student loan debt OR discrimination for not having a degree in a mostly corrupt and often unfairly competitive corporate culture

I’ve experienced ALL of the above and have NEVER aligned with feminism, yet I was a backslidden Christian most of my adult life and did my own thing. To say that I have MASSIVE regret in my late 40’s would be the understatement of the century. God’s ways are ALWAYS better. (end of her comment)

Another woman asked why I hate women. I am often accused of this. They hate that I teach the doctrines of biblical womanhood, because truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth. I made a YouTube answering that question for anyone who is interested. How could I possibly hate women when I spend so much time and energy teaching them and putting up with so much mocking, slander, and threats?

Women are so dreadfully deceived these days and most churches do nothing but perpetuate the lies. I praise God for all women who are speaking the truth in love. Young women need to hear the perfect ways of the Lord before they grow old and have mountains of regret and needless suffering from feminism.

Women were never created to lead and rule, and do what men do. Chaos ensues when people turn from God and go against His will.

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.
Isaiah 3:12

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  1. All I can think about is the damage done to those young girls who enjoy playing house and twirling their skirts just to be brainwashed into hating their biology over the next 10 years. Feminism has only damaged women’s position in society. I would give anything to be able to tell people that my dream is to be a mother and a homemaker and not having them tell me that I’m wasting my potential. I hate that the phrase “stay at home mother” is seen as something shameful.

    Women today have no idea how freeing and simple gender roles make things and how relaxing it feels to clean the house and make dinner for a husband that provides for the family. A big example I see is how many women say they hate cooking and doing chores. I’ll never understand how stressing yourself out for a faceless company is rewarding but being able to take your time learning a recipe to feed your family is not fulfilling.

  2. It breaks my heart to see people saying that “they’re so much happier not being a slave to their husbands, not being a housekeeper, being a successful career woman, etc. but they have been divorced twice, had three abortions that destroyed their mind and almost destroyed their body, and severe chronic anxiety and depression (including suicidal thoughts). Not to mention that they’re exhausted from fighting to work just as hard as the guys so that they can get treated with the sane respect in the work force. Maybe life backfires at you because you’re partially causing the problem because you’re doing things women weren’t meant to be doing!

    Do Christians struggle and go through heartbreak and trial? Yes! But they have the peace and love and joy that only God can give. These women who blatantly force themselves into this situation because they like the sound of it don’t have those, at least not the real ones. Thru might have a false sense of peace and joy and love, but it is the artificial ones from the devil. They will always feel something is missing and won’t be able to put their finger on what they’re doing wrong…

  3. “…truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth”

    This almost knocked me off my chair. It explains so much of what surrounds us today.

    Thank you.

  4. And women will argue with me and try to convince me that feminism gave women the choice to do what they want. This is a blatant lie! No, it gave women the choice to do what feminists want them to do – be men and do what men do, forget being women! Thank you, Marie. It’s so comforting to know that there will always be a remnant who love the Lord and His ways.

  5. They believe the lies of the world and the saddest part is that older women aren’t teaching the doctrines of biblical womanhood as God commands so most young women aren’t hearing it taught anywhere. They are made to feel guilty if they want to be wives and mothers.

  6. Your welcome! I love your blog, a lot of my opinions are not “politically correct” and this blog is the only place I can voice them; even people who I’ve been friends with for years don’t know how serious I am about a woman’s place being in the home!

    I completely agree, feminism didn’t grant women any choice except make it socially acceptable for women, who wish to be men. to mock and degrade feminine women. Feminists make femininity a joke in society and they get praised for it everyday. Every “strong woman” in media today is just a woman imitating men.

  7. They have just enough examples of successful feminists around to think they can be those women. People like Michelle Obama, all the fictional characters of Hollywood and one or two others in their lives makes it appear that they too can “have it all”. It keeps them going much like the monkey who keeps pushing the lever hoping to get a treat because it happened once for them a long time ago. The Hallmark fantasy of being a successful career woman for a large portion of your child bearing years and then having some handsome man fall madly in love with you (so much so that he’s willing to put up with your nonsense) is very real in women’s minds.

    Opposite of this, many feminists are struggling with past abuse by men. Over half of my adult friends have told me (without me asking) that they were physically raped and/or molested. This damages a woman’s psyche badly. Often when I see the tatted up, blue haired social justice warriors or ultra feminists, I realize I’m looking at very broken people, the large majority of them being abused in some way (and the rest having a bad relationship with their fathers).

    They have to be able to heal from these traumas because their lives will always be a disappointment if they don’t.

  8. I agree and I’ve had people tell me that I’m being selfish for wanting to be a stay at home wife and mother of lots of kids because how dare I expect my poor husband to provide for all of us while I stay at home playing house and have a lot of kids when the earth is overpopulated already and there are thousands in the foster care system. To which I say, overpopulation is false and if the Lord wants me to adopt instead of giving birth, He’ll close up my womb. If He wants me to have a lot of my own biological kids, He’ll open my womb. Not my will, but His be done.

  9. Their only true healing will come from repenting, believing, and knowing who they are in Christ. God is the only one who has the power to transform lives and He does!

  10. Lori your blog is a blessing to me and my family!

    I am struggling feeling alone in this society. All of my “friends” are feminists and don’t have the same values. My values have been really growing and becoming stronger for the last year. Right around the time we pulled my daughter out of kindergarten last fall to homeschool.

    Do you have any advice on finding other women with the same values, biblical womanhood?

    I thought I had found a great church but the more I learn it seems they are trying to “ have it all” and don’t speak on the tough topics like motherhood, marriage, sexuality. How do I go about finding a church that actually believes the Bible’s truths ?

    I am approaching 30 and do not have any social media, so online friends or groups are out of the question for me.

    Thank so much

  11. Actually, men are suffering under Feminism too. The lock downs and the last 3 weeks with the rioting in Seattle and Atlanta are putting the failure of Feminism on display for the entire nation to see. Women in positions of authority with absolutely no appetite for dealing with a crisis. Gretchen Whitmer, Lori Lightfoot, Keisha Lance Bottoms, Erika Shields, Jenny Durkin and Carmen Best are all Feminist failures. Very sad and they are just the tip of the iceberg.

  12. Keep speaking the truth in love, Jasmine! Most of the women in my life have come around to the truth simply by reading my blog and books. Most women have never heard the doctrines of biblical womanhood but if they are truly believers in Jesus Christ, these doctrines will finally begin making sense and they will eventually embrace them!

  13. You’re right, God is the Great Physician! I hope they’ll realize that your on their side trying to show them the way to true healing.

  14. Marie, I too have dealt with the harsh words of others about biblical womanhood, especially from guy friends, interestingly. They think a homemaker is lazy and a waste of space and potential. Oh my word, if only they understood how much it takes to run a household. If only they understood what a biblical household actually looks like. If only they could see the eternal value of homemaking. I too am still waiting for that kind of a godly man. Keep standing strong. Your values are biblical. There is such a godly man out there for you who values the Word. God bless you.

  15. I’ve really enjoyed listening to these sermons from Voddie Bauchum.
    Biblical Manhood
    Biblical Womanhood
    Clip from 2008 presidential election.
    Interview on CNN

    As he says, all the women that are leading these cities and states, are clearly a sign that our country is under judgement. We desperately need more pastors and women teaching what a woman’s role is. Thank you Lori for speaking the truth and shining a light in such a dark and gloomy world.

    I’m so thankful that I’ve finally found what joy it is to be a keeper at home!

    In the first couple of years of marriage I felt guilty for not “pulling my weight” so to speak. But, my husband and I are seeing the fruits of our traditional roles. And, how happy we and our children are for it. And, our parents are really starting to see it. We just hope our siblings can all catch on quickly as well. It’s never too late to put the truth into action.
    I think the hard part for most is the surrendering. Lord, not my will but, THY will be done.

  16. Great post Marie!! I am another one of those remnants Lori is talking about that will always remain obedient to the Lord and my husband! I have dealt with feminists all my life degrading me and belittling me for never having a job or much education, yet I have been happily married for 25 years with three wonderful christian boys (young men now!) There are fewer women like us out there these days, so don’t worry about being politically correct. This is a safe spot to be able to be open and honest about living a life at home, happy, where we belong!

  17. Wow, Marie, you go girl! “Every “strong woman” in media today is just a woman imitating men.” That is awesome! If a man says this, he is castigated as a sexists and chauvinist. Even when it’s the truth. Even when we know that God designed women to be nurturing and caring. Does anyone ever look at the prominent people in the media and study their families, what kind of lives they led? Most can’t hold on to their marriage, and if they do it’s a total sham, basically roommates with children. We need to keep preaching that feminism, Communism and Satanism are all from the same source, spiritual wickedness in high places. On top of this, these things simple don’t work. We need more women like Lori and Marie speaking the truth in love.

  18. Feminism thinks they have given women so many benefits. In reality, even the truly good things they talk about were not invented by feminism, but by the Word of God. The Bible speaks of women inheriting from their fathers (Numbers 27:7-8), women owning property (Proverbs 31:16), women being protected from rape and incest (Deuteronomy 22:25-27; Leviticus 18:9,29), women being protected from physical abuse (Malachi 2:14, 1 Peter 3:7), and the ability to divorce in cases of adultery and abandonment by an unbelieving spouse (Matthew 5:32, 1 Corinthians 7:15). Feminism claims to have invented them, but they are wrong. And indeed, they twist and pervert these good things of God into a sort of weapon that looks very little like the original biblical principle. They use them, not for the benefit of women, but to destroy men. Men are seen as villains to be despised rather than protectors to be honored. Feminism has made a few inventions, but none of them are good and biblical. A few would be no fault divorce, murder of millions of babies (abortion), rebellion against husbands, devaluing of children, derailing of the nuclear family, raising stress by placing them in situations not meant for them (and thereby increasing the number of women on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications), and I could go on. That is not even including what feminism has done to the overall physical health of this nation, with the rise of prepackaged, process foods designed to cut down food prep time. The Word of God, on the other hand, values marriage, motherhood, and affirms a woman’s femininity as good, necessary, and valuable. His ways are best!


    Allow me to tell about the physical harm feminism is causing.
    Where I work, its is a fast paced, high stress job with a LOT of physical lifting.
    Most of the employees are in 20-30 age bracket.
    On the days and shifts I work, there are about 300 people of which there are about 25 women.
    There is 3 women shift bosses.
    The heavy lifting requires lifting up to 80lb boxes.
    Not just 1x or 2x, but repeatedly doing that over the shift.
    They are lifting and stacking on average 10-12 tons a shift.

    Now tell me about injuries that occur.
    Tell me how many of the women may get pregnant and not realize they are before 2 months and cause the baby to abort due to the heavy lifting.
    Tell me about possible injuries to the women’s womb due to the constant heavy lifting several days a week times 52 weeks.
    How many of those women may never be able to have children because “they can do what men can do”

    The women that are bosses there, they are VERY stressed out.
    Often working 14-15 hrs, being there before shift and after shift.
    1 woman boss is married, 1 WAS married, and of course 1 is a lesbian.
    From what I hear, all of them are having problems with relationships.

    Of those 25 women, 7 of them are coming on to me.
    3 of them are 50ish
    1 is 40ish
    3 are early 20’s

    All 3 of the 50yr old are married.
    The 40 yr old is living with a guy.
    One of the 20 yr old is engaged to a guy.

    So 5 of the 7 coming on to me have a man already in their life.
    That is not counting all the other visible adulteries that I can see taking place there.
    Another married woman there has had at least 3-4 affairs that I am aware of over 2 yrs.
    The women don’t even try to hide what they are doing.

    I live in a rural area.
    I hear city areas are much worse……..

  20. Feminism takes a LOT of credit for things they had nothing to do with. Women were allowed to own property before feminism. Nothing they have accomplished has been good since the entire intentions of feminism are evil – usurping authority over men just as Eve did.

  21. It’s been shocking to see how many of these cities being overrun by thugs are run by women and these women celebrate these criminals. It’s disgusting.

  22. Some of us still exist and want homemakers. Unfortunately, many of us have been conditioned to run on the materialist treadmill and don’t see the value in it.

    My mother was a good example of a homemaker and I know the work she put in.

  23. The “black pill” perspective would be that they are doing a perfect job in terms of delivering the inevitable bitter fruits to the society that eagerly “empowered” them.

  24. All 3 of the 50yr old are married.

    The 40 yr old is living with a guy.

    One of the 20 yr old is engaged to a guy.

    So 5 of the 7 coming on to me have a man already in their life.

    That is not counting all the other visible adulteries that I can see taking place there.
    Another married woman there has had at least 3-4 affairs that I am aware of over 2 yrs.
    The women don’t even try to hide what they are doing.

    You can probably safely wager that more than one of those women considers herself a “Christian.”

  25. What an amazing post and thread.

    I’ve spent the past 30 years talking to men’s groups, some based on fatherhood and religion, some secular.

    All men agree…they think women are crazy to embrace feminism. “Worst deal ever” is what most men say. “Women are giving up all those things that make feminity so sacred, and lowering themselves into the mud where we men are fighting it out. We hate havig to fight in the corporate world. We do it only to protect and serve our women and children. Why any woman would voluntarily jump into that mud pit?”

  26. I have noticed, at least here in New Zealand, its becoming more socially acceptable to not only be a homemaker, but for young women to aspire to be one. This is a new thing; it certainly wasn’t this way when I had babies.
    I hope it continues.

  27. Women weren’t allowed to own property in some parts of the world, men had taken that right away from them.
    There seems to be a few hundred years, possibly due to a series of evil Kings being in charge, where women were treated truly abominably. But feminism as it is now, is even worse.
    My 13 year old daughter goes to school with a girl who insists on wearing a boys uniform because she “identifies as a boy” and has the “right” to wear whatever uniform she wants. I’m not sure if feminism is to blame for that or something else, but it’s not good.

  28. That actually doesn’t surprise me at all. It would be impossible for a woman to be feminine in that environment. It sounds like a very masculine environment, and certainly lifting 80lb boxes is not easy for a woman to do.
    I collect a 40kg bag of coal for our fire every 3 days and all I have to do is carry it from my car, to inside the house. 15 metres or so. Then I put it down. I couldn’t do it all day long, or even every day. Women’s bodies would change if they did that. And the hormones required to build that muscle and stamina (testosterone?) would affect every part of them. So it does not surprise me at all that women in that environment are butch, lesbians, and slappers.

  29. Thank you, Trey. I’m sure your mother was a virtuous woman. And there is still a remnant of godly women who value such men.

  30. The no fault divorce was present in the bible it was the pharisee who used to divorced their wives for any cause. Jesus rebuked them by saying that the only legitimate cause to divorced is (fornication) not adultery. If a women pretended to be a virgin bride and lied about it her husband could put her away and send her back to her father other than that case there is no cause to get a divorce it’s till death. If the husband die his wife should go back live with her father and marry again if possible that’s what the bible teaches.

  31. They love to say feminism give to women the right to choose whatever she wants to do whether if it’s a housewife or a career women but if they choose to be a housewife their reaction is “Our grand-mothers fought so that we could work you are wasting your potential!” Also if you are a man and you say i want to marry a homemaker, what they say is “Oh! It’s not possible today we need two income to survive and we are not in the 50’s anymore we had evolved”.

  32. @Sarah

    I too have gotten many snide remarks from men my age. The one serious relationship I’ve been in ended because he thought I just wanted to stay home for the first few years and that I would go to work after all the kids were older than 7, as if I’d ever be ok with strangers raising my kids.

  33. @Summer J

    Thank you! Thats so nice to hear. I agree that there are very few women like us left. I wear dresses and skirts most of the time and I get the dirtiest looks from women my own age, as if it’s my fault they choose to dress trashy and wear sweatpants and crop tops everywhere. They could look pretty and pleasant too if they only put some effort in.

  34. @Tim Dale Keller

    Thank you! I agree, relationships don’t work when both people try to be the man and I agree that most modern relationships are total shams. A girl I’ve known since middle school lives with her boyfriend (which in itself is a problem) and they split the rent bill. When I heard that I thought “sweetie he isn’t your boyfriend, he’s your roommate”.

  35. I have discussed the Scandinavian gender paradox recently with a like minded person in real life. I was not even aware of the fact that this phenomenon has a name. Scandinavian countries are some of the countries that have the highest educational and career opportunities for women. Nearly half or more of the top leaders in those countries are women, and some of these countries even have female leaders. Yet here is the interesting part. Many women in these countries choose to stay at home, despite equal opportunity in school and the workplace in any area. In short, many women choose to be wives, mothers, and homemakers. It may be politically incorrect to say this in general society, but it is true. People will denote to traditional roles often even given the choice not to.

  36. Hi KAK, yes, it is true that in many places, women were not allowed to own property. It is an unbiblical tradition though, and it is an example of when the commandments of men took precedence over the Word of God in history. These societies often had unbiblical views of women in general, such as saying that women are by design less intelligent than men (which is not true because God gave Adam a help meet that was “suitable” for him, meaning she is competent to help him in every respect). Certainly, the societies not based on God’s Word were worse in their treatment of women. In general, though, the more biblical a society, the better treated and more valued a woman was.

    Oh my goodness, your daughter is seeing these things at the age of thirteen?! That is so awful! I’m so sorry for that. When I was thirteen, I had never even dreamed such a thing was possible. Kids are forced to lose their innocence at such a young age now. Blessings.

  37. Thank you, Darly Lambert, for reminding me. I had actually forgotten about Deuteronomy 24:1-4. Yes, the Pharisees were allowing this atrocity, even though Malachi said God hates divorce and the one who covers his garment with violence (Malachi 2:16). I was in general speaking more about the West, though. In the West, no fault divorce was mostly unheard of before the twentieth century. Today, the overwhelming majority of no fault divorces are initiated by women. That is surely the product of feminism. Israel was under the Old Covenant, and that allowance was given for transgressions.

    Well, the translation of the word Jesus used is adultery, so I assume that is the idea He meant to convey. Also, 1 Corinthians 7 allows divorce for abandonment by an unbelieving spouse, as I said in my previous comment. Thanks for your insightful comment.

  38. It is so true! Feminism hasn’t helped women at all. My grandmother who has like more than 3 degrees and always have work gave little attention to his children. Although she cares about then she was absent always working and now the result is that any of her children respect her. ( I know it does not excuse what my uncle and dad do) Even after all this, she continues blind and mock at homemakers like it is an insignificant job.

  39. I am a Christian and consider myself to be in submission to my husband. I am under his authority since I am his wife. However, I am only under my husband’s God given authority and not under the authority of men in general right?

  40. Jasmine,

    I’m in the same boat as you! I’m very alone in my beliefs. I also don’t participate in social media, other than reading Lori’s posts (which you can do thankfully without having a Facebook!).

    I’m starting to really pray that God helps me find other like-minded women. I’ve actively tried to teach women here in my area but they find biblical adherence to being a keeper at home as repugnant and not required. Then they want nothing to do with me.

    Praying for us who are so alone ?. God hears our cries for friendship.

  41. Loved Cora’s comment on not wanting to be a slave to their husband. Instead, they are a slave to everything else. They are a slave to their boss, coworkers, customers, everything. I’d rather be a slave to the Lord and my husband then be in the work force trying to impress and be everyone else’s slave.

  42. I found a Godly woman, after looking almost 22 years of my adult life. Yes, it took that long. Women chided me for wanting the “perfect stay-at-home” wife who, they assured me, would just eat bon-bons and change diapers while surfing the net and entertaining men in my home. They laughed in my face, them wearing men’s clothes, sounding like men, acting like men, pretending to be what they are not. Feminists did their best to dissuade me from sticking to what God said in His Word. I was so disrespected by men and women alike for waiting to find a Godly girl. This world is not friendly to a man who stands firm on the Bible regarding women. I am older now and next week is our 15th anniversary. I love her, enjoy her and really enjoy providing her material needs. We have a family and I hardly recall the chants and ridicule of those who beat down my desire for a non-feminist. But I do feel for men who are still holding out as I did. This world demonizes men who hold the standard. I encourage men to wait for the one God has for you. I encourage women to wait for the One God has for them. Do not trust your own strength to resist pressures and desires, but get your strength daily from the Father. The wait is worth it!

  43. Great post. Before feminism the woman’s work was in the home. After feminism the woman’s work is in the office AND in the home. May the Lord encourage you ladies as you walk in the truth.

  44. Thus is so good! I have been an “out of style” mom to our 3 sons and never regretted it! I have an awesome hubby. I call myself a truly thankful women.

  45. I feel the same way! i didn’t really realize the damage done by feminism though I had been learning about the results of Feminism (through my own research). I am a 13 year old girl but compared to some of my peers I feel like I’m 60!!! I thank you for all you do Mrs. Alexander. I’m tired of secular influence and when I come across something like your blog it’s like water for a parched throat.(which stuff that is based on God’s word normally is) Anyway I just wanted to thank you! Love your articles!

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