Women Take Over When Men Don’t Step Up?

Women Take Over When Men Don’t Step Up?

There’s a theory many women believe that if men don’t lead, women will step up to fill the void that the men have left. They always use the example of Deborah in the Bible. Are men the ones responsible for women in leadership positions?

Was Adam responsible for Eve being deceived and eating the forbidden fruit? NO! She did it in her own rebellion against God. When women step out of their God ordained roles and into men’s roles, they are in rebellion to God’s will for them.

Then the argument will come up about all of the women in leadership positions or who had *careers* in the Bible. @old_fashioned_feminity had some great things to say about this on Instagram.

This is who feminists think were feminists in the Bible: Deborah, Ruth, Esther, The Proverbs 31 Woman, The Samaritan Woman, Lydia, and Priscilla. But who were the actual feminists in the Bible? Eve, Potiphar’s Wife, Delilah, Jezebel, The Proverbs 5 Woman, The Proverbs 7 Woman, and the Isaiah 3 Women.

Then she wrote this about them: “Deborah knew Barak was supposed to lead and begged him to lead. Eve wanted to be equal with God and acted out from under her husband’s authority.

“Ruth sought to be married ASAP while working to provide for her mother-in-law ONLY until then. Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce Joseph and then screamed rape when Joseph refused her.

“Esther submitted herself to her husband’s decision. Delilah used her beauty as a weapon against Samson for money.

“The Proverbs 31 woman looked well to the ways of her household. Jezebel took the leadership position while deriding and abusing her husband who wouldn’t step up.

“The Samaritan woman was requested to bring her husband with her to Jesus. The Proverbs 5 woman seduced men with her fair looks and speech.

“Lydia believed and was baptized. The Proverbs 7 woman gave all her affection to adultery instead of to her husband.

“Priscilla was always seen alongside her husband. The Isaiah 3 women were haughty, gaudy, loud leaders in rebellion against God.

“You see, there is a big difference between godly women and feminist women. Feminism is Satanic.”

Then, we hear about Christian women running for positions of leadership because they “prayed about it” and “felt God lead them to run.” Lindsay Harold replied to this reasoning: “Why do people pray about things scripture clearly speaks on and then use some nebulous idea of ‘peace’ to rationalize their disobedience? God has already told us in His word what the proper place for wives and mothers is. They are to be keepers at home, not leaders or warriors or workers for others. People would rather follow their own ideas and feelings than simply apply scripture and live by it.”

Many Christian women cheered for the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. I didn’t. How can I encourage women to be keepers at home and then cheer for those who are not? I can’t. NO one can take the place of a mother in their children’s lives. Their children need and want them at home. There are plenty of good men for all of the leadership positions that are available.

Is it all men’s fault, as women claim, since men didn’t step up to the leadership positions? No, if women can tear their homes down with their own hands, they can tear nations down by stepping outside of their God ordained positions and taking away men’s. There’s many good reasons that God wants the older women teaching the young women biblical womanhood, but most older women have failed and younger women are in rebellion against God’s will for them. Go back to the Old Paths that God has ordained for you and cheer on the women who are going back too; for the faithful, godly wives and mothers who are home raising godly offspring. His ways will always be perfect for us.

Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.
Jeremiah 6:16

***The Old Paths written about in this verse are the paths that are clearly written in God’s Word. His ordained roles are clearly spelled out in the Bible. In there, you will find the old, perfect paths for you. They are nowhere to be found in this world or even in the past, except for in those who love God and are obedient to His will.

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  1. People who blame feminism for everything do so on the false assumption that women sit on the throne of authority.
    Its like absolving parents and blaming spoiled children. Insane. Sorta like saying parents will change so long as their children change first.
    Feminists behave like spoiled children having a temper tantrum kicking and screaming I hate you to men because of a lack of authority. This is how dependents are hardwired to react to a lack of authority.
    A confident and assertive manhood would see feminism as a challenge and assert his will and authority on them to tame the roaring tigress into a purring kitten .
    Feminism is a male problem.

  2. I am not so sure about this. Yes, men could assert their authority upon women but that’s not a healthy thing to do, just as God doesn’t assert His authority upon us and force us to obey Him.

  3. As the story goes a young mother of several little children felt the “call to preach.” So she took her children and went to the pastor’s house to tell her pastor of her calling. The pastor listened to her calling then kindly said, “there is no doubt in my mind that you have been called to teach and preach. God has given you quite a congregation. They are on your lap and around your chair. One has dumped out the waste basket in the corner. What a calling you have!” (Perhaps not the exact wording as I read it but that was the main idea!)As a Mom and of a little tribe of littles, I love this little story.

  4. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the Proverbs 31 wife being a career woman using today’s career woman as an example. That is some stretch of imagination.

  5. Lori, I have a sincere question. First, let me say I’m not a troll or feminist. I have never had a career other than homemaker. You say married women shouldn’t have careers. What do you call what you do? You have written a couple of books, that makes you an author. Writing books takes a lot of time even when doing it from home. You have this blog, which takes up a lot of time as well. You may say you don’t receive a paycheck for the blog, it still takes as much time as a part-time job. You are sure to receive money for every copy of your books that are sold. How much time does your husband have to spend away from his responsibilities and leisure helping you with your blog career? Again, this is a sincere question wondering how you justify your writing career.

  6. Hey Lori,
    Thanks for your blog! I’m 28 with 2 kids, and a loving, Godly husband who supports me in homeschooling our children and working side by side with him in our business. It’s the life I always dreamed of! God has changed my heart about what my role is in my marriage completely! I read created to be his help meet, and it was a miracle for our marriage! We went from almost a divorce, to head over heels in love again! And all it took was me serving my husband as unto the Lord, and not expecting anything back! God has given me all the desires of my heart due to this new way of thinking and living my life!
    My husband is happier than he’s ever been, and because of that, we feel like we just got married again! (After 8 1/2 years)
    In the last 2 years, 4 of my sisters have filed for divorce, and it is heart breaking to us…but when I try to talk to them about what God has done in my marriage, they sadly don’t want to listen, and try to avoid talking to me to avoid feeling convicted…
    I looked up online today “is anyone teaching Godly submission anymore?” And your blog came up first! It’s such a gift to find! Thank you! God bless you for speaking out, and teaching women like me what God’s word says…
    Be encouraged! Woman nowadays don’t want to hear this wisdom, but the wisdom of man is Foolishness to God…
    I can’t thank you enough for having boldness and courage to write these things in today’s confusion and rebellion against the way God intended…satan’s way is do what thou wilt, and that is what I am seeing in marriages today.

  7. Your point of view seems to be shared by a number of Christian men. There are blogs to tell you how to “discipline” your wife which include locking her out of the family finances and spanking. Such attitudes deny the free will that God gave us. Forced submission is not true submission and not pleasing to God. My daughters would never marry men who held that point of view, my husband would not allow it.

  8. God does assert his authority over his children. Hebrews 12:6 and Proverbs 3:12 clearly state the God disciplines his children and that comes from His authority over us. Without authority the discipline is meaningless. Then in Ephesians 5 husbands are told to wash their wives in the Word just like Christ does the church because he loves the church. The question then becomes how that authority is exercised and over whom, which I’ll limit to the marital relationship. For husbands, it’s showing the wife to biblical truths and holding that standard for the family. While it is not a fun experience at times, it works because the truth God declares is eternal. Better defining Lee’s source of authority for assertive manhood is helpful, but he’s not wrong in that men allowed feminism to infect culture and men can also be the solution, be it one family at a time.

  9. No only is it not “healthy ” in today’s climate but might as well be illegal too. The family court system has a major bias toward women and utterly destroy men who do not submit to their wife’s wishes. And the mainstream churches are just one step behind the courts

  10. Adam’s sin was in following his wife instead of God. He should have not followed but instead stood for righteousness and brought her back in to right relation to God even maybe offrer to take the punishment.

  11. Hi Lori.

    I’m not so sure of what you wrote here “I am not so sure about this. Yes, men could assert their authority upon women but that’s not a healthy thing to do, just as God doesn’t assert His authority upon us and force us to obey Him.”

    God does assert His authority over us by opening & closing doors and disciplining us. There are times and situations that would be appropriate for a husband to assert his authority.

  12. It’s honestly sad what these women do to themselves. They blame men for their misery that feminists cause by trying to force women into roles that aren’t meant for them.

  13. 100% true, women simply do not have the power to do all of these thing’s, they can only be empowered to do them by their men. If we big M men decided we were going to adopt the customers of Saudi Arabia tomorrow virtually every woman would be wearing a burka by the end of the week and there wouldn’t be a thing they could do about it. I’m not letting women off the hook here, western woman is a terrible creature nowadays, however we’re just as responsible, this is just what women do when the God ordained authority over them doesn’t exercise that authority.

    There is a saying that is a bit crude and blunt but absolutely true; “unsupervised women destroy nation.” This is what we’re seeing and it’s not going to change until the end comes and something new takes the place of our current failed experiment.

  14. Working at home, as the Proverbs 31 woman did, is not a career. It’s my ministry, and my book brings in a few hundred dollars a year but even if I did make a bunch of money from my books, there’s no problem with women making some money from home as long as they are neglecting their main ministry to their families. All of my children are grown up and gone. I believe this is why God wants older women to teach the young women. We have the time to do it (when I am not caring for my husband, home, and grandchildren!).

  15. Thank you Lori for another great article!! I feel so passionately about this and for children to be home with their mothers. The children need their mothers and want their mothers but so many have not been taught the joys of being home, keeping house, training their children, homeschooling and so much more! They are frazzled, discontent, and want more and more things to fill a void in their hearts that only obeying God’s Will can fill.

  16. There always seems to be a weird disconnect when Godly womanhood is a topic. Men seem to focus on finding ways to force women to obey and women focus on joyful submission. God did not force Jesus to die on the Cross. God is letting the West drive itself into the ground. God does not force obedience and I don’t understand why any man thinks he has a right God Himself does not exercise. I think the men have the wrong end of the stick here. Forcing obedience is only going to backfire, as the high rate of divorce among Christians shows.

  17. Correct, this is modern idea, it is like saying that rulers cannot use authority and discipline because that would deny free will! Forcing citizens or children to be subject to laws and rules is wrong, submission cannot be subject to coercion! This is a feminist trope that the church has never, ever believed, the church has always asserted a husband’s right and duty to exercise authority over ones wife, it is the only way society, the family and the church can properly function. God does not force anyone to believe, but he certainly chastised those He loves and exercises complete and total authority.

  18. Lori, great post but if anything, I believe you understate how bad the problem is.

    There are millions upon millions of men out of work, or unable to get into college degrees, because they have been shoved aside by women.

    That is the truth that Feminism refuses to admit. Of course we men know it well, since we see it in our ranks every day. The number of men homeless is soaring. The number of men graduating college plummeting. Young women out-earn men by a huge amount.

    I personally have seen my career and my fellow men’s careers devastated by Feminist women managers who are hired, then proceed to fire men and hire other women (usually less capable and less qualified) “just because they are women”.

    Of course they deny this to the upper management, then they do it like crazy. it’s the norm, not the exception, in all of corporate America.

    As a result, those men, who are usually sole or primary breadwinners, must then go home to their wives empty-handed. The wife is FORCED to work when she freuqently does not want to, because the man has been stripped of his job. You can imagine how this destroys marriages.

    So important to note that Feminist women acrively and intentionally destroy not only men’s careers, but also the safety and security of those men’s wives and children.

    Feminism is the sworn enemy of normal, married, happy women. In fact you can consider Feminism primarily a way for angry, hateful women to attack and destroy their happy, contented, married sisters. This is an age-old battle. Feminism has used the modern liberal government and communism to leap ahead and take power. They are relentlessly destroying happiness in the world.

    Eventually young men, unemployed and hateful by the tens of millions, will revolt and we’ll have civil war on a massive, massive scale. Antifa is just the tip of this iceberg. I fully expect America to be near-collapse in as little as a few years.

    At that time Satan will smile at the destruction that his Feminist handmaidens have created. Feminism is his favorite tool just as Eve was his chosen tool.

    As a Christian man my only hope is to shield my family and survive the dark times coming.

  19. If we big M men decided we were going to …

    The “Big ‘M’ men” you so flippantly refer to here are the top five percent (in terms of wealth and power) of men who IMPOSED the current society-wrecking disaster upon us. These are the men who decided that feminism was the optimal means by which to disempower the lower 95 percent of men, as leaving power in the hands of ordinary men to run their lives and families as they see fit is a threat to the power, wealth, and influence of the top five percent.

    Until the 95 percent of men acquire the power and influence of the top five percent, there isn’t much to be done that to reverse course. As things now stand, only a civilization-ending catastrophe that completely obliterates the existing order stands any chance of doing that.

  20. As a husband how would one go about disciplining their wife with opening and closing doors as you have said. What doors today open or closed

  21. Michaela,

    But if your husband would not allow your daughters to marry the men of their choosing, would he not then be exercising patriarchal authority over them ? By stopping his daughter’s relationships would he not be correcting the behavior of his daughters for their own good even if they were displeased with his decision? How is a father stopping his daughter from marrying a man of her choosing not him authoritatively exercising “confident and assertive manhood”? How would your husband not be “forcing” submission at this point? What if you disagreed with him on his decision to not allow your daughters to marry the man of their choosing? Does he have the biblical authority to note your disagreement and then do what he thinks is right, in essence forcing you to submit? Or do you have the biblical authority as the wife to contradict his decision and do what you want anyway?

  22. Michaela,

    Does God not punish those He loves to bring them back to obedience to Him? Why do you think women don’t obey their husbands when the bible clearly tells them to submit in 1 Peter 3 and other places (FYI, obedience is a subset of submission in that you can obey and still have a bad attitude, but you can’t submit without there being obedience)? To bring this to God’s design for families and children, do you punish yours in order to force obedience for their own good, or do you avoid any punishment allowing them to submit of their own free will so that they are not forced to comply with your rules? What are the results? Is it possible that feminist concepts of authority follow closely to those concepts in the fall of man by design? (Satan goes after Eve’s emotions about being lesser than God and tempts her to eat the fruit so she can be equal. He then get’s to prey on Adam’s weakness in not recognizing his God given authority and he caves to Eve choosing her over God. Presto! The fall of mankind into sin. Feminism plays on women’s emotions by telling them being a Godly wife and mother makes them lesser and stokes envy. Feminism then attacks a husband’s biblical authority in the family structure through no-fault divorce and punishing men legally in divorces if a wife decides she isn’t happy anymore and leaves. She decides to go, he gets gets the bills and men with guns will put him in jail or stop him from seeing his kids if he doesn’t comply.) Is it possible that feminism started in the garden with a subtle attack on family structure and authority that broke human’s communion with our creator? Is it possible that much of the pain from sin and brokenness we experience today is from the same attack on God’s designed family structure?

  23. This would never be an issue because we have raised them in such a way a man like that would repulse them. My husband never “forces” me to submit. I have freely given him my submission. If I disagree with his decision, I will share that with him knowing that I have freely given him the authority to have the final decision.

  24. We have a different basic premise. I don’t agree that God punishes us for disobedience, He lets us deal with the consequences of our actions. The mess that is the US right now is a direct consequence of our disobedience to His Word.

  25. Ummmm … Proverbs 3:11-12, Hebrews 12 …. there’s simply no way around it, God disciplines. Sometimes it’s directly, sometimes it’s natural consequences, but it is to bring those He loves back into obedience to Him. He is literally correcting us with discipline because He loves us. So don’t be silly.

  26. Adam was punished because he was in authority over her and as such was responsible.

    Remember what was Eves curse in the garden? She was to desire for her husband but her husband is the rule over her.
    I believe this is the foundation of feminism. Sadly men who fail to remain as head, will still have to answer on the day of judgement which is why men must be strong.

  27. I see absolutely no evidence of God disciplining or forcing His will on humanity since Jesus died on the Cross. Unless, of course, you think He approves of the Holocaust, abortions, fornication, child abuse etc.

    God tells us what to do and then leaves us to make our own choices. Men have no right to do more than that with their wives. Before marriage, they need to figure out if their future wife believes in biblical womanhood and make a decision then.

  28. I have just caught up with this thread – at 73 I’m a bit slow on the internet and it’s still a bit alien to me so I don’t look at the computer every day but I would like to make a couple of points on this subject. Firstly, The Bible, particularly the Old Testament, is peppered with references to God “disciplining” or taking revenge on wrong doers – there are so many to choose from Adam and Eve to Sodom and Gomorrah it would take too long to list. Christ died on the cross so we might be saved, those who follow HIS WORD will be saved, sinners and non-de-believers will, on The Day of Judgement, face eternal damnation (quite a punishment!). So, the idea that God will not punish is quite mistaken. God created a hierarchy – GOD – MAN – WOMAN. What God did not create was “equality” – I have looked and looked but cannot find that word in The Bible. What the Modern Christians wish to do – and I believe that readers of Lori’s fine pages are traditionalists – is to re-interpret (rewrite) The Bible so that it depicts homosexuals, transgendered persons (never know how to write that one!) women and men as EQUAL. THEY ARE NOT. In the Bible the hierarchy is clear – children are not equal to their mothers, women are not equal to men, Man is not equal to God. Each must bow their head and be subordinate to the other and obey their authority and authority without sanction is no authority at all.

    My second point is this: I believe Feminism and the break-up of the family, which started in the Sixties with the pill and the sexual revolution, has created an epidemic of loneliness in Christian societies for both men and women (I don’t know what things are like in the US but in Britain suicide is one of the biggest killers of young men). I accept that there are other factors too like the loss of blue-collar jobs but I believe many young people today feel rootless and lost and that is because Society has steered a course away from traditional Christian teaching which places the family at its centre – and at the beating heart of any family is the MOTHER – so downgraded and disparaged and disrespected by Feminists. I look at my own two sons, aged 20 and 22, who are living with us due to the pandemic, both are polite, well-mannered, hardworking Christians and I worry that the upbringing we have given them may make it hard for them to find suitable wives. My eldest had a long-term girlfriend but she wanted a career and did not agree with being submissive and the other son has never had a girlfriend. My wonderful wife, who is ever optimistic, believes they will both find wives who will conform to traditional Biblical teaching but I’m not so sure.

  29. Thank you Mrs Alexander for this post. This website is so needed in our time. Thank you for speaking Biblical truth.

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