Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes

Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes


Many women are rebellious today and want to do what is right in their own eyes. They are rebellious to all types of authority and they don’t want to be told what to do: what to wear, what to do with their bodies, and what to do with their lives. They want to do what they want to do regardless of who it hurts in the process. One example is from a man who wrote about his disgust with so many women wearing yoga pants.

‘‘Yoga pants belong in the yoga studio,’’ Alan Sorrentino wrote. ‘‘What’s next? Wearing a ‘Speedo’’ to the supermarket? Imagine if men did that. Yuck!’’ If I had heard a man say this and I have, I would be cheering and agreeing with him! The editor of the article, however, wrote, “The letter, which said adult women wearing yoga pants in public was comparable to men wearing Speedos to the grocery store, went viral. The backlash was immediate, passionate, and international.” Of course it was immediate, passionate, and international. Anyone who confronts women with the way they live is means for revolt in their eyes. This is how many are with me because I teach godly principles and God’s design for them. They were “immediate, passionate, and international” and nasty and mean about my homemaking post that went viral.

I wrote an entire chapter in my book on modesty since women are not taught modesty anymore. I warned about yoga pants since I know they are not modest and cause men to stumble. It’s a little tough on guys to continually avert their eyes when almost every single women they see is wearing them no matter what they look like in them. And what did the women do in response to this comment? They held a “yoga pants parade” in front of his house and flaunted all different colors of yoga pants for all to see. “On no, you can’t tell women what to do with their bodies.” Why, if they want to have their unborn babies murdered just because they don’t want a baby, they should be able to have them murdered. It’s their bodies!

“It was supposed to be funny, Sorrentino said, because what kind of ‘tormented, uptight individual’ could possibly care enough about yoga pants to write such a letter?” I am sure he toned it down once he saw the vitriol response to his words. Those “tormented, uptight individuals” who should care about them are those women who want to obey the Lord and not cause men to stumble. Yes, this is very foreign in today’s culture since most women are taught to be independent and do their own thing since the women’s liberation movement  freed them from the shackles of modesty, motherhood, marriage, and all the other things that they believed held women in bondage.

“I don’t get involved in much in the way of protests and marches and all of that, but this just brought me out because the guy’s letter was offensive,” said one woman. Most everything that is good, decent, and the Lord’s ways are offensive to women today. Try to teach Titus 2:3, 4 to younger women and see all the offended women come out of hiding. The things that should offend them, like evil, don’t offend them anymore. “It was the shaming and the policing of women’s bodies that struck a chord with the attendees,” said another woman. No, never tell women what is good and right and what the Lord requires of them since they are their own god now and decide what is right.

Notice the signs in the article that the women are holding at their parade; “We Wear What We Want.” Pure selfishness with no concern for anyone else. Yes, wear thong bikinis, skin tight, and short short anything because this is their right! “Love Yourself.” Do whatever they “feel” like doing since this is loving themselves. “It shows the vein that it tapped into.”  Anything that goes against their “rights” is a vein that we aren’t supposed to mess with, unless you are a brave older women who knows that the Lord’s ways are best for younger women regardless of how many are rebelling against them.

Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.
Judges 17:6

He that loves discipline loves knowledge, and he that hates reproof is a fool.
Proverbs 12:1

22 thoughts on “Women Wanting to Do What is Right in Their Own Eyes

  1. I think another interesting thing is how we want COMFORT at home. Home is a place of rest, for sure, but it is mostly a place of work. I realized that when I went to a job…even as a nanny…I dressed for the work I would be doing, not to be as comfortable as I could be.

    The wardrobe of the woman at home always showed her to be, first, female….and modest….but also READY to get down to working at home. Raising children, washing the laundry, preparing meals, cleaning house, teaching the children, etc….all WORK.

    When I taught preschool before we had children, my students acted according to how I dressed. Not because of the outfit, but because of the attitude it brought about in me. When I wore jeans and a tshirt with my wet hair pulled into a bun, it said “I’m here to chill.” When I fixed my hair and wore a dress, it said, “I am here to teach”. My attitude and actions were first, and the clothing choice merely showed what was on the inside of me.

    Same at home. When I am up and dressed to work, I tend to work, and work hard! When I am comfy and casual, so is my attitude, and I will often be lazy.

  2. Yoga pants are more sexual than comfortable. You’re provoking stares from men and women when you wear them. Please don’t act shocked.

    Ladies ask yourself this. Would you let your daughter wear it? Dressing modesty isn’t only Godly it’s a way to protect yourself. It won’t cause Christian men to struggle and it is less inviting to men who, let’s be frank, will think of you and your yoga pants at home in the dark.

  3. As a Mother raising 5 sons ages 9 to 21, I can tell you they are tired of the immodesty they have to advert their eyes from. My older sons are incredibly discouraged by the young ladies they come in contact with. The oldest two are reaching ages where they are praying about marriage someday, and they have not met one single girl who’s values are where they should be. They are completely over looked, by the opposite sex, as being old fashioned, or too different because they actually have manners, don’t cuss, tell off color jokes or party. It’s sad they say, all the young ladies they come into contact with at work and college are interested in the “bad boys” that treat them like dirt.

  4. Love this! Modesty is a huge issue with me. Women everywhere just don’t care anymore. Even in the church which makes me especially sad. I keep telling my husband that someone has got to start teaching young girls about modesty because the church isn’t and obviously their parents aren’t either.

  5. Responding to your comment: “No, never tell women ……they are their own god now and decide what is right.”

    Below I’ve included quotes about this topic from Pastor Doug Wilson from his 6-20-16 dougwils.com ‘Peril of Zero Sum Counseling’ post [emphasis and brackets mine]. If you read the whole post you will see he brings the topic up in fear of inflammation:

    “…the simple message of repent and believe is one that can still be delivered to men. The men usually expect it, which is good, because they deserve it.”

    “But that is not the case anymore with women. Any counselor who actually tries to address feminine shortcomings in a dysfunctional relationship is a brave counselor [that’s you Lori]. And to anticipate an objection here, this is not a function of the counselor being male — my wife has seen the same reaction that I have, and sometimes more quickly.”

    “But in the counseling I have done over the years [35+?], the thing that usually wrecks the woman’s joy is not the fact that her sin is equivalent to the man’s, or greater than the man’s, or less than the man’s, but rather the fact that her sin is UNTOUCHABLE. We are dealing with a culture-wide INSISTANCE THAT WOMEN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for what they do. This assumption has crept into the church [I would argue it started in the church], even into the conservative wing of the church, and has now been weaponized.”

    “This really is a tragedy, and it is one that keeps many women miserable.”

  6. And yet….throughout the largest part of history, women wore dresses (not fitted or glitzy, but more a tunic? style) and got a LOT of work done. In fact, more physical than today. Example: women on the Oregon trail weren’t wearing pants or comfy yoga gear. Just my humble opinion.

  7. It definitely becomes teachable moments when I’m out grocery shopping with my daughters. We shop in an area that is obsessed with physical appearance (plastic surgery billboards and gyms on every corner) so we shop with many women wearing workout clothes….short shorts and sports bras! Lots of conversation with my daughters about modesty and they actually feel embarrassed for those women (Ugh mom her shorts don’t cover her butt!) or (you can see her belly button!). This is what the world says is stylish! But God’s Word says otherwise….we don’t conform to the ways of the world! We follow what God says!

  8. Great post. It is so sad to see how rebellious woman have become declaring freedom. God’s ways are beautiful and joyful. I pray that woman will turn their hearts to the Lord and come away from their rebellious ways.

  9. Even when we are home, we should dress modestly, especially if we have children in the home. You are right, Melissa, how we dress says a lot about our attitude.

  10. Thank you for being so honest, Josh. I appreciate men who are willing to do this since so many are afraid of women today, mostly because women won’t listen to a word men say and will become highly offended.

  11. It’s the older women who are supposed to be out there teaching the younger women are they aren’t. Most mothers, sadly, don’t even teach their daughters. I am sure your daughters are being taught truth, Jodi.

  12. Great point, Leanna. We care way more for comfort than for modesty. Many times obeying God’s commands aren’t the most comfortable but they are the best for us.

  13. Melissa,

    Amen. It’s a matter of the heart, and the attitude the Lord sees there is portrayed on the outside, which is what others see. Very good points.

    These are certainly the last days, and it will take guts, grit and gusto to walk the straight and narrow. I’m with you: I choose to reflect the Master’s Word to the best of my ability. Oh, wait. I have no ability, but I know the One in Whose strength I can do all things.


  14. I love my yoga pants. I wear them with tunic-length tops and running shoes, I look perfectly presentable, and I look perfectly modest. I also have some dressier ponte stretch pants that I wear with tunic length sweaters and flats. The pants cling to my ankles a bit, lol, but everything else is covered!

    God does tell us to dress modestly, and I agree with the principle of being appropriate for the occasion. BUT, I do love to be comfortable and Im not ashamed to say so. 😉

  15. I actually had to Google yoga pants because I didn’t know what they looked like. Well when I saw the pictures I wanted to run from the screen screaming “The horror! The horror!” I can’t believe how any self respecting woman can wear something so hideous!
    It’s so sad to see such rebellion and how it must hurt our Lord.

  16. I am a young lady and your boys sound like real gentleman. I want an old fashioned man.

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