Working Mamas Missing Their Children

Working Mamas Missing Their Children

A woman shared this on Facebook recently:

I love her honesty. She shares what our culture tells women, yet she is believing the lies. The feminist agenda collides with God’s will for women, therefore, women are living a lie in a confused, chaotic state. Does society tell women to care for their children? No, it actually tells women to let others care for their children. Put them into day care when they are young and then into public schooling for the rest of their childhood.

Does it take two incomes to make ends meet? No, many are making it work on one income, but it takes sacrifice and living simply and frugally. It’s learning to live on needs rather than wants while trusting God to provide. Too many have created wants into needs. This is where the trouble in our culture is and buying things one can’t afford. Learn to live within your means. Debt is NOT a good thing.

How would I respond to this woman? Women weren’t created to do it all! They weren’t created to be the providers and the keepers at home. Feminists convinced women they could do it all. They can’t! Make sure you marry a man who will work hard and provide for you so that you can be home. A man who has a wife at home who is taking care of the home, children, and all of the other things that it takes to maintain a home and the lives of their children will be blessed! It makes his life easier, not harder.

This woman wants to be with her children. She wants to be the one home raising them, but all she has heard all of her life is that she’s supposed to do it all. There are no superwoman. They may think they are but something always suffer, and it’s usually the marriage and children. When the marriage suffers, the children suffer. When mom isn’t home, the children suffer. In the end, the women suffer too. No one comes out ahead with women trying to do it all. No one.

I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachful.
1 Timothy 5:14

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