Would Free Healthcare Prevent Abortions?

Would Free Healthcare Prevent Abortions?

Amy wrote this comment concerning abortions: “I am from the UK and so only know what we see of Trump from the mainstream media, so my knowledge is limited and I wonder if you would be able to answer a question about him being pro-life? As I see it, the way to reduce abortions is to support women who find themselves in the position of having to make that terrible decision. I can’t speak for people who make the decision but I am sure in some cases the lack of support after a child is born may be one of the reasons, for example, in the US healthcare is not free and government support is less. What am I trying to get at is being pro-life to me is so different than saying abortions are bad, if he truly believes that why not introduce measures that would help support those babies once they are born? For example, free healthcare, subsidies for childcare, etc.?

“I am not sure if you saw recently that Ireland voted to legalize abortion. One of the quotes floating around at that time that made sense to me was that you cannot ban abortion, only make legal abortions, and I feel that is so true. Rather than concentrate on banning abortions and speaking out against abortions would it not be more effective to focus on making it easier for women to keep their children?”

Trey responded to Amy,

“First of all NOTHING THAT COMES FROM THE GOVERNMENT IS FREE! It all comes out of the taxpayers’ pockets from the sweat of their hard work. Every dollar that is taken from me (at the barrel of a gun, but I might add) and given to people who make poor decisions, is a dollar that I do not have to support and provide for MY family.

“Should not my hard work go to support my family and the things that benefit my family and then allow me to freely give from my excess to help whom I choose to help? It should but it doesn’t because as far as taxes that support subsidies go, there is too much of that here already and all it does is cause the people who live off of it to pop out more babies into the system so they can get more money for themselves and their children but still suffer in poverty! This kind of system actually puts MORE children into poverty situations. History has proven that fact over and over again. It is common sense that you don’t get rid of bad behavior by rewarding it! If you feed something, it will grow. You must starve it to minimize it or get rid of it completely.

“Responsible, hard working people should not be punished by government stealing their money and giving it to freeloaders. This system just creates more freeloaders. As far as society goes, once there are more people eating at the public trough than there are to put food into it, it becomes an unsustainable situation and everything collapses. We (and all of western civilization) are on the verge of collapse right now.

“I understand your feelings on this matter. It is part of how God made you (as a woman) to be sensitive to these issues but it is the soft spot for things like this that make women incapable of being effective leaders. I don’t want to see children suffer any more than anyone else but I can see the big picture and have the understanding that there will always be suffering in the world and the best we can do is try to minimize it.

“The most effective way to do that is to outlaw sin (abortion) and not reward irresponsible behavior. It is my observation that most women can’t see the big picture and make the hard decisions. It is a fact that since women can vote and have a say in how things are managed, it is playing a big part in the decline and ultimate coming failure of our civilization. Europe has almost fallen due in much part to the women leading over there and the USA is not far behind. I understand your soft heart in these matters but I hope you can open you eyes to see that more ‘free healthcare, subsidies for childcare, etc.’ are not the answer. They just make the problem worse.”

For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
2 Thessalonians 3:10

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  1. Also we do have free health care for children of parents who cannot afford it. The poor in this country (many not so poor by the world’s standard) get free healthcare, food and college. That hasn’t prevented abortions at all.

  2. Oh my goodness, Amen! What a well thought out response. Thank you for your wisdom AND common sense, Trey.

  3. Having an abortion is a heart issue not a financial. You’re right, M. Giving free healthcare will do nothing to change people into doing the right, good, and moral things. Handing out free stuff usually destroys a culture since people develop an “entitlement” attitude which is destructive.

  4. Denmark has a generous system that let’s women keep babies…yet they have an astoundingly high rate of abortion to the point where everyone in the country should hang their head down in shame.

    Shame is not an emotion felt by Danes when it comes to relationships or their children.

  5. Here in New Zealand we have free healthcare and a very good welfare system. Women still choose to have abortions here. Making the choice to have an abortion is much more complex than just financial matters.

  6. Excellent article on this topic. I’m glad to see boldness in stating the fact that women given voting rights (and also holding office) has been a major factor in bringing about the present attack on Western thought and civilization.

  7. So true! We have the exact same problem here in Germany. Thank you, Lori, for also addressing the “edgy” topics!

  8. I read somewhere that the only way to help with natality is to help people to have the number of children that they want. So financial support (in the form of free healthcare, paid parental leave, subsidized childcare, etc.) will work to that extent only. So let’s say that you want 2 children but you feel able to afford only 1: governement assistance might convince you to have that extra child to reach your desired family size, but it won’t make you have, say, 6 children instead of 2.

    The truth is that in our society we have internalized small families (partly because technology makes child labour superflous…my grandmothers stopped going to school aged 8 and 10 respectively to work on the family farm, nowadays they would be expected to stay in school until age 18 or older, therefore being only a source of expenses for the parents) and no amount of financial support will change it.

    The only western country with population at replacement level is France.

    Why? While the number of childless women is similar to other Western countries (about 1 in 5 women is childless), there is an unusual number of families with 3 children.

    Why? Part of the answer is their tax policy: more children=less taxes and the fact that government helps big families. French families with more than 3 children get a card that entitles them to discounts: trains, public transit, mobile phone, museum tickets, tourist attractions, and so on. It’s certainly nice that they are seen in a positive way.

    But it’s not the whole story.

    France has a big number of Muslims (no one knows exactly how many since racial statistics are illegal) and Muslims tend to have larger families (Muslim women usually don’t work outside the home after marriage so they have time to take care of children, since they don’t have to worry about their career).

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