Your Priority Should Be to Pass on Your Faith to Your Children

Your Priority Should Be to Pass on Your Faith to Your Children

The only place to find wisdom and understanding is in God’s Word. The wisdom of the world is foolishness to God. Most of the young in our nation have only been fed the wisdom of the world and they only know foolishness. Most have never been taught the wisdom and understanding of God.

We are told in Proverbs 3 that wisdom is more precious than rubies. It’s ways are ways of pleasantness, and her paths are peace. She is the tree of life and happy is he who retains her.

Keep sound wisdom and discretion, we are commanded. Know God’s Word. It is life unto thy soul and grace to thy neck. Walk in the way of safety and your foot shall not stumble. Your sleep shall be sweet, and you won’t be afraid.

Mothers, it’s your job to make sure your children are growing in the wisdom and the knowledge of the Lord. You, as their mother, want all of these good things for your children. You want your children to grow up to be wise in the things concerning the Lord, and babes in those things concerning the world.

“When I call to remembrance the unfeigned faith that is in thee, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and they mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also” (2 Timothy 1:5). Unfeigned means “not hypocritical; real; sincere.” Timothy’s mother and grandmother passed on their faith in Almighty God to Timothy and you are called to do likewise with your children. If you want the best for them which is belief in Jesus Christ and His righteousness, this will be the priority in your life.

Your children don’t need to see all of the latest hit movies and TV series. They don’t need the latest clothes and fashions. They don’t need to learn to look and act like the world. You want them to look and act like those who belong to the King of kings and LORD of lords.

Be an example of godliness to them. Work on being patient and kind. These go a long way to show that His power works mightily within you. Keep your eyes focused on things above and not on things of this earth; for this earth and everything in it is passing away and will one day be all burned up. Learn contentment; for godliness with contentment is great gain.

Don’t live in fear of what is happening in this world. It’s all predicted and God is still on His throne and in control. We know how it all ends. We know that our lives on this world have been predetermined by Him and that we are like grass that withers away. We also know that we will live forever on the brand new earth with Jesus Christ and all those who call upon His name.

There is NO greater joy, women, than having your children walk in Truth. Yes, they will still have tribulation on this earth. We are all promised this but their hope is secure; it is the anchor of their soul. Live a life of serving others, gratitude, and love before your children. May the law of kindness and truth be always on your lips. Show them that living for Jesus is the best way to life. Everything this world has to offer is fleeting.

Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.
Proverbs 3:13

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  1. Yes. This is one of the purposes of having children is to raise up Godly offspring (Mal . 2:13-16) That said it’s not a guarantee they will become Godly adults. However if we raise them up with that knowledge, and make sure they get all the hard questions answered, then I think we increase their chances of staying steadfast in the faith. Ultimately it’s important to remember all who are appointed to the Kingdom of God will be there, As Jesus loses no one. Romans 6:38-39. Jesus is the guarantor of our assured salvation 1st JN 5:13

  2. Mrs. Lori this is a question for you. I refuse to have anything to do with Facebook so I’m taking this route. I am not seeking to have this seen online. Your views I agree with but there’s one huge problem. What about black women? Last I checked there’s only 75 men for every 100 women. Fully 25% of black women will never be able to worry. I am african american who has remained single all my life because of the scarcity of males. Black women are the least favored of women, low chance of marrying another ethnic group. I’ve been forced to live the life of a liberated woman against my will. Many black women I know, unlike whites, wish for marriage but it is beyond a lot of women’s reach. I would appreciate advice or articles on this . I feel so sad reading your articles knowing it is not for me and huge numbers of other women.

  3. So true! It is very easy to get caught up in preparing them for a “successful” life in this world (sometimes inadvertently at the expensive of their spiritual lives). As Shelly says, there are no guarantees your children will walk with the Lord no matter how good of a job you do as a parent. But I know I don’t want God upset with me for blowing it off or not taking Him seriously enough to make my children’s spiritual education and growth my biggest priority.

    We have our children for such a short time we can’t take these precious few days we have with them for granted or think they will stretch on forever. Sometimes I even tell myself that I am raising my grandchildren. I know that when my children are married with their own families it won’t be my business to interfere with their parenting so the emphasis I place on things now, I place with the knowledge that this is also my one chance to train my grandchildren.

    My kids are also right on the cusp of young adulthood. I have tried hard these past years to explain to them that teenagers up until early twenties often make bad decisions because their brains are not fully developed and at the same time they have a lot of hormones pushing at them as well. I want them to know to come to me and ask me to help them think through things when it is hard for them to see the end results. I’d hate for them to make mistakes that will have a lifetime of bad repercussions.

    We also speak often about what each of them are to look for in a spouse and what kind of spouse they are to be. When my daughter is a few years older I do plan to print out Lori’s blogs (even all the way back to the Always Learning days) and make a curriculum for her to go through. I’m hoping to have a weeks worth of readings and go to a coffee shop for some girl time at the end of the week and have a cozy time discussing these important matters.

  4. God tells us that there will always be a remnant, Rachel, and who says that black women need to marry black men? Yes, some do and some may want to but this isn’t a sin issue or biblical rule that must be followed. Look for the remnant, pray, and trust the Lord. He is good and His plan for you is good.

  5. Our children are grown and they believe in Jesus as their Savior but our churches are so weak, I don’t feel they are progressing as they should. The world is wild with evil to the point that if you defend yourself, you are the criminal. I pray for my children but not fearing for them is so far not happening.

  6. Rachel Lee, I’m all about what you have said. I remember seeing magazines laying around in the 1980s that spoke of the black male shortage. I realized then that there was going to be an issue. Even then they didn’t predict how many of the black men would prefer non-black women in the future so it is actually worse statistically then what was predicted.

    I was blessed to marry a Godly man who is everything to me. He is white. I am a huge advocate of black women going anywhere necessary and doing anything necessary to find a Godly husband even if he is a different race or nationality. My advice to you would be to make friends with everyone in church, go to all the functions. If there is a gospel meeting show up! (Don’t show up with a gaggle of girlfriends because people are less likely to make your acquaintance if they see you already have others to socialize with.) If you are traveling make sure you find out when the church meets and attend. If there are any mission trips, go! If there is a language you would like to learn, look up the churches in a country that speaks that language and become pen-pals/face-time pals. Plan a visit when/if you can.

    Also, smile. Black women have gotten a lot of bad press about attitudes (as if they are worse than other women). People like Tyler Perry and his Madea character are NOT helping. So the easiest way to counteract this is a smile. If you want to pile it on, only wear pretty dresses. I’m not saying wear pretty dresses to be legalistic but men do treat women who are in pretty sundresses etc. with a lot more chivalry than even cute pants outfits. I’ve been married for many years but I cannot tell you the amount of men that still come up to me when I smile and/or have on a nice dress. I’ve had men of many ages and ethnicities inquire if I’d like to go out with them (and I’m not “all that” appearance wise).

    If you find you have trouble smiling because it feels unnatural, start practicing with smiling at children and pets. I happen to smile/acknowledge everyone I pass (unless I’m in a busy city), but smiling at children/pets is always an easy way to start.

    The one thing I would say not to do is get more formal education or climb the corporate ladder. Men have an inborn NEED to feel they are providing for their family. Contrary to what society says, it is a turn off for many men when they feel the women are better at providing than they are. It is not to say that you can’t take care of yourself, but find a way to do it in less formal ways. Look for jobs vs. careers. Do on-line teaching or provide music lessons.

    If you find older men at all attractive and you find any that are never married or widowed be sure to smile extra big. Think Ruth and Boaz. Most older men find younger women attractive but don’t know when it might be mutual. They would be thrilled to have a younger, Godly woman on their arm and probably won’t dally when it comes to marriage proposals.

    Finally do not underestimate the power of prayer and specifically fasting. God does still hear and answer.

  7. Yes I understand the remnant you speak of but what I don’t understand is what about black women as a group regardless of whether they are Christian or not. Very few men that aren’t black will marry black women. It seems that many black women will be forced to swallow a more feminist lifestyle what with the huge numbers of jailed , jobless, dead , or otherwise unavailable for marriage black men. I hope I do get married but I’m over 40 now. I have never purposely pursued feminism still a virgin. Men tell I’m wife material but then walk away. Many men want younger women who can bear children. In any case I will accept God’s plan for my life whatever it is. Most conservative sensible Christian information comes from white middle class Americans who speak as if everyone is just like them. This is not to turn this conversation into a race complaint. It’s just that huge numbers of african american women will never live this glorified married stay at home lifestyle you speak of no matter how much they desire it. I just wish I knew why God is allowing this if that is the correct way to say it. Oh well I’ll continue to read your blog and dream. A girl can dream right?

  8. Dear Rachel,

    Satan wants you to believe that it is not for you but God made woman from man so He has a husband prepared for you. As a woman who is from a similar community in the UK.
    God will provide you a husband but understand in this community you are starting from scratch. The whole structure of family has been perverted by the matriarchal spirit and state support and many seemly godly relations will try to tear down a marriage if they can. Research the Akan culture and traditions of Ghana and I assure you that this upside down order is what is eroding the pool of available men.

    You and your husband will be reliant on Jesus Christ and the power of the Godhead for survival, but I attest that he is faithful in all things.

  9. Thanks so much for the encouragement! I am planning on moving soon, maybe doors will open for me. I can only pray.

  10. rachel lee
    Some encouragement for you
    My late wife was 44yrs old when she had our last child

  11. My oldest child is 17, and by far the hardest thing I have ever had to do is a parent is stand back and watch him make stupid decisions, all because he is young, his brain isn’t fully developed, but he wishes to be independent and make his own choices. He’s working full-time in an excellent job and lives on the farm he works on (so not at home with us) and he has far too much freedom for a young person. It is so, so hard to just watch and wait, and be there to help him pick up the pieces.

    I brought him to church with me all his life and did my best to teach him (and all our kids) about the Lord. He hasn’t chosen to serve the Lord for himself yet, but I pray daily that he will do so. And just two days ago, he chose, all by himself, to come to a gospel meeting with me, so there is hope.

    Our children *will* make their own choices and go their own ways, but if they have been taught about Jesus from a young age, that’s not something they will ever truly be able to get away from, so hopefully, even if they reject God’s way initially, they will come back to it later. I just wish I knew earlier, how important it was to give our children a solid grounding in the gospel.

  12. I agree! Skin color isn’t an issue. If you’re a godly feminine woman there will be suitors stay prayful!

  13. This is a sad an unfortunate truth for many minority groups. Race is easily explained away as a construct but the reality is that people are not color blind. The black woman is the most mistreated woman on earth. She is overlooked and made out to be loud, uncouth and heavily sexualized. But God is greater than that. If he closes one door he will open another. Broaden your horizons in terms of whose time, affection and attention you will entertain. You have gotten good practical advice above. Also I am certain you have a nurturing heart and you should satisfy that desire in whatever way you can, nieces/nephews, friends children, pets or even plants. I wish you all the best.

  14. I commend you for encouraging your son to work on a farm. When my son turns 14 I’ll be looking for an opportunity for him to do hard labor as well. I’ve already told him it is what I expect of him. I believe that hard labor is necessary for the proper development of young men (don’t ask me how I came up with that but it is something I’ve felt strongly about for sometime). It is not many mothers I hear that do this so it is wonderful to hear you are. I hope soon will be a busy season on the farm with a lot less time for foolishness.

  15. There’s a good book called created for work, or something like that, about how working changes boys into men. It’s really good!

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